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<title>Getting OpenEmbedded</title>
+ <para><emphasis>Note:</emphasis> Once upon a time OpenEmbedded used
+ Monotone for version control. If you have an OE Monotone repository on
+ your computer, you should replace it with the Git repository.</para>
<para>The OpenEmbedded metadata has a high rate of development, so it's a
- good idea to stay up to date. You'll need monotone 0.28 to get the
- metadata and stay up to date. Monotone is available in most distributions
- and has binaries at <ulink url="http://venge.net/monotone/">Monotone
- homepage</ulink>.</para>
- <para>Next step is getting snapshot of database. <screen>
-wget http://openembedded.org/snapshots/OE.mtn.bz2 http://openembedded.org/snapshots/OE.mtn.bz2.md5
-</screen> Or if you have monotone 0.30 or later: <screen>
-wget http://www.openembedded.org/snapshots/OE-this-is-for-mtn-0.30.mtn.bz2
-wget http://www.openembedded.org/snapshots/OE-this-is-for-mtn-0.30.mtn.bz2.md5
-</screen> Then verify integrity of snapshot by checking md5sum. <screen>
-md5sum -c OE.mtn.bz2.md5sum
-</screen> Then unpack database. <screen>
-bunzip OE.mtn.bz2
-</screen> Finally checkout the development branch. <screen>
-mtn --db=OE.mtn co -b org.openembedded.dev
+ good idea to stay up to date. You'll need Git to get the metadata and
+ stay up to date. Git is available in most distributions and has binaries
+ at <ulink url="http://git-scm.com/">Git homepage</ulink>.</para>
+ <section><title>Checking Out OpenEmbedded With Git</title>
+ <para>Once you have installed Git, checkout the OpenEmbedded repository:
+ <screen>
+$ cd $OEBASE
+$ git clone git://git.openembedded.net/openembedded</screen>
+ The <literal>$OEBASE/openembedded/</literal> directory should now
+ exist.</para>
+ </section>
+ <section><title>Updating OpenEmbedded</title>
+ <para>The <literal>org.openembedded.dev</literal> branch of OpenEmbedded
+ is updated very frequently (as much as several times an hour). The
+ distro branches are not updated as much but still fairly often. It
+ seems good practice to update your OpenEmbedded tree at least
+ daily. To do this, run:
+ <screen>
+$ cd $OEBASE
+$ git pull</screen>
+ </para>
+ </section>
+ <section><title>Changing Branches</title>
+ <para>Working with multiple branches is very easy to do with Git. The
+ OpenEmbedded repository holds many branches. To list all branches, use this command:
+ <screen>$ git branch -a</screen>
+ Branch names that begin with <literal>origin/</literal> denote
+ branches that exist on the remote server. The name with a * in front
+ of it is the branch currently checked out. If you want to work with a
+ remote branch, you must first create a local copy of it. The following
+ command will create a local copy of a remote branch:
+ <screen>$ git branch &lt;local_name&gt; &lt;remote_name&gt;</screen>
+ To change branches, use this command:
+ <screen>$ git checkout &lt;branch_name&gt;</screen>
+ There are more complicated branch operations that can be done with git,
+ but those are beyond the scope of this document.</para>
+ </section>
<section id="gettingoe_configuring_oe">