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* openssh: allow empty passwords in sshd_config for SHRKlaus Kurzmann2010-02-121-1/+1
* openssh-5.2p1: actually turn DNS off not explicitely on for SHR distroKlaus Kurzmann2009-12-231-1/+1
* openssh_5.2p1: add custom sshd_config for SHR distro to switch of UseDNSKlaus Kurzmann2009-12-212-1/+120
* Revert "openssh-5.2p1: add sshd_config for shr distro"Klaus Kurzmann2009-11-301-119/+0
* openssh-5.2p1: add sshd_config for shr distroKlaus Kurzmann2009-11-301-0/+119
* openssh: make openssh-keygen conflict with ssh-keygen (old name of it)Marcin Juszkiewicz2009-08-251-1/+2
* openssh 5.2p1: remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"Michael Smith2009-08-191-2/+0
* openssh.inc: cleanupMichael Smith2009-08-193-28/+34
* openssh: *add openssh 5.2p1Denis 'Gnutoo' Carikli2009-06-096-110/+298
* rename packages/ to recipes/ per earlier agreementDenys Dmytriyenko2009-03-1723-0/+51198