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* oeqa/core/runner: Don't add empty log entriesRichard Purdie2018-10-291-1/+4
* oeqa/core/runner: write testresult to json filesYeoh Ee Peng2018-10-291-1/+34
* oeqa/core/runner: refactor for OEQA to write json testresultYeoh Ee Peng2018-10-181-41/+29
* oeqa/runner: Print any errors/failures earlyRichard Purdie2018-08-231-0/+8
* oeqa/runner: Use the proper logger functions instead of print()Richard Purdie2018-08-231-1/+1
* oeqa: Remove xmlrunnerRichard Purdie2018-07-161-45/+9
* oeqa/runner: Simplify codeRichard Purdie2018-07-161-10/+5
* oeqa: Add selftest parallelisation supportRichard Purdie2018-07-161-4/+20
* oeqa: Default to buffer mode for testsRichard Purdie2018-07-151-5/+0
* oeqa/runner: Ensure we don't print misleading results outputRichard Purdie2018-07-131-3/+11
* oeqa/core/runner: Improve test case comparisionRichard Purdie2018-07-131-2/+2
* oeqa/runner: Pass the value of buffer, don't force to TrueRichard Purdie2017-11-101-1/+1
* oeqa/runqemu: Only show stdout/stderr upon test failureRichard Purdie2017-11-091-0/+8
* oeqa/core/runner: OEStreamLogger don't buffer test execution writesAníbal Limón2017-07-301-4/+8
* oeqa/core/runner: Don't log details twice if test failsAníbal Limón2017-06-131-2/+0
* oeqa/core/loader: Allow unittest.TestCase's to be executedAníbal Limón2017-06-121-11/+14
* oeqa/core: Add list tests support in context and runnerAníbal Limón2017-05-301-0/+98
* oeqa/core/runner: OETestResult add internal _tc_map_resultsAníbal Limón2017-05-301-0/+2
* oeqa/core: Move OETestContext.log{Summary, Details} into OETestResultAníbal Limón2017-05-301-0/+88
* oeqa/core/runner: OETestResult remove unneeded override of startTestAníbal Limón2017-05-301-3/+0
* oeqa/core: Don't expose OEStreamLogger in OETestContextAníbal Limón2017-05-301-0/+3
* oeqa/core/runner: Append PID in the test result folder nameLeonardo Sandoval2017-04-121-1/+1
* oeqa/core/runner.py: OEStreamLogger fix loggingAníbal Limón2017-02-151-1/+1
* oeqa/core: Add base OEQA frameworkAníbal Limón2017-01-231-0/+76