path: root/conf/machine/omap3-pandora.conf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* omap machines: remove preferred versions from machine files, the recipes alre...Koen Kooi2010-10-211-2/+0
* omap3-pandora.conf/u-boot-omap3pandora_git.bb: Use PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual...Khem Raj2010-08-281-2/+1
* omap3-pandora: Update machine config to define versions of x-load/u-boot to use.David-John Willis2009-12-041-7/+5
* omap3 machines: don't drag in omap3-sgx-modules by defaultKoen Kooi2009-11-041-1/+0
* omap3-pandora.conf: Line endings.David-John Willis2009-11-021-3/+3
* omap3-pandora.conf: Merge in latest machine file.David-John Willis2009-11-021-15/+57
* omap3-pandora: fix uboot providerKoen Kooi2009-10-281-0/+2
* overo, pandora: remove traces of u-boot-omap3Koen Kooi2009-04-141-7/+0
* omap3 boards: introduce MACHINE_KERNEL_PR, put it in conf/machine/include/oma...Koen Kooi2009-04-061-6/+1
* omap3 machines: add omap3-sgx-modules to RECOMMENDSKoen Kooi2009-01-071-1/+1
* omap3-pandora: add machine description for omap3 pandora machineKoen Kooi2008-12-121-0/+43