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* parted: skip tests that need vfat supportRoss Burton2021-07-311-0/+51
* parted: improve ptest executionRoss Burton2021-07-311-1/+1
* parted: upgrade 3.3 -> 3.4Wang Mingyu2021-02-103-125/+0
* parted: improve ptestRoss Burton2020-10-061-0/+2
* parted: fix more ptestsAlexander Kanavin2020-01-211-0/+2
* parted: update 3.2->3.3Alexander Kanavin2019-12-1611-722/+99
* parted: change device manager check in ptestJoe Slater2019-06-211-0/+22
* parted: drop patch for linux <2.6.20 supportRoss Burton2019-06-081-55/+0
* parted: swap patches for the commits that landed upstreamRoss Burton2019-06-084-64/+118
* parted: refresh patchesRoss Burton2018-03-092-11/+11
* libparted: Use read only when probing devices on linuxOvidiu Panait2017-10-061-0/+224
* parted: move test helper scripts to Python 3Alexander Kanavin2017-05-181-0/+44
* parted: fix rss+perf+gold failure on do_compile_ptest_baseAndreas Müller2017-03-081-0/+34
* meta: Fix Upstream-Status statementsRoss Burton2015-09-121-1/+1
* parted: Add patches to fix build on muslKhem Raj2015-04-212-0/+62
* parted: upgrade to 3.2Hongxu Jia2014-11-206-0/+440