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* distro_features_check: expand with MACHINE_FEATURES and COMBINED_FEATURES, ↵Denys Dmytriyenko2019-11-211-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | rename Besides checking DISTRO_FEATURES for required or conflicting features, being able to check MACHINE_FEATURES and/or COMBINED_FEATURES may also be useful at times. Temporarily support the old class name with a warning about future deprecation. Signed-off-by: Denys Dmytriyenko <denys@ti.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
* nss-myhostname: Stop trying to build for muslAdrian Bunk2019-05-211-1/+2
| | | | | | | | There's no point in building an NSS module for a C library that doesn't support NSS. Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <bunk@stusta.de> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
* nss-myhostname: Fix build on muslKhem Raj2016-02-041-1/+3
| | | | | | provide needed data types if nss.h is not available Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@gmail.com>
* nss-myhostname: skip it when systemdRobert Yang2014-10-101-1/+4
| | | | | | | | | | Fixed error when systemd is in DISTRO_FEATURES: ERROR: The recipe systemd is trying to install files into a sharedarea when those files already exist. Those files and their manifestlocation are: /path/to/sysroots/qemux86/usr/lib/libnss_myhostname.so.2 Matched in manifest-qemux86-nss-myhostname.populate_sysroot Please verify which recipe should provide theabove files. Signed-off-by: Robert Yang <liezhi.yang@windriver.com>
* nss-myhostname: fix postinst/prerm scriptsKoen Kooi2014-08-231-2/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | | | ${D} is expanded by bitbake which means the postinst looks like this: sed -e '/^hosts:/s/\s*\<myhostname\>//' \ -e 's/\(^hosts:.*\)\(\<files\>\)\(.*\)\(\<dns\>\)\(.*\)/\1\2 myhostname \3\4\5/' \ -i /build/scratch/angstrom-v2014.12/build/tmp-angstrom_next-eglibc/work/armv5te-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/systemd/1_216+gitAUTOINC+5d0ae62c66-r0/image/etc/nsswitch.conf Change ${D} to $D to stop it from being expanded by bitbake. Signed-off-by: Koen Kooi <koen@dominion.thruhere.net> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
* nss*: Replace hardcoded "/etc" with "${sysconfdir}"Robert P. J. Day2014-08-061-2/+2
| | | | | Signed-off-by: Robert P. J. Day <rpjday@crashcourse.ca> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
* Add missing SUMMARY valuesPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-0/+1
| | | | | | | | | These recipes all had a long DESCRIPTION but no SUMMARY; since the SUMMARY is often displayed alone by package managers and the default value ("${PN} version ${PV}") isn't particularly useful, we should always try to set SUMMARY. Signed-off-by: Paul Eggleton <paul.eggleton@linux.intel.com>
* nss-myhostname: add 0.3 versionMarcin Juszkiewicz2013-03-181-0/+25
Meta-linaro layer had own netbase.bbappend which took care of adding MACHINE name to /etc/hosts to get it resolvable. Koen Kooi pointed to nss-myhostname as better solution. Tested, works fine so I add it for other users. Signed-off-by: Marcin Juszkiewicz <marcin.juszkiewicz@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <sgw@linux.intel.com>