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diff --git a/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass b/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
index a8e169a10b..3c89c35ecf 100644
--- a/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
+++ b/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
@@ -319,6 +319,8 @@ def sstate_install(ss, d):
if os.path.exists(i):
with open(i, "r") as f:
manifests = f.readlines()
+ # We append new entries, we don't remove older entries which may have the same
+ # manifest name but different versions from stamp/workdir. See below.
if filedata not in manifests:
with open(i, "a+") as f:
@@ -1175,11 +1177,21 @@ python sstate_eventhandler2() {
i = d.expand("${SSTATE_MANIFESTS}/index-" + a)
if not os.path.exists(i):
+ manseen = set()
+ ignore = []
with open(i, "r") as f:
lines = f.readlines()
- for l in lines:
+ for l in reversed(lines):
(stamp, manifest, workdir) = l.split()
+ # The index may have multiple entries for the same manifest as the code above only appends
+ # new entries and there may be an entry with matching manifest but differing version in stamp/workdir.
+ # The last entry in the list is the valid one, any earlier entries with matching manifests
+ # should be ignored.
+ if manifest in manseen:
+ ignore.append(l)
+ continue
+ manseen.add(manifest)
if stamp not in stamps and stamp not in preservestamps and stamp in machineindex:
if stamp not in seen:
@@ -1210,6 +1222,8 @@ python sstate_eventhandler2() {
with open(i, "w") as f:
for l in lines:
+ if l in ignore:
+ continue
machineindex |= set(stamps)
with open(mi, "w") as f: