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* shr-image.inc: Remove g_ether loading hack, we use usb-gadget-mode for loadin...Sebastian Spaeth2009-12-021-7/+1
* shr-image.inc: Remove htop.desktop hack, we don't even install htop anymoreSebastian Spaeth2009-12-021-2/+0
* shr-image.inc: remove 1 module autoload hack. 2 of them left.Sebastian Spaeth2009-12-021-3/+2
* shr-image.inc: bump PR to pickup DISTRO_SSH_DAEMON changeKlaus Kurzmann2009-11-301-1/+1
* task-fso* compliance: update requirements and include it in shr-imageMartin Jansa2009-11-191-2/+2
* shr-image, shr-lite-image: for building SHR distributionMartin Jansa2009-11-1811-0/+278
* ti-demo-x11-image: add task and image for build x11 based demo image for TI p...Brijesh Singh2009-11-021-0/+31
* xfce46-image: Add very simple Xfce 4.6 imageDavid-John Willis2009-10-271-0/+14
* opie-image-16mb: remove broken irda-task for nowHenning Heinold2009-10-041-1/+0
* mdev,micro-base-image: removing mdev,because there is already "busybox-mdev"Denis 'Gnutoo' Carikli2009-09-271-1/+1
* fso2-console-image: new recipe for fso2-complianceMichael 'Mickey' Lauer2009-09-191-0/+15
* native-sdk-image.bb: Use IMAGE_BASENAME = "native-sdk-image"Khem Raj2009-09-101-2/+3
* console-image.bb: Require console-base-imageKhem Raj2009-09-101-17/+3
* images: Rename native-sdk-console-image.bb as native-sdk-image.bbKhem Raj2009-09-101-0/+0
* sugar-image: updated to use the task-sugar-sucrose recipeElena Grandi2009-07-011-1/+2
* recipes/images/x11-jvm-image.bb replaced typo '$(ADD_JVM)'Marco Cavallini2009-06-251-3/+3
* opie-image: make inclusion of irda and bluetooth tasks contingent upon COMBIN...Rolf Leggewie2009-06-241-1/+2
* Added recipes/images/x11-jvm-image.bb for KaeilOS with JVM inclusionMarco Cavallini2009-06-231-0/+41
* micro-base-image: new imagePhil Blundell2009-06-151-0/+19
* micro-image: remove assignment to ONLINE_PACKAGE_MANAGEMENT, micro.conf sets ...Phil Blundell2009-06-141-4/+0
* figment: update SRC_URI and reinstate in gpe-imagePhil Blundell2009-06-131-0/+1
* gpe-image: figment is unfetchable, punt it from the imagePhil Blundell2009-06-131-1/+0
* beagleboard demo image: use install_lunguasKoen Kooi2009-06-121-1/+1
* various nylon stuff: Updates to nylon-only code, needed to work with the curr...Martin Dietze2009-05-203-12/+28
* gpe-image: Add license information and allow a "demo" style distro to log in ...Florian Boor2009-05-131-0/+3
* gpe-image: Soem husekeeping, sortign, comments and improve Angstrom compatibi...Florian Boor2009-05-131-4/+14
* Merge branch 'master' of git://dev.doredevelopment.dk/oe-micro into org.opene...Leon Woestenberg2009-05-031-0/+34
| * Initial add of micro linux distMartin Lund2009-04-301-0/+34
* SlugOS: remove any kernel images from boot, not just zImages.Mike Westerhof2009-05-031-1/+1
* SlugOS: make sym-links to the images image-specific.Mike Westerhof2009-05-022-1/+3
* SlugOS: images - create nas100d and dsmg600 .bin firmware files with slugos-e...Mike Westerhof2009-05-021-3/+2
* Unslung: Removed all trace of the unslung distro from OERod Whitby2009-05-011-111/+0
* SlugOS: refactor slugos images and tasks to support a standard and extended i...Mike Westerhof2009-04-303-17/+45
* SlugOS: slugos-image.bb, initscripts-slugos_1.0.bb - remove devfs supportMike Westerhof2009-04-301-11/+1
* distcc-master-image: image that servers as distcc master, with GUIKoen Kooi2009-04-251-0/+26
* console-base-image,console-image,gnuradio-image: readd psplash-zapAndrea Adami2009-04-233-9/+15
* console-base-image,console-image,gnuradio-image: don't hardcode psplash-zapAndrea Adami2009-04-223-6/+12
* minimal-image: update to use util-linux-ngKoen Kooi2009-04-181-1/+1
* various image: weakly assign $SPLASH so it isn't unset on expansionKoen Kooi2009-04-1712-1/+16
* angstrom, exquisite, psplash, opkg, angsrtom-images, sysvinit: abstract splashCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman2009-04-1714-4/+17
* initramfs-image: Make sure static busybox gets into the initfs image.Florian Boor2009-04-151-1/+1
* illume-image: update packages to be cleanerCarsten Haitzler2009-04-141-39/+47
* qtopia-core-*: remove obsolete qtopia tasks and imagesJeremy Lainé2009-04-012-39/+0
* neuros: replace qt-embedded by qt4-embeddedJeremy Lainé2009-03-311-1/+1
* minimal-image: respect ANGSTROM_EXTRA_DEPENDS.Leon Woestenberg2009-03-291-0/+1
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1787-0/+2280