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authorEnrico Scholz <enrico.scholz@sigma-chemnitz.de>2010-05-27 02:41:09 +0000
committerChris Larson <chris_larson@mentor.com>2010-05-27 12:56:46 -0700
commit0d270547fdb047fb2bcc1f69d6ba1f440c78578a (patch)
tree24af47be13307d6267943c44a697e3f2a8aaabef /lib/oe
parent311bed0b40aaa6298029f727d97f50c1d740a3fa (diff)
oe.utils: added param_bool() method
This new function works like dict's get() method but converts the returned value to a boolean. It is to be used to interpret e.g. 'apply=yes' parameters in SRC_URI. Moved from base.bbclass into lib/oe/utils.py -kergoth Signed-off-by: Enrico Scholz <enrico.scholz@sigma-chemnitz.de> Signed-off-by: Chris Larson <chris_larson@mentor.com>
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diff --git a/lib/oe/utils.py b/lib/oe/utils.py
index e61d663a50..3469700726 100644
--- a/lib/oe/utils.py
+++ b/lib/oe/utils.py
@@ -67,3 +67,14 @@ def str_filter(f, str, d):
def str_filter_out(f, str, d):
from re import match
return " ".join(filter(lambda x: not match(f, x, 0), str.split()))
+def param_bool(cfg, field, dflt = None):
+ """Lookup <field> in <cfg> map and convert it to a boolean; take
+ <dflt> when this <field> does not exist"""
+ value = cfg.get(field, dflt)
+ strvalue = str(value).lower()
+ if strvalue in ('yes', 'y', 'true', 't', '1'):
+ return True
+ elif strvalue in ('no', 'n', 'false', 'f', '0'):
+ return False
+ raise ValueError("invalid value for boolean parameter '%s': '%s'" % (field, value))