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* ecore: add newer exit_uclibc patch, because newer revisions have different fo...Martin Jansa2010-08-201-0/+12
* ecore: add patch that fixes the ecore-fb touchscreen initializationMichael 'Mickey' Lauer2010-03-141-0/+29
* ecore: split exit_uclibc patch, as one part needs maxrev=47076Martin Jansa2010-03-112-13/+13
* ecore: fix building for uClibcHenning Heinold2009-11-192-0/+122
* Revert "ecore: fix building for uClibc"Koen Kooi2009-11-182-61/+0
* ecore: fix building for uClibcHenning Heinold2009-11-172-0/+61
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-172-0/+117