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native: Stop clearing PACKAGES
Native recipes have been special and they don't have packages generated from them. The RDEPENDS/RPROVIDES and other runtime package specific variables can contain important data about dependencies recipes need though and currently it is required to write this information explicitly in the native case. We now delete the packaging tasks for native recipes which removes the need to clear PACKAGES. The next step to improve the metadata is to stop clearing it and ensure any entries in these variables are remapped appropriately. The R* variables were already being processed by the class extension code but the implementation was suboptimal. This patch stops clearing PACKAGES and PACKAGES_DYNAMIC and fixes the places where that caused issues in OE-Core, for example PACKAGES additions in anonymous python without the "-native" suffix and a case where the included classes caused a self reference in DEPENDS which would once have been removed by the previous code. The implementation uses datastore/parser parameters to ensure that the variable overrides are not overwritten when calling setVar which is appropriate for a function as close to the core as this one is. Some now unneeded code in python3-setuptools is dropped, there are further changes like this which can follow. This change was verified with OE-Core by comparing task-depends.dot generated by "bitbake world -g" before and after the change, the files were identical. Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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