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<chapter id="chapter_getting_oe">
<title>Getting Started</title>
+ <section id="gettingoe_directory_setup">
+ <title>OpenEmbedded Directory Structure</title>
+ <para>Before you begin downloading OpenEmbedded, you need to setup your
+ working environment.</para>
+ <para>The first step is to decide where on your system you wish to
+ work. This document will use the <varname>$OEBASE</varname> variable to
+ denote the base directory of the OpenEmbedded environment. For
+ example, <varname>$OEBASE</varname> could
+ be <literal>/home/joe/work/oe</literal>.</para>
+ <para>The base directory of your OpenEmbedded environment
+ (<varname>$OEBASE</varname>) is the location where sources will be checked
+ out (or unpacked). You must choose a location with <emphasis>no symlinks
+ above it</emphasis>.</para>
+ <para>To create the directory structure:
+ <screen>
+$ mkdir -p $OEBASE/build/conf
+$ cd $OEBASE</screen>
+ The <literal>$OEBASE/build</literal> directory will contain your
+ local configurations and extensions to the OpenEmbedded system which allow
+ you to build your applications and images.
+ </para>
+ <para>The <varname>$OEBASE</varname> will also contain both bitbake/ and
+ openembedded/ directories. These will be discussed in
+ <xref linkend="gettingoe_getting_bitbake"/> and
+ <xref linkend="gettingoe_getting_oe"/>.
+ </para>
+ </section>
<section id="gettingoe_getting_bitbake">
<title>Getting <application>BitBake</application></title>
- <para>The required version of <application>BitBake</application> is
- changing rapidly. At the time of writing (end 2007)
- <application>BitBake</application> 1.8.latest was required.</para>
- <para>A safe method is to get the <application>BitBake</application> from
- a stable Subversion branch (those with an even minor number). <screen>
-<command>svn</command> co http://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/bitbake/branches/bitbake-1.8
-A bitbake-1.8/classes/base.bbclass
-U bitbake-1.8
-At revision 827.
- </screen> <application>BitBake</application> is checked out now;
- this completes the first and most critical dependency of OpenEmbedded.
- Issuing <command>svn</command> <command>up</command> in the
- <emphasis>bitbake-1.8</emphasis> directory will update
- <application>BitBake</application> to the latest stable version, but
- generally it is a good idea to stick with a specific known working version
- of <application>BitBake</application> until OpenEmbedded asks you to
- upgrade.</para>
+ <para>Before using OE, you must first obtain the build tool it needs:
+ bitbake.</para>
+ <para>It is recommended to run bitbake without installing it, as a sibling
+ directory of <literal>openembedded/</literal>
+ and <literal>build/</literal> directories. Indeed, as bitbake is written
+ in python it does not need compilation for being used. You'll just have to
+ set the PATH variable so that the BitBake tools are accessible (see
+ <xref linkend="gettingoe_configuring_oe"/>).</para>
+ <section><title>Getting <application>BitBake</application> Using Subversion</title>
+ <para>To checkout the latest version of the BitBake 1.8 branch, use the
+ following command:
+ <screen>
+$ cd $OEBASE
+$ <command>svn</command> co svn://svn.berlios.de/bitbake/branches/bitbake-1.8/ bitbake
+ </para>
+ <para><application>BitBake</application> is checked out now and
+ the <varname>$OEBASE</varname> directory will contain
+ a <literal>bitbake/</literal> subdirectory.</para>
+ <para>If you need to access a Subversion server through a proxy, see the
+ <ulink url="http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#proxy">SVN FAQ</ulink>
+ </para>
+ </section>
+ <section><title>Updating <application>BitBake</application></title>
+ <para>Bitbake is being revised fairly often. Periodically it's a good
+ idea to check the repository of bitbake stable branches to see if a
+ new stable branch is available or if the current branch has been
+ revised. Compare your existing bitbake directory with the latest
+ bitbake branch in the repository. Your existing bitbake branch and
+ its 'last changed revision' number can be found as follows:
+ <screen>$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn info</screen>
+ If there is a new stable branch, you will want to move or delete
+ your existing bitbake directory and repeat the process listed above
+ under "To obtain bitbake". If there is no new branch, it is easy to
+ update bitbake:
+ <screen>$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn update</screen>
+ </para>
+ </section>
<section id="gettingoe_getting_oe">
<title>Getting OpenEmbedded</title>
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<para>This section is a stub, help us by expanding it</para>
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