path: root/meta/lib/buildstats.py
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* libc_package/buildstats: Fix python regex quoting warningsRichard Purdie2021-09-261-2/+2
* meta/lib+scripts: Convert to SPDX license headersRichard Purdie2019-05-091-0/+3
* meta: remove True option to getVar callsJoshua Lock2016-12-161-2/+2
* buildstats.py: skip collecting unavailable /proc dataPatrick Ohly2016-12-131-7/+12
* buildstats: reduce amount of data stored for system utilizationPatrick Ohly2016-12-071-10/+104
* buildstats: record disk space usagePatrick Ohly2016-12-071-5/+17
* buildstats: add system state samplingPatrick Ohly2016-12-071-0/+47