path: root/conf/machine/palmz72.conf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* distro: Move thumb into distro featuresKhem Raj2010-07-211-3/+0
* Revert "distro: Move thumb into distro features"Khem Raj2010-07-191-0/+3
* distro: Move thumb into distro featuresKhem Raj2010-07-191-3/+0
* conf/machine/include: Rename .conf to .inc filesRichard Purdie2007-09-021-2/+2
* conf/machine/: Yet more of MACHINE_DISPLAY_*.Paul Sokolovsky2007-07-171-2/+3
* Updated installed modules list for Palm Zire 72Sergey Lapin2007-07-121-1/+1
* Palms: unification of configsSergey Lapin2007-07-101-14/+2
* Fixed Palm Zire 72 battery autoloadSergey Lapin2007-07-091-1/+1
* Palm Zire 72 machine updateSergey Lapin2007-07-091-0/+10
* palmz72: Update machine config, and linux-hackndev-2.6_svn defconfig.Sergey Lapin2007-02-051-0/+1
* palmz72: Minor update.Sergey Lapin2007-01-261-1/+1
* zire72: rename to palmz72 like it was submittedMarcin Juszkiewicz2007-01-231-0/+24