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flatbuffers: adapt for cross-compilation environmentsdunfell-next
Flatbuffers contains a library and a schema compiler. The package contains cmake files to discover the libraries and the compiler tool. Currently, all of these cmake files are installed into the target sysroot. However, the compiler utility isn't installed into the sysroot (as it is not runnable on the build machine). When an application that depends on flatbuffers gets built, it uses flatbuffers' exported cmake targets to configure the project. One of the exported targets is FlatcTarget.cmake which expects to see flatc binary in /usr/bin of the sysroot. Since binaries for target don't end up in target sysroot, cmake configuration fails. This patch addresses this problem of flatbuffers' build infrastructure in cross-compiling environments. By removing FlatcTarget.cmake for target builds from the sysroot we essentially skip this step of flatbuffers' configuration. Signed-off-by: Ivan Stepic <Ivan.Stepic@bmw.de> Signed-off-by: Bhabu Bindu <bhabu.bindu@kpit.com>
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