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the root filesystem of the target device.</para>
<para>This class is normally not used directly, but instead used from the
- <xref linkend="image_ipkg_class" /> which creates images from a set of
- <command>.ipkg</command> files.</para>
+ <xref linkend="image_class" /> which creates images from a set of package
+ (typically <command>.ipkg</command>) files.</para>
<para>Summary of actions performed by the <emphasis>rootfs_ipkg</emphasis>
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<para>The class also provides a function <command>real_do_rootfs</command>
which is executed without <xref linkend="fakeroot" /> and therefore can be
- used from other classes, such as <xref linkend="image_ipkg_class" />, that
+ used from other classes, such as <xref linkend="image_class" />, that
are already running under the control of <xref linkend="fakeroot" />.</para>
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