path: root/meta-oe/recipes-support/udisks
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* gtk-doc: disable where necessaryAlexander Kanavin2016-09-051-1/+1
* udisks2: Update to 2.1.7Khem Raj2016-08-222-3/+31
* meta-oe: use bb.utils.contains() instead of base_contains()Ross Burton2016-04-282-2/+2
* udisk2: fix build issue with missing dependsArmin Kuster2016-04-211-1/+1
* udisks2: fix gobject introspectionAlexander Kanavin2016-03-141-2/+2
* udisks: update to 1.05 and fix build with latest glibc-versionAndreas Müller2015-09-234-122/+72
* udisks: replace udev by libgudev in DEPENDSAndreas Müller2015-09-231-1/+1
* udisks2: add libgudev to DEPENDSAndreas Müller2015-09-231-2/+1
* meta-oe: fix the install dir for udev rules and filesYi Zhao2015-06-232-3/+8
* udisks2: add recipe for 2.1.5 versionAndreas Müller2015-05-131-0/+31
* udisks: fix QA warningsArmin Kuster2015-05-111-1/+1
* recipes: add missing gtk-doc class dependenciesRichard Purdie2014-06-211-1/+1
* recipes: add missing dependency on intltool-nativeRichard Purdie2014-06-211-1/+1
* udisks: Add PACKAGECONFIG for partedMartin Jansa2013-09-171-0/+3
* udisks: move systemd support from meta-systemd back to meta-oeMartin Jansa2013-04-152-2/+124
* udisks: move systemd support to meta-systemdAndreas Müller2012-07-162-119/+3
* udisks: remove unneeded systemd codeAndreas Müller2012-02-231-8/+1
* udisks: explicitly depends on systemdOtavio Salvador2012-02-201-2/+2
* udisks: disable manpage buildingOtavio Salvador2012-01-091-1/+3
* udisks: add native systemd supportAndreas Müller2012-01-052-3/+123
* udisks: update to 1.0.4Koen Kooi2011-10-241-3/+6
* udisks: add checksums for udisks-1.0.2lumag2011-08-171-1/+3
* udisks: initial add of 1.0.2Koen Kooi2011-06-092-0/+506