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* libogg: Clarify BSD license variantChristophe PRIOUZEAU2019-10-151-1/+1
* libogg:upgrade 1.3.3 -> 1.3.4Zang Ruochen2019-09-061-2/+2
* libogg: upgrade to 1.3.3Maxin B. John2017-11-291-2/+2
* libogg: upgrade to 1.3.2Cristian Iorga2014-06-011-3/+3
* libogg: upgrade to 1.3.1Cristian Iorga2013-07-122-21/+3
* libogg: replace obsolete automake macros with working onesMarko Lindqvist2013-01-152-2/+18
* libogg: upgrade to version 1.3.0Dongxiao Xu2011-10-311-2/+2
* libogg: upgrade to version 1.2.2Dongxiao Xu2010-12-301-2/+2
* recipes-multimedia: Update SUMMARY and DESCRIPTIONSMark Hatle2010-12-161-0/+1
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-091-0/+3
* libogg: Upgrade to version 1.2.1Dongxiao Xu2010-11-181-0/+0
* Major layout change to the packages directoryRichard Purdie2010-08-271-0/+15