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* iscsitarget: Fix kernel with new 4.12+ kernelKhem Raj2017-08-312-1/+43
* iscsitarget: update patch to contain changes required to build with only linu...Jagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2017-02-221-73/+23
* iscsitarget: use upstream to build with linux kernel >= 4.3Jagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2017-02-221-45/+78
* iscsitarget: fix inconsistent crash while login to iscsi target from initiatorJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2017-02-221-92/+221
* iscsitarget: Fix call trace of ahash API callingHe Zhe2017-02-222-1/+87
* iscsitarget: resolve build error with linux kernel 4.8Jagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2016-10-202-4/+527
* iscsitarget,netmap-moduls,vboxguestdrivers: Blacklist, not compatible with de...Martin Jansa2016-09-151-0/+3
* iscsitarget: fix QA warning for GNU_HASHYi Zhao2016-09-051-1/+2
* meta-oe: remove trailing spacesMartin Jansa2016-08-221-2/+2
* iscsitarget: resolve build error with linux kernel 4.3 and aboveJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2016-04-202-5/+78
* iscsitarget: split the kernel module into separate packageJackie Huang2016-02-291-8/+2
* iscsitarget: blacklistJoe MacDonald2016-02-221-0/+2
* iscsitarget: resolve build error if CONFIG_IPV6 config is not enabledJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2016-01-052-0/+29
* mime-construct: move from meta-networking to meta-perlKai Kang2016-01-042-61/+0
* mime-construct: update runtime dependenciesKai Kang2016-01-044-323/+45
* iscsitarget: add new recipeJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2015-09-143-0/+327
* mime-construct: add new recipeJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa2015-09-113-0/+339