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* gdb*: Add flex-native (and make sure we have relevant zlib) in DEPENDS.Tom Rini2010-03-225-5/+5
* gdb: update LICENSE to specific GPLv2/GPLv3 depending on versionDenys Dmytriyenko2010-03-159-0/+11
* gdb-cross-sdk: Add zlib-sdk to DEPENDS.Tom Rini2010-02-233-3/+3
* gdb: Add RRECOMMENDS for uclibc-thread-db when using uclibc for system CKhem Raj2010-01-202-3/+9
* gdb-7.0: Always use --enable-static to work-around possible linking problems.Stanislav Brabec2009-11-051-0/+3
* gdb-7.0: Add new recipes which use gdb 7.0Khem Raj2009-10-1310-0/+633
* gdb: Make 6.8 packages match regarding patches and licenseHolger Hans Peter Freyther2009-08-253-1/+6
* gdb: Add a patch to fix compilation of gdb 6.8Holger Hans Peter Freyther2009-08-023-2/+26
* gdbserver: add 6.6 version - old, but GPLv2Denys Dmytriyenko2009-06-301-0/+5
* gdbserver: Switch to INC_PR, add LICENSE, only build gdbserver, drop DEPENDSTom Rini2009-06-243-5/+13
* gdb: 6.8 is GPLv3Tom Rini2009-05-061-0/+1
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1734-0/+2508