path: root/conf/machine/rx3000.conf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* conf/machine: EXTRA_PACKAGES_ARCHS cleanupMarcin Juszkiewicz2009-01-271-1/+0
* PDA-like machines with card slots: Enable "vfat" feature.Paul Sokolovsky2007-12-181-1/+1
* conf/machine/include: Rename .conf to .inc filesRichard Purdie2007-09-021-2/+2
* conf/machine/: Add screen param vars for another bunch of machines.Paul Sokolovsky2007-07-171-1/+3
* rx3000.conf: Drop PREFERRED_VERSION for kernel from machine config.Paul Sokolovsky2007-06-301-1/+0
* h4000.conf, hx4700.conf, rx3000.conf: Ship kernel-module-acx for devices with...Paul Sokolovsky2007-05-131-0/+2
* rx3000.conf: Ship BT and WiFi firmware.Paul Sokolovsky2007-05-131-0/+2
* rx3000: Prefer kernel 2.6.18-hh2, until 2.6.19 will be revamped from mainline...Paul Sokolovsky2007-01-241-1/+1
* rx3000.conf: Specify known good kernel version.Paul Sokolovsky2007-01-121-0/+1
* conf/machine/*.conf: require everything which needs to be includedMarcin Juszkiewicz2007-01-041-1/+1
* rx3000: Machine definition for HP iPaq rx3000 series.Paul Sokolovsky2006-12-021-0/+35