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* dhcpcd: upgrade 9.3.2 -> 9.3.4Yi Zhao2020-12-152-1/+31
* dhcpcd: upgrade 9.3.1 -> 9.3.2Yi Zhao2020-11-081-1/+1
* dhcpcd: install dhcpcd to /sbin rather than /usr/sbinYi Zhao2020-11-083-3/+4
* dhcpcd: upgrade 9.2.0 -> 9.3.1Alexander Kanavin2020-11-031-1/+1
* dhcpcd: add PACKAGECONFIG for ntp/chrony/ypbind hooksYi Zhao2020-10-171-0/+8
* dhcpcd: set service to conflict with connmanYi Zhao2020-09-242-0/+2
* dhcpcd: add dhcpcd user to support priviledge separationYi Zhao2020-09-231-1/+7
* dhcpcd: set --runstatedir to /runYi Zhao2020-09-232-1/+2
* dhcpcd: pass --dbdir to EXTRA_OECONF to set database directoryYi Zhao2020-09-231-1/+3
* dhcpcd: 9.1.4 -> 9.2.0Kai Kang2020-09-113-4/+40
* dhcpcd: Move from meta-network as OE-Core needs a clientakuster2020-09-022-0/+73