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* linux: Add vulcanoG20 machinemlafauci2011-11-045-0/+3622
* Update AT91 linux-2.6.30 supportUlf Samuelsson2011-05-165-0/+1192
* linux-2.6.30: remove stale/obsoleted references to tosaAndrea Adami2011-04-231-2016/+0
* linux: upddate 2.6.30 defconfig for tosa (fb font size).Andrea Adami2011-03-231-2/+2
* ronetix-pm9g45: Added new machine, with kernel 2.6.30.Leon Woestenberg2011-02-2113-0/+44977
* Revert "Remove some patches, which was moved by previous linux patch"Tom Rini2011-02-153-0/+587
* Remove some patches, which was moved by previous linux patchUlf Samuelsson2011-02-123-587/+0
* linux-2.6.30: readd boot logo for zaurus tosaAndrea Adami2010-10-271-1/+4
* Add AT91SAM9 linux-2.6.30 from www.linux4sam.orgUlf Samuelsson2010-10-1713-0/+16018
* linux-2.6.30/mx27ads/defconfig: Enable NAND on the i.mx27 adsHolger Hans Peter Freyther2010-01-261-2/+14
* Added SHARP Tosa support to linux_2.6.30 recipeYuri Bushmelev2009-10-091-0/+2013
* linux_2.6.30: add and enable aufs2Jan Lübbe2009-09-182-1/+26331
* linux_2.6.30: use debian's defconfig for i686Jan Lübbe2009-09-181-0/+4640
* linux: Add support for the Intel KIXRP435 reference board to 2.6.30Florian Boor2009-08-261-0/+1746
* linux-2.6.30: calamari/defconfig CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT=y for madwifi.Leon Woestenberg2009-08-191-5/+5
* linux-2.6.30: Add defconfig for calamari.Leon Woestenberg2009-07-151-0/+1854
* linux: refreshed hrw-linux-2.6.30-exp.patch (no code changes)Marcin Juszkiewicz2009-07-141-1/+1
* linux: added support for at91sam9263ek in 2.6.30 (not default)Marcin Juszkiewicz2009-07-142-0/+3671
* linux: Remove broken tx25 support from 2.6.30Florian Boor2009-07-012-18834/+0
* Add basic support for i.MX27ADS boardAlan Carvalho de Assis2009-06-221-0/+1105
* This is the Boardfile, defconfig, Kerneldiff and adapted bb file for the new ...Dieter Thimm2009-06-192-0/+18834
* linux-2.6.30: The new Linux kernel. Two days old. Where have you been?Leon Woestenberg2009-06-122-0/+1795