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autotools.bbclass: Add glibc-site to depsrbt/glibc-site
This can reduce configure time, here is a test result: $ bitbake recipe -cconfigure && bitbake recipe -ccleansstate && time bitbake recipe -cconfigure - gettext: before: 2m38.382s after: 2m33.099s - coreutils: before: 1m19.967s after: 1m13.574s - bison: before: 0m56.203s after: 0m50.134s But there is nearly no difference when bitbake core-image-minimal or core-image-sato, I think it is because glibc-site requires about 30s to build, and these recipes depend on it, so there is no difference when do large builds. Signed-off-by: Robert Yang <liezhi.yang@windriver.com>
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