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add recipe cim-schema, cim-schema-docs and license file DMTF.
Common Information Model (CIM) is a model for describing overall management information in a network or enterprise environment. CIM consists of a specification and a schema. The specification defines the details for integration with other management models. The schema provides the actual model descriptions. Signed-off-by: Yao Xinpan <yaoxp@cn.fujitsu.com> Signed-off-by: Joe MacDonald <joe_macdonald@mentor.com>
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+// Copyright 1998-2008 Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF).
+// All rights reserved.
+// DMTF is a not-for-profit association of industry members dedicated
+// to promoting enterprise and systems management and interoperability.
+// DMTF specifications and documents may be reproduced by
+// members and non-members, provided that correct attribution is given.
+// As DMTF specifications may be revised from time to time,
+// the particular version and release date should always be noted.
+// Implementation of certain elements of this standard or proposed
+// standard may be subject to third party patent rights, including
+// provisional patent rights (herein "patent rights"). DMTF makes
+// no representations to users of the standard as to the existence
+// of such rights, and is not responsible to recognize, disclose, or
+// identify any or all such third party patent right, owners or
+// claimants, nor for any incomplete or inaccurate identification or
+// disclosure of such rights, owners or claimants. DMTF shall have no
+// liability to any party, in any manner or circumstance, under any
+// legal theory whatsoever, for failure to recognize, disclose, or
+// identify any such third party patent rights, or for such party's
+// reliance on the standard or incorporation thereof in its product,
+// protocols or testing procedures. DMTF shall have no liability to
+// any party implementing such standard, whether such implementation
+// is foreseeable or not, nor to any patent owner or claimant, and shall
+// have no liability or responsibility for costs or losses incurred if
+// a standard is withdrawn or modified after publication, and shall be
+// indemnified and held harmless by any party implementing the
+// standard from any and all claims of infringement by a patent owner
+// for such implementations.
+// For information about patents held by third-parties which have
+// notified the DMTF that, in their opinion, such patent may relate to
+// or impact implementations of DMTF standards, visit
+// http://www.dmtf.org/about/policies/disclosures.php.