path: root/packages/dbus/dbus_0.23.1-osso5.bb
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* dbus: move obsolete versions (0.20 - 0.61) to packages/obsolete/dbusKoen Kooi2006-09-261-73/+0
* dbus: add dbus-glib to PROVIDESPhilipp Zabel2006-08-091-0/+1
* KEY = "VALUE" changed the grammar to force the quotes and updateHolger Freyther2005-07-091-1/+1
* Disable per default to avoid trouble in distributions not using maemo stuff.Florian Boor2005-07-011-1/+2
* import clean BK tree at cset 1.3670Koen Kooi2005-06-301-0/+71
* Merge bk://oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembeddednslu2-linux.adm@bkbits.net2005-06-171-0/+0