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xinput-calibrator: move it from meta-oe to oe-core
People using xserver-xorg that need to calibrate their touchscreen devices would also need meta-oe. Bringing the recipes to oe-core will make it easier for them. Aditionaly: * drop xterm RDEPENDS. Terminal is not needed to run the menu item; * change so that it can be run as normal user: pointercal.xinput is saved to ~/.pointercal/ and it will be used when the system boots; * have the calibration run through an Xsession file; * remove the systemd service since calibration is run by Xsession; * do not install pointercal.xinput if it's the default one; [YOCTO #4416] Signed-off-by: Laurentiu Palcu <> Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <>
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