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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* libhugetlbfs: improve reproducibilityOleksiy Obitotskyy2021-02-081-0/+31
* libhugetlbfs: revert one commit from 2.23 to work around build error on armMartin Jansa2020-09-161-0/+210
* libhugetlbfs: upgrade 2.22 -> 2.23Zang Ruochen2020-09-101-41/+0
* libhugetlbfs: update recipe to use python3Andrey Zhizhikin2020-01-271-0/+29
* libhugetlbfs: Fix missing file mode in create() APIKhem Raj2020-01-151-0/+41
* libhugetlbfs: update patch to make it work for python3Changqing Li2019-12-231-1/+4
* libhugetlbfs: upgrade 2.21 -> 2.22Zheng Ruoqin2019-11-012-6/+16
* libhugetlbfs: Refresh patches with devtoolKhem Raj2018-10-1211-71/+65
* libhugetlbfs: Update to 2.21Daniel Díaz2018-10-041-92/+0
* libhugetlbfs: Fix build on muslKhem Raj2018-06-226-0/+213
* recipes: remove blacklisted recipesMartin Jansa2017-08-311-75/+0
* recipes: delete obsolete patchesOleksandr Kravchuk2017-03-161-39/+0
* libhugetlbfs: 1.19 -> 1.20Kai Kang2016-11-231-34/+0
* libhugetlbfs: enable build for x86-32Yang Shi2016-05-191-0/+92
* libhugetlbfs: avoid using keyword restrict as var nameKai Kang2015-08-311-0/+34
* libhugetlbfs: avoid search host library path for cross compilationKai Kang2015-08-311-0/+40
* libhugetlbfs: Uprev to v2.19 from v2.18Jianchuan Wang2015-08-185-190/+0
* libhugetlbfs: Fix page size & text offset for arm archesGary S. Robertson2014-12-102-32/+57
* libhugetlbfs: Make cross-devel recognize all ix86 archesGary S. Robertson2014-12-101-0/+32
* libhugetlbfs: Extend arm32 support to include BE variantsGary S. Robertson2014-08-152-29/+38
* libhugetlbfs: arm 32bit supportChunrong Guo2014-07-221-0/+29
* libhugetlbfs: update srcrev to 2.18 releaseFathi Boudra2014-05-047-221/+103
* libhugetbfs: add branch parameter and uprev to 6824d18Ting Liu2014-01-221-1/+1
* libhugetlbfs: install perl lib to directory perl instead of perl5Chunrong Guo2013-10-151-0/+39
* libhugetlbfs: not use hard coded path in run_tests.pyChunrong Guo2013-10-151-0/+43
* libhugetlbfs: install static 4G-edge testcasesChunrong Guo2013-10-151-9/+6
* libhugetlbfs: add recipeChunrong Guo2013-10-057-0/+430