BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stable/dunfell-nutcmake: FindGTest: Add target for gmock libraryEero Aaltonen39 hours
jansa/masterreport-error.bbclass: replace angle brackets with < and >Changqing Li41 hours
stable/dunfell-nextopenssh: remove redundant BSD licenseRoss Burton3 days
jansa/honisterreport-error.bbclass: replace angle brackets with < and >Changqing Li3 days
anujm/hardknottcups: Fix missing installation of cups sysv init scriptsClaus Stovgaard3 days
stable/hardknott-nextcups: Fix missing installation of cups sysv init scriptsClaus Stovgaard3 days
timo/core-deprecate-distutils_14610rootfs_rpm.bbclass: distutils -> sysconfig moduleTim Orling6 days
anujm/honisterbuild-appliance-image: Update to honister head revisionRichard Purdie6 days
jansa/hardknottsstatesig.py: make it fatal error when sstate manifest isn't foundMartin Jansa7 days
stable/honister-nextcreate-spdx: Fix key errors in do_create_runtime_spdxAndres Beltran10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-08-27classes/whitelist: add class to allow whitelisting recipes from a layerpaule/whitelistPaul Eggleton1-0/+34
2015-08-26oeqa/oetest.py: add better package search for hasPackage()Costin Constantin1-3/+3
2015-08-26qemurunner: In the logging thread retry on EAGAIN, EWOULDBLOCKRandy Witt1-4/+25
2015-08-26libnotify: update to version 0.7.6Alexander Kanavin2-21/+12
2015-08-25qemurunner: Shut down logging thread successfully when test failsRandy Witt1-1/+2
2015-08-25layer.conf: Increase layer version to 6Richard Purdie1-1/+1
2015-08-24runqemu: Add a tcpserial optionRandy Witt3-2/+14
2015-08-24qemurunner: Use two serial ports and log console with a threadRandy Witt8-9/+133
2015-08-24qemurunner: Make create_socket() return data and use exceptionsRandy Witt1-14/+15
2015-08-24qemurunner.py: Move some class variables that should only be localRandy Witt1-10/+9