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tcf-agent: Update to current versionHEADmaster
While there has not been an official release in some time, the latest version fixes a large number of bugs and adds support for Dwarf 5, among other things. (Dwarf 5 is default in gcc 12 and newer.) Short change log since the last version: TCF Agent: Narrow down LoadLibrary search scope TCF Agent: faster breakpoint planting Bug 581214 - Expression evaluation fails for a data member that is defined in a structure, union or class that is of type DW_AT_data_bit_offset attribute (DWARF5) TCF Agent: reduced memory footprint TCF Agent: fixed build error on CygWin: CYGWIN_VERSION_CYGWIN_CONV undefined TCF Agent: workaround for GCC compilation error: function may return address of local variable Bug 581034 - "long long int" data type can't be recognized from dwarf5 debug info generated by llvm15 TCF Agent: Removal of unused variable causing clang-15 build error TCF Agent: fixed: malformed HTTP request can crash the agent TCF Agent: fixed assertion failure in the Breakpoints service TCF Agent: GDB Remote Serial Protocol: fixed handling of process ID 0 Bug 580644 - steps into the function of shared library does not work on PPC TCF Agent: add PowerPC 32-bit and big-endian builds in the Dockerfile TCF Agent: check glibc version when calling pthread_setname_np() Bug 580600 - -Wmisleading-indentation issue for gcc version less than 6.0 Bug 580489 - failed to handle .debug_rnglists section sometimes Bug 580450 - failed to read the full compilation unit tag in dwarf 5 when customized sections Bug 580414 - failed to handle debug sections for DWARF 5 Bug 580326 - Can not display the type of global variable defined in a sharedlib Fixed text formatting in Makefile.inc Bug 580279 - VERSION grep in agent/Makefile.inc need update for vxWorks Bug 580089 - pid2id() failed to get a right id TCF Agent: improved comments TCF Agent: a few more asserts TCF Agent: improved X86 disassembler Bug 580002 - [tcf-dev] Speedup compute_reverse_lookup_indices Bug 579989 - compile error by vs2008 on windows TCF Agent: improved X86 disassembler Bug 579947 - NULL pointer caused the tcf-server crashed when load ELF file that compiled by LLVM 14 with dwarf-5 TCF Agent: fixed Coverity warning TCF Agent: fixed Coverity warning TCF Agent: new function in HTTP server API: closed() call-back Merge "TCF Agent: Fix potential memory/resource leaks" TCF Agent: Fix potential memory/resource leaks TCF Agent: Fix unsafe strcpy TCF Agent: Respect certain ENABLE_* macros Bug 579412 - incorrect or missing copyright information TCF Agent: Lazy PC initialization Bug 579362 - the process IDs should be pid_t instead of UINT32 in waitpid.c and waitpid.h files Bug 579378 - update copyright year to 2022 Bug 579274 - unknown option -Wmisleading-indentation issue for gcc version less than 6.0 TCF Agent: ARM v8 stack crawl: fixed handling of ERET instruction TCF Agent: fixed handling of line info file names when file contains a mix DWARF 5 and DWARF 3 TCF Tests: fixed incorrect error reports in DWARF reader test TCF Agent: disabled bogus warnings misleading-indentation TCF Agent: fixed handling of line info file names in DWARF 5 TCF Agent: Expressions: fixed handling of a static field of a struct stored in a register TCF Agent: fixed error when building with c++-11 TCF Agent: DWARF 5: improved handling of location expressions TCF Agent: DWARF reader: fixed regression - "FORM_FLAG expected" error TCF Agent: DWARF reader: new object flag DOIF_inlined TCF Tests: improved tests of var declarations TCF Agent: fixed regression: memory corruption in the symbols proxy TCF Agent: fixed issues with handling GCC-11 debug info TCF Agent: fixed warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code TCF Agent: Fix stack frame cleanup on error TCF Agent: Add missing parentheses Bug 578201 - Sometimes variables show as "N/A - Cannot read target memory. Input/output error" Bug 577936 - dprintf not work as expected TCF Agent: lazy initialization in rand32() TCF Agent: new API function: rand32() TCF Agent: fixed possible buffer overflow when calling fscanf() Bug 577174 - Sometimes variables show as "N/A - Value of register is unknown in the selected frame" Bug 577064 - Union type variables don’t show correctly if based on a register TCF Agent: fixed: tmp_vprintf and loc_vprintf can segfault on Linux Bug 577001 - DW_AT_high_pc with DW_FORM_udata form not handled TCF Agent: fixed pthread_cond_timedwait() on Windows TCF Agent: Expressions service: improved error message Signed-off-by: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@amd.com> Signed-off-by: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@kernel.crashing.org> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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