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* libpod-plainer-perl: Upgrade to 1.04Saul Wold2014-07-171-3/+3
* recipes: convert remaining SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION cosmetic issues (part 2)Matthieu Crapet2014-02-203-3/+3
* Don't set DESCRIPTION to the same value as SUMMARYPaul Eggleton2013-12-031-1/+0
* recipes: Remove PR = r0 from all recipesRichard Purdie2013-10-306-6/+0
* libenv-perl: Update to 1.04Saul Wold2013-03-181-3/+3
* libdumpvalue-perl: Update to 1.17Saul Wold2012-11-211-3/+3
* libi18n-collate-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+22
* libfile-checktree-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+33
* libenv-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+22
* libdumpvalue-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+20
* libpod-plainer-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+24
* libclass-isa-perl: add itKang Kai2012-09-101-0/+32