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* bonono/orbit2: Move to meta-extrasRichard Purdie2010-07-3012-620/+0
* Finally deprecate all legacy do_stage functions. This changes the existing wa...Richard Purdie2010-07-226-99/+0
* gnome: Promote gnome-settings-daemon and dependencies into meta/. Also remove...Richard Purdie2009-08-187-91/+0
* Add gnome-settings-daemon and libgnomekbd from OE but with fixed dependenciesRichard Purdie2009-06-102-0/+41
* gnome-desktop: 2.26.0 -> 2.26.2Richard Purdie2009-06-104-9/+16
* Add meta-gnome overlay information for gnome packages which aren't part of st...Richard Purdie2009-06-1021-0/+4850