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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* icu-native: fix hard paths in native icuAndré Draszik2015-05-201-0/+1
* icu: remove obsolete aclocal.m4 workaround (fixed upstream since v52.1)Andre McCurdy2015-02-141-13/+5
* meta: enable parallel build for several recipesRobert Yang2015-02-141-1/+0
* icu: Upgrade to v54Khem Raj2015-01-291-1/+1
* icu.inc: modify SPDX_S variableleimaohui2014-09-291-0/+1
* binconfig-disabled: Add class and useRichard Purdie2014-06-161-0/+2
* icu: Add nativesdk in BBCLASSEXTENDDavid Nyström2013-10-181-1/+2
* icu: update to upstream version 51.2Marko Lindqvist2013-06-071-0/+1
* icu: Remove unnecessary FULL_OPTIMIZATION_arm settingPhil Blundell2013-04-281-1/+0
* icu: Fix case where ${B} != ${S}Richard Purdie2013-03-181-5/+5
* icu: Fix build on uclibcKhem Raj2013-01-281-0/+1
* icu: reduce what's needed for cross toolsSaul Wold2012-12-191-7/+9
* ICU: upgrade to 50.1.Chen Qi2012-12-191-0/+52