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modemmanager: update to 1.18.8
* A new connection status dispatcher setup is provided, where users can provide custom scripts that will be called on bearer connect/disconnect events. This dispatcher will make the netifd integration in openwrt work much better, as we'll be able to report network-initiated disconnections cleanly to netifd. There are no default connection status dispatcher scripts installed, but it's suggested distributions make sure the following directories exist: - ${sysconfdir}/ModemManager/connection.d/ - ${libdir}/ModemManager/connection.d/ * API: ** Add missing Simple interface definitions in ModemManager-names.h. * Build: ** meson: fix daemon enums dependencies. ** meson: fix port enums includes. ** meson: fix 'export_packages' in GIR setup. ** meson: fix simtech plugin module name. ** systemd: don't run ModemManager in containers. * Core: ** serial: ensure the port object is valid after BUFFER_FULL handling. ** netlink: use unaligned netlink attribute length. ** netlink: only change IFF_UP flag. ** bearer: match unknown auth to chap in loose comparisons. ** charsets: return error if UTF-8 validation fails. ** fcc-unlock: make scripts POSIX shell compatible. ** modem-helpers: consider minimum ID when choosing best profile. ** modem-helpers: fix reading <Act> given in COPS=? responses. ** sms: prevent crash if date is out of range. ** profile-manager: fix copy-paste error on tags for quarks. * QMI: ** Ignore slot status indications until initial status is known. ** Return error when loading capabilities if none is found. * MBIM: ** Default initial EPS bearer's auth to chap when unknown. ** Update default error when network error is out of range. * mmcli: ** Fix key length when printing list of items. * Plugins: ** linktop: new port type hints. ** cinterion: add support for PLSx3w modems ** huawei: disable +CPOL based features in Huawei E226 * Several other minor improvements and fixes. Signed-off-by: Adrian Freihofer <adrian.freihofer@siemens.com> Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@gmail.com>
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