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* eina: introduce 1.0.0Martin Jansa2011-01-291-13/+8
* e-base: prepare for releasesMartin Jansa2011-01-291-0/+2
* eina: Remove `gnu_source.patch` which was applied upstream.Paul Menzel2010-12-061-2/+0
* Make the do_patch apply=yes param implicit if extension is .diff/.patchChris Larson2010-05-251-1/+1
* Rename url params patch=<ignored>/pnum=<n> to apply={yes,no}/striplevel=<n>Chris Larson2010-05-251-1/+1
* EFL: move SRCREVs from sane-srcrevs.inc to efl/e17 recipesMartin Jansa2010-04-021-0/+1
* eina: fix building on uClibcHenning Heinold2009-11-301-1/+3
* svn recipes: change +svnr${SRCREV} +svnr${SRCPV}Martin Jansa2009-11-171-1/+1
* enlightenment: update a bunch of PVs to match SRCREVKoen Kooi2009-06-071-1/+1
* enlightenment: bump SRCREV in anticipation of new snapshot coming friday * sy...Koen Kooi2009-06-051-0/+5
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-171-0/+8