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* gitver: skip packages instead of panic()ing if ${GITVER} fails to expandAlejandro Mery2017-06-261-13/+10
* gitver: fix broken ${GITSHA} and recursion in S when PV="${GITVER}"Alejandro Mery2017-06-261-4/+14
* gitver: extend class to use EXTERNALSRC if setAlejandro Mery2017-06-261-2/+4
* gitver: fix try/except syntax for python3 supportAlejandro Mery2017-06-261-2/+2
* gitver: fix gitver to work with yocto 1.3Radek Dostal2012-10-301-13/+8
* recipes,classes: import a lot of recipes from meta-shrMartin Jansa2011-04-101-0/+80