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<para>The fakeroot program is designed to allow non-root users to perform
actions that would normally require root privileges as part of the package
generation process. It is used by the <xref linkend="rootfs_ipkg_class" />
- for root filesystem creation and by the <xref linkend="image_ipkg_class" />
+ for root filesystem creation and by the <xref linkend="image_class" />
for the creation of filesystem images. Some recipes also use fakeroot to
assist with parts of the package installation (usually) or building where
root privligeses are expected by the package.</para>
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the command will fail, telling is that we do not have permission to create
device nodes:<screen>~%&gt; mknod hdc b 22 0
mknod: `hdc': Operation not permitted</screen>Yet the <xref
- linkend="image_ipkg_class" /> is able to create device nodes and include
+ linkend="image_class" /> is able to create device nodes and include
them in the final images, all without the need to have root