path: root/meta-networking/recipes-protocols/openl2tp/openl2tp_1.8.bb
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* openl2tp: Add bash to rdepsKhem Raj2017-08-311-1/+1
* openl2tp: add init script and systemd supportJackie Huang2017-08-311-1/+28
* openl2tp: add LGPL-2.1 licenseJackie Huang2017-08-311-2/+9
* openl2tp: Fix build with muslKhem Raj2017-04-251-1/+16
* openl2tp: update SRC_URIKai Kang2017-01-191-1/+1
* openl2tp: Fix build with clangKhem Raj2016-11-141-2/+3
* openl2tp: Obey LDFLAGS in MakefileAdrian Dudau2016-09-261-0/+1
* meta-networking: standardize SECTION valuesJoe MacDonald2015-06-051-1/+1
* openl2tp: add new recipeLi xin2015-01-261-0/+36