path: root/recipes/linux/linux-rp_2.6.26.bb
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* linux-kexecboot: update defconfig for poodleAndrea Adami2010-05-301-0/+1
* Make the do_patch apply=yes param implicit if extension is .diff/.patchChris Larson2010-05-251-117/+117
* Rename url params patch=<ignored>/pnum=<n> to apply={yes,no}/striplevel=<n>Chris Larson2010-05-251-121/+121
* linux-rp: fix SRC_URI of poodle_pm-r7.patchAndrea Adami2010-05-221-1/+1
* linux-rp: make 2.6.26 compile for poodleHenry von Tresckow2010-05-211-5/+6
* recipes: move checksums to recipes from checksums.ini, part 2 manual adjustementMartin Jansa2010-04-121-69/+29
* recipes: move checksums to recipes from checksums.iniMartin Jansa2010-04-121-0/+43
* linux-rp-2.6.26: sharpsl-rc-r1.patch: Generate sync events, as required by xf...Stanislav Brabec2010-01-261-1/+1
* linux-rp-2.6.26 for spitz and akita: Added netfilter support. Disabled two de...Stanislav Brabec2009-11-041-1/+1
* linux-rp-2.6.26: improve qemux86 defconfig, make preferredJeremy Lainé2009-04-031-2/+2
* linux-rp-2.6.26: update qemux86 defconfigJeremy Lainé2009-04-021-1/+1
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-171-0/+179