path: root/meta-oe/recipes-support/vboxguestdrivers/vboxguestdrivers
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* vboxguestdrivers: add a fix for build failure with kernel 5.13Gianfranco2021-07-191-0/+276
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.18 -> 6.1.20Gianfranco2021-07-191-23/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: Add __divmoddi4 builtin supportKhem Raj2021-07-191-0/+36
* vboxguestdrivers: Add patch proposed upstream to fix a build failure on i386Gianfranco2021-07-191-0/+23
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.16 -> 6.1.18Gianfranco2021-07-193-486/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: fix build against kernel v5.10+Bruce Ashfield2021-07-193-0/+486
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.12 -> 6.1.14 Drop kernel 5.8 compatibility patc...Gianfranco Costamagna2021-07-191-5046/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: Fix build with kernel 5.8Khem Raj2021-07-195-299/+5046
* vboxguestdrivers: fix failed to compile with kernel 5.8.0Hongxu Jia2021-07-194-0/+299
* vboxguestdrivers: update to new version 6.1.2Gianfranco Costamagna2020-01-151-77/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: update to version 6.1.0 and unblacklistGianfranco Costamagna2020-01-091-0/+77
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade to 5.2.22Martin Jansa2018-11-261-33/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: Update to 5.2.18Khem Raj2018-09-081-0/+33
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade to 5.2.8Martin Jansa2018-03-161-90/+0
* vboxguestdrivers: upgrade to 5.2.6Martin Jansa2018-03-011-0/+90
* vboxguestdrivers: Add recipe for vbox 5.xKhem Raj2016-09-051-2/+4
* vboxguestdrivers: import recipe from meta-luneosMartin Jansa2015-03-061-0/+43