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@@ -50,41 +50,22 @@ $ cd $OEBASE</screen>
set the PATH variable so that the BitBake tools are accessible (see
<xref linkend="gettingoe_configuring_oe"/>).</para>
- <section><title>Getting <application>BitBake</application> Using Subversion</title>
- <para>To checkout the latest version of the BitBake 1.8 branch, use the
- following command:
+ <section><title>Downloading a <application>BitBake</application> release</title>
+ <para>Releases are available from the berlios project website. The current
+ release series is <application>BitBake</application> <emphasis>1.8</emphasis>
+ and the current release is <emphasis>1.8.12</emphasis>. To download execute
+ the following commands:
-$ cd $OEBASE
-$ <command>svn</command> co svn://svn.berlios.de/bitbake/branches/bitbake-1.8/ bitbake
+$ <command>cd</command> $OEBASE
+$ <command>wget</command>http://download.berlios.de/bitbake/bitbake-1.8.12.tar.gz
+$ <command>tar</command> xvzf bitbake-1.8.12.tar.gz
+$ <command>mv</command> bitbake-1.8.12 bitbake
- <para><application>BitBake</application> is checked out now and
+ <para><application>BitBake</application> is now downloaded and
the <varname>$OEBASE</varname> directory will contain
a <literal>bitbake/</literal> subdirectory.</para>
- <para>If you need to access a Subversion server through a proxy, see the
- <ulink url="http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#proxy">SVN FAQ</ulink>
- </para>
- </section>
- <section><title>Updating <application>BitBake</application></title>
- <para>Bitbake is being revised fairly often. Periodically it's a good
- idea to check the repository of bitbake stable branches to see if a
- new stable branch is available or if the current branch has been
- revised. Compare your existing bitbake directory with the latest
- bitbake branch in the repository. Your existing bitbake branch and
- its 'last changed revision' number can be found as follows:
- <screen>$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn info</screen>
- If there is a new stable branch, you will want to move or delete
- your existing bitbake directory and repeat the process listed above
- under "To obtain bitbake". If there is no new branch, it is easy to
- update bitbake:
- <screen>$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn update</screen>
- </para>