path: root/conf/machine/htckaiser.conf
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* htc*.conf: factor out common include file for the msm7xxxx devicesMichael 'Mickey' Lauer2009-02-191-8/+3
* htc{diamond,kaiser,polaris,raphael,vogue}: add machine files and kernelLucas Gorris2008-11-281-12/+7
| | | | * qualcomm was too cheap to license a VFP, so add a armv6-novfp arch to work around kernel limitations
* machines: start moving PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS into the appropriate tune filesKoen Kooi2008-10-221-5/+1
| | | | * machine maintainers are encouraged to fix their machines
* conf/machine: Set BASE_PACKAGE_ARCH which is then used to construct ↵Richard Purdie2008-07-191-1/+1
| | | | PACKAGE_ARCH instead of setting directly. This allows us to experiment with various changes which wouldn't otherwise be possible (from poky)
* various machines: TARGET_FPU is policy, remove it from machinesKoen Kooi2008-05-051-1/+0
* htckaiser.conf : machine description for kaiser WIPGraeme Gregory2008-04-281-0/+25
linux-kaiser_2.6.24+git.bb : kernel for kaiser WIP