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* python3: Add ptest supportpbarker/python3-ptestPaul Barker2014-11-241-0/+56
A run-ptest script written in python is added which defines a new TestRunner subclass which prints test results in the required ptest format and then executes python's built-in testsuite using this new TestRunner subclass. The built-in testsuite is included in the python standard library and we ensure we have the complete library by adding ${PN}-modules and ${PN}-misc to the RDEPENDS for the ptest package. We also require libgcc for pthread support. Tested on qemux86. Several tests fail and many skip; further investigation should be done to check that the current status is acceptable. In addition, the testsuite causes an out-of-memory crash when qemu is configured with 256 MB of RAM. The testsuite completes without crashing with 1 GB RAM. Signed-off-by: Paul Barker <paul@paulbarker.me.uk>