path: root/conf/machine/wrap.conf
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* wrap: fix tuningwoglinde2009-03-241-1/+2
* wrap.conf: no extra kernel-recpie needed use the plain oneswoglinde2009-03-171-1/+1
* x86 machines: added 'x86' MACHINE_FEATURE to limit amount of overrides ↵Marcin Juszkiewicz2007-10-071-1/+1
| | | | needed when package need x86 special options - look at mplayer as example
* KERNEL_IMAGETYPE cleanupMarcin Juszkiewicz2007-08-221-0/+2
| | | | | Proper place for KERNEL_IMAGETYPE is machine config as there is no machine which use miscelanous types of kernel. Moved found occurences.
* conf/*: remove all MACHINE_TASK_PROVIDER definitions that were simply ↵Rod Whitby2007-04-151-1/+0
| | | | forcibly defining it to the default value set in bitbake.conf. Approved by hrw and RP.
* machine/wrap: Add task-base related settings.Jamie Lenehan2006-11-271-3/+6
* Convert IPKG_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_ARCHS, IPKG_EXTRA_ARCHS -> PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS ↵Richard Purdie2006-11-201-1/+1
| | | | in preparation for deb handling
* machine wrap: Add machine file for the geode(i486) based WRAP boards from PCJamie Lenehan2006-09-111-0/+32