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committerAnuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>2021-08-27 08:42:59 +0800
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linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.141
Updating linux-yocto/5.4 to the latest korg -stable release that comprises the following commits: b704883aa8dc Linux 5.4.141 983d6a6b7e3c btrfs: don't flush from btrfs_delayed_inode_reserve_metadata ea13f678a3fd btrfs: export and rename qgroup_reserve_meta 41a9b8f36de7 btrfs: qgroup: don't commit transaction when we already hold the handle 38b8485b72cb net: xilinx_emaclite: Do not print real IOMEM pointer 654c19a7e8d8 btrfs: fix lockdep splat when enabling and disabling qgroups c55442cdfdb8 btrfs: qgroup: remove ASYNC_COMMIT mechanism in favor of reserve retry-after-EDQUOT fdaf6a322fcc btrfs: transaction: Cleanup unused TRANS_STATE_BLOCKED 36af2de520cc btrfs: qgroup: try to flush qgroup space when we get -EDQUOT 5c79287c2b6d btrfs: qgroup: allow to unreserve range without releasing other ranges b7a722fd75a1 btrfs: make btrfs_qgroup_reserve_data take btrfs_inode dfadea4061a2 btrfs: make qgroup_free_reserved_data take btrfs_inode 812f39ed5b0b ovl: prevent private clone if bind mount is not allowed eeb4742501e0 ppp: Fix generating ppp unit id when ifname is not specified 3460f3959d1c ALSA: hda: Add quirk for ASUS Flow x13 81d1a3f97631 USB:ehci:fix Kunpeng920 ehci hardware problem d28adaabbbf4 KVM: X86: MMU: Use the correct inherited permissions to get shadow page 5f4ab7e25fbb usb: dwc3: gadget: Avoid runtime resume if disabling pullup 1782c4af6bd0 usb: dwc3: gadget: Disable gadget IRQ during pullup disable 54b7022f2878 usb: dwc3: gadget: Clear DEP flags after stop transfers in ep disable e36245a68eb1 usb: dwc3: gadget: Prevent EP queuing while stopping transfers 823f69250863 usb: dwc3: gadget: Restart DWC3 gadget when enabling pullup 25a0625fa96f usb: dwc3: gadget: Allow runtime suspend if UDC unbinded 5f081a928d55 usb: dwc3: Stop active transfers before halting the controller 396f29ea0cd2 tracing: Reject string operand in the histogram expression 28276c280f2e media: v4l2-mem2mem: always consider OUTPUT queue during poll 236aca70929d tee: Correct inappropriate usage of TEE_SHM_DMA_BUF flag 5b774238e8af KVM: SVM: Fix off-by-one indexing when nullifying last used SEV VMCB a998faa9c4ce Linux 5.4.140 3c197fdd0732 arm64: fix compat syscall return truncation 72fcaf69525d net/qla3xxx: fix schedule while atomic in ql_wait_for_drvr_lock and ql_adapter_reset 742e85fa9e80 alpha: Send stop IPI to send to online CPUs 26946d21395c virt_wifi: fix error on connect 17d7c9c940fb reiserfs: check directory items on read from disk bcad6ece2a50 reiserfs: add check for root_inode in reiserfs_fill_super e30a88f1f578 libata: fix ata_pio_sector for CONFIG_HIGHMEM a2671d96a3c7 bpf, selftests: Adjust few selftest result_unpriv outcomes 4892b4f3244b perf/x86/amd: Don't touch the AMD64_EVENTSEL_HOSTONLY bit inside the guest d6cf5342faa6 soc: ixp4xx/qmgr: fix invalid __iomem access a5bf7ef13ebf spi: meson-spicc: fix memory leak in meson_spicc_remove 27991c78d630 soc: ixp4xx: fix printing resources 07fd256d53a3 arm64: vdso: Avoid ISB after reading from cntvct_el0 90e498ef3f54 KVM: x86/mmu: Fix per-cpu counter corruption on 32-bit builds 2e1a80b93464 KVM: Do not leak memory for duplicate debugfs directories 43486cd7391f KVM: x86: accept userspace interrupt only if no event is injected 1b7b9713a50f md/raid10: properly indicate failure when ending a failed write request 790cb68d35a6 pcmcia: i82092: fix a null pointer dereference bug 42ac2c63486f timers: Move clearing of base::timer_running under base:: Lock 8211bb20da23 serial: 8250_pci: Avoid irq sharing for MSI(-X) interrupts. f73dcb5d63e2 serial: 8250_pci: Enumerate Elkhart Lake UARTs via dedicated driver 607460d38692 MIPS: Malta: Do not byte-swap accesses to the CBUS UART 3eb686d01c31 serial: 8250: Mask out floating 16/32-bit bus bits 3b73a69962d6 serial: 8250_mtk: fix uart corruption issue when rx power off afdef443a892 serial: tegra: Only print FIFO error message when an error occurs 097a183f9c1d ext4: fix potential htree corruption when growing large_dir directories ac23a1738127 pipe: increase minimum default pipe size to 2 pages f3cae04bd42d media: rtl28xxu: fix zero-length control request e2f6d5b03898 staging: rtl8712: get rid of flush_scheduled_work 8f241df0e68f staging: rtl8723bs: Fix a resource leak in sd_int_dpc bbdd4a51629a tpm_ftpm_tee: Free and unregister TEE shared memory during kexec 3c712f14d8a9 optee: Fix memory leak when failing to register shm pages 0572199b78b3 tee: add tee_shm_alloc_kernel_buf() b247bf412cc2 optee: Clear stale cache entries during initialization 7da261e6bb65 tracing / histogram: Give calculation hist_fields a size ba22053f5d5e scripts/tracing: fix the bug that can't parse raw_trace_func 8d1191f9243c clk: fix leak on devm_clk_bulk_get_all() unwind ed5c9a49e6c0 usb: otg-fsm: Fix hrtimer list corruption 449a705fba60 usb: gadget: f_hid: idle uses the highest byte for duration 02f336cee589 usb: gadget: f_hid: fixed NULL pointer dereference f780a9580cd2 usb: gadget: f_hid: added GET_IDLE and SET_IDLE handlers 134e27da543d usb: cdns3: Fixed incorrect gadget state df1c6eec4ea1 ALSA: usb-audio: Add registration quirk for JBL Quantum 600 639b45456ec6 ALSA: hda/realtek: add mic quirk for Acer SF314-42 d09639528b66 firmware_loader: fix use-after-free in firmware_fallback_sysfs 1deb6b903018 firmware_loader: use -ETIMEDOUT instead of -EAGAIN in fw_load_sysfs_fallback 0ee687e67277 USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device ID for Auto-M3 OP-COM v2 01b2c35b051b USB: serial: ch341: fix character loss at high transfer rates 9ed43cfaa7f7 USB: serial: option: add Telit FD980 composition 0x1056 518e81874c40 USB: usbtmc: Fix RCU stall warning ff29fe26ab86 Bluetooth: defer cleanup of resources in hci_unregister_dev() 580c10a40cc7 blk-iolatency: error out if blk_get_queue() failed in iolatency_set_limit() ed169b054b43 net: vxge: fix use-after-free in vxge_device_unregister c5549876a9ef net: fec: fix use-after-free in fec_drv_remove 3fed6dee16e4 net: pegasus: fix uninit-value in get_interrupt_interval 75cef4fc07d2 bnx2x: fix an error code in bnx2x_nic_load() 437ee90d7b4f mips: Fix non-POSIX regexp b1fa6747b9d0 net: ipv6: fix returned variable type in ip6_skb_dst_mtu 3e63b566d96a nfp: update ethtool reporting of pauseframe control d333503de1f0 sctp: move the active_key update after sh_keys is added de30346dd396 gpio: tqmx86: really make IRQ optional 9d440b5c1d20 net: natsemi: Fix missing pci_disable_device() in probe and remove 69340406986a net: phy: micrel: Fix detection of ksz87xx switch 2b8ab7aec0dc net: dsa: sja1105: invalidate dynamic FDB entries learned concurrently with statically added ones 71b0a935dbb0 net: dsa: sja1105: overwrite dynamic FDB entries with static ones in .port_fdb_add 88b7781609c6 net, gro: Set inner transport header offset in tcp/udp GRO hook ba3abe3f8236 dmaengine: imx-dma: configure the generic DMA type to make it work ee2f81330a7b media: videobuf2-core: dequeue if start_streaming fails 3377f2f8c606 scsi: sr: Return correct event when media event code is 3 f588d4b7be92 spi: imx: mx51-ecspi: Fix low-speed CONFIGREG delay calculation b58e3d59a5d8 spi: imx: mx51-ecspi: Reinstate low-speed CONFIGREG delay 2c1065d40acb omap5-board-common: remove not physically existing vdds_1v8_main fixed-regulator 299e3968c01a ARM: dts: am437x-l4: fix typo in can@0 node 9cbe7e21ddff clk: stm32f4: fix post divisor setup for I2S/SAI PLLs 3f9eed4462b3 ALSA: usb-audio: fix incorrect clock source setting 16db40fc4a37 arm64: dts: armada-3720-turris-mox: remove mrvl,i2c-fast-mode 7c08460773b8 ARM: dts: imx: Swap M53Menlo pinctrl_power_button/pinctrl_power_out pins 1b1f1aa225ed ARM: imx: fix missing 3rd argument in macro imx_mmdc_perf_init aecff98c3efe ARM: dts: colibri-imx6ull: limit SDIO clock to 25MHz c39907335b9c ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sr-som: Increase the PHY reset duration to 10ms 61b71c5f51aa ARM: imx: add missing clk_disable_unprepare() d88d6bba3bd9 ARM: imx: add missing iounmap() 6c629cd0239f arm64: dts: ls1028a: fix node name for the sysclk 4a830a37d37e ALSA: seq: Fix racy deletion of subscriber 0658a4533576 Revert "ACPICA: Fix memory leak caused by _CID repair function" e350cd02e293 Linux 5.4.139 03ff8a4f9db6 spi: mediatek: Fix fifo transfer a0f66ddf05c2 bpf, selftests: Adjust few selftest outcomes wrt unreachable code d3796e8f6b3d bpf, selftests: Add a verifier test for assigning 32bit reg states to 64bit ones 8dec99abcd74 bpf: Test_verifier, add alu32 bounds tracking tests fd568de5806f bpf: Fix leakage under speculation on mispredicted branches d2f790327f83 bpf: Do not mark insn as seen under speculative path verification 283d742988f6 bpf: Inherit expanded/patched seen count from old aux data a0a9546aaec3 Revert "watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Account for rebooting on second timeout" 76f5314d7859 firmware: arm_scmi: Add delayed response status check 1b38f70bbc7c firmware: arm_scmi: Ensure drivers provide a probe function 44f522298c94 Revert "Bluetooth: Shutdown controller after workqueues are flushed or cancelled" 38f54217b423 ACPI: fix NULL pointer dereference 0ea2f55babb7 nvme: fix nvme_setup_command metadata trace event b508b652d4f3 net: Fix zero-copy head len calculation. bf692e7ef657 qed: fix possible unpaired spin_{un}lock_bh in _qed_mcp_cmd_and_union() 6bc48348eca7 r8152: Fix potential PM refcount imbalance a57c75ff0700 ASoC: tlv320aic31xx: fix reversed bclk/wclk master bits e2cccb839a18 spi: stm32h7: fix full duplex irq handler handling b72f2d9e91e1 regulator: rt5033: Fix n_voltages settings for BUCK and LDO 86f2a3e9aae9 btrfs: fix lost inode on log replay after mix of fsync, rename and inode eviction b7f0fa2192c5 btrfs: fix race causing unnecessary inode logging during link and rename cb006da62a9e btrfs: do not commit logs and transactions during link and rename operations 174c27d0f9ef btrfs: delete duplicated words + other fixes in comments 7b90d57b09fa Linux 5.4.138 7eef18c0479b can: j1939: j1939_session_deactivate(): clarify lifetime of session object 18b536de3b97 i40e: Add additional info to PHY type error d21eb931109a Revert "perf map: Fix dso->nsinfo refcounting" 16447b2f5c66 powerpc/pseries: Fix regression while building external modules 265883d1d839 PCI: mvebu: Setup BAR0 in order to fix MSI 21734a31c9a0 can: hi311x: fix a signedness bug in hi3110_cmd() f4fa45b0f91e sis900: Fix missing pci_disable_device() in probe and remove dff00ce44891 tulip: windbond-840: Fix missing pci_disable_device() in probe and remove e0310bbeaaa2 sctp: fix return value check in __sctp_rcv_asconf_lookup 408614108abd net/mlx5e: Fix nullptr in mlx5e_hairpin_get_mdev() ac4983230616 net/mlx5: Fix flow table chaining 527feae56fe6 net: llc: fix skb_over_panic ede4c93860e6 mlx4: Fix missing error code in mlx4_load_one() acb97d4b2d0e net: Set true network header for ECN decapsulation 851946a68136 tipc: fix sleeping in tipc accept routine 194b71d28b26 i40e: Fix log TC creation failure when max num of queues is exceeded 834af62212c7 i40e: Fix queue-to-TC mapping on Tx 74aea4b7159a i40e: Fix firmware LLDP agent related warning b2ab34e862eb i40e: Fix logic of disabling queues 519582e44e6a netfilter: nft_nat: allow to specify layer 4 protocol NAT only 3a7a4cee7bec netfilter: conntrack: adjust stop timestamp to real expiry value 1c043783403c cfg80211: Fix possible memory leak in function cfg80211_bss_update 6cf2abea1018 nfc: nfcsim: fix use after free during module unload 6b313d0ffa71 NIU: fix incorrect error return, missed in previous revert c4663c162778 HID: wacom: Re-enable touch by default for Cintiq 24HDT / 27QHDT e9e2ce00aeda can: esd_usb2: fix memory leak 43726620b2f6 can: ems_usb: fix memory leak 819867389276 can: usb_8dev: fix memory leak a051dbd17b5b can: mcba_usb_start(): add missing urb->transfer_dma initialization 793581441b5c can: raw: raw_setsockopt(): fix raw_rcv panic for sock UAF c621638d0e6d can: j1939: j1939_xtp_rx_dat_one(): fix rxtimer value between consecutive TP.DT to 750ms a24d87b429a9 ocfs2: issue zeroout to EOF blocks eaaa4284e288 ocfs2: fix zero out valid data 9bd1092148b5 KVM: add missing compat KVM_CLEAR_DIRTY_LOG 7a94dfe5e2a0 x86/kvm: fix vcpu-id indexed array sizes 2dc291582cce Revert "ACPI: resources: Add checks for ACPI IRQ override" a8eec6979734 btrfs: mark compressed range uptodate only if all bio succeed 57429c1ec770 btrfs: fix rw device counting in __btrfs_free_extra_devids 61f2cbc792eb x86/asm: Ensure asm/proto.h can be included stand-alone 99372c38a948 net_sched: check error pointer in tcf_dump_walker() 5b1de8e15f0f Linux 5.4.137 ebb1b38be0c9 ipv6: ip6_finish_output2: set sk into newly allocated nskb 6c04123962f0 ARM: dts: versatile: Fix up interrupt controller node names befa900533a9 iomap: remove the length variable in iomap_seek_hole 83fb41b2f6e4 iomap: remove the length variable in iomap_seek_data 302e1acd4c26 cifs: fix the out of range assignment to bit fields in parse_server_interfaces 02a470e3c64a firmware: arm_scmi: Fix range check for the maximum number of pending messages 289dd584319f firmware: arm_scmi: Fix possible scmi_linux_errmap buffer overflow e3acb292f092 hfs: add lock nesting notation to hfs_find_init af1178296d77 hfs: fix high memory mapping in hfs_bnode_read 89136a47e2e7 hfs: add missing clean-up in hfs_fill_super ded37d03440d ipv6: allocate enough headroom in ip6_finish_output2() f65b7f377cca sctp: move 198 addresses from unusable to private scope c8d32973ee6a net: annotate data race around sk_ll_usec c23b9a5610f9 net/802/garp: fix memleak in garp_request_join() 88c4cae3ed25 net/802/mrp: fix memleak in mrp_request_join() eef99860c677 cgroup1: fix leaked context root causing sporadic NULL deref in LTP 7f0365b4daaa workqueue: fix UAF in pwq_unbound_release_workfn() 85abe0d47fe6 af_unix: fix garbage collect vs MSG_PEEK af45f3527aa0 KVM: x86: determine if an exception has an error code only when injecting it. 828cab3c8c23 tools: Allow proper CC/CXX/... override with LLVM=1 in Makefile.include 525c5513b60d selftest: fix build error in tools/testing/selftests/vm/userfaultfd.c 253dccefb5cb Linux 5.4.136 587f86b7a2a0 xhci: add xhci_get_virt_ep() helper f9d0c35556cd perf inject: Close inject.output on exit a9c103fa91e4 PCI: Mark AMD Navi14 GPU ATS as broken 11561d2f7b9d btrfs: compression: don't try to compress if we don't have enough pages 4980301e1c1f iio: accel: bma180: Fix BMA25x bandwidth register values d04f2582c47e iio: accel: bma180: Use explicit member assignment 4e0afa88954b net: bcmgenet: ensure EXT_ENERGY_DET_MASK is clear 2a4865d1547e net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: use correct .stats_set_histogram() on Topaz 7d8c06b8d2d2 drm: Return -ENOTTY for non-drm ioctls b5d7bebd96a3 nds32: fix up stack guard gap ba378b796088 rbd: always kick acquire on "acquired" and "released" notifications 13066d6628f0 rbd: don't hold lock_rwsem while running_list is being drained b12ead825f6c hugetlbfs: fix mount mode command line processing 60dbbd76f110 userfaultfd: do not untag user pointers 540eee8cbb3d selftest: use mmap instead of posix_memalign to allocate memory e706ac3fc82e ixgbe: Fix packet corruption due to missing DMA sync e617fa62f6cf media: ngene: Fix out-of-bounds bug in ngene_command_config_free_buf() 77713fb336ca btrfs: check for missing device in btrfs_trim_fs f899f24d34d9 tracing: Fix bug in rb_per_cpu_empty() that might cause deadloop. 59a9f75fb2b6 tracing/histogram: Rename "cpu" to "common_cpu" 379d8da3353e firmware/efi: Tell memblock about EFI iomem reservations 281a94362bbe usb: dwc2: gadget: Fix sending zero length packet in DDMA mode. 167079fbfaa7 USB: serial: cp210x: add ID for CEL EM3588 USB ZigBee stick 811c4cdf2917 USB: serial: cp210x: fix comments for GE CS1000 f54ee7e16d0d USB: serial: option: add support for u-blox LARA-R6 family e28d28eb9be6 usb: renesas_usbhs: Fix superfluous irqs happen after usb_pkt_pop() 863d071dbcd5 usb: max-3421: Prevent corruption of freed memory e4077a90e600 USB: usb-storage: Add LaCie Rugged USB3-FW to IGNORE_UAS da6f6769ee0f usb: hub: Fix link power management max exit latency (MEL) calculations fea6b53e631a usb: hub: Disable USB 3 device initiated lpm if exit latency is too high 962ce043ef92 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV Nested: Sanitise H_ENTER_NESTED TM state 2b9ffddd70b4 KVM: PPC: Book3S: Fix H_RTAS rets buffer overflow c968f563ccde xhci: Fix lost USB 2 remote wake a660ecde5c55 ALSA: hdmi: Expose all pins on MSI MS-7C94 board f73696354d59 ALSA: sb: Fix potential ABBA deadlock in CSP driver 7aa2dfbc6bd0 ALSA: usb-audio: Add registration quirk for JBL Quantum headsets 46d62c3fe2ab ALSA: usb-audio: Add missing proc text entry for BESPOKEN type f1754f96ab41 s390/boot: fix use of expolines in the DMA code 8eb521d19248 s390/ftrace: fix ftrace_update_ftrace_func implementation 268132b070d9 Revert "MIPS: add PMD table accounting into MIPS'pmd_alloc_one" f323809e3108 proc: Avoid mixing integer types in mem_rw() b71a75209f6a drm/panel: raspberrypi-touchscreen: Prevent double-free 2e6ab87f8e63 net: sched: cls_api: Fix the the wrong parameter b60461696a0b sctp: update active_key for asoc when old key is being replaced 9fa89c2caee2 nvme: set the PRACT bit when using Write Zeroes with T10 PI c50141b3d769 r8169: Avoid duplicate sysfs entry creation error f726817d6b42 afs: Fix tracepoint string placement with built-in AFS b22c9e433bb7 Revert "USB: quirks: ignore remote wake-up on Fibocom L850-GL LTE modem" 69a49e7b5baf nvme-pci: don't WARN_ON in nvme_reset_work if ctrl.state is not RESETTING 830251361425 ipv6: fix another slab-out-of-bounds in fib6_nh_flush_exceptions a88414fb1117 net/sched: act_skbmod: Skip non-Ethernet packets c278b954ccc7 net: hns3: fix rx VLAN offload state inconsistent issue 006ed6f4d00b net/tcp_fastopen: fix data races around tfo_active_disable_stamp 3942ba235693 net: hisilicon: rename CACHE_LINE_MASK to avoid redefinition f11f12decd55 bnxt_en: Check abort error state in bnxt_half_open_nic() 16ce6cb78690 bnxt_en: Add missing check for BNXT_STATE_ABORT_ERR in bnxt_fw_rset_task() c993e7aadc50 bnxt_en: Refresh RoCE capabilities in bnxt_ulp_probe() 6ee8e6be3067 bnxt_en: Improve bnxt_ulp_stop()/bnxt_ulp_start() call sequence. 35637acc9810 spi: cadence: Correct initialisation of runtime PM again 2f2150bf41c1 scsi: target: Fix protect handling in WRITE SAME(32) a6cb717f8534 scsi: iscsi: Fix iface sysfs attr detection 25df44e90ff5 netrom: Decrease sock refcount when sock timers expire 8d7924ce85ba net: sched: fix memory leak in tcindex_partial_destroy_work f38527f18905 KVM: PPC: Fix kvm_arch_vcpu_ioctl vcpu_load leak b85dadd4347b KVM: PPC: Book3S: Fix CONFIG_TRANSACTIONAL_MEM=n crash b3224bd31861 net: decnet: Fix sleeping inside in af_decnet bd2b3b13aa2a efi/tpm: Differentiate missing and invalid final event log table. 9413c0abb57f net: fix uninit-value in caif_seqpkt_sendmsg 6d56299ff911 bpftool: Check malloc return value in mount_bpffs_for_pin edec10098675 bpf, sockmap, tcp: sk_prot needs inuse_idx set for proc stats 58259e8b6e85 s390/bpf: Perform r1 range checking before accessing jit->seen_reg[r1] cc876a5618bc liquidio: Fix unintentional sign extension issue on left shift of u16 42fe8f433b31 ASoC: rt5631: Fix regcache sync errors on resume d99aaf07365f spi: mediatek: fix fifo rx mode 08cdda8d8972 regulator: hi6421: Fix getting wrong drvdata b25be6bf6419 regulator: hi6421: Use correct variable type for regmap api val argument a1ade24cccb5 spi: stm32: fixes pm_runtime calls in probe/remove 40e203ce74eb spi: stm32: Use dma_request_chan() instead dma_request_slave_channel() 24b78097a837 spi: imx: add a check for speed_hz before calculating the clock 52cff6123aa0 perf data: Close all files in close_dir() 0f63857d1099 perf probe-file: Delete namelist in del_events() on the error path 8b92ea243bbf perf lzma: Close lzma stream on exit 51351c6d5a18 perf script: Fix memory 'threads' and 'cpus' leaks on exit d2bfc3eda914 perf dso: Fix memory leak in dso__new_map() 05804a7d223d perf test event_update: Fix memory leak of evlist d257f3abdc71 perf test session_topology: Delete session->evlist 89d1762a4a21 perf env: Fix sibling_dies memory leak fd335143befb perf probe: Fix dso->nsinfo refcounting 6513dee46f80 perf map: Fix dso->nsinfo refcounting ff9fc81fa884 nvme-pci: do not call nvme_dev_remove_admin from nvme_remove d029df83c61a cxgb4: fix IRQ free race during driver unload ae9b64434441 pwm: sprd: Ensure configuring period and duty_cycle isn't wrongly skipped a37ca2a076ec selftests: icmp_redirect: IPv6 PMTU info should be cleared after redirect 05364a2794fb selftests: icmp_redirect: remove from checking for IPv6 route get 7f4848229e91 ipv6: fix 'disable_policy' for fwd packets c67fb96f5431 gve: Fix an error handling path in 'gve_probe()' e33da4eeaa35 igb: Fix position of assignment to *ring 7dd897773618 igb: Check if num of q_vectors is smaller than max before array access d3d7cceee841 iavf: Fix an error handling path in 'iavf_probe()' 7a13a8a8a5fb e1000e: Fix an error handling path in 'e1000_probe()' 9fc381db7583 fm10k: Fix an error handling path in 'fm10k_probe()' 5d6a04927b08 igb: Fix an error handling path in 'igb_probe()' cddd53237de8 igc: Fix an error handling path in 'igc_probe()' 47f69d8828e7 igc: Prefer to use the pci_release_mem_regions method 83b2d55a512a ixgbe: Fix an error handling path in 'ixgbe_probe()' ba4fbb68fcfe igc: change default return of igc_read_phy_reg() 88e0720133d4 igb: Fix use-after-free error during reset a9508e0edfe3 igc: Fix use-after-free error during reset Signed-off-by: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Steve Sakoman <steve@sakoman.com> Signed-off-by: Anuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>
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