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* binutils 2.16: hard-coded download-URL to avoid getting stuck at sunsite.ust.hkMartin Dietze2013-03-021-1/+1
* Fixed broken configure script which lead to invalid prefix for cross executab...Martin Dietze2013-03-022-1/+80
* binutils: 2.18 and newer is GPLv3, add GPL to 2.14.90.[67]Tom Rini2009-05-067-0/+7
* binutils: add binutils-x86_64_i386_biarch.patchRoman I Khimov2009-04-2910-6/+137
* binutils-avr32.inc: Add DEPENDS autoconf-native and automake-native.Leon Woestenberg2009-04-252-1/+2
* binutils- Add the latest HJ Lu's binutils release rec...Khem Raj2009-04-2312-0/+336
* binutils-canadian-sdk: Add (as this is a popular default)Tom Rini2009-04-221-0/+32
* canadian-sdk: We DO want DEPENDS_prepend to always bring in host virtual gcc/...Tom Rini2009-04-171-5/+1
* mingw-binutils: Add 2.19.1 recipe and split common parts out into mingw-binut...Tom Rini2009-04-085-19/+17
* binutils-canadian-sdk: Use add SYSROOT, use SDK_REALPATH_MINGW, bump PRTom Rini2009-04-071-2/+5
* binutils-cross-sdk: Make relative, not absolute symlinks for 'as', etc, bump PRTom Rini2009-04-0612-10/+13
* binutils_cvs: Various fixes to get it building.Khem Raj2009-03-207-30/+150
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-17186-0/+122061