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* dsplink: change path to the XDC tools directoryMatthieu Poullet2009-05-201-2/+2
* ti-codec-engine: update to 2.23.1 now it has been releasedKoen Kooi2009-05-111-6/+3
* ti-dmai: bump SRCREV to support a wider range of kernelsKoen Kooi2009-05-081-1/+1
* gstreamer-ti: bump SRCREVKoen Kooi2009-04-251-1/+1
* dsplink: add INSANE_SKIP till the codec build gets fixed upstreamKoen Kooi2009-04-144-1/+12
* ti-dmai: add compile fix for DSS2 changes in linux-omap 2.6.29Koen Kooi2009-04-081-1/+6
* omap3 boards: introduce MACHINE_KERNEL_PR, put it in conf/machine/include/oma...Koen Kooi2009-04-064-4/+2
* ti-codec-combos: symlink .cfg files so gstreamer-ti can find themKoen Kooi2009-04-041-1/+5
* gstreamer-ti: fix path to codec combosKoen Kooi2009-04-041-1/+9
* ti-codec-combos: Use DVSDK Codec Combos to be aligned with DVSDKRoger Monk2009-03-302-18/+6
* codec-engine: Add development support for Codec Engine 2.23rmonk2009-03-301-0/+393
* dsplink: add support for all omap3 boards using the 'armv7a' overrideKoen Kooi2009-03-292-0/+29
* dsplink: bump PR on recipes for kernel changesKoen Kooi2009-03-264-4/+4
* ti-dmai: fetch from svnKoen Kooi2009-03-241-22/+5
* dmai, cmem: bump PR for kernel changeKoen Kooi2009-03-242-2/+2
* gstreamer-ti: bump SRCREV to 160Koen Kooi2009-03-171-2/+2
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1729-0/+1974