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See links below for more details: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.openembedded/21326 http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.openembedded/21816 Signed-off-by: Denys Dmytriyenko <denis@denix.org> Acked-by: Mike Westerhof <mwester@dls.net> Acked-by: Philip Balister <philip@balister.org> Acked-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@gmail.com> Acked-by: Marcin Juszkiewicz <hrw@openembedded.org> Acked-by: Koen Kooi <koen@openembedded.org> Acked-by: Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@gmail.com>
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+Index: arpwatch/arp2ethers.8
+diff -u /dev/null arpwatch/arp2ethers.8:
+--- /dev/null Sat Aug 14 03:19:34 2004
++++ arpwatch/arp2ethers.8 Thu Aug 12 14:37:09 2004
+@@ -0,0 +1,64 @@
++arp2ethers \- convert arpwatch address database to ethers file format
++.B arp2ethers
++.B arp.dat file
++.B arp2ethers
++converts the file
++.IR /var/lib/arpwatch/arp.dat
++(or the file specified on the command line)
++.BR ethers(5)
++format on
++.IR stdout .
++.IR arp.dat
++is an ethernet/ip database file generated by
++.BR arpwatch(8) .
++The arpwatch daemon in Debian will create different
++.IR arp.dat
++depending on its configuration. All of them will be available at
++.IR /var/lib/arpwatch/ .
++/var/lib/arpwatch - default directory for arp.dat
++arp.dat - ethernet/ip address database
++.BR arpwatch (8),
++.BR ethers (5),
++.BR rarp (8),
++.BR arp (8),
++Please send bug reports to arpwatch@ee.lbl.gov.
++Original version by Craig Leres of the Lawrence Berkeley
++National Laboratory Network Research Group, University of
++California, Berkeley, CA.
++Modified for the Debian Project by Peter Kelemen, with
++additions from Erik Warmelink.
++The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
++.I ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/arpwatch.tar.gz
++This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.
+Index: arpwatch/arpfetch.8
+diff -u /dev/null arpwatch/arpfetch.8:
+--- /dev/null Sat Aug 14 03:19:34 2004
++++ arpwatch/arpfetch.8 Tue Apr 17 14:12:51 2001
+@@ -0,0 +1,63 @@
++arpfetch \- obtain ethernet/ip address pairings via snmp
++.I host
++.I cname
++.B arpfetch
++gets pairings between ip addresses and the ethernet address of the
++corresponding network card. These pairings are retrieved from other
++network entities, like routers, by the SNMP protocol using
++.BR snmpwalk(1) .
++Mostly, this program is an agent that
++is used to get data for
++.BR arpsnmp(8) .
++This fetching of address mappings can be further automated by use of
++.BR bihourly(8) .
++Both command arguments must be present for proper operation.
++.IR host
++argument is the hostname of the network entity being queried and the
++.IR cname
++argument is the SNMP community name of the network entity.
++The information is presented on
++.IR stdout
++in a format compatible with
++.BR arpsnmp(8)
++.BR arpwatch(8) .
++Further information about SNMP can be found in
++.BR snmpcmd(1)
++.BR variables(5) .
++.BR arpsnmp (8),
++.BR arpwatch(8),
++.BR bihourly (8),
++.BR snmpwalk (1),
++.BR snmpcmd (1),
++.BR variables (5)
++Please send bug reports to arpwatch@ee.lbl.gov.
++Craig Leres of the
++Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group,
++University of California, Berkeley, CA.
++The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
++.I ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/arpwatch.tar.gz
++This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.
+Index: arpwatch/arpsnmp.8
+diff -u arpwatch/arpsnmp.8: arpwatch/arpsnmp.8:
+--- arpwatch/arpsnmp.8: Tue Apr 17 13:31:36 2001
++++ arpwatch/arpsnmp.8 Tue Apr 17 14:53:57 2001
+@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
+ .TH ARPSNMP 8 "17 September 2000"
+ .UC 4
+-arpsnmp - keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
++arpsnmp \- keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
+ .B arpsnmp
+ [
+Index: arpwatch/arpwatch.8
+diff -u arpwatch/arpwatch.8: arpwatch/arpwatch.8:
+--- arpwatch/arpwatch.8: Tue Apr 17 13:31:36 2001
++++ arpwatch/arpwatch.8 Tue Apr 17 14:53:57 2001
+@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
+ .TH ARPWATCH 8 "8 October 2000"
+ .UC 4
+-arpwatch - keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
++arpwatch \- keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
+ .na
+ .B arpwatch
+Index: arpwatch/bihourly.8
+diff -u /dev/null arpwatch/bihourly.8:
+--- /dev/null Sat Aug 14 03:19:34 2004
++++ arpwatch/bihourly.8 Tue Apr 17 14:12:51 2001
+@@ -0,0 +1,73 @@
++bihourly \- track ethernet/ip address pairs
++.B bihourly
++is a script that automates the operation of
++.B arpsnmp(8)
++by executing
++.B arpfetch(8)
++on a series of hostnames and then
++sending the results to
++.B arpsnmp(8)
++for analysis.
++The result is a report of the current pairings
++between ip addresses and the corresponding ethernet address
++of the network hardware as reported by
++.B snmpwalk(8).
++is logged and noted changes are reported by email.
++In its working directory
++.B bihourly
++expects a file named
++.IR list
++which contains a space separated list of hostnames to be queried
++and a file named
++.IR cname
++which holds the SNMP community name by which to query these hosts.
++Contrary to the name,
++.B bihourly
++does not run twice every hour. It
++runs once each time it is invoked. For repeated operation
++.B bihourly
++must be invoked on a periodic basis by a program like
++.B cron(1).
++/var/lib/arpwatch - default working directory
++list - file containing names of hosts to query
++cname - file containing the SNMP community name by which to query
++.BR arpsnmp (8),
++.BR arpfetch(8),
++.BR snmpwalk (8),
++.BR cron (8)
++Please send bug reports to arpwatch@ee.lbl.gov.
++Craig Leres of the
++Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group,
++University of California, Berkeley, CA.
++The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
++.I ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/arpwatch.tar.gz
++This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.
+Index: arpwatch/massagevendor.8
+diff -u /dev/null arpwatch/massagevendor.8:
+--- /dev/null Sat Aug 14 03:19:34 2004
++++ arpwatch/massagevendor.8 Tue Apr 17 14:12:51 2001
+@@ -0,0 +1,91 @@
++massagevendor \- convert the ethernet vendor codes master list to arpwatch format
++.I vendorfile
++.B massagevendor
++is a program that converts a text file containing ethernet vendor codes
++into a format suitable for use by
++.B arpwatch(8)
++.B arpsnmp(8).
++The input
++.I vendorfile
++is a master text file containing vendor codes. The output
++is sent to
++.I stdout.
++Each line of the
++.I vendorfile
++is expected to have a six digit hexadecimal vendor code
++followed by spaces followed by the name of the manufacturer.
++All ethernet devices have a unique identifier which
++includes a vendor code specifying the manufacturer of the
++device. In normal operation
++.B arpwatch(8)
++.B arpsnmp(8)
++use the file
++.I ethercodes.dat
++to report this vendor code.
++.B massagevendor
++is used to generate the
++.I ethercodes.dat
++file from text files containing these vendor codes.
++Locations where an ethernet vendor codes master text file
++can be obtained are given below.
++/usr/share/arpwatch - default location of the ethernet vendor list
++ethercodes.dat - file containing the list of ethernet vendor codes
++.BR arpwatch(8),
++.BR arpsnmp(8)
++Sources for ethernet vendor codes seen in the wild are
++.I http://map-ne.com/Ethernet/vendor.html
++.I ftp://ftp.cavebear.com/pub/Ethernet.txt
++.I http://www.cavebear.com/CaveBear/Ethernet/vendor.html
++Useful for comparison or completeness are the
++ethernet vendor codes as assigned
++by the IEEE which can be found at
++.I http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt
++Please send bug reports to arpwatch@ee.lbl.gov.
++Craig Leres of the
++Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group,
++University of California, Berkeley, CA.
++The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
++.I ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/arpwatch.tar.gz
++This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.conf b/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.conf
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..173f9d18b3
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.conf
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+# /etc/arpwatch.conf: Debian-specific way to watch multiple interfaces.
+# Format of this configuration file is:
+#<dev1> <arpwatch options for dev1>
+#<dev2> <arpwatch options for dev2>
+#<devN> <arpwatch options for devN>
+# You can set global options for all interfaces by editing
+# /etc/default/arpwatch
+#eth0 -m root+eth0
+#eth1 -m root+eth1
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.default b/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.default
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..204dffff8e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/arpwatch.default
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+# Global options for arpwatch(8).
+# Debian: don't report bogons
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/ethercodes.dat b/recipes/arpwatch/files/ethercodes.dat
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..d1d679b828
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/ethercodes.dat
@@ -0,0 +1,7665 @@
+0:0:0 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:1 Xerox Corporation [Super LAN-2U]
+0:0:10 Sytek Inc. [Hughes LAN Systems (formerly Sytek)]
+0:0:11 Normerel Systemes [Tektronix]
+0:0:12 Information Technology Limited
+0:0:13 Camex
+0:0:14 Netronix
+0:0:15 Datapoint Corporation
+0:0:16 du Pont Pixel Systems
+0:0:17 Tekelec
+0:0:18 Webster Computer Corporation [Webster Computer Corporation; Appletalk/Ethernet Gateway]
+0:0:19 Applied Dynamics International
+0:0:1a Advanced Micro Devices [AMD (?)]
+0:0:1b Novell Inc. [Novell (now Eagle Technology)]
+0:0:1c Bell Technologies [JDR Microdevices generic, NE2000 drivers]
+0:0:1d Cabletron Systems, Inc. [Cabletron]
+0:0:1e Telsist Industria Electronica
+0:0:1f Telco Systems, Inc. [Cryptall Communications Corp.]
+0:0:2 Xerox Corporation [BBN (was internal usage only, no longer used)]
+0:0:20 Dataindustrier Diab AB [DIAB (Data Intdustrier AB)]
+0:0:21 Sureman Comp. & Commun. Corp. [SC&C (PAM Soft&Hardware also reported)]
+0:0:22 Visual Technology Inc. [Visual Technology]
+0:0:23 ABB Industrial Systems AB [ABB Automation AB, Dept. Q]
+0:0:24 Connect AS [Olicom]
+0:0:25 Ramtek Corp.
+0:0:26 SHA-KEN Co., Ltd.
+0:0:27 Japan Radio Company
+0:0:28 Prodigy Systems Corporation
+0:0:29 IMC Networks Corp. [IMC]
+0:0:2a TRW - Sedd/INP [TRW]
+0:0:2b Crisp Automation, Inc
+0:0:2c Autotote Limited [NRC - Network Resources Corporation - Multi Gate Hub1+, Hub2, etc]
+0:0:2d Chromatics Inc
+0:0:2e Societe Evira
+0:0:2f Timeplex Inc.
+0:0:3 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:30 VG Laboratory Systems Ltd
+0:0:31 Qpsx Communications Pty Ltd
+0:0:32 Marconi plc [GPT Limited (reassigned from GEC Computers Ltd)]
+0:0:33 Egan Machinery Company
+0:0:34 Network Resources Corporation
+0:0:35 Spectragraphics Corporation
+0:0:36 Atari Corporation
+0:0:37 Oxford Metrics Limited [Oxford Metrics Ltd]
+0:0:38 CSS Labs
+0:0:39 Toshiba Corporation
+0:0:3a Chyron Corporation
+0:0:3b i Controls, Inc. [Hyundai/Axil Sun clones]
+0:0:3c Auspex Systems Inc. [Auspex]
+0:0:3d Unisys [AT&T]
+0:0:3e Simpact
+0:0:3f Syntrex, Inc.
+0:0:4 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:40 Applicon, Inc.
+0:0:41 ICE Corporation
+0:0:42 Metier Management Systems Ltd.
+0:0:43 Micro Technology
+0:0:44 Castelle Corporation [Castelle]
+0:0:45 Ford Aerospace & Comm. Corp.
+0:0:46 Olivetti North America [ISC-Bunker Ramo, An Olivetti Company]
+0:0:47 Nicolet Instruments Corp.
+0:0:48 Seiko Epson Corporation [Epson]
+0:0:49 Apricot Computers, Ltd [Apricot Ltd.]
+0:0:4a ADC Codenoll Technology Corp.
+0:0:4b ICL Data OY [APT; -ICL also reported]
+0:0:4c NEC Corporation
+0:0:4d DCI Corporation
+0:0:4e Ampex Corporation
+0:0:4f Logicraft, Inc. [Logicraft 386-Ware P.C. Emulator]
+0:0:5 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:50 Radisys Corporation
+0:0:51 HOB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
+0:0:52 Intrusion.com, Inc. [Optical Data Systems]
+0:0:53 Compucorp
+0:0:54 Modicon, Inc.
+0:0:55 Commissariat A L`Energie Atom. [AT&T]
+0:0:56 DR. B. Struck
+0:0:57 Scitex Corporation Ltd.
+0:0:58 Racore Computer Products Inc.
+0:0:59 Hellige GmbH
+0:0:5a Syskonnect GmbH [Xerox 806 (unregistered)]
+0:0:5b Eltec Elektronik AG [Eltec]
+0:0:5c Telematics International Inc.
+0:0:5d CS Telecom [RCE]
+0:0:5e USC Information Sciences Inst [U.S. Department of Defense (IANA)]
+0:0:5f Sumitomo Electric Ind., Ltd. [Sumitomo]
+0:0:6 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:60 Kontron Elektronik GmbH
+0:0:61 Gateway Communications
+0:0:62 Bull HN Information Systems [Honeywell]
+0:0:63 DR.ING.Seufert GmbH [Hewlett-Packard Lan Probe]
+0:0:64 Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp
+0:0:65 Network Associates, Inc. [Network General]
+0:0:66 Talaris Systems, Inc. [Talaris]
+0:0:67 Soft * Rite, Inc.
+0:0:68 Rosemount Controls
+0:0:69 Concord Communications Inc [Concord Communications, Inc (although someone said Silicon Graphics)]
+0:0:6a Computer Consoles Inc.
+0:0:6b Silicon Graphics Inc./Mips [MIPS]
+0:0:6c Private
+0:0:6d Cray Communications, Ltd. [Case]
+0:0:6e Artisoft, Inc.
+0:0:6f Madge Ltd. [Madge Networks Ltd. Token-ring adapters]
+0:0:7 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:70 HCL Limited
+0:0:71 Adra Systems Inc.
+0:0:72 Miniware Technology
+0:0:73 Siecor Corporation [Du Pont]
+0:0:74 Ricoh Company Ltd.
+0:0:75 Nortel Networks [Bell Northern Research (BNR)]
+0:0:76 Abekas Video System
+0:0:77 Interphase Corporation [Interphase [Used in other systems, e.g. MIPS, Motorola]]
+0:0:78 Labtam Limited [Labtam Australia]
+0:0:79 Networth Incorporated [Networth Incorporated; [bought by Compaq, used in Netelligent series]]
+0:0:7a Dana Computer Inc. [Ardent]
+0:0:7b Research Machines
+0:0:7c Ampere Incorporated
+0:0:7d Sun Microsystems, Inc. [Cray Research Superservers,Inc [Also Harris (3M) (old)]]
+0:0:7e Clustrix Corporation [Net FRAME multiprocessor network servers]
+0:0:7f Linotype-Hell AG [Linotype-Hell AG Linotronic typesetters]
+0:0:8 Xerox Corporation
+0:0:80 Cray Communications A/S [Cray Communications (formerly Dowty Network Services); [Also shows as "Harris (3M) (new)" and/or "Imagen(?)" elsewhere]]
+0:0:81 Bay Networks [Synoptics]
+0:0:82 Lectra Systemes SA
+0:0:83 Tadpole Technology PLC [Tadpole Technology [had Optical Data Systems which is wrong according to both]]
+0:0:84 Supernet [Aquila (?), ADI Systems Inc.(?)]
+0:0:85 Canon Inc.
+0:0:86 Megahertz Corporation [Gateway Communications Inc. (then Megahertz & now 3com)]
+0:0:87 Hitachi, Ltd. [Hitachi]
+0:0:88 Computer Network Tech. Corp.
+0:0:89 Cayman Systems Inc. [Cayman Systems Gatorbox]
+0:0:8a Datahouse Information Systems
+0:0:8b Infotron
+0:0:8c Alloy Computer Products (Australia) Pty Ltd
+0:0:8d Verdix Corporation
+0:0:8e Solbourne Computer, Inc. [Solbourne(?), Jupiter(?) (I've had confirming mail on Solbourne)]
+0:0:8f Raytheon Company
+0:0:9 Xerox Corporation [powerpipes?]
+0:0:90 Microcom
+0:0:91 Anritsu Corporation
+0:0:92 Cogent Data Technologies [Unisys, Cogent (both reported)]
+0:0:93 Proteon Inc. [Proteon]
+0:0:94 Asante Technologies [Asante MAC]
+0:0:95 Sony Tektronix Corp. [Sony/Tektronix]
+0:0:96 Marconi Electronics Ltd.
+0:0:97 Epoch Systems [Epoch]
+0:0:98 Crosscomm Corporation [Cross Com]
+0:0:99 MTX, Inc. [Memorex Telex Corporations]
+0:0:9a RC Computer A/S
+0:0:9b Information International, Inc
+0:0:9c Rolm MIL-Spec Computers
+0:0:9d Locus Computing Corporation
+0:0:9e Marli S.A.
+0:0:9f Ameristar Technologies Inc. [Ameristar Technology]
+0:0:a Omron Tateisi Electronics Co.
+0:0:a0 Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. [Sanyo Electronics]
+0:0:a1 Marquette Electric Co.
+0:0:a2 Bay Networks [Wellfleet]
+0:0:a3 Network Application Technology [Network Application Technology (NAT)]
+0:0:a4 Acorn Computers Limited [Acorn]
+0:0:a5 Compatible Systems Corp. [Compatible Systems Corporation]
+0:0:a6 Network General Corporation [Network General (internal assignment, not for products)]
+0:0:a7 Network Computing Devices Inc. [Network Computing Devices (NCD); X-terminals]
+0:0:a8 Stratus Computer Inc.
+0:0:a9 Network Systems Corp. [Network Systems]
+0:0:aa Xerox Corporation [Xerox Xerox machines]
+0:0:ab Logic Modeling Corporation
+0:0:ac Conware Computer Consulting [Conware Netzpartner [had Apollo, claimed incorrect]]
+0:0:ad Bruker Instruments Inc.
+0:0:ae Dassault Electronique [Dassault Automatismes et Telecommunications]
+0:0:af Nuclear Data Instrumentation [Nuclear Data Acquisition Interface Modules (AIM)]
+0:0:b Matrix Corporation
+0:0:b0 RND-RAD Network Devices
+0:0:b1 Alpha Microsystems Inc.
+0:0:b2 Televideo Systems, Inc.
+0:0:b3 Cimlinc Incorporated [CIMLinc]
+0:0:b4 Edimax Computer Company [Edimax]
+0:0:b5 Datability Software Sys. Inc. [Datability Terminal Servers]
+0:0:b6 Micro-Matic Research
+0:0:b7 Dove Computer Corporation [Dove Fastnet]
+0:0:b8 Seikosha Co., Ltd.
+0:0:b9 Mcdonnell Douglas Computer Sys
+0:0:ba Siig, Inc.
+0:0:bb TRI-Data [TRI-DATA Systems Inc. Netway products, 3274 emulators]
+0:0:bc Allen-Bradley Co. Inc. [Allen-Bradley]
+0:0:bd Mitsubishi Cable Company
+0:0:be The NTI Group
+0:0:bf Symmetric Computer Systems
+0:0:c Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:0:c0 Western Digital Corporation [Western Digital now SMC (Std. Microsystems Corp.)]
+0:0:c1 Madge Ltd. [Olicom A/S]
+0:0:c2 Information Presentation Tech.
+0:0:c3 Harris Corp Computer Sys Div
+0:0:c4 Waters Div. of Millipore
+0:0:c5 Farallon Computing/Netopia [Farallon Computing Inc]
+0:0:c6 Eon Systems [HP Intelligent Networks Operation (formerly Eon Systems)]
+0:0:c7 Arix Corporation
+0:0:c8 Altos Computer Systems [Altos]
+0:0:c9 Emulex Corporation [Emulex Terminal Servers, Print Servers]
+0:0:ca Applitek [LANcity Cable Modems (now owned by Bay Networks)]
+0:0:cb Compu-Shack Electronic GmbH
+0:0:cc Densan Co., Ltd.
+0:0:cd Allied Telesyn Research Ltd. [Industrial Research Limited]
+0:0:ce Megadata Corp.
+0:0:cf Hayes Microcomputer Products
+0:0:d Fibronics Ltd.
+0:0:d0 Develcon Electronics Ltd.
+0:0:d1 Adaptec Incorporated [Adaptec, Inc. "Nodem" product]
+0:0:d2 SBE, Inc.
+0:0:d3 Wang Laboratories Inc. [Wang Labs]
+0:0:d4 Pure Data Ltd. [Pure Data]
+0:0:d5 Micrognosis International
+0:0:d6 Punch Line Holding
+0:0:d7 Dartmouth College [Dartmouth College (NED Router)]
+0:0:d8 Novell, Inc. [old Novell NE1000's (before about 1987?) (also 3Com)]
+0:0:d9 Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
+0:0:da Atex
+0:0:db British Telecommunications PLC
+0:0:dc Hayes Microcomputer Products
+0:0:dd TCL Incorporated [Gould]
+0:0:de Cetia [Unigraph]
+0:0:df Bell & Howell Pub Sys Div
+0:0:e Fujitsu Limited [Fujitsu]
+0:0:e0 Quadram Corp.
+0:0:e1 Grid Systems [Hitachi (laptop built-in)]
+0:0:e2 Acer Technologies Corp. [Acer Counterpoint]
+0:0:e3 Integrated Micro Products Ltd
+0:0:e4 IN2 Groupe Intertechnique [mips?]
+0:0:e5 Sigmex Ltd.
+0:0:e6 Aptor Produits de Comm Indust
+0:0:e7 Star Gate Technologies
+0:0:e8 Accton Technology Corp. [Accton Technology Corporation]
+0:0:e9 Isicad, Inc.
+0:0:ea Upnod AB
+0:0:eb Matsushita Comm. Ind. Co. Ltd.
+0:0:ec Microprocess
+0:0:ed April
+0:0:ee Network Designers, Ltd. [Network Designers Limited [also KNX Ltd, a former division]]
+0:0:ef KTI [Alantec (now owned by Fore Systems)]
+0:0:f Next, Inc. [Ne XT]
+0:0:f0 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. [Samsung]
+0:0:f1 Magna Computer Corporation
+0:0:f2 Spider Communications [Spider Communications (Montreal, not Spider Systems)]
+0:0:f3 Gandalf Data Limited [Gandalf Data Ltd. - Canada]
+0:0:f4 Allied Telesyn International [Allied Telesis, Inc.]
+0:0:f5 Diamond Sales Limited
+0:0:f6 Applied Microsystems Corp. [A.M.C. (Applied Microsystems Corp.)]
+0:0:f7 Youth Keep Enterprise Co Ltd
+0:0:f8 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC]
+0:0:f9 Quotron Systems Inc.
+0:0:fa Microsage Computer Systems Inc
+0:0:fb Rechner Zur Kommunikation
+0:0:fc Meiko
+0:0:fd High Level Hardware [High Level Hardware (Orion, UK)]
+0:0:fe Annapolis Micro Systems
+0:0:ff Camtec Electronics Ltd. [Camtec Electronics (UK) Ltd.]
+0:10:0 Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
+0:10:1 MCK Communications
+0:10:10 Initio Corporation
+0:10:11 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Cisco 75xx]
+0:10:12 Processor Systems (I) PVT Ltd
+0:10:13 Industrial Computer Source
+0:10:14 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:10:15 Oomon Inc.
+0:10:16 T.Sqware
+0:10:17 Micos GmbH
+0:10:18 Broadcom Corporation
+0:10:19 Sirona Dental Systems GmbH & Co. KG
+0:10:1a Picturetel Corp.
+0:10:1b Cornet Technology, Inc.
+0:10:1c OHM Technologies Intl, LLC
+0:10:1d Winbond Electronics Corp.
+0:10:1e Matsushita Electronic Instruments Corp.
+0:10:1f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 2901]
+0:10:2 Actia
+0:10:20 Welch Allyn, Data Collection
+0:10:21 Encanto Networks, Inc.
+0:10:22 Satcom Media Corporation
+0:10:23 Flowwise Networks, Inc.
+0:10:24 Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd
+0:10:25 Grayhill Inc.
+0:10:26 Accelerated Networks, Inc.
+0:10:27 L-3 Communications East
+0:10:28 Computer Technica, Inc.
+0:10:29 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000]
+0:10:2a ZF Microsystems, Inc.
+0:10:2b Umax Data Systems, Inc.
+0:10:2c Lasat Networks A/S
+0:10:2d Hitachi Software Engineering
+0:10:2e Network Systems & Technologies PVT. Ltd.
+0:10:2f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Cisco 5000]
+0:10:3 Imatron, Inc.
+0:10:30 Wi-LAN, Inc.
+0:10:31 Objective Communications, Inc.
+0:10:32 Alta Technology
+0:10:33 Accesslan Communications, Inc.
+0:10:34 GNP Computers
+0:10:35 Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd
+0:10:36 Inter-TEL Integrated Systems
+0:10:37 CYQ've Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:10:38 Micro Research Institute, Inc.
+0:10:39 Vectron Systems AG
+0:10:3a Diamond Network Tech
+0:10:3b Hippi Networking Forum
+0:10:3c IC Ensemble, Inc.
+0:10:3d Phasecom, Ltd.
+0:10:3e Netschools Corporation
+0:10:3f Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
+0:10:4 The Brantley Coile Company,Inc
+0:10:40 Intermec Corporation
+0:10:41 Bristol Babcock, Inc.
+0:10:42 Alacritech
+0:10:43 A2 Corporation
+0:10:44 Innolabs Corporation
+0:10:45 Nortel Networks
+0:10:46 Alcorn Mcbride Inc.
+0:10:47 Echo Eletric Co. Ltd.
+0:10:48 Htrc Automation, Inc.
+0:10:49 Shoreline Teleworks, Inc.
+0:10:4a The Parvuc Corporation
+0:10:4b 3com Corporation [3Com 3C905-TX PCI]
+0:10:4c Computer Access Technology
+0:10:4d Surtec Industries, Inc.
+0:10:4e Ceologic
+0:10:4f Storage Technology Corporation
+0:10:5 UEC Commercial
+0:10:50 Rion Co., Ltd.
+0:10:51 Cmicro Corporation
+0:10:52 Mettler-Toledo (Albstadt) GmbH
+0:10:53 Computer Technology Corp.
+0:10:54 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:10:55 Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
+0:10:56 Sodick Co., Ltd.
+0:10:57 Rebel.com, Inc.
+0:10:58 Arrowpoint Communications
+0:10:59 Diablo Research Co. LLC
+0:10:5a 3com Corporation [3Com Fast Etherlink XL in a Gateway 2000]
+0:10:5b Net Insight AB
+0:10:5c Quantum Designs (H.K.) Ltd.
+0:10:5d Draeger Medical
+0:10:5e Hekimian Laboratories, Inc.
+0:10:5f in-Snec
+0:10:6 Thales Contact Solutions Ltd.
+0:10:60 Billionton Systems, Inc. [Billington Novell NE200 Compatible]
+0:10:61 Hostlink Corp.
+0:10:62 NX Server, Ilnc.
+0:10:63 Starguide Digital Networks
+0:10:64 Dnpg, LLC
+0:10:65 Radyne Corporation
+0:10:66 Advanced Control Systems, Inc.
+0:10:67 Redback Networks, Inc.
+0:10:68 Comos Telecom
+0:10:69 Helioss Communications, Inc.
+0:10:6a Digital Microwave Corporation
+0:10:6b Sonus Networks, Inc.
+0:10:6c Infratec Plus GmbH
+0:10:6d Integrity Communications, Inc.
+0:10:6e Tadiran Com. Ltd.
+0:10:6f Trenton Technology Inc.
+0:10:7 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 1900]
+0:10:70 Caradon Trend Ltd.
+0:10:71 Advanet Inc.
+0:10:72 GVN Technologies, Inc.
+0:10:73 Technobox, Inc.
+0:10:74 Aten International Co., Ltd.
+0:10:75 Maxtor Corporation
+0:10:76 Eurem GmbH
+0:10:77 SAF Drive Systems, Ltd.
+0:10:78 Nuera Communications, Inc.
+0:10:79 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco 5500 Router]
+0:10:7a Ambicom, Inc. [Ambicom (was Tandy?)]
+0:10:7b Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems]
+0:10:7c P-Com, Inc.
+0:10:7d Aurora Communications, Ltd.
+0:10:7e Bachmann Electronic GmbH
+0:10:7f Crestron Electronics, Inc.
+0:10:8 Vienna Systems Corporation
+0:10:80 Metawave Communications
+0:10:81 DPS, Inc.
+0:10:82 JNA Telecommunications Limited
+0:10:83 Hewlett-Packard Company [HP-UX E 9000/889]
+0:10:84 K-BOT Communications
+0:10:85 Polaris Communications, Inc.
+0:10:86 Atto Technology, Inc.
+0:10:87 Xstreamis PLC
+0:10:88 American Networks Inc.
+0:10:89 Websonic
+0:10:8a Teralogic, Inc.
+0:10:8b Laseranimation Sollinger GmbH
+0:10:8c Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe, Ltd.
+0:10:8d Johnson Controls, Inc.
+0:10:8e Hugh Symons Concept Technologies Ltd.
+0:10:8f Raptor Systems
+0:10:9 Horo Quartz
+0:10:90 Cimetrics, Inc.
+0:10:91 NO Wires Needed BV
+0:10:92 Netcore Inc.
+0:10:93 CMS Computers, Ltd.
+0:10:94 Performance Analysis Broadband, Spirent plc
+0:10:95 Thompson Inc.
+0:10:96 Tracewell Systems, Inc.
+0:10:97 Winnet Metropolitan Communications Systems, Inc.
+0:10:98 Starnet Technologies, Inc.
+0:10:99 Innomedia, Inc.
+0:10:9a Netline
+0:10:9b Vixel Corporation
+0:10:9c M-System Co., Ltd.
+0:10:9d Clarinet Systems, Inc.
+0:10:9e Aware, Inc.
+0:10:9f Pavo, Inc.
+0:10:a Williams Communications Group
+0:10:a0 Innovex Technologies, Inc.
+0:10:a1 Kendin Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:10:a2 TNS
+0:10:a3 Omnitronix, Inc.
+0:10:a4 Xircom [Xircom Real Port 10/100 PC Card]
+0:10:a5 Oxford Instruments
+0:10:a6 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:10:a7 Unex Technology Corporation
+0:10:a8 Reliance Computer Corp.
+0:10:a9 Adhoc Technologies
+0:10:aa Media4, Inc.
+0:10:ab Koito Industries, Ltd.
+0:10:ac Imci Technologies
+0:10:ad Softronics USB, Inc.
+0:10:ae Shinko Electric Industries Co.
+0:10:af TAC Systems, Inc.
+0:10:b Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems]
+0:10:b0 Meridian Technology Corp.
+0:10:b1 for-A Co., Ltd.
+0:10:b2 Coactive Aesthetics
+0:10:b3 Nokia Multimedia Terminals
+0:10:b4 Atmosphere Networks
+0:10:b5 Accton Technology Corporation
+0:10:b6 Entrata Communications Corp.
+0:10:b7 Coyote Technologies, LLC
+0:10:b8 Ishigaki Computer System Co.
+0:10:b9 Maxtor Corp.
+0:10:ba Martinho-Davis Systems, Inc.
+0:10:bb Data & Information Technology
+0:10:bc Aastra Telecom
+0:10:bd The Telecommunication Technology Committee
+0:10:be Telexis Corp.
+0:10:bf Interair Wireless
+0:10:c ITO Co., Ltd.
+0:10:c0 Arma, Inc.
+0:10:c1 OI Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:10:c2 Willnet, Inc.
+0:10:c3 CSI-Control Systems
+0:10:c4 Media Links Co., Ltd.
+0:10:c5 Protocol Technologies, Inc.
+0:10:c6 USI
+0:10:c7 Data Transmission Network
+0:10:c8 Communications Electronics Security Group
+0:10:c9 Mitsubishi Electronics Logistic Support Co.
+0:10:ca Integral Access
+0:10:cb Facit K.K.
+0:10:cc CLP Computer Logistik Planung GmbH
+0:10:cd Interface Concept
+0:10:ce Volamp, Ltd.
+0:10:cf Fiberlane Communications
+0:10:d Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 2924-XL]
+0:10:d0 Witcom, Ltd.
+0:10:d1 Top Layer Networks, Inc.
+0:10:d2 Nitto Tsushinki Co., Ltd
+0:10:d3 Grips Electronic GmbH
+0:10:d4 Storage Computer Corporation
+0:10:d5 Imasde Canarias, S.A.
+0:10:d6 ITT - A/CD
+0:10:d7 Argosy Research Inc. [Argosy EN 220 Fast Ethernet PCMCIA]
+0:10:d8 Calista
+0:10:d9 IBM Japan, Fujisawa MT+D
+0:10:da Motion Engineering, Inc.
+0:10:db Netscreen Technologies, Inc.
+0:10:dc Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
+0:10:dd Enable Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:10:de International Datacasting Corporation
+0:10:df Rise Computer Inc.
+0:10:e Micro Linear Coporation
+0:10:e0 Cobalt Microserver, Inc.
+0:10:e1 S.I. Tech, Inc.
+0:10:e2 Arraycomm, Inc.
+0:10:e3 Compaq Computer Corporation
+0:10:e4 NSI Corporation
+0:10:e5 Solectron Texas
+0:10:e6 Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc.
+0:10:e7 Breezecom
+0:10:e8 Telocity, Incorporated
+0:10:e9 Raidtec Ltd.
+0:10:ea Adept Technology
+0:10:eb Selsius Systems, Inc.
+0:10:ec Rpcg, LLC
+0:10:ed Sundance Technology, Inc.
+0:10:ee CTI Products, Inc.
+0:10:ef Dbtel Incorporated
+0:10:f Industrial CPU Systems
+0:10:f1 I-O Corporation
+0:10:f2 Antec
+0:10:f3 Nexcom International Co., Ltd.
+0:10:f4 Vertical Networks, Inc.
+0:10:f5 Amherst Systems, Inc.
+0:10:f6 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:10:f7 Iriichi Technologies Inc.
+0:10:f8 Kenwood TMI Corporation
+0:10:f9 Unique Systems, Inc.
+0:10:fa Zayante, Inc.
+0:10:fb Zida Technologies Limited
+0:10:fc Broadband Networks, Inc.
+0:10:fd Cocom A/S
+0:10:fe Digital Equipment Corporation
+0:10:ff Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:11:0 RAM Industries, LLC
+0:11:1 CET Technologies Pte Ltd
+0:11:10 Maxanna Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:11:11 Intel Corporation
+0:11:12 Honeywell Cmss
+0:11:13 Fraunhofer Fokus
+0:11:14 Everfocus Electronics Corp.
+0:11:15 Epin Technologies, Inc.
+0:11:16 Coteau Vert Co., Ltd.
+0:11:17 Cesnet
+0:11:18 BLX IC Design Corp., Ltd.
+0:11:19 Solteras, Inc.
+0:11:1a Motorola BCS
+0:11:1b Targa Systems Div L-3 Communications Canada
+0:11:1c Pleora Technologies Inc.
+0:11:1d Hectrix Limited
+0:11:1e Epsg (Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group)
+0:11:1f Doremi Labs, Inc.
+0:11:2 Aurora Multimedia Corp.
+0:11:20 Cisco Systems
+0:11:21 Cisco Systems
+0:11:22 Cimsys Inc
+0:11:23 Appointech, Inc.
+0:11:24 Apple Computer
+0:11:25 IBM Corporation
+0:11:26 Venstar Inc.
+0:11:27 Tasi, Inc
+0:11:28 Streamit
+0:11:29 Paradise Datacom Ltd.
+0:11:2a Niko NV
+0:11:2b Netmodule
+0:11:2c IZT GmbH
+0:11:2d Guys Without Ties
+0:11:2e Ceicom
+0:11:2f Asustek Computer Inc.
+0:11:3 Kawamura Electric inc.
+0:11:30 Allied Telesis (Hong Kong) Ltd.
+0:11:31 Unatech. Co.,Ltd
+0:11:32 Synology Incorporated
+0:11:33 Siemens Austria Simea
+0:11:34 Mediacell, Inc.
+0:11:35 Grandeye Ltd
+0:11:36 Goodrich Sensor Systems
+0:11:37 Aichi Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:11:38 Taishin Co., Ltd.
+0:11:39 Stoeber Antriebstechnik GmbH + Co. KG.
+0:11:3a Shinboram
+0:11:3b Micronet Communications Inc.
+0:11:3c Micronas GmbH
+0:11:3d KN Soltec Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:3e JL Corporation
+0:11:3f Alcatel di
+0:11:4 Telexy
+0:11:40 Nanometrics Inc.
+0:11:41 Goodman Corporation
+0:11:42 e-Smartcom Inc.
+0:11:43 Dell Inc. (WW Pcba Test)
+0:11:44 Assurance Technology Corp
+0:11:45 Valuepoint Networks
+0:11:46 Private
+0:11:47 Secom-Industry co.Ltd.
+0:11:48 Prolon Control Systems
+0:11:49 Proliphix LLC
+0:11:4a Kayaba Industry Co,.Ltd.
+0:11:4b Francotyp-Postalia AG & Co. KG
+0:11:4c Caffeina Applied Research ltd.
+0:11:4d Atsumi Electric Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:4e 690885 Ontario Inc.
+0:11:4f US Digital Television, Inc
+0:11:5 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:11:50 Belkin Corporation
+0:11:51 Mykotronx
+0:11:52 Eidsvoll Electronics AS
+0:11:53 Trident Tek, Inc.
+0:11:54 Webpro Technologies Inc.
+0:11:55 Sevis Systems
+0:11:56 Pharos Systems NZ
+0:11:57 of Networks Co., Ltd.
+0:11:58 Nortel Networks
+0:11:59 Matisse Networks Inc
+0:11:5a Ivoclar Vivadent AG
+0:11:5b Elitegroup Computer System Co. (ECS)
+0:11:5c Cisco
+0:11:5d Cisco
+0:11:5e Prominent Dosiertechnik GmbH
+0:11:5f Intellix Co., Ltd.
+0:11:6 Siemens NV (Belgium)
+0:11:60 Artdio Company Co., Ltd
+0:11:61 Netstreams, LLC
+0:11:62 Star Micronics Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:63 System SPA Dept. Electronics
+0:11:64 Acard Technology Corp.
+0:11:65 Znyx Networks
+0:11:66 Taelim Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:11:67 Integrated System Solution Corp.
+0:11:68 Homelogic LLC
+0:11:69 EMS Satcom
+0:11:6a Domo Ltd
+0:11:6b Digital Data Communications Asia Co.,Ltd
+0:11:6c Nanwang Multimedia Inc.,Ltd
+0:11:6d American Time and Signal
+0:11:6e Peplink Ltd.
+0:11:6f Netforyou Co., Ltd.
+0:11:7 RGB Networks Inc.
+0:11:70 GSC SRL
+0:11:71 Dexter Communications, Inc.
+0:11:72 Cotron Corporation
+0:11:73 Adtron Corporation
+0:11:74 Wibhu Technologies, Inc.
+0:11:75 Pathscale, Inc.
+0:11:76 Intellambda Systems, Inc.
+0:11:77 Coaxial Networks, Inc.
+0:11:78 Chiron Technology Ltd
+0:11:79 Singular Technology Co. Ltd.
+0:11:7a Singim International Corp.
+0:11:7b Büchi Labortechnik AG
+0:11:7c e-zy.net
+0:11:7d ZMD America, Inc.
+0:11:7e Progeny Inc.
+0:11:7f Neotune Information Technology Corporation,.Ltd
+0:11:8 Orbital Data Corporation
+0:11:80 Motorola BCS
+0:11:81 Interenergy Co.Ltd,
+0:11:82 IMI Norgren Ltd
+0:11:83 PSC Scanning, Inc
+0:11:84 Humo Laboratory,Ltd.
+0:11:85 Hewlett Packard
+0:11:86 Prime Systems, Inc.
+0:11:87 Category Solutions, Inc
+0:11:88 Enterasys
+0:11:89 Aerotech Inc
+0:11:8a Viewtran Technology Limited
+0:11:8b Netdevices Inc.
+0:11:8c Missouri Department of Transportation
+0:11:8d Hanchang System Corp.
+0:11:8e Halytech Mace
+0:11:8f Eutech Instruments Pte. Ltd.
+0:11:9 Micro-Star International
+0:11:90 Digital Design Corporation
+0:11:91 CTS-Clima Temperatur Systeme GmbH
+0:11:92 Cisco Systems
+0:11:93 Cisco Systems
+0:11:94 Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.
+0:11:95 Alpha Networks Inc.
+0:11:96 Actuality Systems, Inc.
+0:11:97 Monitoring Technologies Limited
+0:11:98 Prism Media Products Limited
+0:11:99 2wcom GmbH
+0:11:9a Alkeria srl
+0:11:9b Telesynergy Research Inc.
+0:11:9c EP&T Energy
+0:11:9d Diginfo Technology Corporation
+0:11:9e Solectron Brazil
+0:11:9f Nokia Danmark A/S
+0:11:a Hewlett Packard
+0:11:a0 Vtech Engineering Canada Ltd
+0:11:a1 Vision Netware Co.,Ltd
+0:11:a2 Manufacturing Technology Inc
+0:11:a3 Lanready Technologies Inc.
+0:11:a4 Jstream Technologies Inc.
+0:11:a5 Fortuna Electronic Corp.
+0:11:a6 Sypixx Networks
+0:11:a7 Infilco Degremont Inc.
+0:11:a8 Quest Technologies
+0:11:a9 Moimstone Co., Ltd
+0:11:aa Uniclass Technology, Co., Ltd
+0:11:ab Trustable Technology Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:ac Simtec Electronics
+0:11:ad Shanghai Ruijie Technology
+0:11:ae Motorola BCS
+0:11:af Medialink-i,Inc
+0:11:b Franklin Technology Systems
+0:11:b0 Fortelink Inc.
+0:11:b1 Blueexpert Technology Corp.
+0:11:b2 2001 Technology Inc.
+0:11:b3 Yoshimiya Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:b4 Westermo Teleindustri AB
+0:11:b5 Shenzhen Powercom Co.,Ltd
+0:11:b6 Open Systems International
+0:11:b7 Melexis Nederland B.V.
+0:11:b8 Liebherr - Elektronik GmbH
+0:11:b9 Inner Range Pty. Ltd.
+0:11:ba Elexol Pty Ltd
+0:11:bb Cisco Systems
+0:11:bc Cisco Systems
+0:11:bd Bombardier Transportation
+0:11:be AGP Telecom Co. Ltd
+0:11:bf Aesys S.p.A.
+0:11:c Atmark Techno, Inc.
+0:11:c0 Aday Technology Inc
+0:11:c1 4P Mobile Data Processing
+0:11:c2 United Fiber Optic Communication
+0:11:c3 Transceiving System Technology Corporation
+0:11:c4 Terminales de Telecomunicacion Terrestre, S.L.
+0:11:c5 Ten Technology
+0:11:c6 Seagate Technology LLC
+0:11:c7 Raymarine Group Ltd.
+0:11:c8 Powercom Co., Ltd.
+0:11:c9 MTT Corporation
+0:11:ca Long Range Systems, Inc.
+0:11:cb Jacobsons RKH AB
+0:11:cc Guangzhou Jinpeng Group Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:cd Axsun Technologies
+0:11:ce Ubisense Limited
+0:11:cf Thrane & Thrane A/S
+0:11:d Sanblaze Technology, Inc.
+0:11:d0 Tandberg Data ASA
+0:11:d1 Soft Imaging System GmbH
+0:11:d2 Perception Digital Ltd
+0:11:d3 Nextgentel Holding ASA
+0:11:d4 Netenrich, Inc
+0:11:d5 Hangzhou Sunyard System Engineering Co.,Ltd.
+0:11:d6 Handera, Inc.
+0:11:d7 Ewerks Inc
+0:11:d8 Asustek Computer Inc.
+0:11:d9 Tivo
+0:11:da Vivaas Technology Inc.
+0:11:db Land-Cellular Corporation
+0:11:dc Glunz & Jensen
+0:11:dd Fromus Tec. Co., Ltd.
+0:11:de Eurilogic
+0:11:df Arecont Systems
+0:11:e Tsurusaki Sealand Transportation Co. Ltd.
+0:11:e0 U-Media Communications, Inc.
+0:11:e1 Beko Electronics Co.
+0:11:e2 Hua Jung Components Co., Ltd.
+0:11:e3 Broadband Access Products
+0:11:e4 Danelec Electronics A/S
+0:11:e5 Kcodes Corporation
+0:11:e6 Scientific Atlanta
+0:11:e7 Worldsat - Texas de France
+0:11:e8 Tixi.Com
+0:11:e9 Starnex Co., Ltd.
+0:11:ea Iwics Inc.
+0:11:eb Innovative Integration
+0:11:ec Avix Inc.
+0:11:ed 802 Global
+0:11:ee Estari, Inc.
+0:11:ef Conitec Datensysteme GmbH
+0:11:f Netplat,Inc.
+0:11:f0 Wideful Limited
+0:11:f1 Qinetiq Ltd
+0:11:f2 Institute of Network Technologies
+0:11:f3 Gavitec AG- Mobile Digit
+0:11:f4 Woori-net
+0:11:f5 Askey Computer Corp.
+0:11:f6 Asia Pacific Microsystems , Inc.
+0:11:f7 Shenzhen Forward Industry Co., Ltd
+0:11:f8 Airaya Corp
+0:11:f9 Nortel Networks
+0:11:fa Rane Corporation
+0:11:fb Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
+0:11:fc Harting Electric GmbH & Co.KG
+0:11:fd Korg Inc.
+0:11:fe Keiyo System Research, Inc.
+0:11:ff Digitro Tecnologia Ltda
+0:12:0 Cisco
+0:12:1 Cisco
+0:12:10 Wideray Corp
+0:12:11 Protechna Herbst GmbH & Co. KG
+0:12:12 Plus Vision Corporation
+0:12:13 Metrohm AG
+0:12:14 Koenig & Bauer AG
+0:12:15 Istor Networks, Inc.
+0:12:16 ICP Internet Communication Payment AG
+0:12:17 Cisco-Linksys, LLC
+0:12:18 Aruze Corporation
+0:12:19 Ahead Communication Systems Inc
+0:12:2 Audio International Inc.
+0:12:3 Activ Networks
+0:12:4 u10 Networks, Inc.
+0:12:5 Terrasat Communications, Inc.
+0:12:6 Iquest (NZ) Ltd
+0:12:7 Head Strong International Limited
+0:12:8 Gantner Electronic GmbH
+0:12:9 Fastrax Ltd
+0:12:a Emerson Electric GmbH & Co. OHG
+0:12:b Chinasys Technologies Limited
+0:12:c CE-Infosys Pte Ltd
+0:12:d Advanced Telecommunication Technologies, Inc.
+0:12:e Abocom
+0:12:f Ieee 802.3
+0:17:0 Kabel
+0:1:0 Equip'Trans
+0:1:1 Private
+0:1:10 Gotham Networks
+0:1:11 Idigm Inc.
+0:1:12 Shark Multimedia Inc.
+0:1:13 Olympus Corporation
+0:1:14 Kanda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
+0:1:15 Extratech Corporation
+0:1:16 Netspect Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:17 Canal
+0:1:18 EZ Digital Co., Ltd.
+0:1:19 Action Controls Pty. Ltd.
+0:1:1a EEH Datalink GmbH
+0:1:1b Unizone Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:1c Universal Talkware Corporation
+0:1:1d Centillium Communications
+0:1:1e Precidia Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:1f RC Networks, Inc.
+0:1:2 3com Corporation [BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.); internal usage (not registered)]
+0:1:20 Oscilloquartz S.A.
+0:1:21 Watchguard Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:22 Trend Communications, Ltd.
+0:1:23 Digital Electronics Corp.
+0:1:24 Acer Incorporated
+0:1:25 Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd.
+0:1:26 PAC Labs
+0:1:27 The Open Group Limited
+0:1:28 Enjoyweb, Inc.
+0:1:29 DFI Inc.
+0:1:2a Telematica Sistems Inteligente
+0:1:2b Telenet Co., Ltd.
+0:1:2c Aravox Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:2d Komodo Technology
+0:1:2e PC Partner Ltd.
+0:1:2f Twinhead International Corp
+0:1:3 3com Corporation
+0:1:30 Extreme Networks
+0:1:31 Detection Systems, Inc.
+0:1:32 Dranetz - BMI
+0:1:33 Kyowa Electronic Instruments C
+0:1:34 SIG Positec Systems AG
+0:1:35 KDC Corp.
+0:1:36 Cybertan Technology, Inc.
+0:1:37 IT Farm Corporation
+0:1:38 Xavi Technologies Corp.
+0:1:39 Point Multimedia Systems
+0:1:3a Shelcad Communications, Ltd.
+0:1:3b BNA Systems
+0:1:3c TIW Systems
+0:1:3d Riscstation Ltd.
+0:1:3e Ascom Tateco AB
+0:1:3f Neighbor World Co., Ltd.
+0:1:4 Dvico Co., Ltd.
+0:1:40 Sendtek Corporation
+0:1:41 Cable Print
+0:1:42 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:43 Cisco Systems, Inc. [IEEE 802]
+0:1:44 Cereva Networks, Inc.
+0:1:45 Winsystems, Inc.
+0:1:46 Tesco Controls, Inc.
+0:1:47 Zhone Technologies
+0:1:48 X-Traweb Inc.
+0:1:49 T.D.T. Transfer Data Test GmbH
+0:1:4a Sony Corporation
+0:1:4b Ennovate Networks, Inc.
+0:1:4c Berkeley Process Control
+0:1:4d Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd
+0:1:4e WIN Enterprises, Inc.
+0:1:4f Luminous Networks, Inc.
+0:1:5 Beckhoff GmbH
+0:1:50 Gilat Communications, Ltd. [Megahertz (now 3com) modem]
+0:1:51 Ensemble Communications
+0:1:52 Chromatek Inc.
+0:1:53 Archtek Telecom Corporation
+0:1:54 G3M Corporation
+0:1:55 Promise Technology, Inc.
+0:1:56 Firewiredirect.Com, Inc.
+0:1:57 Syswave Co., Ltd
+0:1:58 Electro Industries/Gauge Tech
+0:1:59 S1 Corporation
+0:1:5a Digital Video Broadcasting
+0:1:5b Italtel S.p.A/RF-UP-I
+0:1:5c Cadant Inc.
+0:1:5d Sun Microsystems, Inc
+0:1:5e Best Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:1:5f Digital Design GmbH
+0:1:6 Tews Datentechnik GmbH
+0:1:60 Elmex Co., Ltd.
+0:1:61 Meta Machine Technology
+0:1:62 Cygnet Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:63 Cisco Systems, Inc. [NDC (National Datacomm Corporation)]
+0:1:64 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:65 Airswitch Corporation
+0:1:66 TC Group A/S
+0:1:67 Hioki E.E. Corporation
+0:1:68 Vitana Corporation [W&G (Wandel & Goltermann); [incorrect according to W&G]]
+0:1:69 Celestix Networks Pte Ltd.
+0:1:6a Alitec
+0:1:6b Lightchip, Inc.
+0:1:6c Foxconn
+0:1:6d Carriercomm Inc.
+0:1:6e Conklin Corporation
+0:1:6f Haitai Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:1:7 Leiser GmbH
+0:1:70 ESE Embedded System Engineer'g
+0:1:71 Allied Data Technologies
+0:1:72 Technoland Co., Ltd.
+0:1:73 JNI Corporation
+0:1:74 Cyberoptics Corporation
+0:1:75 Radiant Communications Corp.
+0:1:76 Orient Silver Enterprises
+0:1:77 Edsl
+0:1:78 Margi Systems, Inc.
+0:1:79 Wireless Technology, Inc.
+0:1:7a Chengdu Maipu Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:1:7b Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
+0:1:7c AG-E GmbH
+0:1:7d Thermoquest
+0:1:7e Adtek System Science Co., Ltd.
+0:1:7f Experience Music Project
+0:1:8 Avlab Technology, Inc.
+0:1:80 Aopen, Inc.
+0:1:81 Nortel Networks
+0:1:82 Dica Technologies AG
+0:1:83 Anite Telecoms
+0:1:84 Sieb & Meyer AG
+0:1:85 Aloka Co., Ltd.
+0:1:86 Disch GmbH
+0:1:87 I2se GmbH
+0:1:88 Lxco Technologies ag
+0:1:89 Refraction Technology, Inc.
+0:1:8a ROI Computer AG
+0:1:8b Netlinks Co., Ltd.
+0:1:8c Mega Vision
+0:1:8d Audesi Technologies
+0:1:8e Logitec Corporation
+0:1:8f Kenetec, Inc.
+0:1:9 Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
+0:1:90 SMK-M
+0:1:91 Syred Data Systems
+0:1:92 Texas Digital Systems
+0:1:93 Hanbyul Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:1:94 Capital Equipment Corporation
+0:1:95 Sena Technologies, Inc.
+0:1:96 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:97 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:98 Darim Vision
+0:1:99 Heisei Electronics
+0:1:9a Leunig GmbH
+0:1:9b Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd.
+0:1:9c JDS Uniphase Inc.
+0:1:9d E-Control Systems, Inc.
+0:1:9e ESS Technology, Inc.
+0:1:9f Phonex Broadband
+0:1:a CIS Technology Inc.
+0:1:a0 Infinilink Corporation
+0:1:a1 Mag-Tek, Inc.
+0:1:a2 Logical Co., Ltd.
+0:1:a3 Genesys Logic, Inc.
+0:1:a4 Microlink Corporation
+0:1:a5 Nextcomm, Inc.
+0:1:a6 Scientific-Atlanta Arcodan A/S
+0:1:a7 Unex Technology Corporation
+0:1:a8 Welltech Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:1:a9 BMW AG
+0:1:aa Airspan Communications, Ltd.
+0:1:ab Main Street Networks
+0:1:ac Sitara Networks, Inc.
+0:1:ad Coach Master International d.b.a. CMI Worldwide, Inc.
+0:1:ae Trex Enterprises
+0:1:af Motorola Computer Group
+0:1:b Space Cyberlink, Inc.
+0:1:b0 Fulltek Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:1:b1 General Bandwidth
+0:1:b2 Digital Processing Systems, Inc.
+0:1:b3 Precision Electronic Manufacturing
+0:1:b4 Wayport, Inc.
+0:1:b5 Turin Networks, Inc.
+0:1:b6 Saejin T&M Co., Ltd.
+0:1:b7 Centos, Inc.
+0:1:b8 Netsensity, Inc.
+0:1:b9 SKF Condition Monitoring
+0:1:ba IC-Net, Inc.
+0:1:bb Frequentis
+0:1:bc Brains Corporation
+0:1:bd Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.
+0:1:be Gigalink Co., Ltd.
+0:1:bf Teleforce Co., Ltd.
+0:1:c System Talks Inc.
+0:1:c0 Compulab, Ltd.
+0:1:c1 Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
+0:1:c2 ARK Research Corp.
+0:1:c3 Acromag, Inc.
+0:1:c4 Neowave, Inc.
+0:1:c5 Simpler Networks
+0:1:c6 Quarry Technologies
+0:1:c7 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:c8 Conrad Corp. [Thomas Conrad Corp.]
+0:1:c9 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:1:ca Geocast Network Systems, Inc.
+0:1:cb EVR
+0:1:cc Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:1:cd Artem
+0:1:ce Custom Micro Products, Ltd.
+0:1:cf Alpha Data Parallel Systems, Ltd.
+0:1:d Coreco, Inc.
+0:1:d0 Vitalpoint, Inc.
+0:1:d1 Conet Communications, Inc.
+0:1:d2 Macpower Peripherals, Ltd.
+0:1:d3 Paxcomm, Inc.
+0:1:d4 Leisure Time, Inc.
+0:1:d5 Haedong Info & Comm Co., Ltd
+0:1:d6 MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG
+0:1:d7 F5 Networks, Inc.
+0:1:d8 Teltronics, Inc.
+0:1:d9 Sigma, Inc.
+0:1:da Wincomm Corporation
+0:1:db Freecom Technologies GmbH
+0:1:dc Activetelco
+0:1:dd Avail Networks
+0:1:de Trango Systems, Inc.
+0:1:df Isdn Communications, Ltd.
+0:1:e Bri-Link Technologies Co., Ltd
+0:1:e0 Fast Systems, Inc.
+0:1:e1 Kinpo Electronics, Inc.
+0:1:e2 Ando Electric Corporation
+0:1:e3 Siemens AG
+0:1:e4 Sitera, Inc.
+0:1:e5 Supernet, Inc.
+0:1:e6 Hewlett-Packard Company
+0:1:e7 Hewlett-Packard Company
+0:1:e8 Force10 Networks, Inc.
+0:1:e9 Litton Marine Systems B.V.
+0:1:ea Cirilium Corp.
+0:1:eb C-Com Corporation
+0:1:ec Ericsson Group
+0:1:ed Seta Corp.
+0:1:ee Comtrol Europe, Ltd.
+0:1:ef Camtel Technology Corp.
+0:1:f Nishan Systems, Inc.
+0:1:f0 Tridium, Inc.
+0:1:f1 Innovative Concepts, Inc.
+0:1:f2 Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
+0:1:f3 QPS, Inc.
+0:1:f4 Enterasys Networks
+0:1:f5 Erim S.A.
+0:1:f6 Association of Musical Electronics Industry
+0:1:f7 Image Display Systems, Inc.
+0:1:f8 Adherent Systems, Ltd.
+0:1:f9 Teraglobal Communications Corp.
+0:1:fa Horoscas [Compaq (Page Marq printers)]
+0:1:fb Dotop Technology, Inc.
+0:1:fc Keyence Corporation
+0:1:fd Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
+0:1:fe Digital Equipment Corporation
+0:1:ff Data Direct Networks, Inc.
+0:1c:7c Perq Systems Corporation
+0:20:0 Lexmark International, Inc. [Lexmark (Print Server)]
+0:20:1 DSP Solutions, Inc.
+0:20:10 Jeol System Technology Co. Ltd
+0:20:11 Canopus Co., Ltd.
+0:20:12 Camtronics Medical Systems
+0:20:13 Diversified Technology, Inc.
+0:20:14 Global View Co., Ltd.
+0:20:15 Actis Computer SA
+0:20:16 Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co
+0:20:17 Orbotech
+0:20:18 CIS Technology Inc. [Realtek]
+0:20:19 Ohler GmbH
+0:20:1a MRV Communications, Inc. [Nbase]
+0:20:1b Northern Telecom/Network
+0:20:1c Excel, Inc.
+0:20:1d Katana Products
+0:20:1e Netquest Corporation
+0:20:1f Best Power Technology, Inc.
+0:20:2 Seritech Enterprise Co., Ltd.
+0:20:20 Megatron Computer Industries Pty, Ltd.
+0:20:21 Algorithms Software PVT. Ltd.
+0:20:22 Teknique, Inc.
+0:20:23 T.C. Technologies Pty. Ltd
+0:20:24 Pacific Communication Sciences
+0:20:25 Control Technology, Inc. [Control Technology Inc (Industrial Controls and Network Interfaces)]
+0:20:26 Amkly Systems, Inc.
+0:20:27 Ming Fortune Industry Co., Ltd
+0:20:28 West EGG Systems, Inc. [Bloomberg]
+0:20:29 Teleprocessing Products, Inc. [Tele Processing CSU/DSU (now owned by ADC/Kentrox)]
+0:20:2a N.V. Dzine
+0:20:2b Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Ltd. [ATML (Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Ltd.)]
+0:20:2c Welltronix Co., Ltd.
+0:20:2d Taiyo Corporation
+0:20:2e Daystar Digital
+0:20:2f Zeta Communications, Ltd.
+0:20:3 Pixel Power Ltd.
+0:20:30 Analog & Digital Systems
+0:20:31 Ertec GmbH
+0:20:32 Alcatel Taisel
+0:20:33 Synapse Technologies, Inc.
+0:20:34 Rotec Industrieautomation GmbH
+0:20:35 IBM Corporation [IBM (International Business Machines); mainframes, Etherjet printers]
+0:20:36 BMC Software
+0:20:37 Seagate Technology
+0:20:38 VME Microsystems International Corporation
+0:20:39 Scinets
+0:20:3a Digital Bi0metrics Inc.
+0:20:3b Wisdm Ltd.
+0:20:3c Eurotime AB
+0:20:3d Novar Electronics Corporation
+0:20:3e Logican Technologies, Inc.
+0:20:3f Juki Corporation
+0:20:4 Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd.
+0:20:40 Motorola Broadband Communications Sector
+0:20:41 Data Net
+0:20:42 Datametrics Corp.
+0:20:43 Neuron Company Limited
+0:20:44 Genitech Pty Ltd
+0:20:45 ION Networks, Inc. [Sol Com Systems Limited]
+0:20:46 Ciprico, Inc.
+0:20:47 Steinbrecher Corp.
+0:20:48 Marconi Communications [Fore Systems Inc]
+0:20:49 Comtron, Inc.
+0:20:4a Pronet GmbH
+0:20:4b Autocomputer Co., Ltd.
+0:20:4c Mitron Computer Pte Ltd.
+0:20:4d Inovis GmbH
+0:20:4e Network Security Systems, Inc.
+0:20:4f Deutsche Aerospace AG
+0:20:5 Simple Technology [simpletech]
+0:20:50 Korea Computer Inc.
+0:20:51 Verilink Corporation
+0:20:52 Ragula Systems
+0:20:53 Huntsville Microsystems, Inc.
+0:20:54 Eastern Research, Inc.
+0:20:55 Altech Co., Ltd.
+0:20:56 Neoproducts
+0:20:57 Titze Datentechnik GmbH
+0:20:58 Allied Signal Inc.
+0:20:59 Miro Computer Products AG
+0:20:5a Computer Identics
+0:20:5b Kentrox, LLC
+0:20:5c Internet Systems of Florida, Inc.
+0:20:5d Nanomatic OY
+0:20:5e Castle Rock, Inc.
+0:20:5f Gammadata Computer GmbH
+0:20:6 Garrett Communications, Inc.
+0:20:60 Alcatel Italia S.p.A.
+0:20:61 Dynatech Communications, Inc.
+0:20:62 Scorpion Logic, Ltd.
+0:20:63 Wipro Infotech Ltd.
+0:20:64 Protec Microsystems, Inc.
+0:20:65 Supernet Networking Inc.
+0:20:66 General Magic, Inc.
+0:20:67 Private [Node Runner Inc]
+0:20:68 Isdyne
+0:20:69 Isdn Systems Corporation
+0:20:6a Osaka Computer Corp.
+0:20:6b Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. [Minolta Co., Ltd Network printers]
+0:20:6c Evergreen Technology Corp.
+0:20:6d Data Race, Inc.
+0:20:6e Xact, Inc.
+0:20:6f Flowpoint Corporation
+0:20:7 SFA, Inc.
+0:20:70 Hynet, Ltd.
+0:20:71 IBR GmbH
+0:20:72 Worklink Innovations
+0:20:73 Fusion Systems Corporation
+0:20:74 Sungwoon Systems
+0:20:75 Motorola Communication Israel
+0:20:76 Reudo Corporation
+0:20:77 Kardios Systems Corp.
+0:20:78 Runtop, Inc.
+0:20:79 Mikron GmbH
+0:20:7a Wise Communications, Inc.
+0:20:7b Intel Corporation
+0:20:7c Autec GmbH
+0:20:7d Advanced Computer Applications
+0:20:7e Finecom Co., Ltd.
+0:20:7f Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
+0:20:8 Cable & Computer Technology
+0:20:80 Synergy (UK) Ltd.
+0:20:81 Titan Electronics
+0:20:82 Oneac Corporation
+0:20:83 Presticom Incorporated
+0:20:84 OCE Printing Systems, GmbH
+0:20:85 Exide Electronics [3COM Super Stack II UPS management module]
+0:20:86 Microtech Electronics Limited
+0:20:87 Memotec Communications Corp.
+0:20:88 Global Village Communication
+0:20:89 T3plus Networking, Inc.
+0:20:8a Sonix Communications, Ltd.
+0:20:8b Lapis Technologies, Inc. [Focus Enhancements]
+0:20:8c Galaxy Networks, Inc.
+0:20:8d CMD Technology
+0:20:8e Chevin Software ENG. Ltd.
+0:20:8f ECI Telecom Ltd.
+0:20:9 Packard Bell Elec., Inc.
+0:20:90 Advanced Compression Technology, Inc.
+0:20:91 J125, National Security Agency
+0:20:92 Chess Engineering B.V.
+0:20:93 Landings Technology Corp.
+0:20:94 Cubix Corporation
+0:20:95 Riva Electronics
+0:20:96 Invensys
+0:20:97 Applied Signal Technology
+0:20:98 Hectronic AB
+0:20:99 BON Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:20:9a The 3DO Company
+0:20:9b Ersat Electronic GmbH
+0:20:9c Primary Access Corp.
+0:20:9d Lippert Automationstechnik
+0:20:9e Brown's Operating System Services, Ltd.
+0:20:9f Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
+0:20:a Source-Comm Corp.
+0:20:a0 OA Laboratory Co., Ltd.
+0:20:a1 Dovatron
+0:20:a2 Galcom Networking Ltd.
+0:20:a3 Divicom Inc.
+0:20:a4 Multipoint Networks
+0:20:a5 API Engineering [Newer Technology]
+0:20:a6 Proxim, Inc.
+0:20:a7 Pairgain Technologies, Inc.
+0:20:a8 Sast Technology Corp.
+0:20:a9 White Horse Industrial
+0:20:aa Digimedia Vision Ltd.
+0:20:ab Micro Industries Corp.
+0:20:ac Interflex Datensysteme GmbH
+0:20:ad Linq Systems
+0:20:ae Ornet Data Communication Tech.
+0:20:af 3com Corporation
+0:20:b Octagon Systems Corp.
+0:20:b0 Gateway Devices, Inc.
+0:20:b1 Comtech Research Inc.
+0:20:b2 GKD Gesellschaft Fur Kommunikation Und Datentechnik [CSP (Printline Multiconnectivity converter)]
+0:20:b3 Scltec Communications Systems
+0:20:b4 Terma Elektronik AS
+0:20:b5 Yaskawa Electric Corporation
+0:20:b6 Agile Networks, Inc.
+0:20:b7 Namaqua Computerware
+0:20:b8 Prime Option, Inc.
+0:20:b9 Metricom, Inc.
+0:20:ba Center for High Performance
+0:20:bb ZAX Corporation
+0:20:bc Long Reach Networks Pty Ltd
+0:20:bd Niobrara R & D Corporation
+0:20:be LAN Access Corp.
+0:20:bf Aehr Test Systems
+0:20:c Adastra Systems Corp.
+0:20:c0 Pulse Electronics, Inc.
+0:20:c1 Taiko Electric Works, Ltd.
+0:20:c2 Texas Memory Systems, Inc.
+0:20:c3 Counter Solutions Ltd.
+0:20:c4 Inet,Inc.
+0:20:c5 Eagle Technology [Eagle NE2000]
+0:20:c6 Nectec
+0:20:c7 Akai Professional M.I. Corp.
+0:20:c8 Larscom Incorporated
+0:20:c9 Victron BV
+0:20:ca Digital Ocean
+0:20:cb Pretec Electronics Corp.
+0:20:cc Digital Services, Ltd.
+0:20:cd Hybrid Networks, Inc.
+0:20:ce Logical Design Group, Inc.
+0:20:cf Test & Measurement Systems Inc
+0:20:d Carl Zeiss
+0:20:d0 Versalynx Corporation [Versalynx Corp. "The One Port" terminal server]
+0:20:d1 Microcomputer Systems (M) SDN.
+0:20:d2 RAD Data Communications, Ltd.
+0:20:d3 OST (Ouest Standard Telematiqu [OST (Ouet Standard Telematique)]
+0:20:d4 Cabletron - Zeittnet Inc.
+0:20:d5 Vipa GmbH
+0:20:d6 Breezecom
+0:20:d7 Japan Minicomputer Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:20:d8 Nortel Networks [Net Wave]
+0:20:d9 Panasonic Technologies, Inc./Mieco-US
+0:20:da Xylan Corporation [Xylan]
+0:20:db Xnet Technology, Inc.
+0:20:dc Densitron Taiwan Ltd.
+0:20:dd Cybertec Pty Ltd
+0:20:de Japan Digital Laborat'y Co.Ltd
+0:20:df Kyosan Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
+0:20:e Satellite Technology Mgmt, Inc
+0:20:e0 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. [Pre Max PE-200 (PCMCIA NE2000-clone card, sold by Info Express)]
+0:20:e1 Alamar Electronics
+0:20:e2 Information Resource Engineering
+0:20:e3 MCD Kencom Corporation
+0:20:e4 Hsing Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd
+0:20:e5 Apex Data, Inc. [Apex Data]
+0:20:e6 Lidkoping Machine Tools AB
+0:20:e7 B&W Nuclear Service Company
+0:20:e8 Datatrek Corporation
+0:20:e9 Dantel
+0:20:ea Efficient Networks, Inc.
+0:20:eb Cincinnati Microwave, Inc.
+0:20:ec Techware Systems Corp.
+0:20:ed Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:20:ee Gtech Corporation
+0:20:ef USC Corporation
+0:20:f Tanbac Co., Ltd.
+0:20:f0 Universal Microelectronics Co.
+0:20:f1 Altos India Limited
+0:20:f2 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
+0:20:f3 Raynet Corporation
+0:20:f4 Spectrix Corporation
+0:20:f5 Pandatel AG
+0:20:f6 Net TEK and Karlnet, Inc. [Net Tek & Karlnet Inc]
+0:20:f7 Cyberdata
+0:20:f8 Carrera Computers, Inc.
+0:20:f9 Paralink Networks, Inc.
+0:20:fa GDE Systems, Inc.
+0:20:fb Octel Communications Corp.
+0:20:fc Matrox
+0:20:fd ITV Technologies, Inc.
+0:20:fe Topware Inc. / Grand Computer
+0:20:ff Symmetrical Technologies
+0:26:54 3com Corporation
+0:2:0 Net & Sys Co., Ltd.
+0:2:1 IFM Electronic GmbH
+0:2:10 Fenecom
+0:2:11 Nature Worldwide Technology Corp.
+0:2:12 Sierracom
+0:2:13 S.D.E.L.
+0:2:14 Dtvro
+0:2:15 Cotas Computer Technology A/B
+0:2:16 Cisco Systems, Inc. [ESI (Extended Systems, Inc); print servers]
+0:2:17 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:18 Advanced Scientific Corp
+0:2:19 Paralon Technologies
+0:2:1a Zuma Networks
+0:2:1b Kollmorgen-Servotronix
+0:2:1c Network Elements, Inc.
+0:2:1d Data General Communication Ltd.
+0:2:1e Simtel S.R.L.
+0:2:1f Aculab PLC
+0:2:2 Amino Communications, Ltd.
+0:2:20 Canon Aptex, Inc.
+0:2:21 DSP Application, Ltd.
+0:2:22 Chromisys, Inc.
+0:2:23 Clicktv
+0:2:24 Lantern Communications, Inc.
+0:2:25 Certus Technology, Inc.
+0:2:26 Xesystems, Inc.
+0:2:27 ESD GmbH
+0:2:28 Necsom, Ltd.
+0:2:29 Adtec Corporation
+0:2:2a Asound Electronic
+0:2:2b Tamura Electric Works, Ltd.
+0:2:2c ABB Bomem, Inc.
+0:2:2d Agere Systems
+0:2:2e Teac Corp. R& D
+0:2:2f P-Cube, Ltd.
+0:2:3 Woonsang Telecom, Inc.
+0:2:30 Intersoft Electronics
+0:2:31 Ingersoll-Rand
+0:2:32 Avision, Inc.
+0:2:33 Mantra Communications, Inc.
+0:2:34 Imperial Technology, Inc.
+0:2:35 Paragon Networks International
+0:2:36 Init GmbH
+0:2:37 Cosmo Research Corp.
+0:2:38 Serome Technology, Inc.
+0:2:39 Visicom
+0:2:3a ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH
+0:2:3b Redback Networks
+0:2:3c Creative Technology, Ltd.
+0:2:3d Nuspeed, Inc.
+0:2:3e Selta Telematica S.p.a
+0:2:3f Compal Electronics, Inc.
+0:2:4 Bodmann Industries Elektronik GmbH [Novell NE3200]
+0:2:40 Seedek Co., Ltd.
+0:2:41 Amer.com
+0:2:42 Videoframe Systems
+0:2:43 Raysis Co., Ltd.
+0:2:44 Surecom Technology Co.
+0:2:45 Lampus Co, Ltd.
+0:2:46 All-Win Tech Co., Ltd.
+0:2:47 Great Dragon Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.
+0:2:48 Pilz GmbH & Co.
+0:2:49 Aviv Infocom Co, Ltd.
+0:2:4a Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:4b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:4c Sibyte, Inc.
+0:2:4d Mannesman Dematic Colby Pty. Ltd.
+0:2:4e Datacard Group
+0:2:4f IPM Datacom S.R.L.
+0:2:5 Hitachi Denshi, Ltd. [Hamilton (Sparc Clones)]
+0:2:50 Geyser Networks, Inc.
+0:2:51 Soma Networks
+0:2:52 Carrier Corporation
+0:2:53 Televideo, Inc.
+0:2:54 Worldgate
+0:2:55 IBM Corporation
+0:2:56 Alpha Processor, Inc.
+0:2:57 Microcom Corp.
+0:2:58 Flying Packets Communications
+0:2:59 Tsann Kuen China (Shanghai)Enterprise Co., Ltd. IT Group
+0:2:5a Catena Networks
+0:2:5b Cambridge Silicon Radio
+0:2:5c SCI Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
+0:2:5d Calix Networks
+0:2:5e High Technology Ltd
+0:2:5f Nortel Networks
+0:2:6 Telital R&D Denmark A/S
+0:2:60 Accordion Networks, Inc.
+0:2:61 i3 Micro Technology AB
+0:2:62 Soyo Group Soyo Com Tech Co., Ltd
+0:2:63 UPS Manufacturing SRL
+0:2:64 Audioramp.com
+0:2:65 Virditech Co. Ltd.
+0:2:66 Thermalogic Corporation
+0:2:67 Node Runner, Inc.
+0:2:68 Harris Government Communications
+0:2:69 Nadatel Co., Ltd
+0:2:6a Cocess Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:2:6b BCM Computers Co., Ltd.
+0:2:6c Philips CFT
+0:2:6d Adept Telecom
+0:2:6e Negen Access, Inc.
+0:2:6f Senao International Co., Ltd.
+0:2:7 Visionglobal Network Corp.
+0:2:70 Crewave Co., Ltd.
+0:2:71 Vpacket Communications
+0:2:72 CC&C Technologies, Inc.
+0:2:73 Coriolis Networks
+0:2:74 Tommy Technologies Corp.
+0:2:75 Smart Technologies, Inc.
+0:2:76 Primax Electronics Ltd.
+0:2:77 Cash Systemes Industrie
+0:2:78 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.
+0:2:79 Control Applications, Ltd.
+0:2:7a IOI Technology Corporation
+0:2:7b Amplify Net, Inc.
+0:2:7c Trilithic, Inc.
+0:2:7d Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:7e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:7f ask-Technologies.com
+0:2:8 Unify Networks, Inc.
+0:2:80 Mu Net, Inc.
+0:2:81 Madge Ltd.
+0:2:82 Viaclix, Inc.
+0:2:83 Spectrum Controls, Inc.
+0:2:84 Alstom T&D P&C
+0:2:85 Riverstone Networks
+0:2:86 Occam Networks
+0:2:87 Adapcom
+0:2:88 Global Village Communication [Global Village (PCcard in Mac portable)]
+0:2:89 DNE Technologies
+0:2:8a Ambit Microsystems Corporation
+0:2:8b Vdsl Systems OY
+0:2:8c Micrel-Synergy Semiconductor
+0:2:8d Movita Technologies, Inc.
+0:2:8e Rapid 5 Networks, Inc.
+0:2:8f Globetek, Inc.
+0:2:9 Shenzhen SED Information Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:2:90 Woorigisool, Inc.
+0:2:91 Open Network Co., Ltd.
+0:2:92 Logic Innovations, Inc.
+0:2:93 Solid Data Systems
+0:2:94 Tokyo Sokushin Co., Ltd.
+0:2:95 IP.Access Limited
+0:2:96 Lectron Co,. Ltd.
+0:2:97 C-COR.net
+0:2:98 Broadframe Corporation
+0:2:99 Apex, Inc.
+0:2:9a Storage Apps
+0:2:9b Kreatel Communications AB
+0:2:9c 3com
+0:2:9d Merix Corp.
+0:2:9e Information Equipment Co., Ltd.
+0:2:9f L-3 Communication Aviation Recorders
+0:2:a Gefran Spa
+0:2:a0 Flatstack Ltd.
+0:2:a1 World Wide Packets
+0:2:a2 Hilscher GmbH
+0:2:a3 ABB Power Automation
+0:2:a4 Addpac Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:2:a5 Compaq Computer Corporation
+0:2:a6 Effinet Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:2:a7 Vivace Networks
+0:2:a8 Air Link Technology
+0:2:a9 Racom, s.r.o.
+0:2:aa Plcom Co., Ltd.
+0:2:ab CTC Union Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:2:ac 3par Data
+0:2:ad Pentax Corporation
+0:2:ae Scannex Electronics Ltd.
+0:2:af Telecruz Technology, Inc.
+0:2:b Native Networks, Inc.
+0:2:b0 Hokubu Communication & Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:2:b1 Anritsu, Ltd.
+0:2:b2 Cablevision
+0:2:b3 Intel Corporation
+0:2:b4 Daphne
+0:2:b5 Avnet, Inc.
+0:2:b6 Acrosser Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:2:b7 Watanabe Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:2:b8 WHI Konsult AB
+0:2:b9 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:ba Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:bb Continuous Computing
+0:2:bc LVL 7 Systems, Inc.
+0:2:bd Bionet Co., Ltd.
+0:2:be Totsu Engineering, Inc.
+0:2:bf Dotrocket, Inc.
+0:2:c Metro-Optix
+0:2:c0 Bencent Tzeng Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:2:c1 Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc.
+0:2:c2 Net Vision Telecom
+0:2:c3 Arelnet Ltd.
+0:2:c4 Vector International Buba
+0:2:c5 Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
+0:2:c6 Data Track Technology PLC
+0:2:c7 Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:2:c8 Technocom Communications Technology (pte) Ltd
+0:2:c9 Mellanox Technologies
+0:2:ca Endpoints, Inc.
+0:2:cb Tristate Ltd.
+0:2:cc M.C.C.I
+0:2:cd Teledream, Inc.
+0:2:ce Foxjet, Inc.
+0:2:cf Zygate Communications, Inc.
+0:2:d Micronpc.com
+0:2:d0 Comdial Corporation
+0:2:d1 Vivotek, Inc.
+0:2:d2 Workstation AG
+0:2:d3 Netbotz, Inc.
+0:2:d4 PDA Peripherals, Inc.
+0:2:d5 ACR
+0:2:d6 Nice Systems
+0:2:d7 Empeg Ltd
+0:2:d8 Brecis Communications Corporation
+0:2:d9 Reliable Controls
+0:2:da Exio Communications, Inc.
+0:2:db Netsec
+0:2:dc Fujitsu General Limited
+0:2:dd Bromax Communications, Ltd.
+0:2:de Astrodesign, Inc.
+0:2:df Net Com Systems, Inc.
+0:2:e Laurel Networks, Inc.
+0:2:e0 Etas GmbH
+0:2:e1 Integrated Network Corporation
+0:2:e2 NDC Infared Engineering
+0:2:e3 Lite-ON Communications, Inc.
+0:2:e4 JC Hyun Systems, Inc.
+0:2:e5 Timeware Ltd.
+0:2:e6 Gould Instrument Systems, Inc.
+0:2:e7 CAB GmbH & Co KG
+0:2:e8 E.D.&A.
+0:2:e9 CS Systemes De Securite - C3S
+0:2:ea Focus Enhancements
+0:2:eb Pico Communications
+0:2:ec Maschoff Design Engineering
+0:2:ed DXO Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:2:ee Nokia Danmark A/S
+0:2:ef CCC Network Systems Group Ltd.
+0:2:f Aatr
+0:2:f0 AME Optimedia Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:2:f1 Pinetron Co., Ltd.
+0:2:f2 Edevice, Inc.
+0:2:f3 Media Serve Co., Ltd.
+0:2:f4 Pctel, Inc.
+0:2:f5 Vive Synergies, Inc.
+0:2:f6 Equipe Communications
+0:2:f7 ARM
+0:2:f8 Seakr Engineering, Inc.
+0:2:f9 Mimos Semiconductor SDN BHD
+0:2:fa DX Antenna Co., Ltd.
+0:2:fb Baumuller Aulugen-Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:2:fc Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:fd Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:2:fe Viditec, Inc.
+0:2:ff Handan Broadinfocom
+0:30:0 Allwell Technology Corp.
+0:30:1 SMP
+0:30:10 Visionetics International
+0:30:11 HMS Fieldbus Systems AB
+0:30:12 Digital Engineering Ltd.
+0:30:13 NEC Corporation
+0:30:14 Divio, Inc.
+0:30:15 CP Clare Corp.
+0:30:16 Ishida Co., Ltd.
+0:30:17 Bluearc UK Ltd
+0:30:18 Jetway Information Co., Ltd.
+0:30:19 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:1a Smartbridges Pte. Ltd.
+0:30:1b Shuttle, Inc.
+0:30:1c Altvater Airdata Systems
+0:30:1d Skystream, Inc.
+0:30:1e 3com Europe Ltd.
+0:30:1f Optical Networks, Inc.
+0:30:2 Expand Networks
+0:30:20 TSI, Inc..
+0:30:21 Hsing Tech. Enterprise Co.,Ltd
+0:30:22 Fong Kai Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:30:23 Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.
+0:30:24 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:25 Checkout Computer Systems, Ltd
+0:30:26 Heitel
+0:30:27 Kerbango, Inc.
+0:30:28 Fase Saldatura srl
+0:30:29 Opicom
+0:30:2a Southern Information
+0:30:2b Inalp Networks, Inc.
+0:30:2c Sylantro Systems Corporation
+0:30:2d Quantum Bridge Communications
+0:30:2e Hoft & Wessel AG
+0:30:2f Smiths Industries
+0:30:3 Phasys Ltd.
+0:30:30 Harmonix Corporation
+0:30:31 Lightwave Communications, Inc.
+0:30:32 Magicram, Inc.
+0:30:33 Orient Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:30:34 Private
+0:30:35 Private
+0:30:36 RMP Elektroniksysteme GmbH
+0:30:37 Packard Bell Nec Services
+0:30:38 XCP, Inc.
+0:30:39 Softbook Press
+0:30:3a Maatel
+0:30:3b Powercom Technology
+0:30:3c Onnto Corp.
+0:30:3d IVA Corporation
+0:30:3e Radcom Ltd.
+0:30:3f Turbocomm Tech Inc.
+0:30:4 Leadtek Research Inc.
+0:30:40 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:41 Saejin T & M Co., Ltd.
+0:30:42 Detewe-Deutsche Telephonwerke
+0:30:43 Idream Technologies, Pte. Ltd.
+0:30:44 Portsmith LLC
+0:30:45 Village Networks, Inc. (VNI)
+0:30:46 Controlled Electronic Manageme
+0:30:47 Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:30:48 Supermicro Computer, Inc.
+0:30:49 Bryant Technology, Ltd.
+0:30:4a Fraunhofer Institute IMS
+0:30:4b Orbacom Systems, Inc.
+0:30:4c Appian Communications, Inc.
+0:30:4d ESI
+0:30:4e Bustec Production Ltd.
+0:30:4f Planet Technology Corporation
+0:30:5 Fujitsu Siemens Computers
+0:30:50 Versa Technology
+0:30:51 Orbit Avionic & Communication
+0:30:52 Elastic Networks
+0:30:53 Basler AG
+0:30:54 Castlenet Technology, Inc.
+0:30:55 Hitachi Semiconductor America,
+0:30:56 Beck IPC GmbH
+0:30:57 E-Tel Corporation
+0:30:58 API Motion
+0:30:59 Digital-Logic AG
+0:30:5a Telgen Corporation
+0:30:5b Module Department
+0:30:5c Smar Laboratories Corp.
+0:30:5d Digitra Systems, Inc.
+0:30:5e Abelko Innovation
+0:30:5f Imacon APS
+0:30:6 Superpower Computer
+0:30:60 Starmatix, Inc.
+0:30:61 Mobytel
+0:30:62 Path 1 Network Technol's Inc.
+0:30:63 Santera Systems, Inc.
+0:30:64 Adlink Technology, Inc.
+0:30:65 Apple Computer, Inc.
+0:30:66 Digital Wireless Corporation
+0:30:67 Biostar Microtech Int'l Corp.
+0:30:68 Cybernetics Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:30:69 Impacct Technology Corp.
+0:30:6a Penta Media Co., Ltd.
+0:30:6b Cmos Systems, Inc.
+0:30:6c Hitex Holding GmbH
+0:30:6d Lucent Technologies
+0:30:6e Hewlett Packard
+0:30:6f Seyeon Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:30:7 Opti, Inc.
+0:30:70 1net Corporation
+0:30:71 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:72 Intellibyte Inc.
+0:30:73 International Microsystems, In
+0:30:74 Equiinet Ltd.
+0:30:75 Adtech
+0:30:76 Akamba Corporation
+0:30:77 Onprem Networks
+0:30:78 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:79 Cqos, Inc.
+0:30:7a Advanced Technology & Systems
+0:30:7b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:7c Adid SA
+0:30:7d GRE America, Inc.
+0:30:7e Redflex Communication Systems
+0:30:7f Irlan Ltd.
+0:30:8 Avio Digital, Inc.
+0:30:80 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:81 Altos C&C
+0:30:82 Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
+0:30:83 Ivron Systems
+0:30:84 Allied Telesyn International
+0:30:85 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:86 Transistor Devices, Inc.
+0:30:87 Vega Grieshaber KG
+0:30:88 Siara Systems, Inc.
+0:30:89 Spectrapoint Wireless, LLC
+0:30:8a Nicotra Sistemi S.P.A
+0:30:8b Brix Networks
+0:30:8c Advanced Digital Information
+0:30:8d Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
+0:30:8e Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
+0:30:8f Micrilor, Inc.
+0:30:9 Tachion Networks, Inc.
+0:30:90 Cyra Technologies, Inc.
+0:30:91 Taiwan First Line Elec. Corp.
+0:30:92 Modunorm GmbH
+0:30:93 Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
+0:30:94 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:95 Procomp Informatics, Ltd.
+0:30:96 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:97 Exomatic AB
+0:30:98 Global Converging Technologies
+0:30:99 Boenig und Kallenbach OHG
+0:30:9a Astro Terra Corp.
+0:30:9b Smartware
+0:30:9c Timing Applications, Inc.
+0:30:9d Nimble Microsystems, Inc.
+0:30:9e Workbit Corporation.
+0:30:9f Amber Networks
+0:30:a Aztech Systems Ltd.
+0:30:a0 Tyco Submarine Systems, Ltd.
+0:30:a1 Webgate Inc.
+0:30:a2 Lightner Engineering
+0:30:a3 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:a4 Woodwind Communications System
+0:30:a5 Active Power
+0:30:a6 Vianet Technologies, Ltd.
+0:30:a7 Schweitzer Engineering
+0:30:a8 OL'e Communications, Inc.
+0:30:a9 Netiverse, Inc.
+0:30:aa Axus Microsystems, Inc.
+0:30:ab Delta Networks, Inc.
+0:30:ac Systeme Lauer GmbH & Co., Ltd.
+0:30:ad Shanghai Communication
+0:30:ae Times N System, Inc.
+0:30:af Honeywell GmbH
+0:30:b Mphase Technologies, Inc.
+0:30:b0 Convergenet Technologies
+0:30:b1 Axess-pro Networks GmbH
+0:30:b2 Wescam - Healdsburg
+0:30:b3 San Valley Systems, Inc.
+0:30:b4 Intersil Corp.
+0:30:b5 Tadiran Microwave Networks
+0:30:b6 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:b7 Teletrol Systems, Inc.
+0:30:b8 Riverdelta Networks
+0:30:b9 Ectel
+0:30:ba AC&T System Co., Ltd.
+0:30:bb Cacheflow, Inc.
+0:30:bc Optronic AG
+0:30:bd Belkin Components
+0:30:be City-Net Technology, Inc.
+0:30:bf Multidata GmbH
+0:30:c Congruency, Ltd.
+0:30:c0 Lara Technology, Inc.
+0:30:c1 Hewlett-Packard
+0:30:c2 Comone
+0:30:c3 Flueckiger Elektronik AG
+0:30:c4 Niigata Canotec Co., Inc.
+0:30:c5 Cadence Design Systems
+0:30:c6 Control Solutions, Inc.
+0:30:c7 Macromate Corp.
+0:30:c8 GAD Line, Ltd.
+0:30:c9 Luxn, N
+0:30:ca Discovery Com
+0:30:cb Omni Flow Computers, Inc.
+0:30:cc Tenor Networks, Inc.
+0:30:cd Conexant Systems, Inc.
+0:30:ce Zaffire
+0:30:cf TWO Technologies, Inc.
+0:30:d MMC Technology, Inc.
+0:30:d0 Tellabs
+0:30:d1 Inova Corporation
+0:30:d2 WIN Technologies, Co., Ltd.
+0:30:d3 Agilent Technologies
+0:30:d4 Comtier
+0:30:d5 Dresearch GmbH
+0:30:d6 MSC Vertriebs GmbH
+0:30:d7 Innovative Systems, L.L.C.
+0:30:d8 Sitek
+0:30:d9 Datacore Software Corp.
+0:30:da Comtrend Co.
+0:30:db Mindready Solutions, Inc.
+0:30:dc Rightech Corporation
+0:30:dd Indigita Corporation
+0:30:de Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH
+0:30:df KB/TEL Telecomunicaciones
+0:30:e Klotz Digital AG
+0:30:e0 Oxford Semiconductor Ltd.
+0:30:e1 Acrotron Systems, Inc.
+0:30:e2 Garnet Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:30:e3 Sedona Networks Corp.
+0:30:e4 Chiyoda System Riken
+0:30:e5 Amper Datos S.A.
+0:30:e6 Siemens Medical Systems
+0:30:e7 CNF Mobile Solutions, Inc.
+0:30:e8 Ensim Corp.
+0:30:e9 GMA Communication Manufact'g
+0:30:ea Teraforce Technology Corporation
+0:30:eb Turbonet Communications, Inc.
+0:30:ec Borgardt
+0:30:ed Expert Magnetics Corp.
+0:30:ee DSG Technology, Inc.
+0:30:ef Neon Technology, Inc.
+0:30:f IMT - Information Management T
+0:30:f0 Uniform Industrial Corp.
+0:30:f1 Accton Technology Corp.
+0:30:f2 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:30:f3 At Work Computers
+0:30:f4 Stardot Technologies
+0:30:f5 Wild Lab. Ltd.
+0:30:f6 Securelogix Corporation
+0:30:f7 Ramix Inc.
+0:30:f8 Dynapro Systems, Inc.
+0:30:f9 Sollae Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:30:fa Telica, Inc.
+0:30:fb AZS Technology AG
+0:30:fc Terawave Communications, Inc.
+0:30:fd Integrated Systems Design
+0:30:fe DSA GmbH
+0:30:ff Datafab Systems, Inc.
+0:3:0 Netcontinuum, Inc.
+0:3:1 Avantas Networks Corporation
+0:3:10 Link Evolution Corp.
+0:3:11 Micro Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:3:12 TR-Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:3:13 Access Media SPA
+0:3:14 Teleware Network Systems
+0:3:15 Cidco Incorporated
+0:3:16 Nobell Communications, Inc.
+0:3:17 Merlin Systems, Inc.
+0:3:18 Cyras Systems, Inc.
+0:3:19 Infineon AG
+0:3:1a Beijing Broad Telecom Ltd., China
+0:3:1b Cellvision Systems, Inc.
+0:3:1c Svenska Hardvarufabriken AB
+0:3:1d Taiwan Commate Computer, Inc.
+0:3:1e Optranet, Inc.
+0:3:1f Condev Ltd.
+0:3:2 Charles Industries, Ltd.
+0:3:20 Xpeed, Inc.
+0:3:21 Reco Research Co., Ltd.
+0:3:22 Idis Co., Ltd.
+0:3:23 Cornet Technology, Inc.
+0:3:24 Sanyo Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd.
+0:3:25 Arima Computer Corp.
+0:3:26 Iwasaki Information Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:3:27 ACT'l
+0:3:28 Mace Group, Inc.
+0:3:29 F3, Inc.
+0:3:2a Unidata Communication Systems, Inc.
+0:3:2b GAI Datenfunksysteme GmbH
+0:3:2c ABB Industrie AG
+0:3:2d Ibase Technology, Inc.
+0:3:2e Scope Information Management, Ltd.
+0:3:2f Global Sun Technology, Inc.
+0:3:3 Jama Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:3:30 Imagenics, Co., Ltd.
+0:3:31 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:32 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:33 Digitel Co., Ltd.
+0:3:34 Newport Electronics
+0:3:35 Mirae Technology
+0:3:36 Zetes Technologies
+0:3:37 Vaone, Inc.
+0:3:38 Oak Technology
+0:3:39 Eurologic Systems, Ltd.
+0:3:3a Silicon Wave, Inc.
+0:3:3b Tami Tech Co., Ltd.
+0:3:3c Daiden Co., Ltd.
+0:3:3d Ilshin Lab
+0:3:3e Tateyama System Laboratory Co., Ltd.
+0:3:3f Bigband Networks, Ltd.
+0:3:4 Pacific Broadband Communications
+0:3:40 Floware Wireless Systems, Ltd.
+0:3:41 Axon Digital Design
+0:3:42 Nortel Networks
+0:3:43 Martin Professional A/S
+0:3:44 Tietech.Co., Ltd.
+0:3:45 Routrek Networks Corporation
+0:3:46 Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc.
+0:3:47 Intel Corporation
+0:3:48 Norscan Instruments, Ltd.
+0:3:49 Vidicode Datacommunicatie B.V.
+0:3:4a Rias Corporation
+0:3:4b Nortel Networks
+0:3:4c Shanghai Digivision Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:3:4d Chiaro Networks, Ltd.
+0:3:4e Pos Data Company, Ltd.
+0:3:4f Sur-Gard Security
+0:3:5 Smart Network Devices GmbH
+0:3:50 Bticino SPA
+0:3:51 Diebold, Inc.
+0:3:52 Colubris Networks
+0:3:53 Mitac, Inc.
+0:3:54 Fiber Logic Communications
+0:3:55 Terabeam Internet Systems
+0:3:56 Wincor Nixdorf GmbH & Co KG
+0:3:57 Intervoice-Brite, Inc.
+0:3:58 Icable System Co., Ltd.
+0:3:59 Digitalsis
+0:3:5a Photron Limited
+0:3:5b Bridgewave Communications
+0:3:5c Saint Song Corp.
+0:3:5d Bosung Hi-Net Co., Ltd.
+0:3:5e Metropolitan Area Networks, Inc.
+0:3:5f Prueftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH & Co. KG
+0:3:6 Fusion In Tech Co., Ltd.
+0:3:60 PAC Interactive Technology, Inc.
+0:3:61 Widcomm, Inc.
+0:3:62 Vodtel Communications, Inc.
+0:3:63 Miraesys Co., Ltd.
+0:3:64 Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:3:65 Kira Information & Communications, Ltd.
+0:3:66 ASM Pacific Technology
+0:3:67 Jasmine Networks, Inc.
+0:3:68 Embedone Co., Ltd.
+0:3:69 Nippon Antenna Co., Ltd.
+0:3:6a Mainnet, Ltd.
+0:3:6b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:6c Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:6d Runtop, Inc.
+0:3:6e Nicon Systems (Pty) Limited
+0:3:6f Telsey SPA
+0:3:7 Secure Works, Inc.
+0:3:70 Nxtv, Inc.
+0:3:71 Acomz Networks Corp.
+0:3:72 Ulan
+0:3:73 Aselsan A.S
+0:3:74 Hunter Watertech
+0:3:75 Netmedia, Inc.
+0:3:76 Graphtec Technology, Inc.
+0:3:77 Gigabit Wireless
+0:3:78 Humax Co., Ltd.
+0:3:79 Proscend Communications, Inc.
+0:3:7a Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
+0:3:7b Idec Izumi Corporation
+0:3:7c Coax Media
+0:3:7d Stellcom
+0:3:7e Portech Communications, Inc.
+0:3:7f Atheros Communications, Inc.
+0:3:8 AM Communications, Inc.
+0:3:80 SSH Communications Security Corp.
+0:3:81 Ingenico International
+0:3:82 A-One Co., Ltd.
+0:3:83 Metera Networks, Inc.
+0:3:84 Aeta
+0:3:85 Actelis Networks, Inc.
+0:3:86 Ho Net, Inc.
+0:3:87 Blaze Network Products
+0:3:88 Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:3:89 Plantronics
+0:3:8a America Online, Inc.
+0:3:8b Plus-One I&T, Inc.
+0:3:8c Total Impact
+0:3:8d PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc.
+0:3:8e Atoga Systems, Inc.
+0:3:8f Weinschel Corporation
+0:3:9 Texcel Technology PLC
+0:3:90 Digital Video Communications, Inc.
+0:3:91 Advanced Digital Broadcast, Ltd.
+0:3:92 Hyundai Teletek Co., Ltd.
+0:3:93 Apple Computer, Inc.
+0:3:94 Connect One
+0:3:95 California Amplifier
+0:3:96 EZ Cast Co., Ltd.
+0:3:97 Watchfront Electronics
+0:3:98 Wisi
+0:3:99 Dongju Informations & Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:3:9a Nsine, Ltd.
+0:3:9b Netchip Technology, Inc.
+0:3:9c Optimight Communications, Inc.
+0:3:9d Benq Corporation
+0:3:9e Tera System Co., Ltd.
+0:3:9f Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:a Argus Technologies
+0:3:a0 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:a1 Hiper Information & Communication, Inc.
+0:3:a2 Catapult Communications
+0:3:a3 Mavix, Ltd.
+0:3:a4 Data Storage and Information Management
+0:3:a5 Medea Corporation
+0:3:a6 Traxit Technology, Inc.
+0:3:a7 Unixtar Technology, Inc.
+0:3:a8 Idot Computers, Inc.
+0:3:a9 Axcent Media AG
+0:3:aa Watlow
+0:3:ab Bridge Information Systems
+0:3:ac Fronius Schweissmaschinen
+0:3:ad Emerson Energy Systems AB
+0:3:ae Allied Advanced Manufacturing Pte, Ltd.
+0:3:af Paragea Communications
+0:3:b Hunter Technology, Inc.
+0:3:b0 Xsense Technology Corp.
+0:3:b1 Abbott Laboratories HPD
+0:3:b2 Radware
+0:3:b3 IA Link Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:3:b4 Macrotek International Corp.
+0:3:b5 Entra Technology Co.
+0:3:b6 QSI Corporation
+0:3:b7 Zaccess Systems
+0:3:b8 Netkit Solutions, LLC
+0:3:b9 Hualong Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:3:ba Sun Microsystems
+0:3:bb Signal Communications Limited
+0:3:bc COT GmbH
+0:3:bd Omnicluster Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:be Netility
+0:3:bf Centerpoint Broadband Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:c Telesoft Technologies Ltd.
+0:3:c0 Rftnc Co., Ltd.
+0:3:c1 Packet Dynamics Ltd
+0:3:c2 Solphone K.K.
+0:3:c3 Micronik Multimedia
+0:3:c4 Tomra Systems ASA
+0:3:c5 Mobotix AG
+0:3:c6 Icue Systems, Inc. [Morning Star Technologies Inc]
+0:3:c7 Hopf Elektronik GmbH
+0:3:c8 CML Emergency Services
+0:3:c9 Tecom Co., Ltd.
+0:3:ca MTS Systems Corp.
+0:3:cb Nippon Systems Development Co., Ltd.
+0:3:cc Momentum Computer, Inc.
+0:3:cd Clovertech, Inc.
+0:3:ce Eten Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:cf Muxcom, Inc.
+0:3:d Uniwill Computer Corp.
+0:3:d0 Koankeiso Co., Ltd.
+0:3:d1 Takaya Corporation
+0:3:d2 Crossbeam Systems, Inc.
+0:3:d3 Internet Energy Systems, Inc.
+0:3:d4 Alloptic, Inc.
+0:3:d5 Advanced Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:3:d6 Radvision, Ltd.
+0:3:d7 Nextnet Wireless, Inc.
+0:3:d8 Impath Networks, Inc.
+0:3:d9 Secheron SA
+0:3:da Takamisawa Cybernetics Co., Ltd.
+0:3:db Apogee Electronics Corp.
+0:3:dc Lexar Media, Inc.
+0:3:dd Comark Corp.
+0:3:de OTC Wireless
+0:3:df Desana Systems
+0:3:e Core Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:3:e0 Radioframe Networks, Inc.
+0:3:e1 Winmate Communication, Inc.
+0:3:e2 Comspace Corporation
+0:3:e3 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:e4 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:e5 Hermstedt SG
+0:3:e6 Entone Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:e7 Logostek Co. Ltd.
+0:3:e8 Wavelength Digital Limited
+0:3:e9 Akara Canada, Inc.
+0:3:ea Mega System Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:eb Atrica
+0:3:ec ICG Research, Inc.
+0:3:ed Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:3:ee Mknet Corporation
+0:3:ef Oneline AG
+0:3:f Digital China (Shanghai) Networks Ltd.
+0:3:f0 Redfern Broadband Networks
+0:3:f1 Cicada Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:3:f2 Seneca Networks
+0:3:f3 Dazzle Multimedia, Inc.
+0:3:f4 Netburner
+0:3:f5 Chip2chip
+0:3:f6 Allegro Networks, Inc.
+0:3:f7 Plast-Control GmbH
+0:3:f8 Sancastle Technologies, Inc.
+0:3:f9 Pleiades Communications, Inc.
+0:3:fa Timetra Networks
+0:3:fb Toko Seiki Company, Ltd.
+0:3:fc Intertex Data AB
+0:3:fd Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:fe Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:3:ff Microsoft Corporation
+0:40:0 PCI Componentes DA Amzonia Ltd
+0:40:1 Zyxel Communications, Inc. [Zero One Technology Co Ltd (Zy XEL?)]
+0:40:10 Sonic Systems, Inc. [Sonic Mac Ethernet interfaces]
+0:40:11 Andover Controls Corporation [Facilities Andover Environmental Controllers]
+0:40:12 Windata, Inc.
+0:40:13 NTT Data Comm. Systems Corp. [NTT Data Communication Systems Corp]
+0:40:14 Comsoft GmbH
+0:40:15 Ascom Infrasys AG [Ascom]
+0:40:16 Hadax Electronics, Inc.
+0:40:17 Troy Group, Inc. [XCd XJet - HP printer server card]
+0:40:18 Adobe Systems, Inc.
+0:40:19 Aeon Systems, Inc.
+0:40:1a Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:40:1b Printer Systems Corp.
+0:40:1c AST Research, Inc. [AST Pentium/90 PC (emulating AMD EISA card)]
+0:40:1d Invisible Software, Inc.
+0:40:1e ICC
+0:40:1f Colorgraph Ltd
+0:40:2 Perle Systems Limited
+0:40:20 Pinacl Communication [Pilkington Communication]
+0:40:21 Raster Graphics
+0:40:22 Klever Computers, Inc.
+0:40:23 Logic Corporation
+0:40:24 Compac Inc.
+0:40:25 Molecular Dynamics
+0:40:26 Melco, Inc.
+0:40:27 SMC Massachusetts, Inc. [SMC Massachusetts [Had:Sigma (?), maybe the "S"?]]
+0:40:28 Netcomm Limited [Netcomm]
+0:40:29 Compex
+0:40:2a Canoga-Perkins
+0:40:2b Trigem Computer, Inc. [Tri Gem]
+0:40:2c Isis Distributed Systems, Inc.
+0:40:2d Harris Adacom Corporation
+0:40:2e Precision Software, Inc.
+0:40:2f Xlnt Designs Inc. [Xlnt Designs Inc (XDI)]
+0:40:3 Westinghouse Process Control
+0:40:30 GK Computer
+0:40:31 Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd
+0:40:32 Digital Communications
+0:40:33 Addtron Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:40:34 Bustek Corporation
+0:40:35 Opcom
+0:40:36 Tribe Computer Works, Inc. [Tribe Star]
+0:40:37 Sea-Ilan, Inc.
+0:40:38 Talent Electric Incorporated
+0:40:39 Optec Daiichi Denko Co., Ltd.
+0:40:3a Impact Technologies
+0:40:3b Synerjet International Corp.
+0:40:3c Forks, Inc.
+0:40:3d Teradata
+0:40:3e Raster OPS Corporation
+0:40:3f Ssangyong Computer Systems
+0:40:4 ICM Co. Ltd.
+0:40:40 Ring Access, Inc.
+0:40:41 Fujikura Ltd.
+0:40:42 N.A.T. GmbH
+0:40:43 Nokia Telecommunications [Nokia Data Communications]
+0:40:44 Qnix Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:40:45 Twinhead Corporation
+0:40:46 UDC Research Limited
+0:40:47 Wind River Systems
+0:40:48 SMD Informatica S.A.
+0:40:49 Tegimenta AG
+0:40:4a West Australian Department
+0:40:4b Maple Computer Systems
+0:40:4c Hypertec Pty Ltd.
+0:40:4d Telecommunications Techniques [Telecomm Techniques]
+0:40:4e Fluent, Inc.
+0:40:4f Space & Naval Warfare Systems
+0:40:5 ANI Communications Inc. [TRENDware International Inc.; Linksys; Simple Net; all three reported]
+0:40:50 Ironics, Incorporated
+0:40:51 Gracilis, Inc.
+0:40:52 Star Technologies, Inc.
+0:40:53 Ampro Computers [Datum [Bancomm Division]; Tym Serve 2000]
+0:40:54 Connection Machines Services [Thinking Machines Corporation]
+0:40:55 Metronix GmbH
+0:40:56 MCM Japan Ltd.
+0:40:57 Lockheed - Sanders
+0:40:58 Kronos, Inc.
+0:40:59 Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
+0:40:5a Goldstar Information & Comm.
+0:40:5b Funasset Limited
+0:40:5c Future Systems, Inc.
+0:40:5d Star-TEK, Inc.
+0:40:5e North Hills Israel
+0:40:5f AFE Computers Ltd.
+0:40:6 Sampo Technology Corporation
+0:40:60 Comendec Ltd
+0:40:61 Datatech Enterprises Co., Ltd.
+0:40:62 E-Systems, Inc./Garland Div.
+0:40:63 VIA Technologies, Inc.
+0:40:64 KLA Instruments Corporation
+0:40:65 GTE Spacenet
+0:40:66 Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
+0:40:67 Omnibyte Corporation
+0:40:68 Extended Systems
+0:40:69 Lemcom Systems, Inc.
+0:40:6a Kentek Information Systems,Inc
+0:40:6b Sysgen
+0:40:6c Copernique
+0:40:6d Lanco, Inc.
+0:40:6e Corollary, Inc.
+0:40:6f Sync Research Inc.
+0:40:7 Telmat Informatique
+0:40:70 Interware Co., Ltd.
+0:40:71 ATM Computer GmbH
+0:40:72 Applied Innovation Inc. [Applied Innovation]
+0:40:73 Bass Associates
+0:40:74 Cable and Wireless
+0:40:75 M-Trade (UK) Ltd
+0:40:76 Sun Conversion Technologies [AMP Incorporated]
+0:40:77 Maxton Technology Corporation
+0:40:78 Wearnes Automation Pte Ltd
+0:40:79 Juko Manufacture Company, Ltd.
+0:40:7a Societe d'Exploitation du Cnit
+0:40:7b Scientific Atlanta
+0:40:7c Qume Corporation
+0:40:7d Extension Technology Corp.
+0:40:7e Evergreen Systems, Inc.
+0:40:7f Flir Systems [Agema Infrared Systems AB]
+0:40:8 A Plus Info Corporation
+0:40:80 Athenix Corporation
+0:40:81 Mannesmann Scangraphic GmbH
+0:40:82 Laboratory Equipment Corp.
+0:40:83 TDA Industria de Produtos
+0:40:84 Honeywell Inc.
+0:40:85 Saab Instruments AB
+0:40:86 Michels & Kleberhoff Computer
+0:40:87 Ubitrex Corporation
+0:40:88 Mobius Technologies, Inc. [Mobuis Nu Bus (Mac) combination video/Ether Talk]
+0:40:89 Meidensha Corporation
+0:40:8a TPS Teleprocessing Sys. GmbH
+0:40:8b Raylan Corporation
+0:40:8c Axis Communications AB
+0:40:8d The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
+0:40:8e Digilog, Inc. [CXR/Digilog]
+0:40:8f WM-Data Minfo AB
+0:40:9 Tachibana Tectron Co., Ltd.
+0:40:90 Ansel Communications [Ansel Communications; PC NE2000 compatible twisted-pair ethernet cards]
+0:40:91 Procomp Industria Eletronica
+0:40:92 ASP Computer Products, Inc.
+0:40:93 Paxdata Networks Ltd.
+0:40:94 Shographics, Inc.
+0:40:95 R.P.T. Intergroups Int'l Ltd. [Eagle Technologies; [UMC also reported]]
+0:40:96 Aironet Wireless Communication [Telesystems SLW Inc]
+0:40:97 Datex Division of
+0:40:98 Dressler GmbH & Co.
+0:40:99 Newgen Systems Corp.
+0:40:9a Network Express, Inc.
+0:40:9b HAL Computer Systems Inc.
+0:40:9c Transware
+0:40:9d Digiboard, Inc. [Digi Board Ethernet-ISDN bridges]
+0:40:9e Concurrent Technologies Ltd.
+0:40:9f Lancast/Casat Technology, Inc.
+0:40:a Pivotal Technologies, Inc.
+0:40:a0 Goldstar Co., Ltd.
+0:40:a1 Ergo Computing
+0:40:a2 Kingstar Technology Inc.
+0:40:a3 Microunity Systems Engineering
+0:40:a4 Rose Electronics
+0:40:a5 Clinicomp Intl.
+0:40:a6 Cray, Inc. [Cray Research Inc.]
+0:40:a7 Itautec Philco S.A.
+0:40:a8 IMF International Ltd.
+0:40:a9 Datacom Inc.
+0:40:aa Valmet Automation Inc.
+0:40:ab Roland DG Corporation
+0:40:ac Super Workstation, Inc.
+0:40:ad SMA Regelsysteme GmbH
+0:40:ae Delta Controls, Inc.
+0:40:af Digital Products, Inc. [Digital Products, Inc. (DPI).]
+0:40:b Cisco Systems, Inc. [Crescendo (now owned by Cisco)]
+0:40:b0 Bytex Corporation, Engineering
+0:40:b1 Codonics Inc.
+0:40:b2 Systemforschung
+0:40:b3 PAR Microsystems Corporation
+0:40:b4 Nextcom K.K. [3COM K.K.]
+0:40:b5 Video Technology Computers Ltd
+0:40:b6 Computerm Corporation
+0:40:b7 Stealth Computer Systems
+0:40:b8 Idea Associates
+0:40:b9 Macq Electronique SA
+0:40:ba Alliant Computer Systems Corp.
+0:40:bb Goldstar Cable Co., Ltd.
+0:40:bc Algorithmics Ltd.
+0:40:bd Starlight Networks, Inc.
+0:40:be Boeing Defense & Space
+0:40:bf Channel Systems Intern'l Inc.
+0:40:c General Micro Systems, Inc.
+0:40:c0 Vista Controls Corporation
+0:40:c1 Bizerba-Werke Wilheim Kraut
+0:40:c2 Applied Computing Devices
+0:40:c3 Fischer and Porter Co.
+0:40:c4 Kinkei System Corporation
+0:40:c5 Micom Communications Inc. [Micom Communications Corp.]
+0:40:c6 Fibernet Research, Inc.
+0:40:c7 Ruby Tech Corporation [Danpex Corporation]
+0:40:c8 Milan Technology Corporation [Milan Technology Corp.]
+0:40:c9 Ncube
+0:40:ca First Internat'l Computer, Inc
+0:40:cb Lanwan Technologies
+0:40:cc Silcom Manuf'g Technology Inc. [Silcom Manufacturing Technology Inc]
+0:40:cd Tera Microsystems, Inc.
+0:40:ce Net-Source, Inc.
+0:40:cf Strawberry Tree, Inc.
+0:40:d Lannet Data Communications,Ltd [LANNET Data Communications]
+0:40:d0 Mitac International Corp. [DEC/Compaq]
+0:40:d1 Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.
+0:40:d2 Pagine Corporation
+0:40:d3 Kimpsion International Corp.
+0:40:d4 Gage Talker Corp.
+0:40:d5 Sartorius AG
+0:40:d6 Locamation B.V.
+0:40:d7 Studio GEN Inc.
+0:40:d8 Ocean Office Automation Ltd.
+0:40:d9 American Megatrends Inc.
+0:40:da Telspec Ltd
+0:40:db Advanced Technical Solutions
+0:40:dc Tritec Electronic GmbH
+0:40:dd Hong Technologies
+0:40:de Elettronica San Giorgio
+0:40:df Digalog Systems, Inc.
+0:40:e Memotec Communications, Inc.
+0:40:e0 Atomwide Ltd.
+0:40:e1 Marner International, Inc.
+0:40:e2 Mesa Ridge Technologies, Inc.
+0:40:e3 Quin Systems Ltd
+0:40:e4 E-M Technology, Inc.
+0:40:e5 Sybus Corporation
+0:40:e6 C.A.E.N.
+0:40:e7 Arnos Instruments & Computer
+0:40:e8 Charles River Data Systems,Inc
+0:40:e9 Accord Systems, Inc.
+0:40:ea Plain Tree Systems Inc
+0:40:eb Martin Marietta Corporation
+0:40:ec Mikasa System Engineering
+0:40:ed Network Controls Int'Natl Inc. [Network Controls International Inc]
+0:40:ee Optimem
+0:40:ef Hypercom, Inc.
+0:40:f Datacom Technologies
+0:40:f0 Micro Systems, Inc.
+0:40:f1 Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:40:f2 Janich & Klass Computertechnik
+0:40:f3 Netcor
+0:40:f4 Cameo Communications, Inc.
+0:40:f5 OEM Engines
+0:40:f6 Katron Computers Inc.
+0:40:f7 Polaroid Medical Imaging Sys.
+0:40:f8 Systemhaus Discom
+0:40:f9 Combinet
+0:40:fa Microboards, Inc.
+0:40:fb Cascade Communications Corp.
+0:40:fc IBR Computer Technik GmbH
+0:40:fd LXE
+0:40:fe Symplex Communications
+0:40:ff Telebit Corporation [Telebit Corporation Personal Net Blazer]
+0:42:52 RLX Technologies
+0:48:54 Digital Semi Conductor 21143/2 based 10/100
+0:4:0 Lexmark International, Inc. [Lexmark (Print Server)]
+0:4:1 Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:4:10 Spinnaker Networks, Inc.
+0:4:11 Inkra Networks, Inc.
+0:4:12 Wavesmith Networks, Inc.
+0:4:13 Snom Technology AG
+0:4:14 Umezawa Musen Denki Co., Ltd.
+0:4:15 Rasteme Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:4:16 Parks S/A Comunicacoes Digitais
+0:4:17 Elau AG
+0:4:18 Teltronic S.A.U.
+0:4:19 Fibercycle Networks, Inc.
+0:4:1a Ines GmbH
+0:4:1b Digital Interfaces Ltd.
+0:4:1c Ipdialog, Inc.
+0:4:1d Corega of America
+0:4:1e Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
+0:4:1f Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
+0:4:2 Nexsan Technologies, Ltd.
+0:4:20 Slim Devices, Inc.
+0:4:21 Ocular Networks
+0:4:22 Gordon Kapes, Inc.
+0:4:23 Intel Corporation
+0:4:24 TMC s.r.l.
+0:4:25 Atmel Corporation
+0:4:26 Autosys
+0:4:27 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:28 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:29 Pixord Corporation
+0:4:2a Wireless Networks, Inc.
+0:4:2b IT Access Co., Ltd.
+0:4:2c Minet, Inc.
+0:4:2d Sarian Systems, Ltd.
+0:4:2e Netous Technologies, Ltd.
+0:4:2f International Communications Products, Inc.
+0:4:3 Nexsi Corporation
+0:4:30 Netgem
+0:4:31 Globalstreams, Inc.
+0:4:32 Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
+0:4:33 Cyberboard A/S
+0:4:34 Accelent Systems, Inc.
+0:4:35 Comptek International, Inc.
+0:4:36 Elansat Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:37 Powin Information Technology, Inc.
+0:4:38 Nortel Networks
+0:4:39 Rosco Entertainment Technology, Inc.
+0:4:3a Intelligent Telecommunications, Inc.
+0:4:3b Lava Computer Mfg., Inc.
+0:4:3c Sonos Co., Ltd.
+0:4:3d Indel AG
+0:4:3e Telencomm
+0:4:3f Electronic Systems Technology, Inc.
+0:4:4 Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
+0:4:40 Cyberpixie, Inc.
+0:4:41 Half Dome Systems, Inc.
+0:4:42 Nact
+0:4:43 Agilent Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:44 Western Multiplex Corporation
+0:4:45 LMS Skalar Instruments GmbH
+0:4:46 Cyzentech Co., Ltd.
+0:4:47 Acrowave Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:4:48 Polaroid Professional Imaging
+0:4:49 Mapletree Networks
+0:4:4a Ipolicy Networks, Inc.
+0:4:4b Nvidia
+0:4:4c Jenoptik
+0:4:4d Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:4e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:4f Leukhardt Systemelektronik GmbH
+0:4:5 ACN Technologies
+0:4:50 DMD Computers SRL
+0:4:51 Medrad, Inc.
+0:4:52 Rocketlogix, Inc.
+0:4:53 Yottayotta, Inc.
+0:4:54 Quadriga UK
+0:4:55 Antara.net
+0:4:56 Pipinghot Networks
+0:4:57 Universal Access Technology, Inc.
+0:4:58 Fusion X Co., Ltd.
+0:4:59 Veristar Corporation
+0:4:5a The Linksys Group, Inc.
+0:4:5b Techsan Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:4:5c Mobiwave Pte Ltd
+0:4:5d Beka Elektronik
+0:4:5e Polytrax Information Technology AG
+0:4:5f Evalue Technology, Inc.
+0:4:6 Fa. Metabox AG
+0:4:60 Knilink Technology, Inc.
+0:4:61 Epox Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:4:62 Dakos Data & Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:4:63 Bosch Security Systems
+0:4:64 Fantasma Networks, Inc.
+0:4:65 i.s.t Isdn-Support Technik GmbH
+0:4:66 Armitel Co.
+0:4:67 Wuhan Research Institute of MII
+0:4:68 Vivity, Inc.
+0:4:69 Innocom, Inc.
+0:4:6a Navini Networks
+0:4:6b Palm Wireless, Inc.
+0:4:6c Cyber Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:4:6d Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:6e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:6f Digitel S/A Industria Eletronica
+0:4:7 Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
+0:4:70 Ipunplugged AB
+0:4:71 Iprad
+0:4:72 Telelynx, Inc.
+0:4:73 Photonex Corporation
+0:4:74 Legrand
+0:4:75 3 Com Corporation
+0:4:76 3 Com Corporation
+0:4:77 Scalant Systems, Inc.
+0:4:78 G. Star Technology Corporation
+0:4:79 Radius Co., Ltd.
+0:4:7a Axxessit ASA
+0:4:7b Schlumberger
+0:4:7c Skidata AG
+0:4:7d Pelco
+0:4:7e NKF Electronics
+0:4:7f Chr. Mayr GmbH & Co. KG
+0:4:8 Sanko Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:4:80 Foundry Networks, Inc.
+0:4:81 Econolite Control Products, Inc.
+0:4:82 Medialogic Corp.
+0:4:83 Deltron Technology, Inc.
+0:4:84 Amann GmbH
+0:4:85 Picolight
+0:4:86 Ittc, University of Kansas
+0:4:87 Cogency Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:4:88 Eurotherm Controls
+0:4:89 Yafo Networks, Inc.
+0:4:8a Temia Vertriebs GmbH
+0:4:8b Poscon Corporation
+0:4:8c Nayna Networks, Inc.
+0:4:8d Tone Commander Systems, Inc.
+0:4:8e Ohm Tech Labs, Inc.
+0:4:8f TD Systems Corp.
+0:4:9 Cratos Networks
+0:4:90 Optical Access
+0:4:91 Technovision, Inc.
+0:4:92 Hive Internet, Ltd.
+0:4:93 Tsinghua Unisplendour Co., Ltd.
+0:4:94 Breezecom, Ltd.
+0:4:95 Tejas Networks
+0:4:96 Extreme Networks
+0:4:97 Macrosystem Digital Video AG
+0:4:98 Private
+0:4:99 Chino Corporation
+0:4:9a Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:9b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:9c Surgient Networks, Inc.
+0:4:9d Ipanema Technologies
+0:4:9e Wirelink Co., Ltd.
+0:4:9f Metrowerks
+0:4:a Sage Systems
+0:4:a0 Verity Instruments, Inc.
+0:4:a1 Pathway Connectivity
+0:4:a2 L.S.I. Japan Co., Ltd.
+0:4:a3 Microchip Technology, Inc.
+0:4:a4 Netenabled, Inc.
+0:4:a5 Barco Projection Systems NV
+0:4:a6 SAF Tehnika Ltd.
+0:4:a7 Fabiatech Corporation
+0:4:a8 Broadmax Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:a9 Sandstream Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:aa Jetstream Communications
+0:4:ab Comverse Network Systems, Inc.
+0:4:ac IBM Corp. [IBM PCMCIA Ethernet adapter.]
+0:4:ad Malibu Networks
+0:4:ae Liquid Metronics
+0:4:af Digital Fountain, Inc.
+0:4:b 3com Europe Ltd.
+0:4:b0 Elesign Co., Ltd.
+0:4:b1 Signal Technology, Inc.
+0:4:b2 Essegi SRL
+0:4:b3 Videotek, Inc.
+0:4:b4 Ciac
+0:4:b5 Equitrac Corporation
+0:4:b6 Stratex Networks, Inc.
+0:4:b7 AMB i.t. Holding
+0:4:b8 Kumahira Co., Ltd.
+0:4:b9 S.I. Soubou, Inc.
+0:4:ba KDD Media Will Corporation
+0:4:bb Bardac Corporation
+0:4:bc Giantec, Inc.
+0:4:bd Motorola BCS
+0:4:be Optxcon, Inc.
+0:4:bf Versalogic Corp.
+0:4:c Kanno Work's Ltd.
+0:4:c0 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:c1 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:c2 Magnipix, Inc.
+0:4:c3 Castor Informatique
+0:4:c4 Allen & Heath Limited
+0:4:c5 ASE Technologies, USA
+0:4:c6 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
+0:4:c7 Netmount
+0:4:c8 Liba Maschinenfabrik GmbH
+0:4:c9 Micro Electron Co., Ltd.
+0:4:ca Freems Corp.
+0:4:cb Tdsoft Communication, Ltd.
+0:4:cc Peek Traffic B.V.
+0:4:cd Informedia Research Group
+0:4:ce Patria Ailon
+0:4:cf Seagate Technology
+0:4:d Avaya, Inc.
+0:4:d0 Softlink s.r.o.
+0:4:d1 Drew Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:d2 Adcon Telemetry AG
+0:4:d3 Toyokeiki Co., Ltd.
+0:4:d4 Proview Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:4:d5 Hitachi Communication Systems, Inc.
+0:4:d6 Takagi Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:4:d7 Omitec Instrumentation Ltd.
+0:4:d8 Ipwireless, Inc.
+0:4:d9 Titan Electronics, Inc.
+0:4:da Relax Technology, Inc.
+0:4:db Tellus Group Corp.
+0:4:dc Nortel Networks
+0:4:dd Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:de Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:4:df Teracom Telematica Ltda.
+0:4:e AVM GmbH
+0:4:e0 Procket Networks
+0:4:e1 Infinior Microsystems
+0:4:e2 SMC Networks, Inc.
+0:4:e3 Accton Technology Corp.
+0:4:e4 Daeryung Ind., Inc.
+0:4:e5 Glonet Systems, Inc.
+0:4:e6 Banyan Network Private Limited
+0:4:e7 Lightpointe Communications, Inc
+0:4:e8 IER, Inc.
+0:4:e9 Infiniswitch Corporation
+0:4:ea Hewlett-Packard Company
+0:4:eb Paxonet Communications, Inc.
+0:4:ec Memobox SA
+0:4:ed Billion Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:4:ee Lincoln Electric Company
+0:4:ef Polestar Corp.
+0:4:f Asus Network Technologies, Inc.
+0:4:f0 International Computers, Ltd
+0:4:f1 Wherenet
+0:4:f2 Circa Communications, Ltd.
+0:4:f3 FS Forth-Systeme GmbH
+0:4:f4 Infinite Electronics Inc.
+0:4:f5 Snowshore Networks, Inc.
+0:4:f6 Amphus
+0:4:f7 Omega Band, Inc.
+0:4:f8 Qualicable TV Industria E Com., Ltda
+0:4:f9 Xtera Communications, Inc.
+0:4:fa Mist Inc.
+0:4:fb Commtech, Inc.
+0:4:fc Stratus Computer (de), Inc.
+0:4:fd Japan Control Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:4:fe Pelago Networks
+0:4:ff Acronet Co., Ltd.
+0:4f:49 Realtek
+0:4f:4b Pine Technology Ltd.
+0:50:0 Nexo Communications, Inc.
+0:50:1 Yamashita Systems Corp.
+0:50:10 Novanet Learning, Inc.
+0:50:12 CBL - GmbH
+0:50:13 Chaparral Network Storage
+0:50:14 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:15 Bright Star Engineering
+0:50:16 SST/Woodhead Industries
+0:50:17 RSR S.R.L.
+0:50:18 Advanced Multimedia Internet Technology Inc.
+0:50:19 Spring Tide Networks, Inc.
+0:50:1a Uisiqn
+0:50:1b ABL Canada, Inc.
+0:50:1c Jatom Systems, Inc.
+0:50:1e Miranda Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:1f MRG Systems, Ltd.
+0:50:2 Omnisec AG
+0:50:20 Mediastar Co., Ltd.
+0:50:21 EIS International, Inc.
+0:50:22 Zonet Technology, Inc.
+0:50:23 PG Design Electronics, Inc.
+0:50:24 Navic Systems, Inc.
+0:50:26 Cosystems, Inc.
+0:50:27 Genicom Corporation
+0:50:28 Aval Communications
+0:50:29 1394 Printer Working Group
+0:50:2a Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:2b Genrad Ltd.
+0:50:2c Soyo Computer, Inc.
+0:50:2d Accel, Inc.
+0:50:2e Cambex Corporation
+0:50:2f Tollbridge Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:3 Gretag Macbeth AG
+0:50:30 Future Plus Systems
+0:50:31 Aeroflex Laboratories, Inc.
+0:50:32 Picazo Communications, Inc.
+0:50:33 Mayan Networks
+0:50:36 Netcam, Ltd.
+0:50:37 Koga Electronics Co.
+0:50:38 Dain Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:50:39 Mariner Networks
+0:50:3a Datong Electronics Ltd.
+0:50:3b Mediafire Corporation
+0:50:3c Tsinghua Novel Electronics
+0:50:3e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:3f Anchor Games
+0:50:4 3com Corporation [3com 3C90X]
+0:50:40 Emware, Inc.
+0:50:41 CTX Opto Electronic Corp.
+0:50:42 SCI Manufacturing Singapore Pte, Ltd.
+0:50:43 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:50:44 Asaca Corporation
+0:50:45 Rioworks Solutions, Inc.
+0:50:46 Menicx International Co., Ltd.
+0:50:47 Private
+0:50:48 Infolibria
+0:50:49 Ellacoya Networks, Inc.
+0:50:4a Elteco A.S.
+0:50:4b Barconet N.V.
+0:50:4c Galil Motion Control, Inc.
+0:50:4d Tokyo Electron Device Ltd. [Repotec Group]
+0:50:4e Sierra Monitor Corp. [UMC UM9008 NE2000-compatible ISA Card for PC]
+0:50:4f Olencom Electronics
+0:50:50 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:50:51 Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:50:52 Tiara Networks, Inc.
+0:50:53 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:54 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:55 Doms A/S
+0:50:56 Vmware, Inc.
+0:50:57 Broadband Access Systems
+0:50:58 Vegastream Limted
+0:50:59 Suite Technology Systems Network
+0:50:5a Network Alchemy, Inc.
+0:50:5b Kawasaki LSI U.S.A., Inc.
+0:50:5c Tundo Corporation
+0:50:5e Digitek Micrologic S.A.
+0:50:5f Brand Innovators
+0:50:6 TAC AB
+0:50:60 Tandberg Telecom AS
+0:50:62 Kouwell Electronics Corp. **
+0:50:63 OY Comsel System AB
+0:50:64 CAE Electronics
+0:50:65 Densei-Lambad Co., Ltd.
+0:50:66 Atecom GmbH Advanced Telecomunication Modules
+0:50:67 Aerocomm, Inc.
+0:50:68 Electronic Industries Association
+0:50:69 Pixstream Incorporated
+0:50:6a Edeva, Inc.
+0:50:6b SPX-Ateg
+0:50:6c G & L Beijer Electronics AB
+0:50:6d Videojet Systems
+0:50:6e Corder Engineering Corporation
+0:50:6f G-Connect
+0:50:7 Siemens Telecommunication Systems Limited
+0:50:70 Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:50:71 Aiwa Co., Ltd.
+0:50:72 Corvis Corporation
+0:50:73 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:74 Advanced HI-Tech Corp.
+0:50:75 Kestrel Solutions
+0:50:76 IBM
+0:50:77 Prolific Technology, Inc.
+0:50:78 Megaton House, Ltd.
+0:50:79 Private
+0:50:7a Xpeed, Inc.
+0:50:7b Merlot Communications
+0:50:7c Videocon AG
+0:50:7d IFP
+0:50:7e Newer Technology
+0:50:7f Draytek Corp.
+0:50:8 Tiva Microcomputer Corp. (TMC)
+0:50:80 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:81 Murata Machinery, Ltd.
+0:50:82 Foresson Corporation
+0:50:83 Gilbarco, Inc.
+0:50:84 ATL Products
+0:50:86 Telkom SA, Ltd.
+0:50:87 Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:50:88 Amano Corporation
+0:50:89 Safety Management Systems
+0:50:8b Compaq Computer Corporation
+0:50:8c RSI Systems
+0:50:8d Abit Computer Corporation
+0:50:8e Optimation, Inc.
+0:50:8f Asita Technologies Int'l Ltd.
+0:50:9 Philips Broadband Networks
+0:50:90 Dctri
+0:50:91 Netaccess, Inc.
+0:50:92 Rigaku Industrial Corporation
+0:50:93 Boeing
+0:50:94 Pace Micro Technology PLC
+0:50:95 Peracom Networks
+0:50:96 Salix Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:97 MMC-Embedded Computertechnik GmbH
+0:50:98 Globaloop, Ltd.
+0:50:99 3com Europe, Ltd.
+0:50:9a TAG Electronic Systems
+0:50:9b Switchcore AB
+0:50:9c Beta Research
+0:50:9d The Industree B.V.
+0:50:9e Les Technologies Softacoustik Inc.
+0:50:9f Horizon Computer
+0:50:a Iris Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:a0 Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
+0:50:a1 Carlo Gavazzi, Inc.
+0:50:a2 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:a3 Transmedia Communications, Inc.
+0:50:a4 IO Tech, Inc.
+0:50:a5 Capitol Business Systems, Ltd.
+0:50:a6 Optronics
+0:50:a7 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:a8 Opencon Systems, Inc.
+0:50:a9 Moldat Wireless Technolgies
+0:50:aa Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.
+0:50:ab Naltec, Inc.
+0:50:ac Maple Computer Corporation
+0:50:ad Communique Wireless Corp.
+0:50:ae Iwaki Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:50:af Intergon, Inc.
+0:50:b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:b0 Technology Atlanta Corporation
+0:50:b1 Giddings & Lewis
+0:50:b2 Brodel Automation
+0:50:b3 Voiceboard Corporation
+0:50:b4 Satchwell Control Systems, Ltd
+0:50:b5 Fichet-Bauche
+0:50:b6 Good Way Ind. Co., Ltd.
+0:50:b7 Boser Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:50:b8 Inova Computers GmbH & Co. KG
+0:50:b9 Xitron Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:ba D-Link
+0:50:bb CMS Technologies
+0:50:bc Hammer Storage Solutions
+0:50:bd Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:50:be Fast Multimedia AG
+0:50:bf Mototech Inc.
+0:50:c e-Tek Labs, Inc.
+0:50:c0 Gatan, Inc.
+0:50:c1 Gemflex Networks, Ltd.
+0:50:c2 Ieee Registration Authority
+0:50:c4 IMD
+0:50:c5 ADS Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:c6 Loop Telecommunication International, Inc.
+0:50:c8 Addonics Communications, Inc.
+0:50:c9 Maspro Denkoh Corp.
+0:50:ca Net to Net Technologies
+0:50:cb Jetter
+0:50:cc Xyratex
+0:50:cd Digianswer A/S
+0:50:ce LG International Corp.
+0:50:cf Vanlink Communication Technology Research Institute
+0:50:d Satori Electoric Co., Ltd.
+0:50:d0 Minerva Systems
+0:50:d1 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:d2 BAE Systems Canada, Inc.
+0:50:d3 Digital Audio Processing Pty. Ltd.
+0:50:d4 Joohong Information
+0:50:d5 AD Systems Corp.
+0:50:d6 Atlas Copco Tools AB
+0:50:d7 Telstrat
+0:50:d8 Unicorn Computer Corp.
+0:50:d9 Engetron-Engenharia Eletronica Ind. e Com. Ltda
+0:50:da 3com Corporation
+0:50:db Contemporary Control
+0:50:dc TAS Telefonbau A. Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG
+0:50:dd Serra Soldadura, S.A.
+0:50:de Signum Systems Corp.
+0:50:df Airfiber, Inc.
+0:50:e Chromatis Networks, Inc.
+0:50:e1 NS Tech Electronics SDN BHD
+0:50:e2 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:50:e3 Terayon Communications Systems
+0:50:e4 Apple Computer, Inc.
+0:50:e6 Hakusan Corporation
+0:50:e7 Paradise Innovations (Asia)
+0:50:e8 Nomadix Inc.
+0:50:ea XEL Communications, Inc.
+0:50:eb Alpha-Top Corporation
+0:50:ec Olicom A/S
+0:50:ed Anda Networks
+0:50:ee TEK Digitel Corporation
+0:50:ef SPE Systemhaus GmbH
+0:50:f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:50:f0 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:50:f1 Libit Signal Processing, Ltd.
+0:50:f2 Microsoft Corp.
+0:50:f3 Global Net Information Co., Ltd.
+0:50:f4 Sigmatek GmbH & Co. KG
+0:50:f6 PAN-International Industrial Corp.
+0:50:f7 Venture Manufacturing (Singapore) Ltd.
+0:50:f8 Entrega Technologies, Inc.
+0:50:f9 Private
+0:50:fa Oxtel, Ltd.
+0:50:fb VSK Electronics
+0:50:fc Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:50:fd Visioncomm Co., Ltd.
+0:50:fe Pctvnet ASA
+0:50:ff Hakko Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:55:0 Xerox
+0:5:0 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:1 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:10 Infinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd.
+0:5:11 Complementary Technologies Ltd
+0:5:12 Meshnetworks, Inc.
+0:5:13 Vtlinx Multimedia Systems, Inc.
+0:5:14 KDT Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:5:15 Nuark Co., Ltd.
+0:5:16 Smart Modular Technologies
+0:5:17 Shellcomm, Inc.
+0:5:18 Jupiters Technology
+0:5:19 Siemens Building Technologies AG,
+0:5:1a 3com Europe Ltd.
+0:5:1b Magic Control Technology Corporation
+0:5:1c Xnet Technology Corp.
+0:5:1d Airocon, Inc.
+0:5:1e Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
+0:5:1f Taijin Media Co., Ltd.
+0:5:2 Apple Computer [Apple (PCI bus Macs)]
+0:5:20 Smartronix, Inc.
+0:5:21 Control Microsystems
+0:5:22 LEA*D Corporation, Inc.
+0:5:23 AVL List GmbH
+0:5:24 BTL System (HK) Limited
+0:5:25 Puretek Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:5:26 Ipas GmbH
+0:5:27 SJ Tek Co. Ltd
+0:5:28 New Focus, Inc.
+0:5:29 Shanghai Broadan Communication Technology Co., Ltd
+0:5:2a Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd.
+0:5:2b Horiba, Ltd.
+0:5:2c Supreme Magic Corporation
+0:5:2d Zoltrix International Limited
+0:5:2e Cinta Networks
+0:5:2f Leviton Voice and Data
+0:5:3 Iconag
+0:5:30 Andiamo Systems, Inc.
+0:5:31 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:32 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:33 Sanera Systems, Inc.
+0:5:34 Northstar Engineering Ltd.
+0:5:35 Chip PC Ltd.
+0:5:36 Danam Communications, Inc.
+0:5:37 Nets Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:5:38 Merilus, Inc.
+0:5:39 A Brand New World in Sweden AB
+0:5:3a Willowglen Services Pte Ltd
+0:5:3b Harbour Networks Ltd., Co. Beijing
+0:5:3c Xircom
+0:5:3d Agere Systems
+0:5:3e KID Systeme GmbH
+0:5:3f Visiontek, Inc.
+0:5:4 Naray Information & Communication Enterprise
+0:5:40 Fast Corporation
+0:5:41 Advanced Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:5:42 Otari, Inc.
+0:5:43 IQ Wireless GmbH
+0:5:44 Valley Technologies, Inc.
+0:5:45 Internet Photonics
+0:5:46 K-Solutions Inc.
+0:5:47 Starent Networks
+0:5:48 Disco Corporation
+0:5:49 Salira Optical Network Systems
+0:5:4a Ario Data Networks, Inc.
+0:5:4b Micro Innovation AG
+0:5:4c RF Innovations Pty Ltd
+0:5:4d Brans Technologies, Inc.
+0:5:4e Philips Components
+0:5:4f Private
+0:5:5 Systems Integration Solutions, Inc.
+0:5:50 Digi-Tech Communications Limited
+0:5:51 F & S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
+0:5:52 Xycotec Computer GmbH
+0:5:53 DVC Company, Inc.
+0:5:54 Rangestar Wireless
+0:5:55 Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.
+0:5:56 360 Systems
+0:5:57 Agile TV Corporation
+0:5:58 Synchronous, Inc.
+0:5:59 Intracom S.A.
+0:5:5a Power Dsine Ltd.
+0:5:5b Charles Industries, Ltd.
+0:5:5c Kowa Company, Ltd.
+0:5:5d D-Link Systems, Inc.
+0:5:5e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:5f Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:6 Reddo Networks AB
+0:5:60 Leader Comm.Co., Ltd
+0:5:61 nac Image Technology, Inc.
+0:5:62 Digital View Limited
+0:5:63 J-Works, Inc.
+0:5:64 Tsinghua Bitway Co., Ltd.
+0:5:65 Tailyn Communication Company Ltd.
+0:5:66 Secui.com Corporation
+0:5:67 Etymonic Design, Inc.
+0:5:68 Piltofish Networks AB
+0:5:69 Vmware, Inc.
+0:5:6a Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:5:6b C.P. Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:5:6c Hung Chang Co., Ltd.
+0:5:6d Pacific Corporation
+0:5:6e National Enhance Technology, Inc.
+0:5:6f Innomedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
+0:5:7 Fine Appliance Corp.
+0:5:70 Baydel Ltd.
+0:5:71 Seiwa Electronics Co.
+0:5:72 Deonet Co., Ltd.
+0:5:73 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:74 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:75 CDS-Electronics BV
+0:5:76 NSM Technology Ltd.
+0:5:77 SM Information & Communication
+0:5:78 Private
+0:5:79 Universal Control Solution Corp.
+0:5:7a Hatteras Networks
+0:5:7b Chung Nam Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:5:7c RCO Security AB
+0:5:7d Sun Communications, Inc.
+0:5:7e Eckelmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH
+0:5:7f Acqis Technology
+0:5:8 Inetcam, Inc.
+0:5:80 Fibrolan Ltd.
+0:5:81 Snell & Wilcox Ltd.
+0:5:82 Clearcube Technology
+0:5:83 Imagecom Limited
+0:5:84 Absolutevalue Systems, Inc.
+0:5:85 Juniper Networks, Inc.
+0:5:86 Lucent Technologies
+0:5:87 Locus, Incorporated
+0:5:88 Sensoria Corp.
+0:5:89 National Datacomputer
+0:5:8a Netcom Co., Ltd.
+0:5:8b Ipmental, Inc.
+0:5:8c Opentech Inc.
+0:5:8d Lynx Photonic Networks, Inc.
+0:5:8e Flextronics International GmbH & Co. Nfg. KG
+0:5:8f Clcsoft co.
+0:5:9 Avoc Nishimura Ltd.
+0:5:90 Swissvoice Ltd.
+0:5:91 Active Silicon Ltd.
+0:5:92 Pultek Corp.
+0:5:93 Grammar Engine Inc.
+0:5:94 Ixxat Automation GmbH
+0:5:95 Alesis Corporation
+0:5:96 Genotech Co., Ltd.
+0:5:97 Eagle Traffic Control Systems
+0:5:98 Cronos S.r.l.
+0:5:99 DRS Test and Energy Management or DRS-TEM
+0:5:9a Cisco Systems, Inc. [Power Computing (Mac clone)]
+0:5:9b Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:9c Kleinknecht GmbH, Ing. Buero
+0:5:9d Daniel Computing Systems, Inc.
+0:5:9e Zinwell Corporation
+0:5:9f Yotta Networks, Inc.
+0:5:a ICS Spa
+0:5:a0 Mobiline Kft.
+0:5:a1 Zenocom
+0:5:a2 Celox Networks
+0:5:a3 QEI, Inc.
+0:5:a4 Lucid Voice Ltd.
+0:5:a5 Kott
+0:5:a6 Extron Electronics
+0:5:a7 Hyperchip, Inc.
+0:5:a8 Wyle Electronics [Power Computing Mac clones]
+0:5:a9 Princeton Networks, Inc.
+0:5:aa Moore Industries International Inc.
+0:5:ab Cyber Fone, Inc.
+0:5:ac Northern Digital, Inc.
+0:5:ad Topspin Communications, Inc.
+0:5:ae Mediaport USA
+0:5:af Innoscan Computing A/S
+0:5:b Sicom Systems, Inc.
+0:5:b0 Korea Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:5:b1 ASB Technology BV
+0:5:b2 Medison Co., Ltd.
+0:5:b3 Asahi-Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:5:b4 Aceex Corporation
+0:5:b5 Broadcom Technologies
+0:5:b6 Insys Microelectronics GmbH
+0:5:b7 Arbor Technology Corp.
+0:5:b8 Electronic Design Associates, Inc.
+0:5:b9 Airvana, Inc.
+0:5:ba Area Netwoeks, Inc.
+0:5:bb Myspace AB
+0:5:bc Resorsys Ltd.
+0:5:bd Roax BV
+0:5:be Kongsberg Seatex AS
+0:5:bf Justezy Technology, Inc.
+0:5:c Network Photonics, Inc.
+0:5:c0 Digital Network Alacarte Co., Ltd.
+0:5:c1 A-Kyung Motion, Inc.
+0:5:c2 Soronti, Inc.
+0:5:c3 Pacific Instruments, Inc.
+0:5:c4 Telect, Inc.
+0:5:c5 Flaga HF
+0:5:c6 Triz Communications
+0:5:c7 I/F-Com A/S
+0:5:c8 Verytech
+0:5:c9 LG Innotek
+0:5:ca Hitron Technology, Inc.
+0:5:cb Rois Technologies, Inc.
+0:5:cc Sumtel Communications, Inc.
+0:5:cd Denon, Ltd.
+0:5:ce Prolink Microsystems Corporation
+0:5:cf Thunder River Technologies, Inc.
+0:5:d Midstream Technologies, Inc.
+0:5:d0 Solinet Systems
+0:5:d1 Metavector Technologies
+0:5:d2 DAP Technologies
+0:5:d3 Eproduction Solutions, Inc.
+0:5:d4 Futuresmart Networks, Inc.
+0:5:d5 Speedcom Wireless
+0:5:d6 Titan Wireless
+0:5:d7 Vista Imaging, Inc.
+0:5:d8 Arescom, Inc.
+0:5:d9 Techno Valley, Inc.
+0:5:da Apex Automationstechnik
+0:5:db Nentec GmbH
+0:5:dc Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:dd Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:5:de Gi Fone Korea, Inc.
+0:5:df Electronic Innovation, Inc.
+0:5:e 3ware, Inc.
+0:5:e0 Empirix Corp.
+0:5:e1 Trellis Photonics, Ltd.
+0:5:e2 Creativ Network Technologies
+0:5:e3 Lightsand Communications, Inc.
+0:5:e4 Red Lion Controls L.P.
+0:5:e5 Renishaw PLC
+0:5:e6 Egenera, Inc.
+0:5:e7 Netrake Corp.
+0:5:e8 Turbowave, Inc.
+0:5:e9 Unicess Network, Inc.
+0:5:ea Rednix
+0:5:eb Blue Ridge Networks, Inc.
+0:5:ec Mosaic Systems Inc.
+0:5:ed Technikum Joanneum GmbH
+0:5:ee Bewator Group
+0:5:ef Adoir Digital Technology
+0:5:f Tanaka S/S Ltd.
+0:5:f0 Satec
+0:5:f1 Vrcom, Inc.
+0:5:f2 Power R, Inc.
+0:5:f3 Weboyn
+0:5:f4 System Base Co., Ltd.
+0:5:f5 OYO Geospace Corp.
+0:5:f6 Young Chang Co. Ltd.
+0:5:f7 Analog Devices, Inc.
+0:5:f8 Real Time Access, Inc.
+0:5:f9 TOA Corporation
+0:5:fa Ipoptical, Inc.
+0:5:fb Sharegate, Inc.
+0:5:fc Schenck Pegasus Corp.
+0:5:fd Packetlight Networks Ltd.
+0:5:fe Traficon N.V.
+0:5:ff SNS Solutions, Inc.
+0:60:0 Xycom Inc.
+0:60:1 Innosys, Inc.
+0:60:10 Network Machines, Inc.
+0:60:11 Crystal Semiconductor Corp.
+0:60:12 Power Computing Corporation
+0:60:13 Netstal Maschinen AG
+0:60:14 Edec Co., Ltd.
+0:60:15 Net2net Corporation
+0:60:16 Clariion
+0:60:17 Tokimec Inc.
+0:60:18 Stellar One Corporation
+0:60:19 Roche Diagnostics
+0:60:1a Keithley Instruments
+0:60:1b Mesa Electronics
+0:60:1c Telxon Corporation
+0:60:1d Lucent Technologies
+0:60:1e Softlab, Inc.
+0:60:1f Stallion Technologies
+0:60:2 Screen Subtitling Systems, Ltd
+0:60:20 Pivotal Networking, Inc.
+0:60:21 DSC Corporation
+0:60:22 Vicom Systems, Inc.
+0:60:23 Pericom Semiconductor Corp.
+0:60:24 Gradient Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:25 Active Imaging PLC [Active Imaging Inc.]
+0:60:26 Viking Components, Inc.
+0:60:27 Superior Modular Products
+0:60:28 Macrovision Corporation
+0:60:29 Cary Peripherals Inc.
+0:60:2a Symicron Computer Communications, Ltd.
+0:60:2b Peak Audio
+0:60:2c Linx Data Terminals, Inc.
+0:60:2d Alerton Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:2e Cyclades Corporation
+0:60:2f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:60:3 Teraoka Weigh System Pte, Ltd.
+0:60:30 Village Tronic Entwicklung [Village Tronic used on Amiga]
+0:60:31 HRK Systems
+0:60:32 I-Cube, Inc.
+0:60:33 Acuity Imaging, Inc.
+0:60:34 Robert Bosch GmbH
+0:60:35 Dallas Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:60:36 Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf
+0:60:37 Philips Semiconductors
+0:60:38 Nortel Networks
+0:60:39 Sancom Technology, Inc.
+0:60:3a Quick Controls Ltd.
+0:60:3b Amtec spa
+0:60:3c Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd.
+0:60:3d 3CX
+0:60:3e Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco 100Mbps interface]
+0:60:3f Patapsco Designs
+0:60:4 Computadores Modulares SA
+0:60:40 Netro Corp.
+0:60:41 Yokogawa Electric Corporation
+0:60:42 TKS (USA), Inc.
+0:60:43 Comsoft Systems, Inc.
+0:60:44 Litton/Poly-Scientific
+0:60:45 Pathlight Technologies
+0:60:46 Vmetro, Inc.
+0:60:47 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:60:48 EMC Corporation
+0:60:49 Vina Technologies
+0:60:4a Saic Ideas Group
+0:60:4b Biodata GmbH
+0:60:4c Sagem SA
+0:60:4d MMC Networks, Inc.
+0:60:4e Cycle Computer Corporation, Inc. [Cycle Computer (Sun Mother Board Replacements)]
+0:60:4f Suzuki MFG. Co., Ltd.
+0:60:5 Feedback Data Ltd.
+0:60:50 Internix Inc.
+0:60:51 Quality Semiconductor
+0:60:52 Peripherals Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Realtek (RTL 8029 == PCI NE2000)]
+0:60:53 Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.
+0:60:54 Controlware GmbH
+0:60:55 Cornell University
+0:60:56 Network Tools, Inc.
+0:60:57 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
+0:60:58 Copper Mountain Communications, Inc.
+0:60:59 Technical Communications Corp.
+0:60:5a Celcore, Inc.
+0:60:5b Intraserver Technology, Inc.
+0:60:5c Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:60:5d Scanivalve Corp.
+0:60:5e Liberty Technology Networking
+0:60:5f Nippon Unisoft Corporation
+0:60:6 Sotec Co., Ltd
+0:60:60 Dawning Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:61 Whistle Communications Corp.
+0:60:62 Telesync, Inc.
+0:60:63 Psion Dacom PLC.
+0:60:64 Netcomm Limited
+0:60:65 Bernecker & Rainer Industrie-Elektronic GmbH
+0:60:66 Lacroix Technolgie
+0:60:67 Acer Netxus Inc. [Acer Lan]
+0:60:68 Eicon Technology Corporation
+0:60:69 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
+0:60:6a Mitsubishi Wireless Communications. Inc.
+0:60:6b Synclayer Inc.
+0:60:6c Arescom
+0:60:6d Digital Equipment Corp.
+0:60:6e Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:60:6f Clarion Corporation of America
+0:60:7 Acres Gaming, Inc.
+0:60:70 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco routers (2524 and 4500)]
+0:60:71 Midas Lab, Inc.
+0:60:72 VXL Instruments, Limited
+0:60:73 Redcreek Communications, Inc.
+0:60:74 QSC Audio Products
+0:60:75 Pentek, Inc.
+0:60:76 Schlumberger Technologies Retail Petroleum Systems
+0:60:77 Prisa Networks
+0:60:78 Power Measurement Ltd.
+0:60:79 Mainstream Data, Inc.
+0:60:7a DVS GmbH
+0:60:7b Fore Systems, Inc.
+0:60:7c Waveaccess, Ltd.
+0:60:7d Sentient Networks Inc.
+0:60:7e Gigalabs, Inc.
+0:60:7f Aurora Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:8 3com Corporation [3Com 3Com PCI form factor 3C905 TX board]
+0:60:80 Microtronix Datacom Ltd.
+0:60:81 TV/Com International
+0:60:82 Novalink Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:83 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems, Inc. 3620/3640 routers]
+0:60:84 Digital Video
+0:60:85 Storage Concepts
+0:60:86 Logic Replacement Tech. Ltd.
+0:60:87 Kansai Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:60:88 White Mountain DSP, Inc.
+0:60:89 Xata
+0:60:8a Citadel Computer
+0:60:8b Confertech International
+0:60:8c 3com Corporation [3Com (1990 onwards)]
+0:60:8d Unipulse Corp.
+0:60:8e HE Electronics, Technologie & Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:60:8f Tekram Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:60:9 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Catalyst 5000 Ethernet switch]
+0:60:90 Able Communications, Inc.
+0:60:91 First Pacific Networks, Inc.
+0:60:92 Micro/Sys, Inc.
+0:60:93 Varian
+0:60:94 IBM Corp. [AMD PCNET PCI]
+0:60:95 Accu-Time Systems, Inc.
+0:60:96 T.S. Microtech Inc.
+0:60:97 3com Corporation [3Com]
+0:60:98 HT Communications
+0:60:99 SBE, Inc.
+0:60:9a NJK Techno Co.
+0:60:9b Astro-MED, Inc.
+0:60:9c Perkin-Elmer Incorporated
+0:60:9d PMI Food Equipment Group
+0:60:9e ASC X3 - Information Technology Standards Secretariats
+0:60:9f Phast Corporation
+0:60:a Sord Computer Corporation
+0:60:a0 Switched Network Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:a1 Vpnet, Inc.
+0:60:a2 Nihon Unisys Limited Co.
+0:60:a3 Continuum Technology Corp.
+0:60:a4 Grinaker System Technologies
+0:60:a5 Performance Telecom Corp.
+0:60:a6 Particle Measuring Systems
+0:60:a7 Microsens GmbH & Co. KG
+0:60:a8 Tidomat AB
+0:60:a9 Gesytec MbH
+0:60:aa Intelligent Devices Inc. (IDI)
+0:60:ab Larscom Incorporated
+0:60:ac Resilience Corporation
+0:60:ad Megachips Corporation
+0:60:ae Trio Information Systems AB
+0:60:af Pacific Micro Data, Inc.
+0:60:b Logware GmbH
+0:60:b0 Hewlett-Packard Co. [Hewlett-Packard]
+0:60:b1 Input/Output, Inc.
+0:60:b2 Process Control Corp.
+0:60:b3 Z-Com, Inc.
+0:60:b4 Glenayre R&D Inc.
+0:60:b5 Keba GmbH
+0:60:b6 Land Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:60:b7 Channelmatic, Inc.
+0:60:b8 Corelis Inc.
+0:60:b9 Nitsuko Corporation
+0:60:ba Sahara Networks, Inc.
+0:60:bb Cabletron - Netlink, Inc.
+0:60:bc Keunyoung Electronics & Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:60:bd Hubbell-Pulsecom
+0:60:be Webtronics
+0:60:bf Macraigor Systems, Inc.
+0:60:c Applied Data Systems, Inc.
+0:60:c0 Nera AS
+0:60:c1 Wavespan Corporation
+0:60:c2 MPL AG
+0:60:c3 Netvision Corporation
+0:60:c4 Soliton Systems K.K.
+0:60:c5 Ancot Corp.
+0:60:c6 DCS AG
+0:60:c7 Amati Communications Corp.
+0:60:c8 Kuka Welding Systems & Robots
+0:60:c9 Controlnet, Inc.
+0:60:ca Harmonic Systems Incorporated
+0:60:cb Hitachi Zosen Corporation
+0:60:cc Emtrak, Incorporated
+0:60:cd Videoserver, Inc.
+0:60:ce Acclaim Communications
+0:60:cf Alteon Networks, Inc.
+0:60:d Digital Logic GmbH
+0:60:d0 Snmp Research Incorporated
+0:60:d1 Cascade Communications
+0:60:d2 Lucent Technologies Taiwan Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
+0:60:d3 AT&T
+0:60:d4 Eldat Communication Ltd.
+0:60:d5 Miyachi Technos Corp.
+0:60:d6 Novatel Wireless Technologies Ltd.
+0:60:d7 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Epfl)
+0:60:d8 Elmic Systems, Inc.
+0:60:d9 Transys Networks Inc.
+0:60:da JBM Electronics Co.
+0:60:db NTP Elektronik A/S
+0:60:dc Toyo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
+0:60:dd Myricom, Inc.
+0:60:de Kayser-Threde GmbH
+0:60:df CNT Corporation
+0:60:e Wavenet International, Inc.
+0:60:e0 Axiom Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:60:e1 Orckit Communications Ltd.
+0:60:e2 Quest Engineering & Development
+0:60:e3 Arbin Instruments
+0:60:e4 Compuserve, Inc.
+0:60:e5 Fuji Automation Co., Ltd.
+0:60:e6 Shomiti Systems Incorporated
+0:60:e7 Randata
+0:60:e8 Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.
+0:60:e9 Atop Technologies, Inc.
+0:60:ea Streamlogic
+0:60:eb Fourthtrack Systems
+0:60:ec Hermary Opto Electronics Inc.
+0:60:ed Ricardo Test Automation Ltd.
+0:60:ee Apollo
+0:60:ef Flytech Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:60:f Westell, Inc.
+0:60:f0 Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc
+0:60:f1 EXP Computer, Inc.
+0:60:f2 Lasergraphics, Inc.
+0:60:f3 Performance Analysis Broadband, Spirent plc
+0:60:f4 Advanced Computer Solutions, Inc.
+0:60:f5 Icon West, Inc. [Phobos Fast Ethernet for Unix WS]
+0:60:f6 Nextest Communications Products, Inc.
+0:60:f7 Datafusion Systems
+0:60:f8 Loran International Technologies Inc.
+0:60:f9 Diamond Lane Communications
+0:60:fa Educational Technology Resources, Inc.
+0:60:fb Packeteer, Inc.
+0:60:fc Conservation Through Innovation Ltd.
+0:60:fd Netics, Inc.
+0:60:fe Lynx System Developers, Inc.
+0:60:ff Quvis, Inc.
+0:6:0 Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:6:1 Otanikeiki Co., Ltd.
+0:6:10 Abeona Networks Inc
+0:6:11 Zeus Wireless, Inc.
+0:6:12 Accusys, Inc.
+0:6:13 Kawasaki Microelectronics Incorporated
+0:6:14 Prism Holdings
+0:6:15 Kimoto Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:6:16 Tel Net Co., Ltd.
+0:6:17 Redswitch Inc.
+0:6:18 Digipower Manufacturing Inc.
+0:6:19 Connection Technology Systems
+0:6:1a Zetari Inc.
+0:6:1b Portable Systems, IBM Japan Co, Ltd
+0:6:1c Hoshino Metal Industries, Ltd.
+0:6:1d MIP Telecom, Inc.
+0:6:1e Maxan Systems
+0:6:1f Vision Components GmbH
+0:6:2 Cirkitech Electronics Co.
+0:6:20 Serial System Ltd.
+0:6:21 Hinox, Co., Ltd.
+0:6:22 Chung Fu Chen Yeh Enterprise Corp.
+0:6:23 MGE UPS Systems France
+0:6:24 Gentner Communications Corp.
+0:6:25 The Linksys Group, Inc.
+0:6:26 MWE GmbH
+0:6:27 Uniwide Technologies, Inc.
+0:6:28 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:29 IBM Corporation [IBM RISC6000 system]
+0:6:2a Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:2b Intraserver Technology
+0:6:2c Network Robots, Inc.
+0:6:2d Touchstar Technologies, L.L.C.
+0:6:2e Aristos Logic Corp.
+0:6:2f Pivotech Systems Inc.
+0:6:3 Baker Hughes Inc.
+0:6:30 Adtranz Sweden
+0:6:31 Optical Solutions, Inc.
+0:6:32 Mesco Engineering GmbH
+0:6:33 Heimann Biometric Systems GmbH
+0:6:34 GTE Airfone Inc.
+0:6:35 Packetair Networks, Inc.
+0:6:36 Jedai Broadband Networks
+0:6:37 Toptrend-Meta Information (Shenzhen) Inc.
+0:6:38 Sungjin C&C Co., Ltd.
+0:6:39 Newtec
+0:6:3a Dura Micro, Inc.
+0:6:3b Arcturus Networks, Inc.
+0:6:3c NMI Electronics Ltd
+0:6:3d Microwave Data Systems Inc.
+0:6:3e Opthos Inc.
+0:6:3f Everex Communications Inc.
+0:6:4 Track Communications, Inc.
+0:6:40 White Rock Networks
+0:6:41 Itcn
+0:6:42 Genetel Systems Inc.
+0:6:43 Sono Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:6:44 Neix Inc.
+0:6:45 Meisei Electric Co. Ltd.
+0:6:46 Shenzhen Xunbao Network Technology Co Ltd
+0:6:47 Etrali S.A.
+0:6:48 Seedsware, Inc.
+0:6:49 Quante
+0:6:4a Honeywell Co., Ltd. (Korea)
+0:6:4b Alexon Co., Ltd.
+0:6:4c Invicta Networks, Inc.
+0:6:4d Sencore
+0:6:4e Broad Net Technology Inc.
+0:6:4f PRO-Nets Technology Corporation
+0:6:5 Inncom International, Inc.
+0:6:50 Tiburon Networks, Inc.
+0:6:51 Aspen Networks Inc.
+0:6:52 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:53 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:54 Maxxio Technologies
+0:6:55 Yipee, Inc.
+0:6:56 Tactel AB
+0:6:57 Market Central, Inc.
+0:6:58 Helmut Fischer GmbH & Co. KG
+0:6:59 EAL (Apeldoorn) B.V.
+0:6:5a Strix Systems
+0:6:5b Dell Computer Corp.
+0:6:5c Malachite Technologies, Inc.
+0:6:5d Heidelberg Web Systems
+0:6:5e Photuris, Inc.
+0:6:5f ECI Telecom - Ngts Ltd.
+0:6:6 Rapidwan, Inc.
+0:6:60 Nadex Co., Ltd.
+0:6:61 NIA Home Technologies Corp.
+0:6:62 MBM Technology Ltd.
+0:6:63 Human Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:6:64 Fostex Corporation
+0:6:65 Sunny Giken, Inc.
+0:6:66 Roving Networks
+0:6:67 Tripp Lite
+0:6:68 Vicon Industries Inc.
+0:6:69 Datasound Laboratories Ltd
+0:6:6a Infinicon Systems, Inc.
+0:6:6b Sysmex Corporation
+0:6:6c Robinson Corporation
+0:6:6d Compuprint S.P.A.
+0:6:6e Delta Electronics, Inc.
+0:6:6f Korea Data Systems
+0:6:7 Omni Directional Control Technology Inc.
+0:6:70 Upponetti Oy
+0:6:71 Softing AG
+0:6:72 Netezza
+0:6:73 Optelecom, Inc.
+0:6:74 Spectrum Control, Inc.
+0:6:75 Banderacom, Inc.
+0:6:76 Novra Technologies Inc.
+0:6:77 Sick AG
+0:6:78 Marantz Japan, Inc.
+0:6:79 Konami Corporation
+0:6:7a JMP Systems
+0:6:7b Toplink C&C Corporation
+0:6:7c Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:6:7d Takasago Ltd.
+0:6:7e Wincom Systems, Inc.
+0:6:7f Rearden Steel Technologies
+0:6:8 At-Sky SAS
+0:6:80 Card Access, Inc.
+0:6:81 Goepel Electronic GmbH
+0:6:82 Convedia
+0:6:83 Bravara Communications, Inc.
+0:6:84 Biacore AB
+0:6:85 Netnearu Corporation
+0:6:86 Zardcom Co., Ltd.
+0:6:87 Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.
+0:6:88 Telways Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:6:89 Ylez Technologies Pte Ltd
+0:6:8a Neuronnet Co. Ltd. R&D Center
+0:6:8b Airrunner Technologies, Inc.
+0:6:8c 3com Corporation
+0:6:8d Sangate Systems
+0:6:8e HID Corporation
+0:6:8f Telemonitor, Inc.
+0:6:9 Crossport Systems
+0:6:90 Euracom Communication GmbH
+0:6:91 PT Inovacao
+0:6:92 Intruvert Networks, Inc.
+0:6:93 Flexus Computer Technology, Inc.
+0:6:94 Mobillian Corporation
+0:6:95 Ensure Technologies, Inc.
+0:6:96 Advent Networks
+0:6:97 R & D Center
+0:6:98 Egnite Software GmbH
+0:6:99 Vida Design Co.
+0:6:9a e & Tel
+0:6:9b AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH
+0:6:9c Transmode Systems AB
+0:6:9d Petards Mobile Intelligence
+0:6:9e Uniqa, Inc.
+0:6:9f Kuokoa Networks
+0:6:a Blue2space
+0:6:a0 Mx Imaging
+0:6:a1 Celsian Technologies, Inc.
+0:6:a2 Microtune, Inc.
+0:6:a3 Bitran Corporation
+0:6:a4 Innowell Corp.
+0:6:a5 Pinon Corp.
+0:6:a6 Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd
+0:6:a7 Primarion
+0:6:a8 KC Technology, Inc.
+0:6:a9 Universal Instruments Corp.
+0:6:aa Miltope Corporation
+0:6:ab W-Link Systems, Inc.
+0:6:ac Intersoft Co.
+0:6:ad KB Electronics Ltd.
+0:6:ae Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd
+0:6:af Private
+0:6:b Paceline Systems Corporation
+0:6:b0 Comtech EF Data Corp.
+0:6:b1 Sonicwall
+0:6:b2 Linxtek Co.
+0:6:b3 Diagraph Corporation
+0:6:b4 Vorne Industries, Inc.
+0:6:b5 Luminent, Inc.
+0:6:b6 Nir-Or Israel Ltd.
+0:6:b7 Telem GmbH
+0:6:b8 Bandspeed Pty Ltd
+0:6:b9 A5tek Corp.
+0:6:ba Westwave Communications
+0:6:bb ATI Technologies Inc.
+0:6:bc Macrolink, Inc.
+0:6:bd Bntechnology Co., Ltd.
+0:6:be Baumer Optronic GmbH
+0:6:bf Accella Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:6:c Melco Industries, Inc.
+0:6:c0 United Internetworks, Inc.
+0:6:c1 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:6:c2 Smartmatic Corporation
+0:6:c3 Schindler Elevators Ltd.
+0:6:c4 Piolink Inc.
+0:6:c5 Innovi Technologies Limited
+0:6:c6 Lesswire AG
+0:6:c7 Rfnet Technologies Pte Ltd (S)
+0:6:c8 Sumitomo Metal Micro Devices, Inc.
+0:6:c9 Technical Marketing Research, Inc.
+0:6:ca American Computer & Digital Components, Inc. (Acdc)
+0:6:cb Jotron Electronics A/S
+0:6:cc JMI Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:6:cd Creoscitex Corporation Ltd.
+0:6:ce Dateno
+0:6:cf Thales Avionics In-Flight Systems, LLC
+0:6:d Wave7 Optics [Hewlett-Packard Jet Direct token-ring interfaces]
+0:6:d0 Elgar Electronics Corp.
+0:6:d1 Tahoe Networks, Inc.
+0:6:d2 Tundra Semiconductor Corp.
+0:6:d3 Alpha Telecom, Inc. U.S.A.
+0:6:d4 Interactive Objects, Inc.
+0:6:d5 Diamond Systems Corp.
+0:6:d6 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:d7 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:6:d8 Maple Optical Systems
+0:6:d9 IPM-Net S.p.A.
+0:6:da Itran Communications Ltd.
+0:6:db Ichips Co., Ltd.
+0:6:dc Syabas Technology (Amquest)
+0:6:dd AT & T Laboratories - Cambridge Ltd
+0:6:de Flash Technology
+0:6:df Aidonic Corporation
+0:6:e Igys Systems, Inc.
+0:6:e0 MAT Co., Ltd.
+0:6:e1 Techno Trade s.a
+0:6:e2 Ceemax Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:6:e3 Quantitative Imaging Corporation
+0:6:e4 Citel Technologies Ltd.
+0:6:e5 Fujian Newland Computer Ltd. Co.
+0:6:e6 Dongyang Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:6:e7 Bit Blitz Communications Inc.
+0:6:e8 Optical Network Testing, Inc.
+0:6:e9 Intime Corp.
+0:6:ea Elzet80 Mikrocomputer GmbH&Co. KG
+0:6:eb Global Data
+0:6:ec M/A Com Private Radio System Inc.
+0:6:ed Inara Networks
+0:6:ee Shenyang Neu-era Information & Technology Stock Co., Ltd
+0:6:ef Maxxan Systems, Inc.
+0:6:f Narad Networks Inc
+0:6:f0 Digeo, Inc.
+0:6:f1 Optillion
+0:6:f2 Platys Communications
+0:6:f3 Accelight Networks
+0:6:f4 Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc.
+0:6:f8 Private
+0:6:f9 Mitsui Zosen Systems Research Inc.
+0:6:fa IP Square Co, Ltd.
+0:6:fb Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd.
+0:6:fc Fnet Co., Ltd.
+0:6:fd Comjet Information Systems Corp.
+0:6:fe Celion Networks, Inc.
+0:6:ff Sheba Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:70:b0 M/A-Com Inc. Companies
+0:70:b3 Data Recall Ltd.
+0:7:0 Zettamedia Korea
+0:7:1 Racal-Datacom
+0:7:10 Adax, Inc.
+0:7:11 Acterna
+0:7:12 JAL Information Technology
+0:7:13 IP One, Inc.
+0:7:14 Brightcom
+0:7:15 General Research of Electronics, Inc.
+0:7:16 J & S Marine Ltd.
+0:7:17 Wieland Electric GmbH
+0:7:18 Icantek Co., Ltd.
+0:7:19 Mobiis Co., Ltd.
+0:7:1a Finedigital Inc.
+0:7:1b Position Technology Inc.
+0:7:1c AT&T Fixed Wireless Services
+0:7:1d Satelsa Sistemas Y Aplicaciones De Telecomunicaciones, S.A.
+0:7:1e Tri-M Engineering / Nupak Dev. Corp.
+0:7:1f European Systems Integration
+0:7:2 Varian Medical Systems
+0:7:20 Trutzschler GmbH & Co. KG
+0:7:21 Formac Elektronik GmbH
+0:7:22 Nielsen Media Research
+0:7:23 Elcon Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:7:24 Telemax Co., Ltd.
+0:7:25 Bematech International Corp.
+0:7:27 Zi Corporation (HK) Ltd.
+0:7:28 Neo Telecom
+0:7:29 Kistler Instrumente AG
+0:7:2a Innovance Networks
+0:7:2b Jung Myung Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:7:2c Fabricom
+0:7:2d Cnsystems
+0:7:2e North Node AB
+0:7:2f Instransa, Inc.
+0:7:3 Csee Transport
+0:7:30 Hutchison Optel Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:7:31 Spiricon, Inc.
+0:7:32 Aaeon Technology Inc.
+0:7:33 Dancontrol Engineering
+0:7:34 Onstor, Inc.
+0:7:35 Flarion Technologies, Inc.
+0:7:36 Data Video Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:7:37 Soriya Co. Ltd.
+0:7:38 Young Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:7:39 Motion Media Technology Ltd.
+0:7:3a Inventel Systemes
+0:7:3b Tenovis GmbH & Co KG
+0:7:3c Telecom Design
+0:7:3d Nanjing Postel Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
+0:7:3e China Great-Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
+0:7:3f Woojyun Systec Co., Ltd.
+0:7:40 Melco Inc.
+0:7:41 Sierra Automated Systems
+0:7:42 Current Technologies
+0:7:43 Chelsio Communications
+0:7:44 Unico, Inc.
+0:7:45 Radlan Computer Communications Ltd.
+0:7:46 Interlink BT, LLC
+0:7:47 Mecalc
+0:7:48 The Imaging Source Europe
+0:7:49 Cenix Inc.
+0:7:4a Carl Valentin GmbH
+0:7:4b Daihen Corporation
+0:7:4c Beicom Inc.
+0:7:4d Zebra Technologies Corp.
+0:7:4e Naughty boy co., Ltd.
+0:7:4f Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:7:5 Endress & Hauser GmbH & Co
+0:7:50 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:7:51 m.u.t. - GmbH
+0:7:52 Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd.
+0:7:53 Beijing Qxcomm Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:7:54 Xyterra Computing, Inc.
+0:7:55 Lafon SA
+0:7:56 Juyoung Telecom
+0:7:57 Topcall International AG
+0:7:58 Dragonwave
+0:7:59 Boris Manufacturing Corp.
+0:7:5a Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
+0:7:5b Gibson Guitars
+0:7:5c Encad, Inc.
+0:7:5d Celleritas Inc.
+0:7:5e Pulsar Technologies, Inc.
+0:7:5f VCS Video Communication Systems AG
+0:7:6 Sanritz Corporation
+0:7:60 Tomis Information & Telecom Corp.
+0:7:61 Logitech SA
+0:7:62 Group Sense Limited
+0:7:63 Sunniwell Cyber Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:7:64 Youngwoo Telecom Co. Ltd.
+0:7:65 Jade Quantum Technologies, Inc.
+0:7:66 Chou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:7:67 Yuxing Electronics Company Limited
+0:7:68 Danfoss A/S
+0:7:69 Italiana Macchi SpA
+0:7:6a Nexteye Co., Ltd.
+0:7:6b Stralfors AB
+0:7:6c Daehanet, Inc.
+0:7:6d Flexlight Networks
+0:7:6e Sinetica Corporation Ltd.
+0:7:6f Synoptics Limited
+0:7:7 Interalia Inc.
+0:7:70 Locusnetworks Corporation
+0:7:71 Embedded System Corporation
+0:7:72 Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.
+0:7:73 Ascom Powerline Communications Ltd.
+0:7:74 Guangzhou Thinker Technology Co. Ltd.
+0:7:75 Valence Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:7:76 Federal APD
+0:7:77 Motah Ltd.
+0:7:78 Gerstel GmbH & Co. KG
+0:7:79 Sungil Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:7:7a Infoware System Co., Ltd.
+0:7:7b Millimetrix Broadband Networks
+0:7:7c Ontime Networks
+0:7:7e Elrest GmbH
+0:7:7f J Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:7:8 Bitrage Inc.
+0:7:80 Bluegiga Technologies OY
+0:7:81 Itron Inc.
+0:7:82 Nauticus Networks, Inc.
+0:7:83 Syncom Network, Inc.
+0:7:84 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:85 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:86 Wireless Networks Inc.
+0:7:87 Idea System Co., Ltd.
+0:7:88 Clipcomm, Inc.
+0:7:89 Eastel Systems Corporation
+0:7:8a Mentor Data System Inc.
+0:7:8b Wegener Communications, Inc.
+0:7:8c Elektronikspecialisten i Borlange AB
+0:7:8d Netengines Ltd.
+0:7:8e Garz & Friche GmbH
+0:7:8f Emkay Innovative Products
+0:7:9 Westerstrand Urfabrik AB
+0:7:90 Tri-M Technologies (s) Limited
+0:7:91 International Data Communications, Inc.
+0:7:92 Suetron Electronic GmbH
+0:7:93 Shin Satellite Public Company Limited
+0:7:94 Simple Devices, Inc.
+0:7:95 Elitegroup Computer System Co. (ECS)
+0:7:96 LSI Systems, Inc.
+0:7:97 Netpower Co., Ltd.
+0:7:98 Selea SRL
+0:7:99 Tipping Point Technologies, Inc.
+0:7:9a Smartsight Networks Inc.
+0:7:9b Aurora Networks
+0:7:9c Golden Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:7:9d Musashi Co., Ltd.
+0:7:9e Ilinx Co., Ltd.
+0:7:9f Action Digital Inc.
+0:7:a Unicom Automation Co., Ltd.
+0:7:a0 e-Watch Inc.
+0:7:a1 Viasys Healthcare GmbH
+0:7:a2 Opteon Corporation
+0:7:a3 Ositis Software, Inc.
+0:7:a4 GN Netcom Ltd.
+0:7:a5 Y.D.K Co. Ltd.
+0:7:a6 Home Automation, Inc.
+0:7:a7 A-Z Inc.
+0:7:a8 Haier Group Technologies Ltd.
+0:7:a9 Novasonics
+0:7:aa Quantum Data Inc.
+0:7:ac Eolring
+0:7:ad Pentacon GmbH Foto-und Feinwerktechnik
+0:7:ae Layer N Networks
+0:7:af N-Tron Corp.
+0:7:b Octal, SA
+0:7:b0 Office Details, Inc.
+0:7:b1 Equator Technologies
+0:7:b2 Transaccess S.A.
+0:7:b3 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:b4 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:b5 Any One Wireless Ltd.
+0:7:b6 Telecom Technology Ltd.
+0:7:b7 Samurai Ind. Prods Eletronicos Ltda
+0:7:b8 American Predator Corp.
+0:7:b9 Ginganet Corporation
+0:7:ba Xebeo Communications, Inc.
+0:7:bb Candera Inc.
+0:7:bc Identix Inc.
+0:7:bd Radionet Ltd.
+0:7:be Datalogic SpA
+0:7:bf Armillaire Technologies, Inc.
+0:7:c SVA-Intrusion.com Co. Ltd.
+0:7:c0 Netzerver Inc.
+0:7:c1 Overture Networks, Inc.
+0:7:c2 Netsys Telecom
+0:7:c3 Cirpack
+0:7:c4 Jean Co. Ltd.
+0:7:c5 Gcom, Inc.
+0:7:c6 VDS Vosskuhler GmbH
+0:7:c7 Synectics Systems Limited
+0:7:c8 Brain21, Inc.
+0:7:c9 Technol Seven Co., Ltd.
+0:7:ca Creatix Polymedia Ges Fur Kommunikaitonssysteme
+0:7:cb Freebox SA
+0:7:cc Kaba Benzing GmbH
+0:7:cd Nmtel Co., Ltd.
+0:7:ce Cabletime Limited
+0:7:cf Anoto AB
+0:7:d Cisco Systems Inc. [Cisco 2511 Token Ring]
+0:7:d0 Automat Engenharia de Automaoa Ltda.
+0:7:d1 Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
+0:7:d2 Logopak Systeme
+0:7:d3 Stork Digital Imaging B.V.
+0:7:d4 Zhejiang Yutong Network Communication Co Ltd.
+0:7:d5 3e Technologies Int;., Inc.
+0:7:d6 Commil Ltd.
+0:7:d7 Caporis Networks AG
+0:7:d8 Hitron Systems Inc.
+0:7:d9 Splicecom
+0:7:da Neuro Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:7:db Kirana Networks, Inc.
+0:7:dc Atek Co, Ltd.
+0:7:dd Cradle Technologies
+0:7:de Ecopilt AB
+0:7:df Vbrick Systems Inc.
+0:7:e Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:e0 Palm Inc.
+0:7:e1 WIS Communications Co. Ltd.
+0:7:e2 Bitworks, Inc.
+0:7:e3 Navcom Technology, Inc.
+0:7:e4 Softradio Co., Ltd.
+0:7:e5 Coup Corporation
+0:7:e6 Edgeflow Canada Inc.
+0:7:e7 Freewave Technologies
+0:7:e8 St. Bernard Software
+0:7:e9 Intel Corporation
+0:7:ea Massana, Inc.
+0:7:eb Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:ec Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:7:ed Altera Corporation
+0:7:ee Telco Informationssysteme GmbH
+0:7:ef Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems
+0:7:f Fujant, Inc.
+0:7:f0 Logisync Corporation
+0:7:f1 Teraburst Networks Inc.
+0:7:f2 IOA Corporation
+0:7:f3 Think Engine Networks
+0:7:f4 Eletex Co., Ltd.
+0:7:f5 Bridgeco Co AG
+0:7:f6 Qqest Software Systems
+0:7:f7 Galtronics
+0:7:f8 Itdevices, Inc.
+0:7:f9 Phonetics, Inc.
+0:7:fa ITT Co., Ltd.
+0:7:fb Giga Stream Umts Technologies GmbH
+0:7:fc Adept Systems Inc.
+0:7:fd Lanergy Ltd.
+0:7:fe Rigaku Corporation
+0:7:ff Gluon Networks
+0:80:0 Multitech Systems, Inc.
+0:80:1 Periphonics Corporation
+0:80:10 Commodore International [Commodore]
+0:80:11 Digital Systems Int'l. Inc.
+0:80:12 Integrated Measurement Systems [IMS Corp. IMS failure analysis tester]
+0:80:13 Thomas-Conrad Corporation [Thomas Conrad Corp.]
+0:80:14 Esprit Systems
+0:80:15 Seiko Systems, Inc.
+0:80:16 Wandel and Goltermann [Wandel & Goltermann]
+0:80:17 PFU Limited [PFU]
+0:80:18 Kobe Steel, Ltd.
+0:80:19 Dayna Communications, Inc. [Dayna Communications "Etherprint" product]
+0:80:1a Bell Atlantic
+0:80:1b Kodiak Technology
+0:80:1c Newport Systems Solutions [Cisco]
+0:80:1d Integrated Inference Machines
+0:80:1e Xinetron, Inc.
+0:80:1f Krupp Atlas Electronik GmbH
+0:80:2 Satelcom (UK) Ltd
+0:80:20 Network Products
+0:80:21 Alcatel Canada Inc. [Newbridge Networks Corporation]
+0:80:22 Scan-Optics
+0:80:23 Integrated Business Networks
+0:80:24 Kalpana, Inc. [Kalpana]
+0:80:25 Stollmann GmbH
+0:80:26 Network Products Corporation
+0:80:27 Adaptive Systems, Inc.
+0:80:28 Tradpost (HK) Ltd
+0:80:29 Eagle Technology, Inc. [Microdyne Corporation]
+0:80:2a Test Systems & Simulations Inc
+0:80:2b Integrated Marketing Co
+0:80:2c The Sage Group PLC
+0:80:2d Xylogics Inc [Xylogics, Inc. Annex terminal servers]
+0:80:2e Castle Rock Computing [Plexcom, Inc.]
+0:80:2f National Instruments Corp.
+0:80:3 Hytec Electronics Ltd.
+0:80:30 Nexus Electronics
+0:80:31 Basys, Corp.
+0:80:32 Access Co., Ltd.
+0:80:33 Formation, Inc. [Formation (?)]
+0:80:34 SMT Goupil
+0:80:35 Technology Works, Inc. [Technology Works]
+0:80:36 Reflex Manufacturing Systems
+0:80:37 Ericsson Group [Ericsson Business Comm.]
+0:80:38 Data Research & Applications
+0:80:39 Alcatel STC Australia
+0:80:3a Varityper, Inc.
+0:80:3b APT Communications, Inc.
+0:80:3c TVS Electronics Ltd
+0:80:3d Surigiken Co., Ltd.
+0:80:3e Synernetics
+0:80:3f Tatung Company [Hyundai Electronics]
+0:80:4 Antlow Communications, Ltd. [Antlow Computers, Ltd.]
+0:80:40 John Fluke Manufacturing Co.
+0:80:41 VEB Kombinat Robotron
+0:80:42 Force Computers
+0:80:43 Networld, Inc.
+0:80:44 Systech Computer Corp.
+0:80:45 Matsushita Electric Ind. Co
+0:80:46 University of Toronto
+0:80:47 in-Net Corp.
+0:80:48 Compex Incorporated [Compex, used by Commodore and DEC at least]
+0:80:49 Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:80:4a PRO-LOG
+0:80:4b Eagle Technologies Pty.Ltd.
+0:80:4c Contec Co., Ltd.
+0:80:4d Cyclone Microsystems, Inc.
+0:80:4e Apex Computer Company
+0:80:4f Daikin Industries, Ltd.
+0:80:5 Cactus Computer Inc.
+0:80:50 Ziatech Corporation
+0:80:51 Fibermux [ADC Fibermux]
+0:80:52 Technically Elite Concepts [Network Professor]
+0:80:53 Intellicom, Inc.
+0:80:54 Frontier Technologies Corp.
+0:80:55 Fermilab
+0:80:56 Sphinx Elektronik GmbH
+0:80:57 Adsoft, Ltd.
+0:80:58 Printer Systems Corporation
+0:80:59 Stanley Electric Co., Ltd
+0:80:5a Tulip Computers Internat'l B.V [Tulip Computers International BV]
+0:80:5b Condor Systems, Inc.
+0:80:5c Agilis Corporation [Agilis(?)]
+0:80:5d Canstar
+0:80:5e LSI Logic Corporation
+0:80:5f Compaq Computer Corporation
+0:80:6 Compuadd Corporation
+0:80:60 Network Interface Corporation
+0:80:61 Litton Systems, Inc.
+0:80:62 Interface Co.
+0:80:63 Richard Hirschmann GmbH & Co.
+0:80:64 Wyse Technology [Wyse]
+0:80:65 Cybergraphic Systems Pty Ltd.
+0:80:66 Arcom Control Systems, Ltd.
+0:80:67 Square D Company
+0:80:68 Yamatech Scientific Ltd.
+0:80:69 Computone Systems
+0:80:6a ERI (Empac Research Inc.)
+0:80:6b Schmid Telecommunication
+0:80:6c Cegelec Projects Ltd
+0:80:6d Century Systems Corp.
+0:80:6e Nippon Steel Corporation
+0:80:6f Onelan Ltd.
+0:80:7 Dlog NC-Systeme
+0:80:70 Computadoras Micron
+0:80:71 SAI Technology
+0:80:72 Microplex Systems Ltd.
+0:80:73 DWB Associates
+0:80:74 Fisher Controls
+0:80:75 Parsytec GmbH
+0:80:76 Mcnc
+0:80:77 Brother Industries, Ltd.
+0:80:78 Practical Peripherals, Inc.
+0:80:79 Microbus Designs Ltd.
+0:80:7a Aitech Systems Ltd.
+0:80:7b Artel Communications Corp.
+0:80:7c Fibercom, Inc. [Fiber Com]
+0:80:7d Equinox Systems Inc.
+0:80:7e Southern Pacific Ltd.
+0:80:7f DY-4 Incorporated
+0:80:8 Dynatech Computer Systems
+0:80:80 Datamedia Corporation
+0:80:81 Kendall Square Research Corp.
+0:80:82 PEP Modular Computers GmbH
+0:80:83 Amdahl
+0:80:84 The Cloud Inc.
+0:80:85 H-Three Systems Corporation
+0:80:86 Computer Generation Inc.
+0:80:87 OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd [Okidata]
+0:80:88 Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
+0:80:89 Tecnetics (Pty) Ltd.
+0:80:8a Summit Microsystems Corp. [Summit (?)]
+0:80:8b Dacoll Limited
+0:80:8c Netscout Systems, Inc. [Netscout Systems (formerly Frontier Software Development)]
+0:80:8d Westcoast Technology B.V. [Westcove Technology BV]
+0:80:8e Radstone Technology
+0:80:8f C. Itoh Electronics, Inc.
+0:80:9 Jupiter Systems, Inc. [Jupiter Systems (older MX-600 series machines)]
+0:80:90 Microtek International, Inc.
+0:80:91 Tokyo Electric Co.,Ltd
+0:80:92 Japan Computer Industry, Inc.
+0:80:93 Xyron Corporation
+0:80:94 Alfa Laval Automation AB [Sattcontrol AB]
+0:80:95 Basic Merton Handelsges.M.B.H.
+0:80:96 Human Designed Systems, Inc. [HDS (Human Designed Systems); X terminals]
+0:80:97 Centralp Automatismes
+0:80:98 TDK Corporation
+0:80:99 Klockner Moeller IPC
+0:80:9a Novus Networks Ltd
+0:80:9b Justsystem Corporation
+0:80:9c Luxcom, Inc.
+0:80:9d Commscraft Ltd. [Datacraft Manufactur'g Pty Ltd]
+0:80:9e Datus GmbH
+0:80:9f Alcatel Business Systems
+0:80:a Japan Computer Corp.
+0:80:a0 Edisa Hewlett Packard S/A
+0:80:a1 Microtest, Inc. [Microtest]
+0:80:a2 Creative Electronic Systems
+0:80:a3 Lantronix [Lantronix; (see also 0800A3)]
+0:80:a4 Liberty Electronics
+0:80:a5 Speed International
+0:80:a6 Republic Technology, Inc.
+0:80:a7 Measurex Corp.
+0:80:a8 Vitacom Corporation
+0:80:a9 Clearpoint Research
+0:80:aa Maxpeed
+0:80:ab Dukane Network Integration
+0:80:ac Imlogix, Division of Genesys
+0:80:ad Cnet Technology, Inc. [CNet Technology Used by Telebit (among others)]
+0:80:ae Hughes Network Systems
+0:80:af Allumer Co., Ltd.
+0:80:b CSK Corporation
+0:80:b0 Advanced Information
+0:80:b1 Softcom A/S
+0:80:b2 Network Equipment Technologies [NET (Network Equipment Technologies)]
+0:80:b3 Aval Data Corporation
+0:80:b4 Sophia Systems
+0:80:b5 United Networks Inc.
+0:80:b6 Themis Computer [Themis corporation]
+0:80:b7 Stellar Computer
+0:80:b8 Bug, Incorporated
+0:80:b9 Arche Technoligies Inc.
+0:80:ba Specialix (Asia) Pte, Ltd
+0:80:bb Hughes LAN Systems
+0:80:bc Hitachi Engineering Co., Ltd
+0:80:bd The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd
+0:80:be Aries Research
+0:80:bf Takaoka Electric MFG. Co. Ltd.
+0:80:c Videcom Limited
+0:80:c0 Penril Datacomm [Penril Datability Networks]
+0:80:c1 Lanex Corporation
+0:80:c2 Ieee 802.1 Committee
+0:80:c3 Bicc Information Systems & SVC
+0:80:c4 Document Technologies, Inc.
+0:80:c5 Novellco de Mexico
+0:80:c6 National Datacomm Corporation [Soho]
+0:80:c7 Xircom [Xircom, Inc.]
+0:80:c8 D-Link Systems, Inc. [D-Link; (also Solectek Pocket Adapters, and Link Sys PCMCIA)]
+0:80:c9 Alberta Microelectronic Centre
+0:80:ca Netcom Research Incorporated
+0:80:cb Falco Data Products
+0:80:cc Microwave Bypass Systems
+0:80:cd Micronics Computer, Inc.
+0:80:ce Broadcast Television Systems
+0:80:cf Embedded Performance Inc.
+0:80:d Vosswinkel F.U.
+0:80:d0 Computer Peripherals, Inc. [Computer Products International]
+0:80:d1 Kimtron Corporation
+0:80:d2 Shinnihondenko Co., Ltd.
+0:80:d3 Shiva Corp. [Shiva Appletalk-Ethernet interface]
+0:80:d4 Chase Research Ltd. [Chase Limited]
+0:80:d5 Cadre Technologies
+0:80:d6 Nuvotech, Inc. [Apple Mac Portable(?)]
+0:80:d7 Fantum Engineering [Fantum Electronics]
+0:80:d8 Network Peripherals Inc. [Network Peripherals]
+0:80:d9 EMK Elektronik
+0:80:da Bruel & Kjaer
+0:80:db Graphon Corporation
+0:80:dc Picker International
+0:80:dd GMX Inc/Gimix
+0:80:de Gipsi S.A.
+0:80:df ADC Codenoll Technology Corp.
+0:80:e Atlantix Corporation
+0:80:e0 XTP Systems, Inc.
+0:80:e1 Stmicroelectronics
+0:80:e2 T.D.I. Co., Ltd.
+0:80:e3 Coral Network Corporation [Coral (?)]
+0:80:e4 Northwest Digital Systems, Inc
+0:80:e5 Mylex Corporation
+0:80:e6 Peer Networks, Inc.
+0:80:e7 Lynwood Scientific DEV. Ltd.
+0:80:e8 Cumulus Corporatiion
+0:80:e9 Madge Ltd.
+0:80:ea Adva Optical Networking Ltd. [The Fiber Company]
+0:80:eb Compcontrol B.V.
+0:80:ec Supercomputing Solutions, Inc.
+0:80:ed IQ Technologies, Inc.
+0:80:ee Thomson CSF
+0:80:ef Rational
+0:80:f Standard Microsystems [SMC (Standard Microsystem Corp.)]
+0:80:f0 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. [Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co]
+0:80:f1 Opus Systems [Opus]
+0:80:f2 Raycom Systems Inc
+0:80:f3 Sun Electronics Corp.
+0:80:f4 Telemecanique Electrique [Telemechanique Electrique]
+0:80:f5 Quantel Ltd
+0:80:f6 Synergy Microsystems
+0:80:f7 Zenith Electronics [Zenith Communications Products]
+0:80:f8 Mizar, Inc.
+0:80:f9 Heurikon Corporation
+0:80:fa RWT GmbH
+0:80:fb BVM Limited
+0:80:fc Avatar Corporation
+0:80:fd Exsceed Corpration
+0:80:fe Azure Technologies, Inc.
+0:80:ff Soc. de Teleinformatique RTC
+0:8:0 Multitech Systems, Inc.
+0:8:1 Highspeed Surfing Inc.
+0:8:10 Key Technology, Inc.
+0:8:11 Voix Corporation
+0:8:12 GM-2 Corporation
+0:8:13 Diskbank, Inc.
+0:8:14 TIL Technologies
+0:8:15 Cats Co., Ltd.
+0:8:16 Bluetags A/S
+0:8:17 Emergecore Networks LLC
+0:8:18 Pixelworks, Inc.
+0:8:19 Banksys
+0:8:1a Sanrad Intelligence Storage Communications (2000) Ltd.
+0:8:1b Windigo Systems
+0:8:1c pos.com
+0:8:1d Ipsil, Incorporated
+0:8:1e Repeatit AB
+0:8:1f Pou Yuen Tech Corp. Ltd.
+0:8:2 Compaq Computer Corporation
+0:8:20 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:8:21 Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:8:22 Inpro Comm
+0:8:23 Texa Corp.
+0:8:24 Promatek Industries Ltd.
+0:8:25 Acme Packet
+0:8:26 Colorado Med Tech
+0:8:27 Pirelli Cables & Systems
+0:8:28 Koei Engineering Ltd.
+0:8:29 Aval Nagasaki Corporation
+0:8:2a Powerwallz Network Security
+0:8:2b Wooksung Electronics, Inc.
+0:8:2c Homag AG
+0:8:2d Indus Teqsite Private Limited
+0:8:2e Multitone Electronics PLC
+0:8:3 Cos Tron
+0:8:4 ICA Inc.
+0:8:4e Divergenet, Inc.
+0:8:4f Qualstar Corporation
+0:8:5 Techno-Holon Corporation
+0:8:50 Arizona Instrument Corp.
+0:8:51 Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd.
+0:8:52 Davolink Co. Inc. [Technically Elite Concepts]
+0:8:53 Schleicher GmbH & Co. Relaiswerke KG
+0:8:54 Netronix, Inc.
+0:8:55 Nasa-Goddard Space Flight Center [Fermilab]
+0:8:56 Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd.
+0:8:57 Polaris Networks, Inc.
+0:8:58 Novatechnology Inc.
+0:8:59 Shenzhen Unitone Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:8:5a Intigate Inc.
+0:8:5b Hanbit Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:8:5c Shanghai Dare Technologies Co. Ltd.
+0:8:5d Aastra
+0:8:5e PCO AG
+0:8:5f Picanol N.V.
+0:8:6 Raonet Systems, Inc.
+0:8:60 Lodgenet Entertainment Corp.
+0:8:61 Softenergy Co., Ltd.
+0:8:62 NEC Eluminant Technologies, Inc.
+0:8:63 Entrisphere Inc.
+0:8:64 Fasy S.p.A.
+0:8:65 Jascom Co., Ltd
+0:8:66 DSX Access Systems, Inc.
+0:8:67 Uptime Devices
+0:8:68 Puroptix
+0:8:69 Command-e Technology Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:6a Industrie Technik IPS GmbH
+0:8:6b Mipsys
+0:8:6c Plasmon LMS
+0:8:6d Missouri Freenet
+0:8:6e Hyglo AB
+0:8:6f Resources Computer Network Ltd.
+0:8:7 Access Devices Limited
+0:8:70 Rasvia Systems, Inc.
+0:8:71 Northdata Co., Ltd.
+0:8:72 Sorenson Technologies, Inc.
+0:8:73 DAP Design B.V.
+0:8:74 Dell Computer Corp.
+0:8:75 Acorp Electronics Corp.
+0:8:76 Sdsystem
+0:8:77 Liebert Hiross S.p.A.
+0:8:78 Benchmark Storage Innovations
+0:8:79 CEM Corporation
+0:8:7a Wipotec GmbH
+0:8:7b RTX Telecom A/S
+0:8:7c Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:8:7d Cisco Systems Inc.
+0:8:7e Bon Electro-Telecom Inc.
+0:8:7f Spaun Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
+0:8:8 PPT Vision, Inc.
+0:8:80 Broadtel Canada Communications inc.
+0:8:81 Digital Hands Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:82 Sigma Corporation
+0:8:83 Hewlett-Packard Company
+0:8:84 Index Braille AB
+0:8:85 EMS Dr. Thomas Wuensche
+0:8:86 Hansung Teliann, Inc.
+0:8:87 Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH
+0:8:88 Oullim Information Technology Inc,.
+0:8:89 Echostar Technologies Corp
+0:8:8a Minds@Work
+0:8:8b Tropic Networks Inc.
+0:8:8c Quanta Network Systems Inc.
+0:8:8d Sigma-Links Inc.
+0:8:8e Nihon Computer Co., Ltd.
+0:8:8f Advanced Digital Technology
+0:8:9 Systemonic AG
+0:8:90 Avilinks SA
+0:8:91 Lyan Inc.
+0:8:92 EM Solutions
+0:8:93 Private
+0:8:94 Innovision Multimedia Ltd.
+0:8:95 Dirc Technologie GmbH & Co.KG
+0:8:96 Printronix, Inc.
+0:8:97 Quake Technologies
+0:8:98 Gigabit Optics Corporation
+0:8:99 Netbind, Inc.
+0:8:9a Alcatel Microelectronics
+0:8:9b ICP Electronics Inc.
+0:8:9c Elecs Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:8:9d UHD-Elektronik
+0:8:9e Beijing Enter-Net co.Ltd
+0:8:9f EFM Networks
+0:8:a Espera-Werke GmbH
+0:8:a0 Stotz Feinmesstechnik GmbH
+0:8:a1 Cnet Technology Inc.
+0:8:a2 ADI Engineering, Inc.
+0:8:a3 Cisco Systems
+0:8:a4 Cisco Systems
+0:8:a5 Peninsula Systems Inc.
+0:8:a6 Multiware & Image Co., Ltd.
+0:8:a7 Ilogic Inc.
+0:8:a8 Systec Co., Ltd.
+0:8:a9 Sangsang Technology, Inc.
+0:8:aa Karam
+0:8:ab Enerlinx.com, Inc.
+0:8:ac Private
+0:8:ad Toyo-Linx Co., Ltd.
+0:8:ae Packetfront
+0:8:af Novatec Corporation
+0:8:b Birka BPA Informationssystem AB
+0:8:b0 Bktel Communications GmbH
+0:8:b1 Proquent Systems
+0:8:b2 Shenzhen Compass Technology Development Co.,Ltd
+0:8:b3 Fastwel
+0:8:b4 Syspol
+0:8:b5 TAI Guen Enterprise Co., Ltd
+0:8:b6 Routefree, Inc.
+0:8:b7 HIT Incorporated
+0:8:b8 E.F. Johnson
+0:8:b9 Kaon Media Co., Ltd.
+0:8:ba Erskine Systems Ltd
+0:8:bb Netexcell
+0:8:bc Ilevo AB
+0:8:bd Tepg-US
+0:8:be Xenpak MSA Group
+0:8:bf Aptus Elektronik AB
+0:8:c VDA Elettronica SrL
+0:8:c0 ASA Systems
+0:8:c1 Avistar Communications Corporation
+0:8:c2 Cisco Systems
+0:8:c3 Contex A/S
+0:8:c4 Hikari Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:c5 Liontech Co., Ltd.
+0:8:c6 Philips Consumer Communications
+0:8:c7 Compaq Computer Corporation [Compaq]
+0:8:c8 Soneticom, Inc.
+0:8:c9 Technisat Digital GmbH
+0:8:ca Twinhan Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:8:cb Zeta Broadband Inc.
+0:8:cc Remotec, Inc.
+0:8:cd With-Net Inc
+0:8:ce Private
+0:8:cf Nippon Koei Power Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:8:d Toshiba
+0:8:d0 Musashi Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:8:d1 Karel Inc.
+0:8:d2 Zoom Networks Inc.
+0:8:d3 Hercules Technologies S.A.
+0:8:d4 Ineoquest Technologies, Inc
+0:8:d5 Vanguard Managed Solutions
+0:8:d6 Hassnet Inc.
+0:8:d7 HOW Corporation
+0:8:d8 Dowkey Microwave
+0:8:d9 Mitadenshi Co.,Ltd
+0:8:da Sofaware Technologies Ltd.
+0:8:db Corrigent Systems
+0:8:dc Wiznet
+0:8:dd Telena Communications, Inc.
+0:8:de 3UP Systems
+0:8:df Alistel Inc.
+0:8:e Motorola, BCS
+0:8:e0 ATO Technology Ltd.
+0:8:e1 Barix AG
+0:8:e2 Cisco Systems
+0:8:e3 Cisco Systems
+0:8:e4 Envenergy Inc
+0:8:e5 IDK Corporation
+0:8:e6 Littlefeet
+0:8:e7 SHI Controlsystems,Ltd.
+0:8:e8 Excel Master Ltd.
+0:8:e9 Nextgig
+0:8:ea Motion Control Engineering, Inc
+0:8:eb Romwin Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:ec Zonu, Inc.
+0:8:ed ST&T Instrument Corp.
+0:8:ee Logic Product Development
+0:8:ef Dibal,S.A.
+0:8:f Proximion Fiber Optics AB
+0:8:f0 Next Generation Systems, Inc.
+0:8:f1 Voltaire
+0:8:f2 C&S Technology
+0:8:f3 Wany
+0:8:f4 Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:8:f5 Yestechnology Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:f6 Sumitomo Electric Hightechs.co.,ltd.
+0:8:f7 Hitachi Ltd, Semiconductor &amp; Integrated Circuits Gr
+0:8:f8 Guardall Ltd
+0:8:f9 Padcom, Inc.
+0:8:fa Karl E.Brinkmann GmbH
+0:8:fb Sonosite, Inc.
+0:8:fc Gigaphoton Inc.
+0:8:fd Bluekorea Co., Ltd.
+0:8:fe Unik C&C Co.,Ltd.
+0:8:ff Trilogy Broadcast (Holdings) Ltd
+0:90:0 Diamond Multimedia
+0:90:1 Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.
+0:90:10 Simulation Laboratories, Inc.
+0:90:11 Wavtrace, Inc.
+0:90:12 Globespan Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:90:13 Samsan Corp.
+0:90:14 Rotork Instruments, Ltd.
+0:90:15 Centigram Communications Corp.
+0:90:16 ZAC
+0:90:17 Zypcom, Inc.
+0:90:18 ITO Electric Industry Co, Ltd.
+0:90:19 Hermes Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:90:1a Unisphere Solutions
+0:90:1b Digital Controls
+0:90:1c mps Software GmbH
+0:90:1d PEC (NZ) Ltd.
+0:90:1e Selesta Ingegne RIA S.P.A.
+0:90:1f Adtec Productions, Inc.
+0:90:2 Allgon AB
+0:90:20 Philips Analytical X-RAY B.V.
+0:90:21 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:22 Ivex
+0:90:23 Zilog Inc.
+0:90:24 Pipelinks, Inc.
+0:90:25 Vision Systems Ltd. Pty
+0:90:26 Advanced Switching Communications, Inc.
+0:90:27 Intel Corporation [Intel]
+0:90:28 Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
+0:90:29 Crypto AG
+0:90:2a Communication Devices, Inc.
+0:90:2b Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Ethernet Switches and Light Streams]
+0:90:2c Data & Control Equipment Ltd.
+0:90:2d Data Electronics (Aust.) Pty, Ltd.
+0:90:2e Namco Limited
+0:90:2f Netcore Systems, Inc.
+0:90:3 Aplio
+0:90:30 Honeywell-Dating
+0:90:31 Mysticom, Ltd.
+0:90:32 Pelcombe Group Ltd.
+0:90:33 Innovaphone GmbH
+0:90:34 Imagic, Inc.
+0:90:35 Alpha Telecom, Inc.
+0:90:36 ens, inc.
+0:90:37 Acucomm, Inc.
+0:90:38 Fountain Technologies, Inc.
+0:90:39 Shasta Networks
+0:90:3a Nihon Media Tool Inc.
+0:90:3b Triems Research Lab, Inc.
+0:90:3c Atlantic Network Systems
+0:90:3d Biopac Systems, Inc.
+0:90:3e N.V. Philips Industrial Activities
+0:90:3f Aztec Radiomedia
+0:90:4 3com Europe Ltd. [3Com]
+0:90:40 Siemens Network Convergence LLC
+0:90:41 Applied Digital Access
+0:90:42 Eccs, Inc.
+0:90:43 Nichibei Denshi Co., Ltd.
+0:90:44 Assured Digital, Inc.
+0:90:45 Marconi Communications
+0:90:46 Dexdyne, Ltd.
+0:90:47 Giga Fast E. Ltd.
+0:90:48 Zeal Corporation
+0:90:49 Entridia Corporation
+0:90:4a Concur System Technologies
+0:90:4b Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:90:4c Epigram, Inc.
+0:90:4d Spec S.A.
+0:90:4e Delem BV
+0:90:4f ABB Power T&D Company, Inc.
+0:90:5 Protech Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:90:50 Teleste OY
+0:90:51 Ultimate Technology Corp.
+0:90:52 Selcom Elettronica S.R.L.
+0:90:53 Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:90:54 Innovative Semiconductors, Inc
+0:90:55 Parker Hannifin Corporation Compumotor Division
+0:90:56 Telestream, Inc.
+0:90:57 Aanetcom, Inc.
+0:90:58 Ultra Electronics Ltd., Command and Control Systems
+0:90:59 Telecom Device K.K.
+0:90:5a Dearborn Group, Inc.
+0:90:5b Raymond and LAE Engineering
+0:90:5c Edmi
+0:90:5d Netcom Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
+0:90:5e Rauland-Borg Corporation
+0:90:5f Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:6 Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
+0:90:60 System Create Corp.
+0:90:61 Pacific Research & Engineering Corporation
+0:90:62 ICP Vortex Computersysteme GmbH
+0:90:63 Coherent Communications Systems Corporation
+0:90:64 Thomson Broadcast Systems
+0:90:65 Finisar Corporation
+0:90:66 Troika Networks, Inc.
+0:90:67 Walkabout Computers, Inc.
+0:90:68 DVT Corp.
+0:90:69 Juniper Networks, Inc.
+0:90:6a Turnstone Systems, Inc.
+0:90:6b Applied Resources, Inc.
+0:90:6c GWT Global Weighing Technologies GmbH
+0:90:6d Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:6e Praxon, Inc.
+0:90:6f Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:7 Domex Technology Corp.
+0:90:70 NEO Networks, Inc.
+0:90:71 Applied Innovation Inc.
+0:90:72 Simrad AS
+0:90:73 Gaio Technology
+0:90:74 Argon Networks, Inc.
+0:90:75 NEC DO Brasil S.A.
+0:90:76 FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems AB
+0:90:77 Advanced Fibre Communications
+0:90:78 MER Telemanagement Solutions, Ltd.
+0:90:79 Clearone, Inc.
+0:90:7a Spectralink Corp.
+0:90:7b E-Tech, Inc.
+0:90:7c Digitalcast, Inc.
+0:90:7d Lake Communications
+0:90:7e Vetronix Corp.
+0:90:7f Watchguard Technologies, Inc.
+0:90:8 Hana Systems Inc.
+0:90:80 Not Limited, Inc.
+0:90:81 Aloha Networks, Inc.
+0:90:82 Force Institute
+0:90:83 Turbo Communication, Inc.
+0:90:84 Atech System
+0:90:85 Golden Enterprises, Inc.
+0:90:86 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:90:87 Itis
+0:90:88 Baxall Security Ltd.
+0:90:89 Softcom Microsystems, Inc.
+0:90:8a Bayly Communications, Inc.
+0:90:8b Cell Computing, Inc.
+0:90:8c Etrend Electronics, Inc.
+0:90:8d Vickers Electronics Systems
+0:90:8e Nortel Networks Broadband Access
+0:90:8f Audio Codes Ltd.
+0:90:9 i Controls, Inc.
+0:90:90 I-Bus
+0:90:91 Digitalscape, Inc.
+0:90:92 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:90:93 Nanao Corporation
+0:90:94 Osprey Technologies, Inc.
+0:90:95 Universal Avionics
+0:90:96 Askey Computer Corp.
+0:90:97 Sycamore Networks
+0:90:98 SBC Designs, Inc.
+0:90:99 Allied Telesis, K.K.
+0:90:9a One World Systems, Inc.
+0:90:9b Markpoint AB
+0:90:9c Terayon Communications Systems
+0:90:9d Novatech Process Solutions, LLC
+0:90:9e Critical IO, LLC
+0:90:9f Digi-Data Corporation
+0:90:a Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:90:a0 8X8 Inc.
+0:90:a1 Flying Pig Systems, Ltd.
+0:90:a2 Cybertan Technology, Inc.
+0:90:a3 Corecess Inc.
+0:90:a4 Altiga Networks
+0:90:a5 Spectra Logic
+0:90:a6 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:a7 Clientec Corporation
+0:90:a8 Ninetiles Networks, Ltd.
+0:90:a9 Western Digital
+0:90:aa Indigo Active Vision Systems Limited
+0:90:ab Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:90:ac Optivision, Inc.
+0:90:ad Aspect Electronics, Inc.
+0:90:ae Italtel S.p.A.
+0:90:af J. Morita MFG. Corp.
+0:90:b Lanner Electronics, Inc.
+0:90:b0 Vadem
+0:90:b1 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:90:b2 Avici Systems Inc.
+0:90:b3 Agranat Systems
+0:90:b4 Willowbrook Technologies
+0:90:b5 Nikon Corporation
+0:90:b6 Fibex Systems
+0:90:b7 Digital Lightwave, Inc.
+0:90:b8 Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
+0:90:b9 Beran Instruments Ltd.
+0:90:ba Valid Networks, Inc.
+0:90:bb Tainet Communication System Corp.
+0:90:bc Telemann Co., Ltd.
+0:90:bd Omnia Communications, Inc.
+0:90:be IBC/Integrated Business Computers
+0:90:bf Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:c Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:c0 K.J. Law Engineers, Inc.
+0:90:c1 Peco II, Inc.
+0:90:c2 JK Microsystems, Inc.
+0:90:c3 Topic Semiconductor Corp.
+0:90:c4 Javelin Systems, Inc.
+0:90:c5 Internet Magic, Inc.
+0:90:c6 Optim Systems, Inc.
+0:90:c7 Icom Inc.
+0:90:c8 Waverider Communications (Canada) Inc.
+0:90:c9 Dpac Technologies
+0:90:ca Accord Video Telecommunications, Ltd.
+0:90:cb Wireless Online, Inc.
+0:90:cc Planet Communications, Inc.
+0:90:cd ENT-Empresa Nacional de Telecommunicacoes, S.A.
+0:90:ce Tetra GmbH
+0:90:cf Nortel
+0:90:d Overland Data Inc.
+0:90:d0 Thomson Belgium
+0:90:d1 Leichu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
+0:90:d2 Artel Video Systems
+0:90:d3 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
+0:90:d4 Bindview Development Corp.
+0:90:d5 Euphonix, Inc.
+0:90:d6 Crystal Group
+0:90:d7 Netboost Corp.
+0:90:d8 Whitecross Systems
+0:90:d9 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:90:da Dynarc, Inc.
+0:90:db Next Level Communications
+0:90:dc Teco Information Systems
+0:90:dd The Miharu Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:90:de Cardkey Systems, Inc.
+0:90:df Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc.
+0:90:e Handlink Technologies, Inc.
+0:90:e0 Systran Corp.
+0:90:e1 Telena S.P.A.
+0:90:e2 Distributed Processing Technology
+0:90:e3 Avex Electronics Inc.
+0:90:e4 NEC America, Inc.
+0:90:e5 Teknema, Inc.
+0:90:e6 Acer Laboratories, Inc.
+0:90:e7 Horsch Elektronik AG
+0:90:e8 Moxa Technologies Corp., Ltd.
+0:90:e9 Janz Computer AG
+0:90:ea Alpha Technologies, Inc.
+0:90:eb Sentry Telecom Systems
+0:90:ec Pyrescom
+0:90:ed Central System Research Co., Ltd.
+0:90:ee Personal Communications Technologies
+0:90:ef Integrix, Inc.
+0:90:f Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd
+0:90:f0 Harmonic Lightwaves, Ltd.
+0:90:f1 DOT Hill Systems Corporation
+0:90:f2 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Ethernet Switches and Light Streams]
+0:90:f3 Aspect Communications
+0:90:f4 Lightning Instrumentation
+0:90:f5 Clevo Co.
+0:90:f6 Escalate Networks, Inc.
+0:90:f7 Nbase Communications Ltd.
+0:90:f8 Mediatrix Telecom
+0:90:f9 Leitch
+0:90:fa Giganet, Inc.
+0:90:fb Portwell, Inc.
+0:90:fc Network Computing Devices
+0:90:fd Coppercom, Inc.
+0:90:fe Elecom Co., Ltd. (Laneed Div.)
+0:90:ff Tellus Technology Inc.
+0:91:d6 Crystal Group, Inc.
+0:9:0 TMT
+0:9:1 Shenzhen Shixuntong Information & Technoligy Co
+0:9:10 Simple Access Inc.
+0:9:11 Cisco Systems
+0:9:12 Cisco Systems
+0:9:13 Private
+0:9:14 Computrols Inc.
+0:9:15 CAS Corp.
+0:9:16 Listman Home Technologies, Inc.
+0:9:17 WEM Technology Inc
+0:9:18 Samsung Techwin Co.,Ltd
+0:9:19 MDS Gateways
+0:9:1a Macat Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:9:1b Digital Generation Inc.
+0:9:1c Cachevision, Inc
+0:9:1d Proteam Computer Corporation
+0:9:1e Firstech Technology Corp.
+0:9:1f A&amp;D Co., Ltd.
+0:9:2 Redline Communications Inc.
+0:9:20 Epox Computer Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:21 Planmeca Oy
+0:9:22 Touchless Sensor Technology AG
+0:9:23 Heaman System Co., Ltd
+0:9:24 Telebau GmbH
+0:9:25 VSN Systemen BV
+0:9:26 Yoda Communications, Inc.
+0:9:27 Toyokeiki Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:28 Telecore Inc
+0:9:29 Sanyo Industries (UK) Limited
+0:9:2a Mytecs Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:2b Iqstor Networks, Inc.
+0:9:2c Hitpoint Inc.
+0:9:2d High Tech Computer, Corp.
+0:9:2e B&Tech System Inc.
+0:9:2f Akom Technology Corporation
+0:9:3 Panasas, Inc
+0:9:30 Aeroconcierge Inc.
+0:9:31 Future Internet, Inc.
+0:9:32 Omnilux
+0:9:33 Optovalley Co. Ltd.
+0:9:34 Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH
+0:9:35 Sandvine Incorporated
+0:9:36 Ipetronik GmbH & Co.KG
+0:9:37 Inventec Appliance Corp
+0:9:38 Allot Communications
+0:9:39 Shibasoku Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:3a Molex Fiber Optics
+0:9:3b Hyundai Networks Inc.
+0:9:3c Jacques Technologies P/L
+0:9:3d Newisys,Inc.
+0:9:3e C&I Technologies
+0:9:3f Double-Win Enterpirse Co., Ltd
+0:9:4 Mondial Electronic
+0:9:40 Agfeo GmbH & Co. KG
+0:9:41 Allied Telesis K.K.
+0:9:42 Cresco, Ltd.
+0:9:43 Cisco Systems
+0:9:44 Cisco Systems
+0:9:45 Palmmicro Communications Inc
+0:9:46 Cluster Labs GmbH
+0:9:47 Aztek, Inc.
+0:9:48 Vista Control Systems, Corp.
+0:9:49 Glyph Technologies Inc.
+0:9:4a Homenet Communications
+0:9:4b Fillfactory NV
+0:9:4c Communication Weaver Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:4d Braintree Communications Pty Ltd
+0:9:4e Bartech Systems International, Inc
+0:9:4f Elmegt GmbH & Co. KG
+0:9:5 Itec Technologies Ltd.
+0:9:50 Independent Storage Corporation
+0:9:51 Apogee Instruments, Inc
+0:9:52 Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
+0:9:53 Linkage System Integration Co.Ltd.
+0:9:54 Amit Spol. s. r. o.
+0:9:55 Young Generation International Corp.
+0:9:56 Network Systems Group, Ltd. (NSG)
+0:9:57 Supercaller, Inc.
+0:9:58 Intelnet S.A.
+0:9:59 Sitecsoft
+0:9:5a Racewood Technology
+0:9:5b Netgear, Inc.
+0:9:5c Philips Medical Systems - Cardiac and Monitoring Systems (CM
+0:9:5d Dialogue Technology Corp.
+0:9:5e Masstech Group Inc.
+0:9:5f Telebyte, Inc.
+0:9:6 Esteem Networks
+0:9:60 Yozan Inc.
+0:9:61 Switchgear and Instrumentation Ltd
+0:9:62 Filetrac AS
+0:9:63 Dominion Lasercom Inc.
+0:9:64 Hi-Techniques
+0:9:65 Private
+0:9:66 Thales Navigation
+0:9:67 Tachyon, Inc
+0:9:68 Technoventure, Inc.
+0:9:69 Meret Optical Communications
+0:9:6a Cloverleaf Communications Inc.
+0:9:6b IBM Corporation
+0:9:6c Imedia Semiconductor Corp.
+0:9:6d Powernet Technologies Corp.
+0:9:6e Giant Electronics Ltd.
+0:9:6f Beijing Zhongqing Elegant Tech. Corp.,Limited
+0:9:7 Chrysalis Development
+0:9:70 Vibration Research Corporation
+0:9:71 Time Management, Inc.
+0:9:72 Securebase,Inc
+0:9:73 Lenten Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:9:74 Innopia Technologies, Inc.
+0:9:75 Fsona Communications Corporation
+0:9:76 Datasoft Isdn Systems GmbH
+0:9:77 Brunner Elektronik AG
+0:9:78 Aiji System Co., Ltd.
+0:9:79 Advanced Television Systems Committee, Inc.
+0:9:7a Louis Design Labs.
+0:9:7b Cisco Systems
+0:9:7c Cisco Systems
+0:9:7d Secwell Networks Oy
+0:9:7e IMI Technology Co., Ltd
+0:9:7f Vsecure 2000 Ltd.
+0:9:8 Vtech Technology Corp.
+0:9:80 Power Zenith Inc.
+0:9:81 Newport Networks
+0:9:82 Loewe Opta GmbH
+0:9:83 Gvision Incorporated
+0:9:84 Mycasa Network Inc.
+0:9:85 Auto Telecom Company
+0:9:86 Metalink Ltd.
+0:9:87 Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:88 Nudian Electron Co., Ltd.
+0:9:89 Vividlogic Inc.
+0:9:8a Equallogic Inc
+0:9:8b Entropic Communications, Inc.
+0:9:8c Possio AB
+0:9:8d DCT Ltd (Digital Communication Technologies Ltd)
+0:9:8e Ipcas GmbH
+0:9:8f Cetacean Networks
+0:9:9 Telenor Connect A/S
+0:9:90 Acksys Communications & Systems
+0:9:91 GE Fanuc Automation Manufacturing, Inc.
+0:9:92 Interepoch Technology,Inc.
+0:9:93 Visteon Corporation
+0:9:94 Cronyx Engineering
+0:9:95 Castle Technology Ltd
+0:9:96 RDI
+0:9:97 Nortel Networks
+0:9:98 Capinfo Company Limited
+0:9:99 CP Georges Renault
+0:9:9a Elmo Company, Limited
+0:9:9b Western Telematic Inc.
+0:9:9c Naval Research Laboratory
+0:9:9d Haliplex Communications
+0:9:9e Testech, Inc.
+0:9:9f Videx Inc.
+0:9:a Snedfar Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:9:a0 Microtechno Corporation
+0:9:a1 Telewise Communications, Inc.
+0:9:a2 Interface Co., Ltd.
+0:9:a3 Leadfly Techologies Corp. Ltd.
+0:9:a4 Hartec Corporation
+0:9:a5 Hansung Eletronic Industries Development Co., Ltd
+0:9:a6 Ignis Optics, Inc.
+0:9:a7 Bang & Olufsen A/S
+0:9:a8 Eastmode Pte Ltd
+0:9:a9 Ikanos Communications
+0:9:aa Data Comm for Business, Inc.
+0:9:ab Netcontrol Oy
+0:9:ac Lanvoice
+0:9:ad Hyundai Syscomm, Inc.
+0:9:ae Okano Electric Co.,Ltd
+0:9:af e-Generis
+0:9:b MTL Instruments PLC
+0:9:b0 Onkyo Corporation
+0:9:b1 Kanematsu Electronics, Ltd.
+0:9:b2 L&F Inc.
+0:9:b3 MCM Systems Ltd
+0:9:b4 Kisan Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:9:b5 3J Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:9:b6 Cisco Systems
+0:9:b7 Cisco Systems
+0:9:b8 Entise Systems
+0:9:b9 Action Imaging Solutions
+0:9:ba Maku Informationstechik GmbH
+0:9:bb Mathstar, Inc.
+0:9:bc Digital Safety Technologies Inc.
+0:9:bd Epygi Technologies, Ltd.
+0:9:be Mamiya-OP Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:bf Nintendo Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:c Mayekawa Mfg. Co. Ltd.
+0:9:c0 6wind
+0:9:c1 Proces-Data A/S
+0:9:c2 Private
+0:9:c3 Netas
+0:9:c4 Medicore Co., Ltd
+0:9:c5 Kingene Technology Corporation
+0:9:c6 Visionics Corporation
+0:9:c7 Movistec
+0:9:c8 Sinagawa Tsushin Keisou Service
+0:9:c9 Bluewinc Co., Ltd.
+0:9:ca Imaxnetworks(Shenzhen)Limited.
+0:9:cb Hbrain
+0:9:cc Moog GmbH
+0:9:cd Hudson Soft Co.,Ltd.
+0:9:ce Spacebridge Semiconductor Corp.
+0:9:cf iAd GmbH
+0:9:d Leader Electronics Corp.
+0:9:d0 Versatel Networks
+0:9:d1 Seranoa Networks Inc
+0:9:d2 Mai Logic Inc.
+0:9:d3 Western Datacom Co., Inc.
+0:9:d4 Transtech Networks
+0:9:d5 Signal Communication, Inc.
+0:9:d6 KNC One GmbH
+0:9:d7 DC Security Products
+0:9:d8 Private
+0:9:d9 Neoscale Systems, Inc
+0:9:da Control Module Inc.
+0:9:db Espace
+0:9:dc Galaxis Technology AG
+0:9:dd Mavin Technology Inc.
+0:9:de Samjin Information & Communications Co., Ltd.
+0:9:df Vestel Komunikasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
+0:9:e Helix Technology Inc.
+0:9:e0 Xemics S.A.
+0:9:e1 Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:9:e2 Sinbon Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:9:e3 Angel Iglesias S.A.
+0:9:e4 K Tech Infosystem Inc.
+0:9:e5 Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH
+0:9:e6 Cyber Switching Inc.
+0:9:e7 ADC Techonology
+0:9:e8 Cisco Systems
+0:9:e9 Cisco Systems
+0:9:ea YEM Inc.
+0:9:eb Humandata Ltd.
+0:9:ec Daktronics, Inc.
+0:9:ed Cipheroptics
+0:9:ee Meikyo Electric Co.,Ltd
+0:9:ef Vocera Communications
+0:9:f Fortinet Inc.
+0:9:f0 Shimizu Technology Inc.
+0:9:f1 Yamaki Electric Corporation
+0:9:f2 Cohu, Inc., Electronics Division
+0:9:f3 Well Communication Corp.
+0:9:f4 Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
+0:9:f5 Emerson Network Power Co.,Ltd
+0:9:f6 Shenzhen Eastern Digital Tech Ltd.
+0:9:f7 SED, a Division of Calian
+0:9:f8 Unimo Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:9:f9 ART Japan Co., Ltd.
+0:9:fb Philips Medizinsysteme Boeblingen GmbH
+0:9:fc Ipflex Inc.
+0:9:fd Ubinetics Limited
+0:9:fe Daisy Technologies, Inc.
+0:9:ff X.net 2000 GmbH
+0:9d:8e Cardiac Recorders, Inc.
+0:a0:0 Centillion Networks, Inc. [Bay Networks Ethernet switch]
+0:a0:1 DRS Signal Solutions
+0:a0:10 Syslogic Datentechnik AG
+0:a0:11 Mutoh Industries Ltd.
+0:a0:12 B.A.T.M. Advanced Technologies
+0:a0:13 Teltrend Ltd.
+0:a0:14 Csir
+0:a0:15 Wyle
+0:a0:16 Micropolis Corp.
+0:a0:17 J B M Corporation
+0:a0:18 Creative Controllers, Inc.
+0:a0:19 Nebula Consultants, Inc.
+0:a0:1a Binar Elektronik AB
+0:a0:1b Premisys Communications, Inc.
+0:a0:1c Nascent Networks Corporation
+0:a0:1d Sixnet
+0:a0:1e EST Corporation
+0:a0:1f Tricord Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:2 Leeds & Northrup Australia Pty Ltd
+0:a0:20 Citicorp/TTI
+0:a0:21 General Dynamics-
+0:a0:22 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
+0:a0:23 Applied Creative Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:24 3com Corporation [3com]
+0:a0:25 Redcom Labs Inc.
+0:a0:26 Teldat, S.A.
+0:a0:27 Firepower Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:28 Conner Peripherals
+0:a0:29 Coulter Corporation
+0:a0:2a Trancell Systems
+0:a0:2b Transitions Research Corp.
+0:a0:2c Interwave Communications
+0:a0:2d 1394 Trade Association
+0:a0:2e Brand Communications, Ltd.
+0:a0:2f Pirelli Cavi
+0:a0:3 Staefa Control System
+0:a0:30 Captor NV/SA
+0:a0:31 Hazeltine Corporation, MS 1-17
+0:a0:32 GES Singapore Pte. Ltd.
+0:a0:33 imc Mebsysteme GmbH
+0:a0:34 Axel
+0:a0:35 Cylink Corporation
+0:a0:36 Applied Network Technology
+0:a0:37 Datascope Corporation
+0:a0:38 Email Electronics
+0:a0:39 Ross Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:3a Kubotek Corporation
+0:a0:3b Toshin Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:3c EG&G Nuclear Instruments
+0:a0:3d Opto-22
+0:a0:3e ATM Forum
+0:a0:3f Computer Society Microprocessor & Microprocessor Standards C
+0:a0:4 Netpower, Inc.
+0:a0:40 Apple Computer [Apple (PCI Mac)]
+0:a0:41 Inficon
+0:a0:42 Spur Products Corp.
+0:a0:43 American Technology Labs, Inc.
+0:a0:44 NTT IT Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:45 Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.
+0:a0:46 Scitex Corp. Ltd.
+0:a0:47 Integrated Fitness Corp.
+0:a0:48 Questech, Ltd.
+0:a0:49 Digitech Industries, Inc.
+0:a0:4a Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:4b TFL LAN Inc. [Sonic Systems Inc. Ether FE 10/100 PCI for Mac or PC]
+0:a0:4c Innovative Systems & Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:4d EDA Instruments, Inc.
+0:a0:4e Voelker Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:4f Ameritec Corp.
+0:a0:5 Daniel Instruments, Ltd.
+0:a0:50 Cypress Semiconductor
+0:a0:51 Angia Communications. Inc.
+0:a0:52 Stanilite Electronics Pty. Ltd
+0:a0:53 Compact Devices, Inc.
+0:a0:54 Private
+0:a0:55 Data Device Corporation
+0:a0:56 Micropross
+0:a0:57 Lancom Systems GmbH
+0:a0:58 Glory, Ltd.
+0:a0:59 Hamilton Hallmark
+0:a0:5a Kofax Image Products
+0:a0:5b Marquip, Inc.
+0:a0:5c Inventory Conversion, Inc./
+0:a0:5d CS Computer Systeme GmbH
+0:a0:5e Myriad Logic Inc.
+0:a0:5f BTG Engineering BV
+0:a0:6 Image Data Processing System Group
+0:a0:60 Acer Peripherals, Inc.
+0:a0:61 Puritan Bennett
+0:a0:62 AES Prodata
+0:a0:63 JRL Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:64 KVB/Analect
+0:a0:65 Symantec Corporation
+0:a0:66 ISA Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:67 Network Services Group
+0:a0:68 BHP Limited
+0:a0:69 Symmetricom, Inc.
+0:a0:6a Verilink Corporation
+0:a0:6b DMS Dorsch Mikrosystem GmbH
+0:a0:6c Shindengen Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:6d Mannesmann Tally Corporation
+0:a0:6e Austron, Inc.
+0:a0:6f The Appcon Group, Inc.
+0:a0:7 Apexx Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:70 Coastcom
+0:a0:71 Video Lottery Technologies,Inc
+0:a0:72 Ovation Systems Ltd.
+0:a0:73 Com21, Inc. [Com21]
+0:a0:74 Perception Technology
+0:a0:75 Micron Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:76 Cardware Lab, Inc.
+0:a0:77 Fujitsu Nexion, Inc.
+0:a0:78 Marconi Communications
+0:a0:79 Alps Electric (USA), Inc.
+0:a0:7a Advanced Peripherals Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:7b Dawn Computer Incorporation
+0:a0:7c Tonyang Nylon Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:7d Seeq Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:7e Avid Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:7f GSM-Syntel, Ltd.
+0:a0:8 Netcorp
+0:a0:80 SBE, Inc.
+0:a0:81 Alcatel Data Networks
+0:a0:82 NKT Elektronik A/S
+0:a0:83 Asimmphony Turkey [Intel]
+0:a0:84 Dataplex Pty. Ltd.
+0:a0:85 Private
+0:a0:86 Amber Wave Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:87 Zarlink Semiconductor Ltd.
+0:a0:88 Essential Communications
+0:a0:89 Xpoint Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:8a Brooktrout Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:8b Aston Electronic Designs Ltd.
+0:a0:8c Multimedia Lans, Inc.
+0:a0:8d Jacomo Corporation
+0:a0:8e Nokia Internet Communications
+0:a0:8f Desknet Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:9 Whitetree Network
+0:a0:90 Timestep Corporation
+0:a0:91 Applicom International
+0:a0:92 H. Bollmann Manufacturers, Ltd [Intermate International [LAN printer interfaces]]
+0:a0:93 B/E Aerospace, Inc.
+0:a0:94 Comsat Corporation
+0:a0:95 Acacia Networks, Inc.
+0:a0:96 Mitumi Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:97 JC Information Systems
+0:a0:98 Network Appliance Corp.
+0:a0:99 K-Net Ltd.
+0:a0:9a Nihon Kohden America
+0:a0:9b Qpsx Communications, Ltd.
+0:a0:9c Xyplex, Inc.
+0:a0:9d Johnathon Freeman Technologies
+0:a0:9e Ictv
+0:a0:9f Commvision Corp.
+0:a0:a R.D.C. Communication
+0:a0:a0 Compact Data, Ltd.
+0:a0:a1 Epic Data Inc.
+0:a0:a2 Digicom S.P.A.
+0:a0:a3 Reliable Power Meters
+0:a0:a4 Micros Systems, Inc.
+0:a0:a5 Teknor Microsysteme, Inc.
+0:a0:a6 M.I. Systems, K.K.
+0:a0:a7 Vorax Corporation
+0:a0:a8 Renex Corporation
+0:a0:a9 GN Nettest (Canada) Navtel Division
+0:a0:aa Spacelabs Medical
+0:a0:ab Netcs Informationstechnik GmbH
+0:a0:ac Gilat Satellite Networks, Ltd.
+0:a0:ad Marconi SPA
+0:a0:ae Nucom Systems, Inc. [Network Peripherals, Inc.]
+0:a0:af WMS Industries
+0:a0:b Computex Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:b0 I-O Data Device, Inc.
+0:a0:b1 First Virtual Corporation
+0:a0:b2 Shima Seiki
+0:a0:b3 Zykronix
+0:a0:b4 Texas Microsystems, Inc.
+0:a0:b5 3H Technology
+0:a0:b6 Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:b7 Cordant, Inc.
+0:a0:b8 Symbios Logic Inc.
+0:a0:b9 Eagle Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:ba Patton Electronics Co.
+0:a0:bb Hilan GmbH
+0:a0:bc Viasat, Incorporated
+0:a0:bd I-Tech Corp.
+0:a0:be Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. Communications Group
+0:a0:bf Wireless Data Group Motorola
+0:a0:c Kingmax Technology, Inc. [Kingmax Technology Inc. PCMCIA card]
+0:a0:c0 Digital Link Corp.
+0:a0:c1 Ortivus Medical AB
+0:a0:c2 R.A. Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:c3 Unicomputer GmbH
+0:a0:c4 Cristie Electronics Ltd.
+0:a0:c5 Zyxel Communication
+0:a0:c6 Qualcomm Incorporated
+0:a0:c7 Tadiran Telecommunications
+0:a0:c8 Adtran Inc.
+0:a0:c9 Intel Corporation - HF1-06 [Intel (PRO100B and PRO100+); [used on Cisco PIX firewall among others]]
+0:a0:ca Fujitsu Denso Ltd.
+0:a0:cb ARK Telecommunications, Inc.
+0:a0:cc Lite-ON Communications, Inc. [Lite-On (used by Mac Sense in Adapter for Mac, also seen in PCs)]
+0:a0:cd DR. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH
+0:a0:ce Astrocom Corporation
+0:a0:cf Sotas, Inc.
+0:a0:d The Panda Project
+0:a0:d0 Ten X Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:d1 Inventec Corporation [National Semiconductor [COMPAQ Docking Station]]
+0:a0:d2 Allied Telesis International Corporation [Allied Telesyn]
+0:a0:d3 Instem Computer Systems, Ltd.
+0:a0:d4 Radiolan, Inc.
+0:a0:d5 Sierra Wireless Inc.
+0:a0:d6 SBE, Inc.
+0:a0:d7 Kasten Chase Applied Research
+0:a0:d8 Spectra - TEK
+0:a0:d9 Convex Computer Corporation
+0:a0:da Integrated Systems Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:db Fisher & Paykel Production
+0:a0:dc O.N. Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:dd Azonix Corporation
+0:a0:de Yamaha Corporation
+0:a0:df STS Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:e Visual Networks, Inc.
+0:a0:e0 Tennyson Technologies Pty Ltd
+0:a0:e1 Westport Research Associates, Inc.
+0:a0:e2 Keisoku Giken Corp.
+0:a0:e3 XKL Systems Corp.
+0:a0:e4 Optiquest
+0:a0:e5 NHC Communications
+0:a0:e6 Dialogic Corporation
+0:a0:e7 Central Data Corporation
+0:a0:e8 Reuters Holdings PLC
+0:a0:e9 Electronic Retailing Systems International
+0:a0:ea Ethercom Corp.
+0:a0:eb Encore Networks
+0:a0:ec Transmitton Ltd.
+0:a0:ed PRI Automation
+0:a0:ee Nashoba Networks
+0:a0:ef Lucidata Ltd.
+0:a0:f Broadband Technologies
+0:a0:f0 Toronto Microelectronics Inc.
+0:a0:f1 MTI
+0:a0:f2 Infotek Communications, Inc.
+0:a0:f3 Staubli
+0:a0:f4 GE
+0:a0:f5 Radguard Ltd.
+0:a0:f6 Autogas Systems Inc.
+0:a0:f7 V.I Computer Corp.
+0:a0:f8 Symbol Technologies, Inc.
+0:a0:f9 Bintec Communications GmbH
+0:a0:fa Marconi Communication GmbH
+0:a0:fb Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:a0:fc Image Sciences, Inc.
+0:a0:fd Scitex Digital Printing, Inc.
+0:a0:fe Boston Technology, Inc.
+0:a0:ff Tellabs Operations, Inc.
+0:a:0 Mediatek Corp.
+0:a:1 Sohoware, Inc.
+0:a:10 Fast Media Integrations AG
+0:a:11 Expet Technologies, Inc
+0:a:12 Azylex Technology, Inc
+0:a:13 Silent Witness
+0:a:14 Teco a.s.
+0:a:15 Silicon Data, Inc
+0:a:16 Lassen Research
+0:a:17 Nestar Communications, Inc
+0:a:18 Vichel Inc.
+0:a:19 Valere Power, Inc.
+0:a:1a Imerge Ltd
+0:a:1b Stream Labs
+0:a:1c Bridge Information Co., Ltd.
+0:a:1d Optical Communications Products Inc.
+0:a:1e Red-M (Communications) Limited
+0:a:1f ART Ware Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
+0:a:2 Annso Co., Ltd.
+0:a:20 SVA Networks, Inc.
+0:a:21 Integra Telecom Co. Ltd
+0:a:22 Amperion Inc
+0:a:23 Parama Networks Inc
+0:a:24 Octave Communications
+0:a:25 Ceragon Networks
+0:a:26 Ceia S.p.A.
+0:a:27 Apple Computer, Inc.
+0:a:28 Motorola
+0:a:29 Pan Dacom Networking AG
+0:a:2a QSI Systems Inc.
+0:a:2b Etherstuff
+0:a:2c Active Tchnology Corporation
+0:a:2d Private
+0:a:2e Maple Networks Co., Ltd
+0:a:2f Artnix Inc.
+0:a:3 Endesa Servicios, S.L.
+0:a:30 Johnson Controls-ASG
+0:a:31 HCV Wireless
+0:a:32 Xsido Corporation
+0:a:33 Sierra Logic, Inc.
+0:a:34 Identicard Systems Incorporated
+0:a:35 Xilinx
+0:a:36 Synelec Telecom Multimedia
+0:a:37 Procera Networks, Inc.
+0:a:38 Netlock Technologies, Inc.
+0:a:39 Lopa Information Technology
+0:a:3a J-Three International Holding Co., Ltd.
+0:a:3b GCT Semiconductor, Inc
+0:a:3c Enerpoint Ltd.
+0:a:3d Elo Sistemas Eletronicos S.A.
+0:a:3e Eads Telecom
+0:a:3f Data East Corporation
+0:a:4 3com Europe Ltd
+0:a:40 Crown Audio
+0:a:41 Cisco Systems
+0:a:42 Cisco Systems
+0:a:43 Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:a:44 Avery Dennison Deutschland GmbH
+0:a:45 Audio-Technica Corp.
+0:a:46 ARO Controls SAS
+0:a:47 Allied Vision Technologies
+0:a:48 Albatron Technology
+0:a:49 Acopia Networks
+0:a:4a Targa Systems Ltd.
+0:a:4b Datapower Technology, Inc.
+0:a:4c Molecular Devices Corporation
+0:a:4d Noritz Corporation
+0:a:4e Unitek Electronics Inc.
+0:a:4f Brain Boxes Limited
+0:a:5 Widax Corp.
+0:a:50 Remotek Corporation
+0:a:51 Gyrosignal Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:a:52 Venitek Co. Ltd.
+0:a:53 Intronics, Incorporated
+0:a:54 Laguna Hills, Inc.
+0:a:55 Markem Corporation
+0:a:56 Hitachi Maxell Ltd.
+0:a:57 Hewlett-Packard Company - Standards
+0:a:58 Ingenieur-Buero Freyer & Siegel
+0:a:59 HW Server
+0:a:5a Greennet Technologies Co.,Ltd.
+0:a:5b Power-One as
+0:a:5c Carel s.p.a.
+0:a:5d PUC Founder (MSC) Berhad
+0:a:5e 3com Corporation
+0:a:5f Almedio inc.
+0:a:6 Teledex LLC
+0:a:60 Autostar Technology Pte Ltd
+0:a:61 Cellinx Systems Inc.
+0:a:62 Crinis Networks, Inc.
+0:a:63 DHD GmbH
+0:a:64 Eracom Technologies
+0:a:65 Gentechmedia.co.,ltd.
+0:a:66 Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Co.,Ltd.
+0:a:67 Ongcorp
+0:a:68 Solarflare Communications, Inc.
+0:a:69 Sunny Bell Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:a:6a SVM Microwaves s.r.o.
+0:a:6b Tadiran Telecom Business Systems Ltd
+0:a:6c Walchem Corporation
+0:a:6d EKS Elektronikservice GmbH
+0:a:6e Broadcast Technology Limited
+0:a:6f Zytera Technologies Inc.
+0:a:7 Webwayone Ltd
+0:a:70 Mpls Forum
+0:a:71 Avrio Technologies, Inc
+0:a:72 Simpletech, Inc.
+0:a:73 Scientific Atlanta
+0:a:74 Manticom Networks Inc.
+0:a:75 Cat Electronics
+0:a:76 Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:a:77 Bluewire Technologies LLC
+0:a:78 Olitec
+0:a:79 Corega K.K.
+0:a:7a Kyoritsu Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:a:7b Cornelius Consult
+0:a:7c Tecton Ltd
+0:a:7d Valo, Inc.
+0:a:7e The Advantage Group
+0:a:7f Teradon Industries, Inc
+0:a:8 Alpine Electronics, Inc.
+0:a:80 Telkonet Inc.
+0:a:81 Teima Audiotex S.L.
+0:a:82 Tatsuta System Electronics Co.,Ltd.
+0:a:83 Salto Systems S.L.
+0:a:84 Rainsun Enterprise Co., Ltd.
+0:a:85 Plat'C2,Inc
+0:a:86 Lenze
+0:a:87 Integrated Micromachines Inc.
+0:a:88 Incypher S.A.
+0:a:89 Creval Systems, Inc.
+0:a:8a Cisco Systems
+0:a:8b Cisco Systems
+0:a:8c Guardware Systems Ltd.
+0:a:8d Eurotherm Limited
+0:a:8e Invacom Ltd
+0:a:8f Aska International Inc.
+0:a:9 Taracom Integrated Products, Inc.
+0:a:90 Bayside Interactive, Inc.
+0:a:91 Hemocue AB
+0:a:92 Presonus Corporation
+0:a:93 W2 Networks, Inc.
+0:a:94 Shanghai Cellink Co., Ltd
+0:a:95 Apple Computer, Inc.
+0:a:96 Mewtel Technology Inc.
+0:a:97 Sonicblue, Inc.
+0:a:98 M+F Gwinner GmbH & Co
+0:a:99 Dataradio Inc.
+0:a:9a Aiptek International Inc
+0:a:9b Towa Meccs Corporation
+0:a:9c Server Technology, Inc.
+0:a:9d King Young Technology Co. Ltd.
+0:a:9e Broadweb Corportation
+0:a:9f Pannaway Technologies, Inc.
+0:a:a Sunix Co., Ltd.
+0:a:a0 Cedar Point Communications
+0:a:a1 V V S Limited
+0:a:a2 Systek Inc.
+0:a:a3 Shimafuji Electric Co.,Ltd.
+0:a:a4 Shanghai Surveillance Technology Co,Ltd
+0:a:a5 Maxlink Industries Limited
+0:a:a6 Hochiki Corporation
+0:a:a7 FEI Company
+0:a:a8 Epipe Pty. Ltd.
+0:a:a9 Brooks Automation GmbH
+0:a:aa Altigen Communications Inc.
+0:a:ab Toyota Macs, Inc.
+0:a:ac Terratec Electronic GmbH
+0:a:ad Stargames Corporation
+0:a:ae Rosemount Process Analytical
+0:a:af Pipal Systems
+0:a:b Sealevel Systems, Inc.
+0:a:b0 Loytec Electronics GmbH
+0:a:b1 Genetec Corporation
+0:a:b2 Fresnel Wireless Systems
+0:a:b3 Fa. Gira
+0:a:b4 Etic Telecommunications
+0:a:b5 Digital Electronic Network
+0:a:b6 Compunetix, Inc
+0:a:b7 Cisco Systems
+0:a:b8 Cisco Systems
+0:a:b9 Astera Technologies Corp.
+0:a:ba Arcon Technology Limited
+0:a:bb Taiwan Secom Co,. Ltd
+0:a:bc Seabridge Ltd.
+0:a:bd Rupprecht & Patashnick Co.
+0:a:be Opnet Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:a:bf Hirota SS
+0:a:c Scientific Research Corporation
+0:a:c0 Fuyoh Video Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:a:c1 Futuretel
+0:a:c2 Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,Ltd
+0:a:c3 eM Technics Co., Ltd.
+0:a:c4 Daewoo Teletech Co., Ltd
+0:a:c5 Color Kinetics
+0:a:c6 Private
+0:a:c7 Unication Group
+0:a:c8 Zpsys Co.,Ltd. (Planning&Management)
+0:a:c9 Zambeel Inc
+0:a:ca Yokoyama Shokai Co.,Ltd.
+0:a:cb Xpak MSA Group
+0:a:cc Winnow Networks, Inc.
+0:a:cd Sunrich Technology Limited
+0:a:ce Radiantech, Inc.
+0:a:cf Provideo Multimedia Co. Ltd.
+0:a:d Mergeoptics GmbH
+0:a:d0 Niigata Develoment Center, F.I.T. Co., Ltd.
+0:a:d1 MWS
+0:a:d2 Jepico Corporation
+0:a:d3 Initech Co., Ltd
+0:a:d4 Corebell Systems Inc.
+0:a:d5 Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:a:d6 Beamreach Networks
+0:a:d7 Private
+0:a:d8 Ipcserv Technology Corp.
+0:a:d9 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
+0:a:da Private
+0:a:db Skypilot Network, Inc
+0:a:dc Ruggedcom Inc.
+0:a:dd Inscitek Microsystems, Inc.
+0:a:de Happy Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:a:df Gennum Corporation
+0:a:e Invivo Research Inc.
+0:a:e0 Fujitsu Softek
+0:a:e1 EG Technology
+0:a:e2 Binatone Electronics International, Ltd
+0:a:e3 Yang MEI Technology Co., Ltd
+0:a:e4 Wistron Corp.
+0:a:e5 Scottcare Corporation
+0:a:e6 Elitegroup Computer System Co. (ECS)
+0:a:e7 Eliop S.A.
+0:a:e8 Cathay Roxus Information Technology Co. Ltd
+0:a:e9 Airvast Technology Inc.
+0:a:ea Adam Elektronik Ltd.STI.
+0:a:eb Shenzhen Tp-Link Technology Co; Ltd.
+0:a:ec Koatsu Gas Kogyo Co., Ltd.
+0:a:ed Harting Vending G.m.b.H. & Co KG
+0:a:ee GCD Hard- & Software GmbH
+0:a:ef Otrum ASA
+0:a:f Ilryung Telesys, Inc
+0:a:f0 Shin-OH Electronics Co., Ltd. R&D
+0:a:f1 Clarity Design, Inc.
+0:a:f2 Neoaxiom Corp.
+0:a:f3 Cisco Systems
+0:a:f4 Cisco Systems
+0:a:f5 Airgo Networks, Inc.
+0:a:f6 Computer Process Controls
+0:a:f7 Broadcom Corp.
+0:a:f8 American Telecare Inc.
+0:a:f9 Hiconnect, Inc.
+0:a:fa Traverse Technologies Australia
+0:a:fb Ambri Limited
+0:a:fc Core Tec Communications, LLC
+0:a:fd Viking Electronic Services
+0:a:fe Novapal Ltd
+0:a:ff Kilchherr Elektronik AG
+0:aa:0 Intel Corporation [Intel]
+0:aa:1 Intel Corporation
+0:aa:2 Intel Corporation
+0:aa:3c Olivetti Telecom SPA (Olteco)
+0:b0:17 Infogear Technology Corp.
+0:b0:19 Casi-Rusco
+0:b0:1c Westport Technologies
+0:b0:1e Rantic Labs, Inc.
+0:b0:2a Orsys GmbH
+0:b0:2d Viagate Technologies, Inc.
+0:b0:3b HiQ Networks
+0:b0:48 Marconi Communications Inc.
+0:b0:4a Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:b0:52 Intellon Corporation
+0:b0:64 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:b0:69 Honewell Oy
+0:b0:6d Jones Futurex Inc.
+0:b0:80 Mannesmann Ipulsys B.V.
+0:b0:86 Locsoft Limited
+0:b0:8e Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:b0:9 Grass Valley Group
+0:b0:91 Transmeta Corp.
+0:b0:94 Alaris, Inc.
+0:b0:9a Morrow Technologies Corp.
+0:b0:9d Point Grey Research Inc.
+0:b0:ac Siae-Microelettronica S.p.A.
+0:b0:ae Symmetricom
+0:b0:b3 Xstreamis PLC
+0:b0:c2 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:b0:c7 Tellabs Operations, Inc.
+0:b0:ce Technology Rescue
+0:b0:d0 Dell Computer Corp. [Computer Products International]
+0:b0:db Nextcell, Inc.
+0:b0:df Reliable Data Technology, Inc.
+0:b0:e7 British Federal Ltd.
+0:b0:ec Eacem
+0:b0:ee Ajile Systems, Inc.
+0:b0:f0 Caly Networks
+0:b0:f5 Networth Technologies, Inc.
+0:b:0 Fujian Start Computer Equipment Co.,Ltd
+0:b:1 Daiichi Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:b:10 11wave Technonlogy Co.,Ltd
+0:b:11 Himeji ABC Trading Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:12 Nuri Telecom Co., Ltd.
+0:b:13 Zetron Inc
+0:b:14 Viewsonic Corporation
+0:b:15 Platypus Technology
+0:b:16 Communication Machinery Corporation
+0:b:17 MKS Instruments
+0:b:18 Private
+0:b:19 Vernier Networks, Inc.
+0:b:1a Teltone Corporation
+0:b:1b Systronix, Inc.
+0:b:1c Private
+0:b:1d Layerzero Power Systems, Inc.
+0:b:1e Kappa Opto-Electronics GmbH
+0:b:1f I CON Computer Co.
+0:b:2 Dallmeier Electronic
+0:b:20 Hirata Corporation
+0:b:21 G-Star Communications Inc.
+0:b:22 Environmental Systems and Services
+0:b:23 Efficient Networks, Inc.
+0:b:24 Airlogic
+0:b:25 Aeluros
+0:b:26 Wetek Corporation
+0:b:27 Scion Corporation
+0:b:28 Quatech Inc.
+0:b:29 LG Industrial Systems Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:2a Howtel Co., Ltd.
+0:b:2b Hostnet Corporation
+0:b:2c Eiki Industrial Co. Ltd.
+0:b:2d Danfoss Inc.
+0:b:2e Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited Taipe
+0:b:2f Bplan GmbH
+0:b:3 Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd
+0:b:30 Beijing Gongye Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:b:31 Yantai Zhiyang Scientific and Technology Industry Co., Ltd
+0:b:32 Vormetric, Inc.
+0:b:33 Vivato
+0:b:34 Shanghai Broadband Technologies Co.Ltd
+0:b:35 Quad Bit System co., Ltd.
+0:b:36 Productivity Systems, Inc.
+0:b:37 Manufacture des Montres Rolex SA
+0:b:38 Knuerr AG
+0:b:39 Keisoku Giken Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:3a Fortel DTV, Inc.
+0:b:3b Devolo AG
+0:b:3c Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.
+0:b:3d Contal OK Ltd.
+0:b:3e Bittware, Inc
+0:b:3f Anthology Solutions Inc.
+0:b:4 Volktek Corporation
+0:b:40 Opnext Inc.
+0:b:41 Ing. Buero Dr. Beutlhauser
+0:b:42 Commax Co., Ltd.
+0:b:43 Microscan Systems, Inc.
+0:b:44 Concord Idea Corp.
+0:b:45 Cisco
+0:b:46 Cisco
+0:b:47 Advanced Energy
+0:b:48 Sofrel
+0:b:49 RF-Link System Inc.
+0:b:4a Visimetrics (UK) Ltd
+0:b:4b Visiowave SA
+0:b:4c Clarion (M) Sdn Bhd
+0:b:4d Emuzed
+0:b:4e Vertexrsi Antenna Products Division
+0:b:4f Verifone, Inc.
+0:b:5 Pacific Broadband Networks
+0:b:50 Oxygnet
+0:b:51 Micetek International Inc.
+0:b:52 Joymax Electronics Corp.
+0:b:53 Initium Co., Ltd.
+0:b:54 Bitmicro Networks, Inc.
+0:b:55 Adinstruments
+0:b:56 Cybernetics
+0:b:57 Silicon Laboratories
+0:b:58 Astronautics C.A Ltd
+0:b:59 Scriptpro, LLC
+0:b:5a Hyperedge
+0:b:5b Rincon Research Corporation
+0:b:5c Newtech Co.,Ltd
+0:b:5d Fujitsu Limited
+0:b:5e Atmava Ltd
+0:b:5f Cisco Systems
+0:b:6 Motorola BCS
+0:b:60 Cisco Systems
+0:b:61 Friedrich Lütze GmbH &Co.
+0:b:62 Ingenieurbüro Ingo Mohnen
+0:b:63 Kaleidescape
+0:b:64 Kieback & Peter GmbH & Co KG
+0:b:65 Sy.A.C. srl
+0:b:66 Teralink Communications
+0:b:67 Topview Technology Corporation
+0:b:68 Addvalue Communications Pte Ltd
+0:b:69 Franke Finland Oy
+0:b:6a Asiarock Incorporation
+0:b:6b Wistron Neweb Corp.
+0:b:6c Sychip Inc.
+0:b:6d Solectron Japan Nakaniida
+0:b:6e Neff Instrument Corp.
+0:b:6f Media Streaming Networks Inc
+0:b:7 Voxpath Networks
+0:b:70 Load Technology, Inc.
+0:b:71 Litchfield Communications Inc.
+0:b:72 Lawo AG
+0:b:73 Kodeos Communications
+0:b:74 Kingwave Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:b:75 Iosoft Ltd.
+0:b:76 ET&T Co. Ltd.
+0:b:77 Cogent Systems, Inc.
+0:b:78 Taifatech Inc.
+0:b:79 X-Com, Inc.
+0:b:7a Wave Science Inc.
+0:b:7b Test-Um Inc.
+0:b:7c Telex Communications
+0:b:7d Solomon Extreme International Ltd.
+0:b:7e Saginomiya Seisakusho Inc.
+0:b:7f Omniwerks
+0:b:8 Pillar Data Systems
+0:b:80 Private
+0:b:81 Kaparel Corporation
+0:b:82 Grandstream Networks, Inc.
+0:b:83 Datawatt B.V.
+0:b:84 Bodet
+0:b:85 Airespace, Inc.
+0:b:86 Aruba Networks
+0:b:87 American Reliance Inc.
+0:b:88 Vidisco ltd.
+0:b:89 Top Global Technology, Ltd.
+0:b:8a Miteq Inc.
+0:b:8b Kerajet, S.A.
+0:b:8c Flextronics Israel
+0:b:8d Avvio Networks
+0:b:8e Ascent Corporation
+0:b:8f Akita Electronics Systems Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:9 Ifoundry Systems Singapore
+0:b:90 Covaro Networks, Inc.
+0:b:91 Aglaia Gesellschaft für Bildverarbeitung und Kommunikation m
+0:b:92 Ascom Danmark A/S
+0:b:93 Barmag Electronic
+0:b:94 Digital Monitoring Products, Inc.
+0:b:95 Ebet Gaming Systems Pty Ltd
+0:b:96 Innotrac Diagnostics Oy
+0:b:97 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:98 Nicetechvision
+0:b:99 Sensable Technologies, Inc.
+0:b:9a Shanghai Ulink Telecom Equipment Co. Ltd.
+0:b:9b Sirius System Co, Ltd.
+0:b:9c Tribeam Technologies, Inc.
+0:b:9d Twinmos Technologies Inc.
+0:b:9e Yasing Technology Corp.
+0:b:9f Neue Elsa GmbH
+0:b:a dBm Optics
+0:b:a0 T&L Information Inc.
+0:b:a1 Syscom Ltd.
+0:b:a2 Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc
+0:b:a3 Siemens AG, I&S
+0:b:a4 Shiron Satellite Communications Ltd. (1996)
+0:b:a5 Quasar Cipta Mandiri, PT
+0:b:a6 Miyakawa Electric Works Ltd.
+0:b:a7 Maranti Networks
+0:b:a8 Hanback Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:b:a9 Cloudshield Technologies, Inc.
+0:b:aa Aiphone co.,Ltd
+0:b:ab Advantech Technology (China) Co., Ltd.
+0:b:ac 3com Europe Ltd.
+0:b:ad PC-PoS Inc.
+0:b:ae Vitals System Inc.
+0:b:af Wooju Communications Co,.Ltd
+0:b:b Corrent Corporation
+0:b:b0 Sysnet Telematica srl
+0:b:b1 Super Star Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:b:b2 Smallbig Technology
+0:b:b3 RiT Technologies Ltd.
+0:b:b4 RDC Semiconductor Inc.,
+0:b:b5 Nstor Technologies, Inc.
+0:b:b6 Mototech Inc.
+0:b:b7 Micro Systems Co.,Ltd.
+0:b:b8 Kihoku Electronic Co.
+0:b:b9 Imsys AB
+0:b:ba Harmonic Broadband Access Networks
+0:b:bb Etin Systems Co., Ltd
+0:b:bc En Garde Systems, Inc.
+0:b:bd Connexionz Limited
+0:b:be Cisco Systems
+0:b:bf Cisco Systems
+0:b:c Agile Systems Inc.
+0:b:c0 China Iwncomm Co., Ltd.
+0:b:c1 Bay Microsystems, Inc.
+0:b:c2 Corinex Communication Corp.
+0:b:c3 Multiplex, Inc.
+0:b:c4 Biotronik GmbH & Co
+0:b:c5 SMC Networks, Inc.
+0:b:c6 Isac, Inc.
+0:b:c7 Icet S.p.A.
+0:b:c8 Airflow Networks
+0:b:c9 Electroline Equipment
+0:b:ca Datavan International Corporation
+0:b:cb Fagor Automation , S. Coop
+0:b:cc Jusan, S.A.
+0:b:cd Compaq (HP)
+0:b:ce Free2move AB
+0:b:cf Agfa NDT Inc.
+0:b:d Air2u, Inc.
+0:b:d0 Ximeta Technology Americas Inc.
+0:b:d1 Aeronix, Inc.
+0:b:d2 Remopro Technology Inc.
+0:b:d3 Cd3o
+0:b:d4 Beijing Wise Technology & Science Development Co.Ltd
+0:b:d5 Nvergence, Inc.
+0:b:d6 Paxton Access Ltd
+0:b:d7 MBB Gelma GmbH
+0:b:d8 Industrial Scientific Corp.
+0:b:d9 General Hydrogen
+0:b:da Eyecross Co.,Inc.
+0:b:db Dell ESG Pcba Test
+0:b:dc Akcp
+0:b:dd Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd.
+0:b:de Private
+0:b:df Shenzhen Routerd Networks Limited
+0:b:e Trapeze Networks
+0:b:e0 Serconet Ltd.
+0:b:e1 Private
+0:b:e2 Lumenera Corporation
+0:b:e3 Key Stream Co., Ltd.
+0:b:e4 Hosiden Corporation
+0:b:e5 Hims Korea Co., Ltd.
+0:b:e6 Datel Electronics
+0:b:e7 Comflux Technology Inc.
+0:b:e8 Aoip
+0:b:e9 Private
+0:b:ea Zultys Technologies
+0:b:eb Systegra AG
+0:b:ec Nippon Electric Instrument, Inc.
+0:b:ed ELM Inc.
+0:b:ee inc.jet, Incorporated
+0:b:ef Code Corporation
+0:b:f Nyquist Industrial Control BV
+0:b:f0 Motex Products Co., Ltd.
+0:b:f1 LAP Laser Applikations
+0:b:f2 Chih-Kan Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:b:f3 BAE Systems
+0:b:f4 Private
+0:b:f5 Shanghai Sibo Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:b:f6 Nitgen Co., Ltd
+0:b:f7 Nidek Co.,Ltd
+0:b:f8 Infinera
+0:b:f9 Gemstone Communications, Inc.
+0:b:fa Private
+0:b:fb D-Net International Corporation
+0:b:fc Cisco Systems
+0:b:fd Cisco Systems
+0:b:fe Castel Broadband Limited
+0:b:ff Berkeley Camera Engineering
+0:bb:1 Octothorpe Corp.
+0:bb:f0 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:c0:0 Lanoptics, Ltd.
+0:c0:1 Diatek Patient Managment
+0:c0:10 Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
+0:c0:11 Interactive Computing Devices
+0:c0:12 Netspan Corporation [Netspan Corp]
+0:c0:13 Netrix
+0:c0:14 Telematics Calabasas Int'l,Inc [Telematics Calabasas]
+0:c0:15 NEW Media Corporation [New Media Corp]
+0:c0:16 Electronic Theatre Controls
+0:c0:17 Forte Networks [Fluke]
+0:c0:18 Lanart Corporation [Lanart Corp]
+0:c0:19 Leap Technology, Inc.
+0:c0:1a Corometrics Medical Systems
+0:c0:1b Socket Communications, Inc. [Socket Communications]
+0:c0:1c Interlink Communications Ltd.
+0:c0:1d Grand Junction Networks, Inc. [Grand Junction Networks, Inc.; (Cisco Catalyst also reported)]
+0:c0:1e La Francaise des Jeux
+0:c0:1f S.E.R.C.E.L.
+0:c0:2 Sercomm Corporation
+0:c0:20 Arco Electronic, Control Ltd.
+0:c0:21 Netexpress
+0:c0:22 Lasermaster Technologies, Inc.
+0:c0:23 Tutankhamon Electronics
+0:c0:24 Eden Sistemas de Computacao SA
+0:c0:25 Dataproducts Corporation
+0:c0:26 Lans Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:27 Cipher Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:28 Jasco Corporation
+0:c0:29 Nexans Deutschland AG - ANS [Kabel Rheydt AG]
+0:c0:2a Ohkura Electric Co., Ltd. [Ohkura Electric Co]
+0:c0:2b Gerloff Gesellschaft FUR
+0:c0:2c Centrum Communications, Inc.
+0:c0:2d Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:2e Netwiz
+0:c0:2f Okuma Corporation [Okuma Corp]
+0:c0:3 Globalnet Communications
+0:c0:30 Integrated Engineering B. V.
+0:c0:31 Design Research Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:32 I-Cubed Limited
+0:c0:33 Telebit Communications APS [Telebit Corporation]
+0:c0:34 Transaction Network [Dale Computer Corporation]
+0:c0:35 Quintar Company
+0:c0:36 Raytech Electronic Corp.
+0:c0:37 Dynatem
+0:c0:38 Raster Image Processing System
+0:c0:39 TDK Semiconductor Corporation [Silicon Systems]
+0:c0:3a MEN-Mikro Elektronik GmbH
+0:c0:3b Multiaccess Computing Corp.
+0:c0:3c Tower Tech S.R.L.
+0:c0:3d Wiesemann & Theis GmbH
+0:c0:3e Fa. Gebr. Heller GmbH
+0:c0:3f Stores Automated Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:4 Japan Business Computer Co.Ltd
+0:c0:40 ECCI
+0:c0:41 Digital Transmission Systems
+0:c0:42 Datalux Corp.
+0:c0:43 Stratacom
+0:c0:44 Emcom Corporation
+0:c0:45 Isolation Systems, Ltd. [Isolation Systems Inc]
+0:c0:46 Kemitron Ltd.
+0:c0:47 Unimicro Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:48 Bay Technical Associates
+0:c0:49 U.S. Robotics, Inc. [US Robotics Total Control (tm) NETServer Card]
+0:c0:4a Group 2000 AG
+0:c0:4b Creative Microsystems
+0:c0:4c Department of Foreign Affairs
+0:c0:4d Mitec, Inc. [Mitec Ltd]
+0:c0:4e Comtrol Corporation
+0:c0:4f Dell Computer Corporation [Dell]
+0:c0:5 Livingston Enterprises, Inc. [Livingston Enterprises Inc; Portmaster (OEMed by Cayman)]
+0:c0:50 Toyo Denki Seizo K.K.
+0:c0:51 Advanced Integration Research
+0:c0:52 Burr-Brown
+0:c0:53 Davox Corporation
+0:c0:54 Network Peripherals, Ltd.
+0:c0:55 Modular Computing Technologies
+0:c0:56 Somelec
+0:c0:57 Myco Electronics
+0:c0:58 Dataexpert Corp.
+0:c0:59 Nippon Denso Co., Ltd. [Nippondenso Corp]
+0:c0:5a Semaphore Communications Corp.
+0:c0:5b Networks Northwest, Inc.
+0:c0:5c Elonex PLC
+0:c0:5d L&N Technologies
+0:c0:5e Vari-Lite, Inc.
+0:c0:5f Fine-PAL Company Limited
+0:c0:6 Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:60 ID Scandinavia AS
+0:c0:61 Solectek Corporation
+0:c0:62 Impulse Technology
+0:c0:63 Morning Star Technologies, Inc [Morning Star Technologies Inc; May be miswrite of 0003C6]
+0:c0:64 General Datacomm Ind. Inc.
+0:c0:65 Scope Communications, Inc.
+0:c0:66 Docupoint, Inc.
+0:c0:67 United Barcode Industries
+0:c0:68 Philip Drake Electronics Ltd. [Philp Drake Electronics Ltd]
+0:c0:69 Axxcelera Broadband Wireless [California Microwave Inc]
+0:c0:6a Zahner-Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG
+0:c0:6b OSI Plus Corporation
+0:c0:6c Svec Computer Corp.
+0:c0:6d Boca Research, Inc.
+0:c0:6e Haft Technology, Inc.
+0:c0:6f Komatsu Ltd.
+0:c0:7 Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:70 Sectra Secure-Transmission AB
+0:c0:71 Areanex Communications, Inc.
+0:c0:72 KNX Ltd.
+0:c0:73 Xedia Corporation
+0:c0:74 Toyoda Automatic Loom [Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd]
+0:c0:75 Xante Corporation
+0:c0:76 I-Data International A-S
+0:c0:77 Daewoo Telecom Ltd.
+0:c0:78 Computer Systems Engineering
+0:c0:79 Fonsys Co.,Ltd.
+0:c0:7a Priva B.V.
+0:c0:7b Ascend Communications, Inc. [Ascend Communications ISDN bridges/routers]
+0:c0:7c Hightech Information
+0:c0:7d Risc Developments Ltd.
+0:c0:7e Kubota Corporation Electronic
+0:c0:7f Nupon Computing Corp.
+0:c0:8 Seco SRL
+0:c0:80 Netstar, Inc.
+0:c0:81 Metrodata Ltd.
+0:c0:82 Moore Products Co.
+0:c0:83 Trace Mountain Products, Inc.
+0:c0:84 Data Link Corp. Ltd.
+0:c0:85 Electronics for Imaging, Inc. [Canon]
+0:c0:86 The Lynk Corporation
+0:c0:87 Uunet Technologies, Inc.
+0:c0:88 EKF Elektronik GmbH
+0:c0:89 Telindus Distribution
+0:c0:8a Lauterbach Datentechnik GmbH
+0:c0:8b Risq Modular Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:8c Performance Technologies, Inc.
+0:c0:8d Tronix Product Development
+0:c0:8e Network Information Technology
+0:c0:8f Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd
+0:c0:9 KT Technology (S) Pte Ltd [KT Technology (s) Pte Inc]
+0:c0:90 Praim S.R.L.
+0:c0:91 Jabil Circuit, Inc.
+0:c0:92 Mennen Medical Inc.
+0:c0:93 Alta Research Corp.
+0:c0:94 VMX Inc.
+0:c0:95 Znyx [Znyx (Network Appliance); Jupiter Systems (MX-700); Apple (G3) all seen]
+0:c0:96 Tamura Corporation
+0:c0:97 Archipel SA
+0:c0:98 Chuntex Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:99 Yoshiki Industrial Co.,Ltd.
+0:c0:9a Photonics Corporation
+0:c0:9b Reliance Comm/Tec, R-Tec [Reliance Comm/Tec, R-Tec Systems Inc]
+0:c0:9c TOA Electronic Ltd.
+0:c0:9d Distributed Systems Int'l, Inc
+0:c0:9e Cache Computers, Inc.
+0:c0:9f Quanta Computer, Inc.
+0:c0:a Micro Craft
+0:c0:a0 Advance Micro Research, Inc.
+0:c0:a1 Tokyo Denshi Sekei Co.
+0:c0:a2 Intermedium A/S
+0:c0:a3 Dual Enterprises Corporation
+0:c0:a4 Unigraf OY
+0:c0:a5 Dickens Data Systems
+0:c0:a6 Exicom Australia Pty. Ltd
+0:c0:a7 Seel Ltd.
+0:c0:a8 GVC Corporation
+0:c0:a9 Barron Mccann Ltd.
+0:c0:aa Silicon Valley Computer
+0:c0:ab Telco Systems, Inc. [Jupiter Technology Inc]
+0:c0:ac Gambit Computer Communications
+0:c0:ad Marben Communication Systems [Computer Communication Systems]
+0:c0:ae Towercom Co. Inc. DBA PC House
+0:c0:af Teklogix Inc.
+0:c0:b Norcontrol A.S.
+0:c0:b0 GCC Technologies,Inc.
+0:c0:b1 Genius Net Co.
+0:c0:b2 Norand Corporation
+0:c0:b3 Comstat Datacomm Corporation
+0:c0:b4 Myson Technology, Inc.
+0:c0:b5 Corporate Network Systems,Inc.
+0:c0:b6 Snap Appliance, Inc. [Meridian Data Inc]
+0:c0:b7 American Power Conversion Corp
+0:c0:b8 Fraser's Hill Ltd.
+0:c0:b9 Funk Software, Inc.
+0:c0:ba Netvantage
+0:c0:bb Forval Creative, Inc.
+0:c0:bc Telecom Australia/Cssc
+0:c0:bd Inex Technologies, Inc.
+0:c0:be Alcatel - Sel
+0:c0:bf Technology Concepts, Ltd.
+0:c0:c Relia Technolgies [ARK PC Technology, Inc.]
+0:c0:c0 Shore Microsystems, Inc.
+0:c0:c1 Quad/Graphics, Inc.
+0:c0:c2 Infinite Networks Ltd.
+0:c0:c3 Acuson Computed Sonography
+0:c0:c4 Computer Operational
+0:c0:c5 SID Informatica
+0:c0:c6 Personal Media Corp.
+0:c0:c7 Sparktrum Microsystems, Inc.
+0:c0:c8 Micro Byte Pty. Ltd.
+0:c0:c9 Elsag Bailey Process [Bailey Controls Co]
+0:c0:ca Alfa, Inc.
+0:c0:cb Control Technology Corporation
+0:c0:cc Telesciences Co Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:cd Comelta, S.A.
+0:c0:ce CEI Systems & Engineering Pte
+0:c0:cf Imatran Voima OY
+0:c0:d Advanced Logic Research, Inc.
+0:c0:d0 Ratoc System Inc.
+0:c0:d1 Comtree Technology Corporation [Comtree Technology Corporation (EFA also reported)]
+0:c0:d2 Syntellect, Inc.
+0:c0:d3 Olympus Image Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:d4 Axon Networks, Inc.
+0:c0:d5 Quancom Electronic GmbH
+0:c0:d6 J1 Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:d7 Taiwan Trading Center DBA
+0:c0:d8 Universal Data Systems
+0:c0:d9 Quinte Network Confidentiality [Quinte Network Confidentiality Equipment Inc]
+0:c0:da Nice Systems Ltd.
+0:c0:db IPC Corporation (Pte) Ltd.
+0:c0:dc EOS Technologies, Inc.
+0:c0:dd Qlogic Corporation
+0:c0:de Zcomm, Inc.
+0:c0:df KYE Systems Corp.
+0:c0:e Psitech, Inc.
+0:c0:e0 DSC Communication Corp.
+0:c0:e1 Sonic Solutions
+0:c0:e2 Calcomp, Inc.
+0:c0:e3 Ositech Communications, Inc.
+0:c0:e4 Siemens Building [Landis & Gyr Powers Inc]
+0:c0:e5 Gespac, S.A.
+0:c0:e6 Verilink Corporation [TXPORT]
+0:c0:e7 Fiberdata AB
+0:c0:e8 Plexcom, Inc.
+0:c0:e9 OAK Solutions, Ltd.
+0:c0:ea Array Technology Ltd.
+0:c0:eb SEH Computertechnik GmbH
+0:c0:ec Dauphin Technology
+0:c0:ed US Army Electronic [US Army Electronic Proving Ground]
+0:c0:ee Kyocera Corporation
+0:c0:ef Abit Corporation
+0:c0:f Quantum Software Systems Ltd. [QNX Software Systems Ltd.; [also Quantum Software Systems Ltd]]
+0:c0:f0 Kingston Technology Corp. [Kingston Technology Corporation]
+0:c0:f1 Shinko Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:f2 Transition Networks [Transition Engineering Inc]
+0:c0:f3 Network Communications Corp.
+0:c0:f4 Interlink System Co., Ltd.
+0:c0:f5 Metacomp, Inc.
+0:c0:f6 Celan Technology Inc.
+0:c0:f7 Engage Communication, Inc.
+0:c0:f8 About Computing Inc.
+0:c0:f9 Harris and Jeffries, Inc.
+0:c0:fa Canary Communications, Inc.
+0:c0:fb Advanced Technology Labs
+0:c0:fc Elastic Reality, Inc. [ASDG Incorporated]
+0:c0:fd Prosum
+0:c0:fe Aptec Computer Systems, Inc.
+0:c0:ff DOT Hill Systems Corporation [Box Hill Systems Corporation]
+0:c:0 BEB Industrie-Elektronik AG
+0:c:1 Abatron AG
+0:c:10 PNI Corporation
+0:c:11 Nippon Dempa Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:12 Micro-Optronic-Messtechnik GmbH
+0:c:13 Mediaq
+0:c:14 Diagnostic Instruments, Inc.
+0:c:15 Cyberpower Systems, Inc.
+0:c:16 Concorde Microsystems Inc.
+0:c:17 AJA Video Systems Inc
+0:c:18 Zenisu Keisoku Inc.
+0:c:19 Telio Communications GmbH
+0:c:1a Quest Technical Solutions Inc.
+0:c:1b Oracom Co, Ltd.
+0:c:1c Microweb Co., Ltd.
+0:c:1d Mettler & Fuchs AG
+0:c:1e Global Cache
+0:c:1f Glimmerglass Networks
+0:c:2 ABB Oy
+0:c:20 Fi WIn, Inc.
+0:c:21 Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
+0:c:22 Double D Electronics Ltd
+0:c:23 Beijing Lanchuan Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:c:24 Private
+0:c:25 Allied Telesyn Networks
+0:c:26 Weintek Labs. Inc.
+0:c:27 Sammy Corporation
+0:c:28 Rifatron
+0:c:29 Vmware, Inc.
+0:c:2a Octtel Communication Co., Ltd.
+0:c:2b Elias Technology, Inc.
+0:c:2c Enwiser Inc.
+0:c:2d Fullwave Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:c:2e Openet Information Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
+0:c:2f Seorimtechnology Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:3 Hdmi Licensing, LLC
+0:c:30 Cisco
+0:c:31 Cisco
+0:c:32 Avionic Design Development GmbH
+0:c:33 Compucase Enterprise Co. Ltd.
+0:c:34 Vixen Co., Ltd.
+0:c:35 Kavo Dental GmbH & Co. KG
+0:c:36 Sharp Takaya Electronics Industry Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:37 Geomation, Inc.
+0:c:38 Telcobridges Inc.
+0:c:39 Sentinel Wireless Inc.
+0:c:3a Oxance
+0:c:3b Orion Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:c:3c Mediachorus, Inc.
+0:c:3d Glsystech Co., Ltd.
+0:c:3e Crest Audio
+0:c:3f Cogent Defence & Security Networks,
+0:c:4 Tecnova
+0:c:40 Altech Controls
+0:c:41 The Linksys Group, Inc.
+0:c:42 Routerboard.com
+0:c:43 Ralink Technology, Corp.
+0:c:44 Automated Interfaces, Inc.
+0:c:45 Animation Technologies Inc.
+0:c:46 Allied Telesyn Inc.
+0:c:47 SK Teletech(R&D Planning Team)
+0:c:48 Qostek Corporation
+0:c:49 Dangaard Telecom RTC Division A/S
+0:c:4a Cygnus Microsystems Private Limited
+0:c:4b Cheops Elektronik
+0:c:4c Arcor AG&Co.
+0:c:4d Acra Control
+0:c:4e Winbest Technology Co,LT
+0:c:4f Udtech Japan Corporation
+0:c:5 RPA Reserch Co., Ltd.
+0:c:50 Seagate Technology
+0:c:51 Scientific Technologies Inc.
+0:c:52 Roll Systems Inc.
+0:c:53 Private
+0:c:54 Pedestal Networks, Inc
+0:c:55 Microlink Communications Inc.
+0:c:56 Megatel Computer (1986) Corp.
+0:c:57 Mackie Engineering Services Belgium Bvba
+0:c:58 M&S Systems
+0:c:59 Indyme Electronics, Inc.
+0:c:5a Ibsmm Industrieelektronik Multimedia
+0:c:5b Hanwang Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:c:5c GTN Systems B.V.
+0:c:5d Chic Technology (China) Corp.
+0:c:5e Private
+0:c:5f Avtec, Inc.
+0:c:6 Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd
+0:c:60 ACM Systems
+0:c:61 AC Tech Corporation DBA Advanced Digital
+0:c:62 ABB Automation Technology Products AB, Control
+0:c:63 Zenith Electronics Corporation
+0:c:64 X2 MSA Group
+0:c:65 Sunin Telecom
+0:c:66 Pronto Networks Inc
+0:c:67 OYO Electric Co.,Ltd
+0:c:68 Oasis Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:c:69 National Radio Astronomy Observatory
+0:c:6a Mbari
+0:c:6b Kurz Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
+0:c:6c Elgato Systems LLC
+0:c:6d BOC Edwards
+0:c:6e Asustek Computer Inc.
+0:c:6f Amtek System co.,Ltd.
+0:c:7 Iftest AG
+0:c:70 ACC GmbH
+0:c:71 Wybron, Inc
+0:c:72 Tempearl Industrial Co., Ltd.
+0:c:73 Telson Electronics Co., Ltd
+0:c:74 Rivertec Corporation
+0:c:75 Oriental Integrated Electronics. Ltd
+0:c:76 Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
+0:c:77 Life Racing Ltd
+0:c:78 In-Tech Electronics Limited
+0:c:79 Extel Communications P/L
+0:c:7a Datarius Technologies GmbH
+0:c:7b Alpha Project Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:7c Internet Information Image Inc.
+0:c:7d Teikoku Electric MFG. Co., Ltd
+0:c:7e Tellium Incorporated
+0:c:7f Synertronixx GmbH
+0:c:8 Humex Technologies Corp.
+0:c:80 Opelcomm Inc.
+0:c:81 Nulec Industries Pty Ltd
+0:c:82 Network Technologies Inc
+0:c:83 Logical Solutions
+0:c:84 Eazix, Inc.
+0:c:85 Cisco Systems
+0:c:86 Cisco Systems
+0:c:87 ATI
+0:c:88 Apache Micro Peripherals, Inc.
+0:c:89 AC Electric Vehicles, Ltd.
+0:c:8a Bose Corporation
+0:c:8b Connect Tech Inc
+0:c:8c Kodicom Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:8d Matrix Vision GmbH
+0:c:8e Mentor Engineering Inc
+0:c:8f Nergal s.r.l.
+0:c:9 Hitachi IE Systems Co., Ltd
+0:c:90 Octasic Inc.
+0:c:91 Riverhead Networks Inc.
+0:c:92 Wolfvision GmbH
+0:c:93 Xeline Co., Ltd.
+0:c:94 United Electronic Industries, Inc.
+0:c:95 Primenet
+0:c:96 OQO, Inc.
+0:c:97 NV ADB TTV Technologies SA
+0:c:98 Letek Communications Inc.
+0:c:99 Hitel Link Co.,Ltd
+0:c:9a Hitech Electronics Corp.
+0:c:9b EE Solutions, Inc
+0:c:9c Chongho Information & Communications
+0:c:9d Airwalk Communications, Inc.
+0:c:9e Memorylink Corp.
+0:c:9f NKE Corporation
+0:c:a Guangdong Province Electronic Technology Research Institute
+0:c:a0 Storcase Technology, Inc.
+0:c:a1 Sigmacom Co., Ltd.
+0:c:a2 Scopus Network Technologies Ltd
+0:c:a3 Rancho Technology, Inc.
+0:c:a4 Prompttec Product Management GmbH
+0:c:a5 Naman NZ LTd
+0:c:a6 Mintera Corporation
+0:c:a7 Metro (Suzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:c:a8 Garuda Networks Corporation
+0:c:a9 Ebtron Inc.
+0:c:aa Cubic Transportation Systems Inc
+0:c:ab Commend International
+0:c:ac Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
+0:c:ad BTU International
+0:c:ae Ailocom Oy
+0:c:af TRI Term Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:b Broadbus Technologies
+0:c:b0 Star Semiconductor Corporation
+0:c:b1 Salland Engineering (Europe) BV
+0:c:b2 Safei Co., Ltd.
+0:c:b3 Round Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:b4 Propagate Networks, Inc
+0:c:b5 Premier Technolgies, Inc
+0:c:b6 Nanjing SEU Mobile & Internet Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:c:b7 Nanjing Huazhuo Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:c:b8 Medion AG
+0:c:b9 LEA
+0:c:ba Jamex
+0:c:bb Iskraemeco
+0:c:bc Iscutum
+0:c:bd Interface Masters, Inc
+0:c:be Private
+0:c:bf Holy Stone Ent. Co., Ltd.
+0:c:c Appro Technology Inc.
+0:c:c0 Genera Oy
+0:c:c1 Cooper Industries Inc.
+0:c:c2 Private
+0:c:c3 Bewan Systems
+0:c:c4 Tiptel AG
+0:c:c5 Nextlink Co., Ltd.
+0:c:c6 Ka-Ro Electronics GmbH
+0:c:c7 Intelligent Computer Solutions Inc.
+0:c:c8 Integrated Digital Systems, Inc.
+0:c:c9 Ilwoo Data & Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:c:ca Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
+0:c:cb Design Combus Ltd
+0:c:cc Bluesoft Ltd.
+0:c:cd IEC - Tc57
+0:c:ce Cisco Systems
+0:c:cf Cisco Systems
+0:c:d Communications & Power Industries / Satcom Division
+0:c:d0 Symetrix
+0:c:d1 Sfom Technology Corp.
+0:c:d2 Schaffner EMV AG
+0:c:d3 Prettl Elektronik Radeberg GmbH
+0:c:d4 Positron Public Safety Systems inc.
+0:c:d5 Passave Inc.
+0:c:d6 Partner Tech
+0:c:d7 Nallatech Ltd
+0:c:d8 M. K. Juchheim GmbH & Co
+0:c:d9 Itcare Co., Ltd
+0:c:da Freehand Systems, Inc.
+0:c:db Foundry Networks
+0:c:dc Becs Technology, Inc
+0:c:dd AOS Technologies AG
+0:c:de ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH
+0:c:df Pulnix America, Inc
+0:c:e Xtremespectrum, Inc.
+0:c:e0 Trek Diagnostics Inc.
+0:c:e1 The Open Group
+0:c:e2 Rolls-Royce
+0:c:e3 Option International N.V.
+0:c:e4 Neurocom International, Inc.
+0:c:e5 Motorola BCS
+0:c:e6 Meru Networks Inc
+0:c:e7 Mediatek Inc.
+0:c:e8 Guangzhou Anjubao Co., Ltd
+0:c:e9 Bloomberg L.P.
+0:c:ea Aphona Kommunikationssysteme
+0:c:eb Cnmp Networks, Inc.
+0:c:ec Spectracom Corp.
+0:c:ed Real Digital Media
+0:c:ee Q-Networks
+0:c:ef Open Networks Engineering Ltd
+0:c:f Techno-One Co., Ltd
+0:c:f0 M & N GmbH
+0:c:f1 Intel Corporation
+0:c:f2 Gamesa EÓLica
+0:c:f3 Call Image SA
+0:c:f4 Akatsuki Electric MFG.Co.,Ltd.
+0:c:f5 Infoexpress
+0:c:f6 Sitecom Europe BV
+0:c:f7 Nortel Networks
+0:c:f8 Nortel Networks
+0:c:f9 ITT Flygt AB
+0:c:fa Digital Systems Corp
+0:c:fb Korea Network Systems
+0:c:fc S2io Technologies Corp
+0:c:fd Private
+0:c:fe Grand Electronic Co., Ltd
+0:c:ff MRO-TEK Limited
+0:cb:bd Cambridge Broadband Ltd.
+0:cf:1c Communication Machinery Corp.
+0:d0:0 Ferran Scientific, Inc.
+0:d0:1 VST Technologies, Inc.
+0:d0:10 Convergent Networks, Inc.
+0:d0:11 Prism Video, Inc.
+0:d0:12 Gateworks Corp.
+0:d0:13 Primex Aerospace Company
+0:d0:14 Root, Inc.
+0:d0:15 Univex Microtechnology Corp.
+0:d0:16 SCM Microsystems, Inc.
+0:d0:17 Syntech Information Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:18 Qwes. Com, Inc.
+0:d0:19 Dainippon Screen Corporate
+0:d0:1a Urmet SUD S.P.A.
+0:d0:1b Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:1c SBS Technologies,
+0:d0:1d Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:1e Pingtel Corp.
+0:d0:1f Ctam Pty. Ltd.
+0:d0:2 Ditech Corporation
+0:d0:20 AIM System, Inc.
+0:d0:21 Regent Electronics Corp.
+0:d0:22 Incredible Technologies, Inc.
+0:d0:23 Infortrend Technology, Inc.
+0:d0:24 Cognex Corporation
+0:d0:25 Xrosstech, Inc.
+0:d0:26 Hirschmann Austria GmbH
+0:d0:27 Applied Automation, Inc.
+0:d0:28 Omneon Video Networks
+0:d0:29 Wakefern Food Corporation
+0:d0:2a Voxent Systems Ltd.
+0:d0:2b Jetcell, Inc.
+0:d0:2c Campbell Scientific, Inc.
+0:d0:2d Ademco
+0:d0:2e Communication Automation Corp.
+0:d0:2f Vlsi Technology Inc.
+0:d0:3 Comda Enterprises Corp.
+0:d0:30 Safetran Systems Corp.
+0:d0:31 Industrial Logic Corporation
+0:d0:32 Yano Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:33 Dalian Daxian Network
+0:d0:34 Ormec Systems Corp.
+0:d0:35 Behavior Tech. Computer Corp.
+0:d0:36 Technology Atlanta Corp.
+0:d0:37 Philips-DVS-LO BDR
+0:d0:38 Fivemere, Ltd.
+0:d0:39 Utilicom, Inc.
+0:d0:3a Zoneworx, Inc.
+0:d0:3b Vision Products Pty. Ltd.
+0:d0:3c Vieo, Inc.
+0:d0:3d Galileo Technology, Ltd.
+0:d0:3e Rocketchips, Inc.
+0:d0:3f American Communication
+0:d0:4 Pentacom Ltd.
+0:d0:40 Sysmate Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:41 Amigo Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:42 Mahlo GmbH & Co. UG
+0:d0:43 Zonal Retail Data Systems
+0:d0:44 Alidian Networks, Inc.
+0:d0:45 Kvaser AB
+0:d0:46 Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
+0:d0:47 XN Technologies
+0:d0:48 Ecton, Inc.
+0:d0:49 Impresstek Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:4a Presence Technology GmbH
+0:d0:4b La CIE Group S.A.
+0:d0:4c Eurotel Telecom Ltd.
+0:d0:4d Div of Research & Statistics
+0:d0:4e Logibag
+0:d0:4f Bitronics, Inc.
+0:d0:5 ZHS Zeitmanagementsysteme
+0:d0:50 Iskratel
+0:d0:51 O2 Micro, Inc.
+0:d0:52 Ascend Communications, Inc.
+0:d0:53 Connected Systems
+0:d0:54 SAS Institute Inc.
+0:d0:55 Kathrein-Werke KG
+0:d0:56 Somat Corporation
+0:d0:57 Ultrak, Inc.
+0:d0:58 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:59 Ambit Microsystems Corp.
+0:d0:5a Symbionics, Ltd.
+0:d0:5b Acroloop Motion Control
+0:d0:5c Technotrend Systemtechnik GmbH
+0:d0:5d Intelliworxx, Inc.
+0:d0:5e Stratabeam Technology, Inc.
+0:d0:5f Valcom, Inc.
+0:d0:6 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:60 Panasonic European
+0:d0:61 Tremon Enterprises Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:62 Digigram
+0:d0:63 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:64 Multitel
+0:d0:65 Toko Electric
+0:d0:66 Wintriss Engineering Corp.
+0:d0:67 Campio Communications
+0:d0:68 Iwill Corporation
+0:d0:69 Technologic Systems
+0:d0:6a Linkup Systems Corporation
+0:d0:6b SR Telecom Inc.
+0:d0:6c Sharewave, Inc.
+0:d0:6d Acrison, Inc.
+0:d0:6e Trendview Recorders Ltd.
+0:d0:6f KMC Controls
+0:d0:7 MIC Associates, Inc.
+0:d0:70 Long Well Electronics Corp.
+0:d0:71 Echelon Corp.
+0:d0:72 Broadlogic
+0:d0:73 ACN Advanced Communications
+0:d0:74 Taqua Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:75 Alaris Medical Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:76 Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
+0:d0:77 Lucent Technologies
+0:d0:78 Eltex of Sweden AB
+0:d0:79 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:7a Amaquest Computer Corp.
+0:d0:7b Comcam International Ltd.
+0:d0:7c Koyo Electronics Inc. Co.,Ltd.
+0:d0:7d Cosine Communications
+0:d0:7e Keycorp Ltd.
+0:d0:7f Strategy & Technology, Limited
+0:d0:8 Mactell Corporation
+0:d0:80 Exabyte Corporation
+0:d0:81 Real Time Devices USA, Inc.
+0:d0:82 Iowave Inc.
+0:d0:83 Invertex, Inc.
+0:d0:84 Nexcomm Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:85 Otis Elevator Company
+0:d0:86 Foveon, Inc.
+0:d0:87 Microfirst Inc.
+0:d0:88 Terayon Communications Systems
+0:d0:89 Dynacolor, Inc.
+0:d0:8a Photron USA
+0:d0:8b Adva Limited
+0:d0:8c Genoa Technology, Inc.
+0:d0:8d Phoenix Group, Inc.
+0:d0:8e Nvision Inc.
+0:d0:8f Ardent Technologies, Inc.
+0:d0:9 Hsing Tech. Enterprise Co. Ltd
+0:d0:90 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:91 Smartsan Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:92 Glenayre Western Multiplex
+0:d0:93 TQ - Components GmbH
+0:d0:94 Timeline Vista, Inc.
+0:d0:95 Xylan Corporation
+0:d0:96 3com Europe Ltd.
+0:d0:97 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:98 Photon Dynamics Canada Inc.
+0:d0:99 Elcard OY
+0:d0:9a Filanet Corporation
+0:d0:9b Spectel Ltd.
+0:d0:9c Kapadia Communications
+0:d0:9d Veris Industries
+0:d0:9e 2wire, Inc.
+0:d0:9f Novtek Test Systems
+0:d0:a Lanaccess Telecom S.A.
+0:d0:a0 Mips Denmark
+0:d0:a1 Oskar Vierling GmbH + Co. KG
+0:d0:a2 Integrated Device
+0:d0:a3 Vocal Data, Inc.
+0:d0:a4 Alantro Communications
+0:d0:a5 American Arium
+0:d0:a6 Lanbird Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:a7 Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:a8 Network Engines, Inc.
+0:d0:a9 Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:aa Chase Communications
+0:d0:ab Deltakabel Telecom CV
+0:d0:ac Grayson Wireless
+0:d0:ad TL Industries
+0:d0:ae Oresis Communications, Inc.
+0:d0:af Cutler-Hammer, Inc.
+0:d0:b RHK Technology, Inc.
+0:d0:b0 Bitswitch Ltd.
+0:d0:b1 Omega Electronics SA
+0:d0:b2 Xiotech Corporation
+0:d0:b3 DRS Flight Safety and
+0:d0:b4 Katsujima Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:b5 Ipricot Formerly Dotcom
+0:d0:b6 Crescent Networks, Inc.
+0:d0:b7 Intel Corporation
+0:d0:b8 Iomega Corporation
+0:d0:b9 Microtek International, Inc.
+0:d0:ba Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:bb Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:bc Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:bd Sican GmbH
+0:d0:be Emutec Inc.
+0:d0:bf Pivotal Technologies
+0:d0:c Snijder Micro Systems
+0:d0:c0 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:c1 Harmonic Data Systems, Ltd.
+0:d0:c2 Balthazar Technology AB
+0:d0:c3 Vivid Technology Pte, Ltd.
+0:d0:c4 Teratech Corporation
+0:d0:c5 Computational Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:c6 Thomas & Betts Corp.
+0:d0:c7 Pathway, Inc.
+0:d0:c8 I/O Consulting A/S
+0:d0:c9 Advantech Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:ca Intrinsyc Software Inc.
+0:d0:cb Dasan Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:cc Technologies Lyre Inc.
+0:d0:cd Atan Technology Inc.
+0:d0:ce Asyst Electronic
+0:d0:cf Moreton Bay
+0:d0:d Micromeritics Instrument
+0:d0:d0 Zhongxing Telecom Ltd.
+0:d0:d1 Sirocco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:d2 Epilog Corporation
+0:d0:d3 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:d4 V-Bits, Inc.
+0:d0:d5 Grundig AG
+0:d0:d6 Aethra Telecomunicazioni
+0:d0:d7 B2c2, Inc.
+0:d0:d8 3com Corporation
+0:d0:d9 Dedicated Microcomputers
+0:d0:da Taicom Data Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:db Mcquay International
+0:d0:dc Modular Mining Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:dd Sunrise Telecom, Inc.
+0:d0:de Philips Multimedia Network
+0:d0:df Kuzumi Electronics, Inc.
+0:d0:e Pluris, Inc.
+0:d0:e0 Dooin Electronics Co.
+0:d0:e1 Avionitek Israel Inc.
+0:d0:e2 MRT Micro, Inc.
+0:d0:e3 ELE-Chem Engineering Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:e4 Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d0:e5 Solidum Systems Corp.
+0:d0:e6 Ibond Inc.
+0:d0:e7 Vcon Telecommunication Ltd.
+0:d0:e8 MAC System Co., Ltd.
+0:d0:e9 Advantage Century
+0:d0:ea Nextone Communications, Inc.
+0:d0:eb Lightera Networks, Inc.
+0:d0:ec Nakayo Telecommunications, Inc
+0:d0:ed Xiox
+0:d0:ee Dictaphone Corporation
+0:d0:ef IGT
+0:d0:f Speech Design GmbH
+0:d0:f0 Convision Technology GmbH
+0:d0:f1 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
+0:d0:f2 Monterey Networks
+0:d0:f3 Solari di Udine SPA
+0:d0:f4 Carinthian Tech Institute
+0:d0:f5 Orange Micro, Inc.
+0:d0:f6 Alcatel Canada
+0:d0:f7 Next Nets Corporation
+0:d0:f8 Fujian Star Terminal
+0:d0:f9 Acute Communications Corp.
+0:d0:fa Racal Guardata
+0:d0:fb TEK Microsystems, Incorporated
+0:d0:fc Granite Microsystems
+0:d0:fd Optima Tele.Com, Inc.
+0:d0:fe Astral Point
+0:d0:ff Cisco Systems, Inc.
+0:d:0 Seaway Networks Inc.
+0:d:1 P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
+0:d:10 Embedtronics Oy
+0:d:11 Dentsply - Gendex
+0:d:12 Axell Corporation
+0:d:13 Wilhelm Rutenbeck GmbH&Co.
+0:d:14 Vtech Innovation LP dba Advanced American Telephones
+0:d:15 Voipac s.r.o.
+0:d:16 UHS Systems Pty Ltd
+0:d:17 Turbo Networks Co.Ltd
+0:d:18 Sunitec Enterprise Co., Ltd.
+0:d:19 Robe Show Lighting
+0:d:1a Mustek System Inc.
+0:d:1b Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
+0:d:1c I2E Telecom
+0:d:1d High-TEK Harness ENT. Co., Ltd.
+0:d:1e Control Techniques
+0:d:1f AV Digital
+0:d:2 NEC Access Technica,Ltd
+0:d:20 Asahikasei Technosystem Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:21 Wiscore Inc.
+0:d:22 Unitronics
+0:d:23 Smart Solution, Inc
+0:d:24 Sentec E&E Co., Ltd.
+0:d:25 Sanden Corporation
+0:d:26 Primagraphics Limited
+0:d:27 Microplex Printware AG
+0:d:28 Cisco
+0:d:29 Cisco
+0:d:2a Scanmatic AS
+0:d:2b Racal Instruments
+0:d:2c Patapsco Designs Ltd
+0:d:2d NCT Deutschland GmbH
+0:d:2e Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation
+0:d:2f AIN Comm.Tech.Co., Ltd
+0:d:3 Matrics, Inc.
+0:d:30 Icefyre Semiconductor
+0:d:31 Compellent Technologies, Inc.
+0:d:32 Dispensesource, Inc.
+0:d:33 Prediwave Corp.
+0:d:34 Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc.
+0:d:35 PAC International Ltd
+0:d:36 Wu Han Routon Electronic Co., Ltd
+0:d:37 Wiplug
+0:d:38 Nissin Inc.
+0:d:39 Network Electronics
+0:d:3a Microsoft Corp.
+0:d:3b Microelectronics Technology Inc.
+0:d:3c i.Tech Dynamic Ltd
+0:d:3d Private
+0:d:3e Aplux Communications Ltd.
+0:d:3f VXI Technology
+0:d:4 Foxboro Eckardt Development GmbH
+0:d:40 Verint Loronix Video Solutions
+0:d:41 Siemens AG ICM MP UC RD IT Klf1
+0:d:42 Newbest Development Limited
+0:d:43 DRS Tactical Systems Inc.
+0:d:44 Private
+0:d:45 Tottori Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:d:46 Eurotherm Drives, Ltd.
+0:d:47 Collex
+0:d:48 Aewin Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:d:49 Triton Systems of Delaware, Inc.
+0:d:4a Steag ETA-Optik
+0:d:4b Roku, LLC
+0:d:4c Outline Electronics Ltd.
+0:d:4d Ninelanes
+0:d:4e NDR Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:4f Kenwood Corporation
+0:d:5 Cybernet Manufacturing inc.
+0:d:50 Galazar Networks
+0:d:51 Divr Systems, Inc.
+0:d:52 Comart System
+0:d:53 Beijing 5w Communication Corp.
+0:d:54 3com Europe Ltd
+0:d:55 Sanycom Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:d:56 Dell Pcba Test
+0:d:57 Fujitsu I-Network Systems Limited.
+0:d:58 Private
+0:d:59 Amity Systems, Inc.
+0:d:5a Tiesse SpA
+0:d:5b Smart Empire Investments Limited
+0:d:5c Robert Bosch GmbH, VT-Atmo
+0:d:5d Raritan Computer, Inc
+0:d:5e NEC Customtechnica, Ltd.
+0:d:5f Minds Inc
+0:d:6 Compulogic Limited
+0:d:60 IBM Corporation
+0:d:61 Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:d:62 Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH
+0:d:63 Dent Instruments, Inc.
+0:d:64 Comag Handels AG
+0:d:65 Cisco Systems
+0:d:66 Cisco Systems
+0:d:67 Belair Networks Inc.
+0:d:68 Vinci Systems, Inc.
+0:d:69 TMT&D Corporation
+0:d:6a Redwood Technologies Ltd
+0:d:6b Mita-Teknik A/S
+0:d:6c M-Audio
+0:d:6d K-Tech Devices Corp.
+0:d:6e K-Patents Oy
+0:d:6f Ember Corporation
+0:d:7 Calrec Audio Ltd
+0:d:70 Datamax Corporation
+0:d:71 Boca Systems
+0:d:72 2wire, Inc
+0:d:73 Technical Support, Inc.
+0:d:74 Sand Network Systems, Inc.
+0:d:75 Kobian Pte Ltd - Taiwan Branch
+0:d:76 Hokuto Denshi Co,. Ltd.
+0:d:77 Falconstor Software
+0:d:78 Engineering & Security
+0:d:79 Dynamic Solutions Co,.Ltd.
+0:d:7a Digatto Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
+0:d:7b Consensys Computers Inc.
+0:d:7c Codian Ltd
+0:d:7d Afco Systems
+0:d:7e Axiowave Networks, Inc.
+0:d:7f Midas Communication Technologies Pte Ltd ( Foreign Branch)
+0:d:8 Abovecable, Inc.
+0:d:80 Online Development Inc
+0:d:81 Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
+0:d:82 PHS srl
+0:d:83 Sanmina-SCI Hungary Ltd.
+0:d:84 Seodu Inchip, Inc.
+0:d:85 Tapwave, Inc.
+0:d:86 Huber + Suhner AG
+0:d:87 Elitegroup Computer System Co. (ECS)
+0:d:88 D-Link Corporation
+0:d:89 Bils Technology Inc
+0:d:8a Winners Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:d:8b T&D Corporation
+0:d:8c Shanghai Wedone Digital Ltd. Co.
+0:d:8d Prolinx Communication Gateways, Inc.
+0:d:8e Koden Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:d:8f King Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
+0:d:9 Yuehua(Zhuhai) Electronic Co. Ltd
+0:d:90 Factum Electronics AB
+0:d:91 Eclipse (HQ Espana) S.L.
+0:d:92 Arima Communication Corporation
+0:d:93 Apple Computer
+0:d:94 Afar Communications,Inc
+0:d:95 Opti-Cell, Inc.
+0:d:96 Vtera Technology Inc.
+0:d:97 Tropos Networks, Inc.
+0:d:98 S.W.A.C. Schmitt-Walter Automation Consult GmbH
+0:d:99 Orbital Sciences Corp.; Launch Systems Group
+0:d:9a Infotec Ltd
+0:d:9b Private
+0:d:9c Elan GmbH & Co KG
+0:d:9d Hewlett Packard
+0:d:9e Tokuden Ohizumi Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:9f RF Micro Devices
+0:d:a Projectiondesign as
+0:d:a0 Nedap N.V.
+0:d:a1 Mirae ITS Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:a2 Infrant Technologies, Inc.
+0:d:a3 Emerging Technologies Limited
+0:d:a4 Dosch & Amand Systems AG
+0:d:a5 Fabric7 Systems, Inc
+0:d:a6 Universal Switching Corporation
+0:d:a7 Private
+0:d:a8 Teletronics Technology Corporation
+0:d:a9 T.E.A.M. S.L.
+0:d:aa S.A.Tehnology co.,Ltd.
+0:d:ab Parker Hannifin GmbH Electromechanical Division Europe
+0:d:ac Japan CBM Corporation
+0:d:ad Dataprobe Inc
+0:d:ae Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
+0:d:af Plexus Corp (UK) Ltd
+0:d:b Melco Inc.
+0:d:b0 Olym-Tech Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:b1 Japan Network Service Co., Ltd.
+0:d:b2 Ammasso, Inc.
+0:d:b3 SDO Communication Corperation
+0:d:b4 Netasq
+0:d:b5 Globalsat Technology Corporation
+0:d:b6 Teknovus, Inc.
+0:d:b7 Sanko Electric Co,.Ltd
+0:d:b8 Schiller AG
+0:d:b9 PC Engines GmbH
+0:d:ba Océ Document Technologies GmbH
+0:d:bb Nippon Dentsu Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:bc Cisco Systems
+0:d:bd Cisco Systems
+0:d:be Bel Fuse Europe Ltd.,UK
+0:d:bf Tektone Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc.
+0:d:c MDI Security Systems
+0:d:c0 Spagat AS
+0:d:c1 Safeweb Inc
+0:d:c2 Private
+0:d:c3 First Communication, Inc.
+0:d:c4 Emcore Corporation
+0:d:c5 Echostar International Corporation
+0:d:c6 Digirose Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:d:c7 Cosmic Engineering Inc.
+0:d:c8 Airmagnet, Inc
+0:d:c9 Thales Elektronik Systeme GmbH
+0:d:ca Tait Electronics
+0:d:cb Petcomkorea Co., Ltd.
+0:d:cc Neosmart Corp.
+0:d:cd Groupe Txcom
+0:d:ce Dynavac Technology Pte Ltd
+0:d:cf Cidra Corp.
+0:d:d Itsupported, LLC
+0:d:d0 Tetratec Instruments GmbH
+0:d:d1 Stryker Corporation
+0:d:d2 Simrad Optronics ASA
+0:d:d3 Samwoo Telecommunication Co.,Ltd.
+0:d:d4 Revivio Inc.
+0:d:d5 O'Rite Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:d:d6 ITI Ltd
+0:d:d7 Bright
+0:d:d8 BBN
+0:d:d9 Anton Paar GmbH
+0:d:da Allied Telesis K.K.
+0:d:db Airwave Technologies Inc.
+0:d:dc VAC
+0:d:dd ProfİLO Telra ElektronİK Sanayİ VE TİCaret A.Ş.
+0:d:de Joyteck Co., Ltd.
+0:d:df Japan Image & Network Inc.
+0:d:e Inqnet Systems, Inc.
+0:d:e0 Icpdas Co.,Ltd
+0:d:e1 Control Products, Inc.
+0:d:e2 CMZ Sistemi Elettronici
+0:d:e3 AT Sweden AB
+0:d:e4 Diginics, Inc.
+0:d:e5 Samsung Thales
+0:d:e6 Youngbo Engineering Co.,Ltd
+0:d:e7 Snap-on OEM Group
+0:d:e8 Nasaco Electronics Pte. Ltd
+0:d:e9 Napatech Aps
+0:d:ea Kingtel Telecommunication Corp.
+0:d:eb Compxs Limited
+0:d:ec Cisco Systems
+0:d:ed Cisco Systems
+0:d:ee Private
+0:d:ef Soc. Coop. Bilanciai
+0:d:f Finlux Ltd
+0:d:f0 Qcom Technology Inc.
+0:d:f1 Ionix Inc.
+0:d:f2 Private
+0:d:f3 Asmax Solutions
+0:d:f4 Watertek Co.
+0:d:f5 Teletronics International Inc.
+0:d:f6 Technology Thesaurus Corp.
+0:d:f7 Space Dynamics Lab
+0:d:f8 Orga Kartensysteme GmbH
+0:d:f9 NDS Limited
+0:d:fa Micro Control Systems Ltd.
+0:d:fb Komax AG
+0:d:fc Itfor Inc. Resarch and Development
+0:d:fd Huges Hi-Tech Inc.,
+0:d:fe Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.
+0:d:ff Chenming Mold Industry Corp.
+0:dd:0 Ungermann-Bass Inc. [Ungermann-Bass IBM RT]
+0:dd:1 Ungermann-Bass Inc. [Ungermann-Bass]
+0:dd:2 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:3 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:4 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:5 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:6 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:7 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:8 Ungermann-Bass Inc. [Ungermann-Bass]
+0:dd:9 Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:a Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:b Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:c Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:d Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:e Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:dd:f Ungermann-Bass Inc.
+0:e0:0 Fujitsu, Ltd
+0:e0:1 Strand Lighting Limited
+0:e0:10 Hess SB-Automatenbau GmbH
+0:e0:11 Uniden San Diego R&D Center, Inc. [Uniden Corporation]
+0:e0:12 Pluto Technologies International Inc.
+0:e0:13 Eastern Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:14 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:15 Heiwa Corporation
+0:e0:16 Rapid City Communications [rapid-city (now a part of bay networks)]
+0:e0:17 Exxact GmbH
+0:e0:18 Asustek Computer Inc. [Asustek Intel 82558-based Integrated Fast Ethernet for WIM]
+0:e0:19 ING. Giordano Elettronica
+0:e0:1a Comtec Systems. Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:1b Sphere Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:1c Mobility Electronicsy
+0:e0:1d Webtv Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:1e Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:1f Avidia Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:2 Crossroads Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:20 Tecnomen OY
+0:e0:21 Freegate Corp.
+0:e0:22 Analog Devices Inc.
+0:e0:23 Telrad
+0:e0:24 Gadzoox Networks
+0:e0:25 dit Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:26 Eastman Kodak Co.
+0:e0:27 DUX, Inc.
+0:e0:28 Aptix Corporation
+0:e0:29 Standard Microsystems Corp. [SMC Ether Power II 10/100]
+0:e0:2a Tandberg Television AS
+0:e0:2b Extreme Networks
+0:e0:2c AST Computer [AST - built into 5166M PC motherboard (win95 id's as Intel)]
+0:e0:2d Innomedialogic, Inc.
+0:e0:2e SPC Electronics Corporation
+0:e0:2f Mcns Holdings, L.P.
+0:e0:3 Nokia Wireless Business Commun
+0:e0:30 Melita International Corp.
+0:e0:31 Hagiwara Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:32 Misys Financial Systems, Ltd.
+0:e0:33 E.E.P.D. GmbH
+0:e0:34 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:35 Loughborough Sound Images, PLC
+0:e0:36 Pioneer Corporation
+0:e0:37 Century Corporation
+0:e0:38 Proxima Corporation
+0:e0:39 Paradyne Corp. [Paradyne 7112 T1 DSU/CSU]
+0:e0:3a Cabletron Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:3b Prominet Corporation
+0:e0:3c Advansys
+0:e0:3d Focon Electronic Systems A/S
+0:e0:3e Alfatech, Inc.
+0:e0:3f Jaton Corporation
+0:e0:4 PMC-Sierra, Inc.
+0:e0:40 Deskstation Technology, Inc.
+0:e0:41 Cspi
+0:e0:42 Pacom Systems Ltd.
+0:e0:43 Vitalcom
+0:e0:44 Lsics Corporation
+0:e0:45 Touchwave, Inc.
+0:e0:46 Bently Nevada Corp.
+0:e0:47 Infocus Systems
+0:e0:48 SDL Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:49 Microwi Electronic GmbH
+0:e0:4a Enhanced Messaging Systems, Inc
+0:e0:4b Jump Industrielle Computertechnik GmbH
+0:e0:4c Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
+0:e0:4d Internet Initiative Japan, Inc
+0:e0:4e Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:4f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:5 Technical Corp.
+0:e0:50 Executone Information Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:51 Talx Corporation
+0:e0:52 Foundry Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:53 Cellport Labs, Inc.
+0:e0:54 Kodai Hitec Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:55 Ingenieria Electronica Comercial Inelcom S.A.
+0:e0:56 Holontech Corporation
+0:e0:57 HAN Microtelecom. Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:58 Phase One Denmark A/S
+0:e0:59 Controlled Environments, Ltd.
+0:e0:5a Galea Network Security
+0:e0:5b West End Systems Corp.
+0:e0:5c Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Ltd.
+0:e0:5d Unitec Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:5e Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
+0:e0:5f e-Net, Inc.
+0:e0:6 Silicon Integrated Sys. Corp.
+0:e0:60 Sherwood
+0:e0:61 Edgepoint Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:62 Host Engineering
+0:e0:63 Cabletron - Yago Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:64 Samsung Electronics
+0:e0:65 Optical Access International
+0:e0:66 Promax Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:67 eac Automation-Consulting GmbH
+0:e0:68 Merrimac Systems Inc.
+0:e0:69 Jaycor
+0:e0:6a Kapsch AG
+0:e0:6b W&G Special Products
+0:e0:6c AEP Systems International Ltd
+0:e0:6d Compuware Corporation
+0:e0:6e FAR Systems S.p.A.
+0:e0:6f Terayon Communications Systems
+0:e0:7 Network Alchemy Ltd.
+0:e0:70 DH Technology
+0:e0:71 Epis Microcomputer
+0:e0:72 Lynk
+0:e0:73 National Amusement Network, Inc.
+0:e0:74 Tiernan Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:75 Verilink Corporation
+0:e0:76 Development Concepts, Inc.
+0:e0:77 Webgear, Inc.
+0:e0:78 Berkeley Networks
+0:e0:79 A.T.N.R.
+0:e0:7a Mikrodidakt AB
+0:e0:7b Bay Networks
+0:e0:7c Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
+0:e0:7d Netronix, Inc. [Encore (Netronix?) 10/100 PCI Fast ethernet card]
+0:e0:7e Walt Disney Imagineering
+0:e0:7f Logististem s.r.l.
+0:e0:8 Amazing Controls! Inc.
+0:e0:80 Control Resources Corporation
+0:e0:81 Tyan Computer Corp. [Tyan Computer Corp. Onboard Intel 82558 10/100]
+0:e0:82 Anerma
+0:e0:83 Jato Technologies, Inc.
+0:e0:84 Compulite R&D
+0:e0:85 Global Maintech, Inc.
+0:e0:86 Cybex Computer Products
+0:e0:87 Lecroy - Networking Productions Division
+0:e0:88 LTX Corporation
+0:e0:89 ION Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:8a GEC Avery, Ltd.
+0:e0:8b Qlogic Corp.
+0:e0:8c Neoparadigm Labs, Inc.
+0:e0:8d Pressure Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:8e Utstarcom
+0:e0:8f Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 2900 series]
+0:e0:9 Marathon Technologies Corp.
+0:e0:90 Beckman Lab. Automation Div.
+0:e0:91 LG Electronics, Inc.
+0:e0:92 Admtek Incorporated
+0:e0:93 Ackfin Networks
+0:e0:94 Osai SRL
+0:e0:95 Advanced-Vision Technolgies Corp.
+0:e0:96 Shimadzu Corporation
+0:e0:97 Carrier Access Corporation
+0:e0:98 Abocom Systems, Inc. [Linksys PCMCIA card]
+0:e0:99 Samson AG
+0:e0:9a Positron Industries, Inc.
+0:e0:9b Engage Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:9c MII
+0:e0:9d Sarnoff Corporation
+0:e0:9e Quantum Corporation
+0:e0:9f Pixel Vision
+0:e0:a Diba, Inc.
+0:e0:a0 Wiltron Co.
+0:e0:a1 Hima Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Co. KG
+0:e0:a2 Microslate Inc.
+0:e0:a3 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Catalyst 1924]
+0:e0:a4 Esaote S.p.A.
+0:e0:a5 Comcore Semiconductor, Inc.
+0:e0:a6 Telogy Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:a7 IPC Information Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:a8 SAT GmbH & Co.
+0:e0:a9 Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:aa Electrosonic Ltd.
+0:e0:ab Dimat S.A.
+0:e0:ac Midsco, Inc.
+0:e0:ad EES Technology, Ltd.
+0:e0:ae Xaqti Corporation
+0:e0:af General Dynamics Information Systems
+0:e0:b Rooftop Communications Corp.
+0:e0:b0 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco Systems Various systems reported]
+0:e0:b1 Packet Engines, Inc.
+0:e0:b2 Telmax Communications Corp.
+0:e0:b3 Etherwan Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:b4 Techno Scope Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:b5 Ardent Communications Corp.
+0:e0:b6 Entrada Networks
+0:e0:b7 PI Group, Ltd.
+0:e0:b8 Gateway 2000 [AMD PCNet in a Gateway 2000]
+0:e0:b9 Byas Systems
+0:e0:ba Berghof Automationstechnik GmbH
+0:e0:bb NBX Corporation
+0:e0:bc Symon Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:bd Interface Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:be Genroco International, Inc.
+0:e0:bf Torrent Networking Technologies Corp.
+0:e0:c Motorola
+0:e0:c0 Seiwa Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:c1 Memorex Telex Japan, Ltd.
+0:e0:c2 Necsy S.p.A.
+0:e0:c3 Sakai System Development Corp.
+0:e0:c4 Horner Electric, Inc.
+0:e0:c5 Bcom Electronics Inc.
+0:e0:c6 Link2it, L.L.C.
+0:e0:c7 Eurotech SRL
+0:e0:c8 Virtual Access, Ltd.
+0:e0:c9 Automatedlogic Corporation
+0:e0:ca Best Data Products
+0:e0:cb Reson, Inc.
+0:e0:cc Hero Systems, Ltd.
+0:e0:cd Sensis Corporation
+0:e0:ce ARN
+0:e0:cf Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
+0:e0:d Radiant Systems
+0:e0:d0 Netspeed, Inc.
+0:e0:d1 Telsis Limited
+0:e0:d2 Versanet Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:d3 Datentechnik GmbH
+0:e0:d4 Excellent Computer
+0:e0:d5 Arcxel Technologies, Inc.
+0:e0:d6 Computer & Communication Research Lab.
+0:e0:d7 Sunshine Electronics, Inc.
+0:e0:d8 Lanbit Computer, Inc.
+0:e0:d9 Tazmo Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:da Assured Access Technology, Inc.
+0:e0:db Viavideo Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:dc Nexware Corp.
+0:e0:dd Zenith Electronics Corporation
+0:e0:de Datax NV
+0:e0:df KE Kommunikations-Electronik
+0:e0:e Avalon Imaging Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:e0 SI Electronics, Ltd.
+0:e0:e1 G2 Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:e2 Innova Corp.
+0:e0:e3 SK-Elektronik GmbH
+0:e0:e4 Fanuc Robotics North America, Inc.
+0:e0:e5 Cinco Networks, Inc.
+0:e0:e6 Incaa Datacom B.V.
+0:e0:e7 Raytheon E-Systems, Inc.
+0:e0:e8 Gretacoder Data Systems AG
+0:e0:e9 Data Labs, Inc.
+0:e0:ea Innovat Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:eb Digicom Systems, Incorporated
+0:e0:ec Celestica Inc.
+0:e0:ed Silicom, Ltd. [New Link]
+0:e0:ee Marel HF
+0:e0:ef Dionex
+0:e0:f Shanghai Baud Data
+0:e0:f0 Abler Technology, Inc.
+0:e0:f1 That Corporation
+0:e0:f2 Arlotto Comnet, Inc.
+0:e0:f3 Websprint Communications, Inc.
+0:e0:f4 Inside Technology A/S
+0:e0:f5 Teles AG
+0:e0:f6 Decision Europe
+0:e0:f7 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:f8 Dicna Control AB
+0:e0:f9 Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:fa TRL Technology, Ltd.
+0:e0:fb Leightronix, Inc.
+0:e0:fc Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:fd A-Trend Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:e0:fe Cisco Systems, Inc. [Cisco]
+0:e0:ff Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.
+0:e6:d3 Nixdorf Computer Corp.
+0:e:0 Private
+0:e:1 Asip Technologies Inc.
+0:e:10 Private
+0:e:11 BDT Büro- und Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
+0:e:12 Adaptive Micro Systems Inc.
+0:e:13 Accu-Sort Systems inc.
+0:e:14 Visionary Solutions, Inc.
+0:e:15 Tadlys Ltd
+0:e:16 Southwing
+0:e:17 Private
+0:e:18 MyA Technology
+0:e:19 Logicacmg Pty Ltd
+0:e:1a Private
+0:e:1b IAV GmbH
+0:e:1c Hach Company
+0:e:1d Private
+0:e:1e Private
+0:e:1f TCL Networks Equipment Co., Ltd.
+0:e:2 Advantech AMT Inc.
+0:e:20 Palmsource, Inc.
+0:e:21 MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
+0:e:22 Private
+0:e:23 Incipient, Inc.
+0:e:24 Private
+0:e:25 Hannae Technology Co., Ltd
+0:e:26 Gincom Technology Corp.
+0:e:27 Crere Networks, Inc.
+0:e:28 Dynamic Ratings P/L
+0:e:29 Shester Communications Inc
+0:e:2a Private
+0:e:2b Safari Technologies
+0:e:2c Netcodec co.
+0:e:2d Hyundai Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:2e Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:e:2f Disetronic Medical Systems AG
+0:e:3 Aarohi Communications, Inc.
+0:e:30 Aeras Networks, Inc.
+0:e:31 Olympus Biosystems GmbH
+0:e:32 Kontron Medical
+0:e:33 Shuko Electronics Co.,Ltd
+0:e:34 Nexgen City, LP
+0:e:35 Intel Corp
+0:e:36 Heinesys, Inc.
+0:e:37 Harms & Wende GmbH & Co.KG
+0:e:38 Cisco Systems
+0:e:39 Cisco Systems
+0:e:3a Cirrus Logic
+0:e:3b Hawking Technologies, Inc.
+0:e:3c Transact Technoloiges Inc.
+0:e:3d Televic N.V.
+0:e:3e Sun Optronics Inc
+0:e:3f Soronti, Inc.
+0:e:4 Private
+0:e:40 Nortel Networks
+0:e:41 Nihon Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:42 Motic Incoporation Ltd.
+0:e:43 G-Tek Electronics Sdn. Bhd.
+0:e:44 Digital 5, Inc.
+0:e:45 Beijing Newtry Electronic Technology Ltd
+0:e:46 Niigata Seimitsu Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:47 NCI System Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:48 Lipman Transaction Solutions
+0:e:49 Forsway Scandinavia AB
+0:e:4a Changchun Huayu Webpad Co.,Ltd
+0:e:4b Atrium c and i
+0:e:4c Bermai Inc.
+0:e:4d Numesa Inc.
+0:e:4e Waveplus Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:e:4f Trajet GmbH
+0:e:5 Wireless Matrix Corp.
+0:e:50 Thomson Multi Media
+0:e:51 Tecna Elettronica srl
+0:e:52 Optium Corporation
+0:e:53 AV Tech Corporation
+0:e:54 Alphacell Wireless Ltd.
+0:e:55 Auvitran
+0:e:56 4G Systems GmbH
+0:e:57 Iworld Networking, Inc.
+0:e:58 Rincon Networks
+0:e:59 Private
+0:e:5a Telefield inc.
+0:e:5b Parkervision - Direct2data
+0:e:5c Motorola BCS
+0:e:5d Com-X Networks
+0:e:5e Beijing Raisecom Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd
+0:e:5f Activ-net GmbH & Co. KG
+0:e:6 Team Simoco Ltd
+0:e:60 360sun Digital Broadband Corporation
+0:e:61 Microtrol Limited
+0:e:62 Nortel Networks
+0:e:63 Lemke Diagnostics GmbH
+0:e:64 Elphel, Inc
+0:e:65 Transcore
+0:e:66 Hitachi Advanced Digital, Inc.
+0:e:67 Eltis Microelectronics Ltd.
+0:e:68 E-Top Network Technology Inc.
+0:e:69 China Electric Power Research Institute
+0:e:6a 3com Europe Ltd
+0:e:6b Janitza Electronics GmbH
+0:e:6c Device Drivers Limited
+0:e:6d Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
+0:e:6e Micrelec Electronics S.A
+0:e:6f Iris Corporation Berhad
+0:e:7 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
+0:e:70 in2 Networks
+0:e:71 Gemstar Technology Development Ltd.
+0:e:72 CTS Electronics
+0:e:73 Tpack A/S
+0:e:74 Solar Telecom. Tech
+0:e:75 New York Air Brake Corp.
+0:e:76 Gemsoc Innovision Inc.
+0:e:77 Decru, Inc.
+0:e:78 Amtelco
+0:e:79 Ample Communications Inc.
+0:e:7a Private
+0:e:7b Toshiba
+0:e:7c Private
+0:e:7d Electronics Line 3000 Ltd.
+0:e:7e Comprog Oy
+0:e:7f Hewlett Packard
+0:e:8 Sipura Technology, Inc.
+0:e:80 Private
+0:e:81 Instant802 Networks Inc.
+0:e:82 Commtech Wireless
+0:e:83 Cisco Systems
+0:e:84 Cisco Systems
+0:e:85 Catalyst Enterprises, Inc.
+0:e:86 Alcatel North America
+0:e:87 adp Gauselmann GmbH
+0:e:88 Videotron Corp.
+0:e:89 Clematic
+0:e:8a Avara Technologies Pty. Ltd.
+0:e:8b Astarte Technology Co, Ltd.
+0:e:8c Siemens AG A&D ET
+0:e:8d Systems in Progress Holding GmbH
+0:e:8e Sparklan Communications, Inc.
+0:e:8f Sercomm Corp.
+0:e:9 Shenzhen Coship Software Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:90 Ponico Corp.
+0:e:91 Private
+0:e:92 Millinet Co., Ltd.
+0:e:93 Milénio 3 Sistemas ElectróNicos, Lda.
+0:e:94 Maas International BV
+0:e:95 Fujiya Denki Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:96 Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.
+0:e:97 Ultracker Technology Co., Inc
+0:e:98 Vitec CC, Inc.
+0:e:99 Spectrum Digital, Inc
+0:e:9a BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd
+0:e:9b Private
+0:e:9c Pemstar
+0:e:9d Video Networks Ltd
+0:e:9e Topfield Co., Ltd
+0:e:9f Temic SDS GmbH
+0:e:a Private
+0:e:a0 Netklass Technology Inc.
+0:e:a1 Formosa Teletek Corporation
+0:e:a2 Cyberguard Corporation
+0:e:a3 Cncr-IT Co.,Ltd,Hangzhou P.R.China
+0:e:a4 Certance Inc.
+0:e:a5 Blip Systems
+0:e:a6 Asustek Computer Inc.
+0:e:a7 Endace Inc Ltd.
+0:e:a8 United Technologists Europe Limited
+0:e:a9 Shanghai Xun Shi Communications Equipment Ltd. Co.
+0:e:aa Private
+0:e:ab Private
+0:e:ac Mintron Enterprise Co., Ltd.
+0:e:ad Metanoia Technologies, Inc.
+0:e:ae Gawell Technologies Corp.
+0:e:af Castel
+0:e:b Netac Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:e:b0 Solutions Radio BV
+0:e:b1 Newcotech,Ltd
+0:e:b2 Micro-Research Finland Oy
+0:e:b3 Lefthand Networks
+0:e:b4 Guangzhou Gaoke Communications Technology Co.Ltd.
+0:e:b5 Ecastle Electronics Co., Ltd.
+0:e:b6 Riverbed Technology, Inc.
+0:e:b7 Knovative, Inc.
+0:e:b8 Iiga co.,Ltd
+0:e:b9 Hashimoto Electronics Industry Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:ba Hanmi Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
+0:e:bb Everbee Networks
+0:e:bc Cullmann GmbH
+0:e:bd Burdick, a Quinton Compny
+0:e:be B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co.
+0:e:bf Private
+0:e:c Intel Corporation
+0:e:c0 Nortel Networks
+0:e:c1 Mynah Technologies
+0:e:c2 Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
+0:e:c3 Logic Controls, Inc.
+0:e:c4 Iskra Transmission d.d.
+0:e:c5 Private
+0:e:c6 Asix Electronics Corp.
+0:e:c7 Appeal Telecom Co.,Ltd.
+0:e:c8 Zoran Corporation
+0:e:c9 Yoko Technology Corp.
+0:e:ca Private
+0:e:cb Vinesys Technology
+0:e:cc Tableau
+0:e:cd Skov A/S
+0:e:ce S.I.T.T.I. S.p.A.
+0:e:cf Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.
+0:e:d Hesch Schröder GmbH
+0:e:d0 Privaris, Inc.
+0:e:d1 Osaka Micro Computer.
+0:e:d2 Filtronic plc
+0:e:d3 Epicenter, Inc.
+0:e:d4 Cresitt Industrie
+0:e:d5 Copan Systems Inc.
+0:e:d6 Cisco Systems
+0:e:d7 Cisco Systems
+0:e:d8 Aktino, Inc.
+0:e:d9 Aksys, Ltd.
+0:e:da C-Tech United Corp.
+0:e:db Xincom Corp.
+0:e:dc Tellion Inc.
+0:e:dd Shure Incorporated
+0:e:de Remec, Inc.
+0:e:df PLX Technology
+0:e:e ESA Elettronica S.P.A.
+0:e:e0 Mcharge
+0:e:e1 Extremespeed Inc.
+0:e:e2 Custom Engineering S.p.A.
+0:e:e3 Chiyu Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:e:e4 Private
+0:e:e5 Bitwallet, Inc.
+0:e:e6 Adimos Systems Ltd
+0:e:e7 AAC Electronics Corp.
+0:e:e8 Zioncom
+0:e:e9 Waytech Development, Inc.
+0:e:ea Shadong Luneng Jicheng Electronics,Co.,Ltd
+0:e:eb Sandmartin(Zhong Shan)Electronics Co.,Ltd
+0:e:ec Orban
+0:e:ed Nokia Danmark A/S
+0:e:ee Muco Industrie BV
+0:e:ef Private
+0:e:f Ermme
+0:e:f0 Festo AG & Co. KG
+0:e:f1 Ezquest Inc.
+0:e:f2 World Axle Corporation
+0:e:f3 Smarthome
+0:e:f4 Shenzhen Kasda Digital Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:e:f5 Ipac Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:e:f6 E-Ten Information Systems Co., Ltd.
+0:e:f7 Vulcan Portals Inc
+0:e:f8 SBC ASI
+0:e:f9 REA Elektronik GmbH
+0:e:fa Optoway Technology Incorporation
+0:e:fb Macey Enterprises
+0:e:fc Jtag Technologies B.V.
+0:e:fd Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd.
+0:e:fe Endrun Technologies LLC
+0:e:ff Megasolution,Inc.
+0:f:0 Legra Systems, Inc.
+0:f:1 Digitalks Inc
+0:f:10 RDM Corporation
+0:f:11 Prodrive B.V.
+0:f:12 Panasonic AVC Networks Germany GmbH
+0:f:13 Nisca Corporation
+0:f:14 Mindray Co., Ltd.
+0:f:15 Kjaerulff1 A/S
+0:f:16 JAY HOW Technology Co.,
+0:f:17 Insta Elektro GmbH
+0:f:18 Industrial Control Systems
+0:f:19 Guidant Corporation
+0:f:1a Gaming Support B.V.
+0:f:1b Ego Systems Inc.
+0:f:1c Digitall World Co., Ltd
+0:f:1d Cosmo Techs Co., Ltd.
+0:f:1e Chengdu KT Electric Co.of High & New Technology
+0:f:1f WW Pcba Test
+0:f:2 Digicube Technology Co., Ltd
+0:f:20 Hewlett Packard
+0:f:21 Scientific Atlanta, Inc
+0:f:22 Helius, Inc.
+0:f:23 Cisco Systems
+0:f:24 Cisco Systems
+0:f:25 Aimvalley B.V.
+0:f:26 Worldaccxx LLC
+0:f:27 Teal Electronics, Inc.
+0:f:28 Itronix Corporation
+0:f:29 Augmentix Corporation
+0:f:2a Cableware Electronics
+0:f:2b Greenbell Systems
+0:f:2c Uplogix, Inc.
+0:f:2d Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery MFG.Corp.
+0:f:2e Megapower International Corp.
+0:f:2f W-Linx Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:f:3 Com&C Co., Ltd
+0:f:30 Raza Microelectronics Inc
+0:f:31 Prosilica
+0:f:32 Lutong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:f:33 Duali Inc.
+0:f:34 Cisco Systems
+0:f:35 Cisco Systems
+0:f:36 Accurate Techhnologies, Inc.
+0:f:37 Xambala Incorporated
+0:f:38 Netstar
+0:f:39 Iris Sensors
+0:f:3a Hisharp
+0:f:3b Fuji System Machines Co., Ltd.
+0:f:3c Endeleo Limited
+0:f:3d D-Link Corporation
+0:f:3e Cardionet, Inc
+0:f:3f Big Bear Networks
+0:f:4 cim-usa inc
+0:f:40 Optical Internetworking Forum
+0:f:41 Zipher Ltd
+0:f:42 Xalyo Systems
+0:f:43 Wasabi Systems Inc.
+0:f:44 Tivella Inc.
+0:f:45 Stretch, Inc.
+0:f:46 Sinar AG
+0:f:47 Robox SPA
+0:f:48 Polypix Inc.
+0:f:49 Northover Solutions Limited
+0:f:4a Kyushu-Kyohan co.,ltd
+0:f:4b Katana Technology
+0:f:4c Elextech Inc
+0:f:4d Centrepoint Technologies Inc.
+0:f:4e Cellink
+0:f:4f Cadmus Technology Ltd
+0:f:5 3B System Inc.
+0:f:50 Braddahead Limited
+0:f:51 Private
+0:f:52 York Refrigeration, Marine & Controls
+0:f:53 Level 5 Networks, Inc.
+0:f:54 Entrelogic Corporation
+0:f:55 Datawire Communication Networks Inc.
+0:f:56 Continuum Photonics Inc
+0:f:57 Cablelogic Co., Ltd.
+0:f:58 Adder Technology Limited
+0:f:59 Phonak Communications AG
+0:f:5a Peribit Networks
+0:f:5b Delta Information Systems, Inc.
+0:f:5c Day One Digital Media Limited
+0:f:5d 42networks AB
+0:f:5e Veo
+0:f:5f Nicety Technologies Inc. (NTS)
+0:f:6 Nortel Networks
+0:f:60 Lifetron Co.,Ltd
+0:f:61 Kiwi Networks
+0:f:62 Alcatel Bell Space N.V.
+0:f:63 Obzerv Technologies
+0:f:64 D&R Electronica Weesp BV
+0:f:65 Icube Corp.
+0:f:66 Cisco-Linksys
+0:f:67 West Instruments
+0:f:68 Vavic Network Technology, Inc.
+0:f:69 SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG
+0:f:6a Nortel Networks
+0:f:6b Gateware Communications GmbH
+0:f:6c Addi-Data GmbH
+0:f:6d Midas Engineering
+0:f:6e Bbox
+0:f:6f FTA Communication Technologies
+0:f:7 Mangrove Systems, Inc.
+0:f:70 Wintec Industries, inc.
+0:f:71 Sanmei Electronics Co.,Ltd
+0:f:72 Sandburst
+0:f:73 Rockwell Samsung Automation
+0:f:74 Qamcom Technology AB
+0:f:75 First Silicon Solutions
+0:f:76 Digital Keystone, Inc.
+0:f:77 Dentum Co.,Ltd
+0:f:78 Datacap Systems Inc
+0:f:79 Bluetooth Interest Group Inc.
+0:f:7a Beijing Nuqx Technology Co.,Ltd
+0:f:7b Arce Sistemas, S.A.
+0:f:7c Acti Corporation
+0:f:7d Xirrus
+0:f:7e UIS Abler Electronics Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:7f Ubstorage Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:8 Indagon Oy
+0:f:80 Trinity Security Systems,Inc.
+0:f:81 Secure Info Imaging
+0:f:82 Mortara Instrument, Inc.
+0:f:83 Brainium Technologies Inc.
+0:f:84 Astute Networks, Inc.
+0:f:85 Addo-Japan Corporation
+0:f:86 Private
+0:f:87 Maxcess International
+0:f:88 Ametek, Inc.
+0:f:89 Winnertec System Co., Ltd.
+0:f:8a Wideview
+0:f:8b Orion Multisystems Inc
+0:f:8c Gigawavetech Pte Ltd
+0:f:8d Fast TV-Server AG
+0:f:8e Dongyang Telecom Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:8f Cisco Systems
+0:f:9 Private
+0:f:90 Cisco Systems
+0:f:91 Aerotelecom Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:92 Microhard Systems Inc.
+0:f:93 Landis+Gyr Ltd.
+0:f:94 Genexis
+0:f:95 Elecom Co.,Ltd Laneed Division
+0:f:96 Critical Telecom Corp.
+0:f:97 Avanex Corporation
+0:f:98 Avamax Co. Ltd.
+0:f:99 Apac Opto Electronics Inc.
+0:f:9a Synchrony, Inc.
+0:f:9b Ross Video Limited
+0:f:9c Panduit Corp
+0:f:9d Newnham Research Ltd
+0:f:9e Murrelektronik GmbH
+0:f:9f Motorola BCS
+0:f:a Private
+0:f:a0 Lotte Canon Co., Ltd.
+0:f:a1 Gigabit Systems Inc.
+0:f:a2 Digital Path Networks
+0:f:a3 Alpha Networks Inc.
+0:f:a4 Sprecher Automation GmbH
+0:f:a5 SMP / BWA Technology GmbH
+0:f:a6 S2 Security Corporation
+0:f:a7 Raptor Networks Technology
+0:f:a8 Photometrics, Inc.
+0:f:a9 PC Fabrik
+0:f:aa Nexus Technologies
+0:f:ab Kyushu Electronics Systems Inc.
+0:f:ac Ieee 802.11
+0:f:ad FMN Communications GmbH
+0:f:ae E2O Communications
+0:f:af Dialog Inc.
+0:f:b Kentima Technologies AB
+0:f:b0 Compal Electronics,Inc.
+0:f:b1 Cognio Inc.
+0:f:b2 Broadband Pacenet (India) Pvt. Ltd.
+0:f:b3 Actiontec Electronics, Inc
+0:f:b4 Timespace Technology
+0:f:b5 Netgear Inc
+0:f:b6 Europlex Technologies
+0:f:b7 Cavium Networks
+0:f:b8 Callurl Inc.
+0:f:b9 Adaptive Instruments
+0:f:ba Tevebox AB
+0:f:bb Siemens AG, ICN M&L TDC EP
+0:f:bc Onkey Technologies, Inc.
+0:f:bd MRV Communications (Networks) Ltd
+0:f:be e-w/you Inc.
+0:f:bf DGT Sp. z o.o.
+0:f:c Synchronic Engineering
+0:f:c0 Delcomp
+0:f:c1 Wave Corporation
+0:f:c2 Uniwell Corporation
+0:f:c3 Palmpalm Technology, Inc.
+0:f:c4 NST co.,Ltd.
+0:f:c5 Keymed Ltd
+0:f:c6 Eurocom Industries A/S
+0:f:c7 Dionica R&D Ltd.
+0:f:c8 Chantry Networks
+0:f:c9 Allnet GmbH
+0:f:ca A-JIN Techline Co, Ltd
+0:f:cb 3com Europe Ltd
+0:f:cc Netopia, Inc.
+0:f:cd Nortel Networks
+0:f:ce Kikusui Electronics Corp.
+0:f:cf Datawind Research
+0:f:d Hunt Electronic Co., Ltd.
+0:f:d0 Astri
+0:f:d1 Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc.
+0:f:d2 EWA Technologies, Inc.
+0:f:d3 Digium
+0:f:d4 Soundcraft
+0:f:d5 Schwechat - Rise
+0:f:d6 Sarotech Co., Ltd
+0:f:d7 Harman Music Group
+0:f:d8 Force, Inc.
+0:f:d9 Flexdsl Telecommunications AG
+0:f:da Yazaki Corporation
+0:f:db Westell Technologies
+0:f:dc Ueda Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
+0:f:dd Sordin AB
+0:f:de Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
+0:f:df Solomon Technology Corp.
+0:f:e Wavesplitter Technologies, Inc.
+0:f:e0 Ncomputing Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:e1 ID Digital Corporation
+0:f:e2 Hangzhou Huawei-3com Tech. Co., Ltd.
+0:f:e3 Damm Cellular Systems A/S
+0:f:e4 Pantech Co.,Ltd
+0:f:e5 Mercury Security Corporation
+0:f:e6 Mbtech Systems, Inc.
+0:f:e7 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
+0:f:e8 Lobos, Inc.
+0:f:e9 GW Technologies Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:ea Giga-Byte Technology Co.,Ltd.
+0:f:eb Cylon Controls
+0:f:ec Arkus Inc.
+0:f:ed Anam Electronics Co., Ltd
+0:f:ee Xtec, Incorporated
+0:f:ef Thales e-Transactions GmbH
+0:f:f Real ID Technology Co., Ltd.
+0:f:f0 Sunray Enterprise
+0:f:f1 nex-G Systems Pte.Ltd
+0:f:f2 Loud Technologies Inc.
+0:f:f3 Jung Myoung Communications&Technology
+0:f:f4 Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
+0:f:f5 GN&S Company
+0:f:f6 Darfon Electronics Corp.
+0:f:f7 Cisco Systems
+0:f:f8 Cisco Systems
+0:f:f9 Valcretec, Inc.
+0:f:fa Optinel Systems, Inc.
+0:f:fb Nippon Denso Industry Co., Ltd.
+0:f:fc Merit Li-Lin Ent.
+0:f:fd Glorytek Network Inc.
+0:f:fe G-PRO Computer
+0:f:ff Control4
+10:0:0 Private
+10:0:5a IBM Corporation [IBM]
+10:0:90 Hewlett-Packard Advisor products
+10:0:d4 DEC
+10:0:e0 Apple A/UX (modified addresses for licensing)
+10:0:e8 National Semiconductor
+11:0:aa Private
+1:0:5e Internet Multicast
+2:1c:7c Perq Systems Corporation
+2:4:6 BBN internal usage (not registered)
+2:60:60 3Com
+2:60:86 Logic Replacement Tech. Ltd. [Satelcom Mega Pac (UK)]
+2:60:8c 3com Corporation [3Com IBM PC; Imagen; Valid; Cisco; Macintosh]
+2:70:1 Racal-Datacom
+2:70:b0 M/A-Com Inc. Companies
+2:70:b3 Data Recall Ltd
+2:7:1 Racal-Datacom
+2:9d:8e Cardiac Recorders Inc.
+2:a0:c9 Intel
+2:aa:3c Olivetti Telecomm SPA (Olteco) [Olivetti]
+2:bb:1 Octothorpe Corp.
+2:c0:8c 3com Corporation
+2:cf:1c Communication Machinery Corp.
+2:cf:1f CMC Masscomp; Silicon Graphics; Prime EXL
+2:e0:3b Prominet Corporation Gigabit Ethernet Switch
+2:e6:d3 Nixdorf Computer Corporation [BTI (Bus-Tech, Inc.) IBM Mainframes]
+2e:2e:2e LAA (Locally Administered Address) for Meditech Systems
+3c:0:0 3Com dual function (V.34 modem + Ethernet) card
+40:0:3 Net Ware (?)
+44:45:53 Microsoft (Windows95 internal "adapters")
+44:46:49 DFI (Diamond Flower Industries)
+47:54:43 GTC (Not registered!) (This number is a multicast!)
+48:44:53 HDS ???
+48:4c:0 Network Solutions
+48:54:e8 winbond?
+4:88:45 Bay Networks token ring line card
+4:a:e0 Xmit AG Computer Networks
+4:e0:c4 Triumph-Adler AG
+4c:42:4c Information Modes software modified addresses (not registered?)
+52:54:0 Realtek (Up Tech? also reported)
+52:54:4c Novell 2000
+52:54:ab REALTEK (a Realtek 8029 based PCI Card)
+56:58:57 Aculab plc audio bridges
+80:0:10 ATT Bell Laboratories [AT&T [misrepresented as 080010? One source claims this is correct]]
+80:ad:0 CNET Technology Inc. (Probably an error, see instead 0080AD)
+8:0:1 Computervision Corporation [Computer Vision]
+8:0:10 AT&T [misrepresentation of 800010?]
+8:0:11 Tektronix Inc.
+8:0:12 Bell Atlantic Integrated Syst.
+8:0:13 Exxon
+8:0:14 Excelan [Excelan BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics]
+8:0:15 STC Business Systems
+8:0:16 Barrister Info Sys Corp
+8:0:17 National Semiconductor [National Semiconductor Corp. (used to have Network System Corp., wrong NSC)]
+8:0:18 Pirelli Focom Networks
+8:0:19 General Electric Corporation
+8:0:1a Tiara/ 10net [Tiara? (used to have Data General)]
+8:0:1b Data General
+8:0:1c KDD-Kokusai Debnsin Denwa Co.
+8:0:1d Able Communications Inc.
+8:0:1e Apollo Computer Inc. [Apollo]
+8:0:1f Sharp Corporation [Sharp]
+8:0:2 Bridge Communications Inc. [3Com (formerly Bridge)]
+8:0:20 Sun Microsystems Inc. [Sun]
+8:0:21 3M Company
+8:0:22 NBI Inc. [NBI (Nothing But Initials)]
+8:0:23 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. [Matsushita Denso]
+8:0:24 10net Communications/DCA
+8:0:25 Control Data [CDC]
+8:0:26 Norsk Data A.S. [Norsk Data (Nord)]
+8:0:27 Cadmus Computer Systems [PCS Computer Systems Gmb H]
+8:0:28 Texas Instruments [TI Explorer]
+8:0:29 Megatek Corporation
+8:0:2a Mosaic Technologies Inc.
+8:0:2b Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC]
+8:0:2c Britton Lee Inc.
+8:0:2d LAN-Tec Inc.
+8:0:2e Metaphor Computer Systems [Metaphor]
+8:0:2f Prime Computer Inc. [Prime Computer Prime 50-Series LHC300]
+8:0:3 Advanced Computer Comm. [ACC (Advanced Computer Communications)]
+8:0:30 Royal Melbourne Inst of Tech [CERN]
+8:0:31 Little Machines Inc.
+8:0:32 Tigan Incorporated [Tigan]
+8:0:33 Bausch & Lomb
+8:0:34 Filenet Corporation
+8:0:35 Microfive Corporation
+8:0:36 Intergraph Corporation [Intergraph CAE stations]
+8:0:37 Fuji-Xerox Co. Ltd. [Fuji Xerox]
+8:0:38 CII Honeywell Bull [Bull]
+8:0:39 Spider Systems Limited [Spider Systems]
+8:0:3a Orcatech Inc.
+8:0:3b Torus Systems Limited [Torus Systems]
+8:0:3c Schlumberger Well Services
+8:0:3d Cadnetix Corporations [cadnetix]
+8:0:3e Codex Corporation [Motorola VME bus processor modules]
+8:0:3f Fred Koschara Enterprises
+8:0:4 Cromemco Incorporated
+8:0:40 Ferranti Computer Sys. Limited
+8:0:41 Racal-Milgo Information Sys.. [DCA (Digital Comm. Assoc.)]
+8:0:42 Japan Macnics Corp.
+8:0:43 Pixel Computer Inc.
+8:0:44 David Systems Inc. [DSI (DAVID Systems, Inc.)]
+8:0:45 Concurrent Computer Corp. [???? (maybe Xylogics, but they claim not to know this number)]
+8:0:46 Sony Corporation Ltd. [Sony]
+8:0:47 Sequent Computer Systems Inc. [Sequent]
+8:0:48 Eurotherm Gauging Systems
+8:0:49 Univation
+8:0:4a Banyan Systems Inc.
+8:0:4b Planning Research Corp.
+8:0:4c Hydra Computer Systems Inc. [Encore]
+8:0:4d Corvus Systems Inc.
+8:0:4e 3com Europe Ltd. [BICC; [3com bought BICC, so may appear on 3com equipment as well]]
+8:0:4f Cygnet Systems
+8:0:5 Symbolics Inc. [Symbolics Symbolics LISP machines]
+8:0:50 Daisy Systems Corp.
+8:0:51 Experdata
+8:0:52 Insystec
+8:0:53 Middle East Tech. University
+8:0:55 Stanford Telecomm. Inc.
+8:0:56 Stanford Linear Accel. Center [Stanford University]
+8:0:57 Evans & Sutherland
+8:0:58 Systems Concepts [??? DECsystem-20]
+8:0:59 A/S Mycron
+8:0:5a IBM Corporation [IBM]
+8:0:5b VTA Technologies Inc.
+8:0:5c Four Phase Systems
+8:0:5d Gould Inc.
+8:0:5e Counterpoint Computer Inc.
+8:0:5f Saber Technology Corp.
+8:0:6 Siemens AG [Siemens Nixdorf PC clone]
+8:0:60 Industrial Networking Inc.
+8:0:61 Jarogate Ltd.
+8:0:62 General Dynamics
+8:0:63 Plessey
+8:0:64 Autophon AG
+8:0:65 Genrad Inc.
+8:0:66 Agfa Corporation [AGFA printers, phototypesetters etc.]
+8:0:67 Comdesign
+8:0:68 Ridge Computers [Ridge]
+8:0:69 Silicon Graphics Inc. [Silicon Graphics]
+8:0:6a ATT Bell Laboratories [ATTst (?)]
+8:0:6b Accel Technologies Inc.
+8:0:6c Suntek Technology Int'l
+8:0:6d Whitechapel Computer Works
+8:0:6e Masscomp [Excelan]
+8:0:6f Philips Apeldoorn B.V.
+8:0:7 Apple Computer Inc. [Apple]
+8:0:70 Mitsubishi Electric Corp. [Mitsubishi]
+8:0:71 Matra (Dsie)
+8:0:72 Xerox Corp Univ Grant Program
+8:0:73 Tecmar Inc.
+8:0:74 Casio Computer Co. Ltd. [Casio]
+8:0:75 Dansk Data Electronik [DDE (Danish Data Elektronik A/S)]
+8:0:76 PC LAN Technologies
+8:0:77 TSL Communications Ltd. [TSL (now Retix)]
+8:0:78 Accell Corporation
+8:0:79 The Droid Works [Silicon Graphics]
+8:0:7a Indata
+8:0:7b Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.
+8:0:7c Vitalink Communications Corp. [Vitalink Trans LAN III]
+8:0:7e Amalgamated Wireless(AUS) Ltd
+8:0:7f Carnegie-Mellon University
+8:0:8 Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. [BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.)]
+8:0:80 AES Data Inc. [XIOS]
+8:0:81 Astech Inc. [Crosfield Electronics]
+8:0:82 Veritas Software
+8:0:83 Seiko Instruments Inc. [Seiko Denshi]
+8:0:84 Tomen Electronics Corp.
+8:0:85 Elxsi
+8:0:86 Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. [Imagen/QMS]
+8:0:87 Xyplex [Xyplex terminal servers]
+8:0:88 Mcdata Corporation
+8:0:89 Kinetics [Kinetics Apple Talk-Ethernet interface]
+8:0:8a Performance Technology
+8:0:8b Pyramid Technology Corp. [Pyramid]
+8:0:8c Network Research Corporation
+8:0:8d Xyvision Inc. [Xy Vision Xy Vision machines]
+8:0:8e Tandem Computers [Tandem / Solbourne Computer ?]
+8:0:8f Chipcom Corporation [Chipcom Corp.]
+8:0:9 Hewlett Packard
+8:0:90 Sonoma Systems [Retix, Inc. Bridges]
+8:0:a Nestar Systems Incorporated [Nestar Systems]
+8:0:b Unisys Corporation [Unisys also Ascom-Timeplex (former Unisys subsidiary)]
+8:0:c Miklyn Development Co.
+8:0:d International Computers Ltd. [ICL (International Computers, Ltd.)]
+8:0:e NCR Corporation [NCR/AT&T]
+8:0:f Mitel Corporation [SMC (Standard Microsystems Corp.)]
+8:14:43 Unibrain S.A.
+8:bb:cc AK-Nord EDV Vertriebsges. mbH
+9:0:6a AT&T
+a0:6a:0 Verilink Corporation
+aa:0:0 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC obsolete]
+aa:0:1 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC obsolete]
+aa:0:2 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC obsolete]
+aa:0:3 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC Global physical address for some DEC machines]
+aa:0:4 Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC Local logical address for DECNET systems]
+ac:de:48 Private
+c0:0:0 Western Digital (may be reversed 00 00 C0?)
+e2:c:f Kingston Technologies
+ec:10:0 Enance Source Co., Ltd. PC clones(?)
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/init.d b/recipes/arpwatch/files/init.d
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..09e3a8bf4e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/init.d
@@ -0,0 +1,159 @@
+# /etc/init.d/arpwatch: v9 2004/08/14 KELEMEN Peter <fuji@debian.org>
+# Based on /etc/init.d/skeleton (1.8 03-Mar-1998 miquels@cistron.nl)
+# 2001/10/26 fuji@debian.org Support multiple instances.
+# 2001/11/24 fuji@debian.org Use POSIX-style functions.
+# 2001/12/17 fuji@debian.org Use --pidfile on startup, fix restart.
+# 2004/08/10 fuji@debian.org Source /etc/default/arwpatch .
+# Create datafile if it doesn't exist.
+# Run daemon only if executable.
+DESC="Ethernet/FDDI station monitor daemon"
+test -x $DAEMON || exit 0
+### You shouldn't touch anything below unless you know what you are doing.
+[ -f /etc/default/arpwatch ] && . /etc/default/arpwatch
+# Decide whether we have to deal with multiple interfaces.
+if [ -r $CONF ]; then
+ grep -c '^[a-z]' $CONF 2>&1 >/dev/null && MULTIPLE=1
+# Check whether we have to drop privileges.
+if [ -n "$RUNAS" ]; then
+ if getent passwd "$RUNAS" >/dev/null; then
+ ARGS="-u ${RUNAS} $ARGS"
+ else
+ RUNAS=""
+ fi
+start_instance () {
+ IFACE=$1
+ IFACE_OPTS="-i ${IFACE} -f ${IFACE}.dat $2"
+ echo -n "Starting $DESC: "
+ if [ ! -f $DATAFILE ]; then
+ echo -n "(creating $DATAFILE) "
+ fi
+ if [ -n "$RUNAS" ]; then
+ echo -n "(chown $RUNAS $DATAFILE) "
+ fi
+ start-stop-daemon --start --quiet \
+ --pidfile /var/run/${INSTANCE}.pid \
+ echo "${INSTANCE}."
+ ps h -C $NAME -o pid,args | \
+ awk "/$IFACE/ { print \$1 }" > /var/run/${INSTANCE}.pid
+stop_instance () {
+ IFACE=$1
+ [ -f /var/run/${INSTANCE}.pid ] || return 0
+ echo -n "Stopping $DESC: "
+ start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --oknodo \
+ --pidfile /var/run/${INSTANCE}.pid
+ echo "${INSTANCE}."
+ rm -f /var/run/${INSTANCE}.pid
+process_loop_break_line () {
+ __IFACE=$1
+ shift
+ __IOPTS="$@"
+process_loop () {
+ grep '^[a-z]' $CONF 2>/dev/null | \
+ while read LINE
+ do
+ process_loop_break_line $LINE
+ I=$__IFACE
+ done
+start_default () {
+ echo -n "Starting $DESC: "
+ if [ ! -f $DATADIR/arp.dat ]; then
+ echo -n "(creating $DATADIR/arp.dat) "
+ :> $DATADIR/arp.dat
+ fi
+ if [ -n "$RUNAS" ]; then
+ echo -n "(chown $RUNAS $DATADIR/arp.dat) "
+ chown $RUNAS $DATADIR/arp.dat
+ fi
+ start-stop-daemon --start --quiet \
+ --exec $DAEMON -- $ARGS
+ echo "$NAME."
+stop_default () {
+ echo -n "Stopping $DESC: "
+ start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --oknodo \
+ --exec $DAEMON
+ echo "$NAME."
+ rm -f /var/run/$NAME.pid
+startup () {
+ if [ "$MULTIPLE" -gt 0 ]; then
+ process_loop start_instance
+ else
+ start_default
+ fi
+shutdown () {
+ if [ "$MULTIPLE" -gt 0 ]; then
+ process_loop stop_instance
+ else
+ stop_default
+ fi
+case "$1" in
+ start)
+ startup
+ ;;
+ stop)
+ shutdown
+ ;;
+ reload)
+ echo "Reload operation not supported -- use restart."
+ exit 1
+ ;;
+ restart|force-reload)
+ #
+ # If the "reload" option is implemented, move the "force-reload"
+ # option to the "reload" entry above. If not, "force-reload" is
+ # just the same as "restart".
+ #
+ shutdown
+ sleep 1
+ startup
+ ;;
+ *)
+ N=/etc/init.d/$NAME
+ # echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload}" >&2
+ echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|force-reload}" >&2
+ exit 1
+ ;;
+exit 0
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/make.patch b/recipes/arpwatch/files/make.patch
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..5d4f7e9283
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/make.patch
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+--- arpwatch-2.1a13/Makefile.in.orig 2005-07-21 15:20:16.000000000 +0200
++++ arpwatch-2.1a13/Makefile.in 2000-06-15 02:39:55.000000000 +0200
+@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
+ # Standard LIBS
+ # Standard LIBS without libpcap.a
diff --git a/recipes/arpwatch/files/volatiles.08_arpwatch b/recipes/arpwatch/files/volatiles.08_arpwatch
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..216736153b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/arpwatch/files/volatiles.08_arpwatch
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+# <type> <owner> <group> <mode> <path> <linksource>
+d root root 0775 /var/lib/arpwatch none