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Merge bk://oe-devel.bkbits.net/openembedded
into bkbits.net:/repos/n/nslu2-linux/openembedded 2005/02/23 18:20:11-06:00 ti.com!kergoth Add gnupg 1.4.0, consolidate common metadata into gnupg.inc, include some of the gnupg doc files in ${docdir}/${PN}/. Build 1.4.0 with readline support. Need to revisit what gnupg features we are compiling in, and perhaps disable some things to shrink the binary, and/or use the "minimal" configure option. 2005/02/23 18:16:53-06:00 ti.com!kergoth Path adjustments in cross and native bbclasses per the previous cset. 2005/02/23 18:14:30-06:00 ti.com!kergoth Fix infodir, mandir, and docdir variables to be relative to datadir, not prefix, and fix FILES_${PN}-doc to reference docdir rather than datadir/doc. BKrev: 421d2278QZWskeJqmJFXCyPjQutiuw
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diff --git a/classes/native.bbclass b/classes/native.bbclass
index 32bd9dbae2..3391694838 100644
--- a/classes/native.bbclass
+++ b/classes/native.bbclass
@@ -37,9 +37,9 @@ base_libdir = "${base_prefix}/lib"
sysconfdir = "${prefix}/etc"
sharedstatedir = "${prefix}/com"
localstatedir = "${prefix}/var"
-infodir = "${prefix}/info"
-mandir = "${prefix}/man"
-docdir = "${prefix}/doc"
+infodir = "${datadir}/info"
+mandir = "${datadir}/man"
+docdir = "${datadir}/doc"
servicedir = "${prefix}/srv"
# Architecture dependent paths