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* openjdk: fix sh equality operatorAndreas Oberritter2010-11-141-1/+1
* openjdk: update to version 1.8.2, because of security issuesHenning Heinold2010-10-142-5/+5
* openjdk-6: fix including things like 'openjdk-6-jdk' into tasks and imagesKoen Kooi2010-09-101-1/+1
* openjdk: fix random behaviour due to _PN being a local overrideKoen Kooi2010-09-081-51/+51
* openjdk-6-common.inc: Switch to FILESPATHPKG =.Tom Rini2010-08-121-3/+1
* openjdk: update the unused-backtrace-patch for uclibcHenning Heinold2010-08-071-18/+8
* openjdk: Bump INC_PR after merge.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-261-1/+1
* openjdk-6-6b18: Fix cacao on soft-float systems.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-261-1/+3
* openjdk-6: fix filespath so jvm.cfg is found and remove poky-stuffHenning Heinold2010-07-221-2/+1
* openjdk: fix sed scripts for jvm.cfg postinst/prermHenning Heinold2010-07-212-5/+83
* openjdk-6-6b18: updating comment about armv7 supportHenning Heinold2010-07-211-1/+1
* openjdk-6-6b18: add pre1.8.1 releasebranch fixes up to 19 Jul 2010.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-202-129/+1483
* openjdk-6: Added manual RDEPENDS for vm-shark and vm-cacao.Robert Schuster2010-07-191-0/+5
* openjdk-6: Reworked packaging (RDEPENDS) to match what users are used to from...Robert Schuster2010-07-191-6/+17
* openjdk-6-6b18: add pre1.8.1 releasebranch fixes up to 13 Jul 2010.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-193-1/+3432
* openjdk-6: use zip-native rather than host-zip, similiar to icedtea6-nativeHenning Heinold2010-07-171-1/+3
* openjdk-6-6b18: Disable Shark ARM NEON support LLVM PR6561Xerxes Rånby2010-07-152-2/+2
* openjdk-6-release-6b18: force arm mode for nowMartin Jansa2010-07-151-0/+3
* openjdk-6: fix download URL for jaxws and jafHenning Heinold2010-07-151-2/+2
* openjdk-6-6b18: Remove vestigial thumbee.patch.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-143-17/+1
* openjdk-6-6b18: Add ARM Linux Shark CPU features detection code.Xerxes Rånby2010-07-143-1/+115
* openjdk: bump PR to force rebuild against updated gccKoen Kooi2010-07-091-1/+1
* openjdk: move over the recipes from jalimoHenning Heinold2010-07-0827-0/+1485